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Meeting in person for the first time...


Going face to face

Ok, so you’ve met someone online and want to take the next step. It is suggested you take the following precautions:

  • Don’t provide the person with your personal details before you meet them. This includes your address, phone number or full name. Instead, arrange for a visual recognition device like a newspaper in your hand or a particular table or reference point.
  • Stage your first meeting in a public place during the day. Perhaps meet for coffee at a cafe. Tell a friend what you are doing before you meet the person and check in with them afterwards. Walk to the point, don’t drive, as cars are easily traceable.

  • During the meeting be cautious about providing too much personal information. If you feel uncomfortable during the meeting, feel free to excuse yourself, get up and leave. At the end of the meeting you should suggest to have any follow-up communication via the dating site – this gives you time to consider how you want to proceed.

  • After the meeting, review how it went and what your intuition tells you about the person and the way they handled themselves. If you have any reservations, don’t see them again. If you would like to see them again, progress the relationship at a pace which is comfortable for you.

In the vast majority of cases offline meetings are enjoyable and safe, but you should always use common sense as you would when you meet any stranger for the first time.

http://www.But you said only earthlings use the web/


Many positive relationships result from internet meetings.

All of the above said, there are many positive relationships that have been formed as a result of individuals meeting over the internet. Most internet dating services have a portfolio of success stories they are very happy to share. It's also true that it's the minority of meetings that result in someone being victimized. In fact most meetings will be just fine. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that it's much easier for someone up to no good to find you over the internet than it is in person. Regardless of how you meet someone, it pays to be careful with who you associate with — this holds particularly true when comes to meeting people on the net.

My recommendations.

So to be safe, here are my recommendations:

  1. Never make your personal contact information public over the internet.
  2. Never assume that anyone you meet on the internet is who they say they are. (Research has shown that, quite often, chat room attendees who claim they are women are actually men, and visa versa).
  3. Be very careful if you decide to physically meet someone you met over the internet. If you are using an online dating service, make it a point to read their recommendations for safe dating and follow them.

Be very careful.

So there you have it. Despite all the good it does, the internet can be a very dangerous place to make new friends. Many individuals have been victimized by those they have met, many have even been murdered. Since the internet is just getting started I suspect the nightmare stories we are now hearing about are just the beginning.

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