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During the initial mission to Altair, P3X 989, the members of SG-1 were synthetically duplicated. The duplicate SG-1 (SG-1*) agreed to remain on P3X 989 and bury their gate.

In keeping with the nature of the members of SG-1, the synthetic duplicates based on P3X 989 began to use their StarGate to go on missions of their own invention.

In a mission to the planet Juna, P3X 729, and in combat with SG-1 against the Goa'uld lord Cronus, all members of SG-1* were destroyed. Cronus was also killed.

Unable to live on P3X 989 without his companions, Harlan, the artificial life form with an organic conscience, synthesised another duplicate set of SG-1.

This was made possible due to the fact that the synthetic Major Carter had digitally mapped Harlan and all the members of SG-1* immediately prior to installing into each of their chests the new power supply unit she had engineered.

Essentially being a thorough and brilliant scientist (or copy there of) the synthetic Major Carter had been extremely vigilant in recording all their images and downloading copies to permanent storage.

"Good idea Carter*. You never know what can go wrong with machines." Colonel O'Neill* had said at the time.

The stored images lacked all knowledge of things that had occurred after they had been mapped and stored. Therefore the new SG-1 synthetics had no data relating to events after their previous selves received their upgraded power cells. Effectively they knew nothing of their demise on P3X 729.

As soon as they were brought back on line Harlan brought them up to speed on everything that had happened since their images had been downloaded and stored.

He relayed all the details he had been able to collect on their previous selves' mission to P3X 729, including how each one of them had died.

Delighted to be 'alive' again the team unanimously agreed to lay up for a while and take time off from the 'Air Force and their duties'.

Daniel* wanted to take a sabbatical and go digging, Harlan said he would help him to dig. Major Carter* said she will work on some of her projects and also build a motor bike from parts she had collected whilst on some of their missions. Colonel O'Neill* was enjoying a stint of retirement and considering the (their) results of the P3X 729 mission had set about producing a number of papers on Operations Analysis and Combat Systems. He was also putting in time practising casting off from the upper decks of the plant with a make shift fishing rod. Teal'c*, also deeply perturbed by their deaths, resolved to study O'Neill's* Special Ops combat and operations strategy analysis material.

A possible consequence of discovering they had all been 'killed' sees each member of the SG-1* being much more relaxed, non-critical/military, a little eccentric and at times slightly frivolous, especially Teal'c*.

The Colonel* had been the first to change his appearance. The others upon seeing, and during their retirement (temporary retirement) days, appreciating, the Colonel's* new look, soon began to follow suit, so to speak.

Colonel O'Neill* now dresses extremely sharp, looking handsome in black Armani type suits and thin black shirt/sweaters and his shades, plus hes let his hair grow to shoulder length. He wears inside his suit jacket a small slim line Tommy gun. Major Carter* is not armed and walks around in leathers, sort of Air Force biker style. Teal'c* enjoys wearing a very smart full Air Force dress uniform with cap and carrying, not wearing, the white gloves. He makes every effort to keep his shinny paten leather shoes clean. He has also become quite taken with high tech military gadgets. Underneath his jacket sleeve he wears an arm brace which is capable of shooting out an automatic repelling hook and wire. Daniel Jackson* dresses in a Panama hat and safari suit and always wears a big floppy cravat around his neck. He has no memory of being decapitated but the thought does clearly bother him. Harlan now dons a pair of desert khakis and a short sleeved shirt.

During the battle to overthrow Cronus on P3X 729, Cronus's lotar managed to escape to seek the sanctuary of his allies. He has since been implanted with a Goa'uld and is now the minor Goa'uld Ibnis. Ibnis has been searching for Harlan's planet. Based upon his host's memories he intends to have Harlan synthesise units with which he can build his army.

Due to the dilapidated state of the plant on Altair, and the fact that the planet surface will never again be habitable, at Harlan's request the group agree to relocate to another world.

For the past eighteen months the team have spent much time preparing to relocate and have been undertaking extensive reconnaissance to find a suitable unoccupied world.

Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* have been concentrating on building a small secret base on The SGC Beta Site. The Colonel* surmised that the plant on P3X 989 would not last another year. O'Neill's* primary concern has been to secure their technology and data. And there would be no safer place than a secret storage base on a planet controlled by The SGC.

Months before, in the early stages of constructing their secret base, on one of their illicit visits to the Beta Site, Colonel O'Neill* enlisted the help of two Airmen stationed at the Beta Site compound. Corporal Padmysser and Airman Burke. Briefing them that they were taking part in a secret operation and under no circumstances were they to discuss the existence of the storage base. O'Neill* went further to say that he would use a code word with them and without this code word they were not to discuss the base or disclose the whereabouts of the base, not even when being questioned by himself.



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~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





He had betrayed his master. Fled in the face of danger. He was detestable. Despicable. And despised. He was but a vague memory. He was nothing more than an empty vessel in which Ibnis was now contained.

Omtheeyahadth had been Cronus's lotar for eight years. He couldn't complain about his master. After all hadn't he always revived him each time after killing him on a whim.

It had been a lowly existence of servitude with no will of his own.

When Cronus had come under attack and was then killed by robots from unknown co-ordinates, fighting alongside members of the Tau'ri on the planet Juna, Omtheeyahadth had escaped in a glider taken from Cronus's ship, to the nearby moon of Quom Gehd.

It was on this moon that other people of his race had been pressed into service by the Goa'uld.

His cousin had been in the service of Heru'ur and had sought sanctuary on Quom Gehd after the news spread of the fate of his master at the hands of Lord Apophis.

Human slaves who survived their masters were hated by the Goa'uld and despatched with impunity.

Omtheeyahadth had fled to Quom Gehd in the hope that like his cousin he would remain undetected by the Goa'uld.

Many things had long since changed on this little moon.

As he walked from the glider toward the edge of the forest he saw a small contingent of men emerging from amongst the trees and advancing on his position. It must be a welcoming party. Safety at last. He was overjoyed.

It seemed obvious that the leader of the group was issuing orders into the trees. As he approached, the leader turned to inspect the arrival. Omtheeyahadth was astonished, his worries were over. In this leader he could see the tall well built figure of his cousin.

He picked up pace and ran at them. His cousin, forming an arrow with his arm, thrust the point at Omtheeyahadth's body and with a portend glow of eyes, screeched, "take him!"

Blood flooded into his head and his legs began to give way to shock. Loosing his balance Omtheeyahth staggered the remaining paces into the arms of his captures. "Bring him!" His cousin stormed back into the forest. The sudden blunt pain in the back of Omtheeyahadth's neck assured him a clueless journey through the forest.

Omtheeyahadth awoke to an all to intimate feeling. Had he been dead? Had he been revived? Was his punishment about to begin? He slowly began to focus on his surroundings. He wasn't in a dungeon. He wasn't on a ship. He bore no sign of injury. He'd been bathe. He'd been rested. He'd been dressed. This fine quality clothing was not his own.

The women that surrounded his bed ushered him to the door. It automatically opened into the room. As he stepped passed the threshold a bolt of electricity straddled his nape. He knew this feeling. Was he dying? Again.

Ibnis awoke. He struggled to clear his throat. He squirmed about in his bed. Stirring from a long coma. He thrashed and turned reaching around for a grip. Immediately the women surrounding his bed began placing their hands on his disoriented body. Pushing and pulling him. Beckoning him out of the bed.

With a great deal of effort Ibnis found his way to the edge of the bed and negotiated his feet to the floor, bring himself to a sitting up right position. He sat in silence examining his feet. His legs. He spent an inordinate amount of time staring at his hands. Front, back, insides, outsides. Screwing them up into a fist and opening them. Screwing them up into a fist and opening them. Again and again and again.

He slowly, carefully rose up. The women still surrounding him held him in support. Ibnis liked the feel of them. Touch, he hadn't felt it for a very long time. He was alive. He was well. He shuffled to the door. It opened for him. He stepped through.

The women guided him down a series of long terracotta corridors. Finally he came upon a large sun filled chamber. In the centre of the chamber the Goa'uld and formerly Omtheeyahadth's cousin, jumped to his feet and walked towards Ibnis with outstretched arms.

Ibnis, ignoring this, turned his back to manoeuvre himself to the end of the chamber, taking in the whole aspect of the room as he went. Guards, not in uniform, and seemingly not Jaffa, were stationed every six meters along the inner walls. Ibnis held his open hand out to the guard in front of him. The guard, unsure, stared back at him. Ibnis lowered his hand and raised it again. His glowing eyes struck the guard. The guard recognised the gesture and quickly offered his staff weapon.

Just strong enough to lift the staff with both hands Ibnis turned and unleashed a demonic grin on his fellow, whilst at the same time charging the weapon. "Di'dak'dida!" He let rip a wave of plasma squarely into the Goa'uld's chest, killing him dead. "Ha'taaka!" He turned back and blasted the unarmed guard, killing him dead. Ibnis dropped the weapon and breathlessly dragged himself over to the throne in the centre of the chamber.

The women appeared to be terrified. All the men in the room rapidly dropped to one knee and in unison proclaimed "My Lord." With a psychotic glow of his eyes Ibnis retorted, "I am." The women who up to this point had been cowering in the vestibule, hastened to adorn him with their presence. The guards awaited instruction. Ibnis had a look of weak satisfaction on his face. Cal Mah, Omtheeyahadth, as his cousin before him, had attained sanctuary.

The moon of Quom Gehd had very little to offer Ibnis. And nothing in the way of a fighting force. He would take the one Al'kesh and his small band of guards and go in search of the planet from whence the four robots hailed. The robots who had slain Cronus.

It would prove to be a long search, narrowed only by a process of elimination.



~ √ Ω π χ ∞ ≡ Ψ µ Γ Ξ Π


~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





It had become a habit of Colonel O'Neill's* to spend hours sitting on the upper deck in quadrant four of the Altairian plant. He'd searched every inch of the plant with Teal'c* by his side. Quadrant four was the furthest section of the plant from the main control unit and living quarters. The Colonel* had claimed this area as his personal lounge.

He'd put together a couple of makeshift fishing rods and would mess about with Teal'c* casting off from the balcony. There was a good hundred-foot drop below. But no water and no fish.

Of late the Colonel* had turned his attentions to writing papers on military strategics and analysis. Teal'c* enjoyed reading over these pages and had long discussions and debates with O'Neill* on the rights and wrongs, the correct way and incorrect way of this and that. Military things.

They didn't often have visits in the fourth quadrant from Daniel* who was busy wading his way through the computerised volumes of Altairian history. Or from Major Carter* who spent much time down in the huge basement working on her latest project, which currently happened to be the construction of an unusual looking motorbike. Harlan was constantly pottering around the plant fussing over its maintenance.

"Colonel O'Neill*? Colonel O'Neill*?"

They could hear the echo wafting the corridors. It seemed to O'Neill* that it was getting louder.

"Holy smoke, fire Teal'c* fire."

"Are you sure O'Neill*? I see no fire and I smell no.."

"Its not that type of fire Teal'c*. You don't see it but trust me its there. In fact its getting louder."


"Yes ah. Can you hear him getting closer?"

"Indeed. He intends to discuss our next mission."

"No! He intends to discuss his shopping list. Shushhh! Quick hide."

"O'Neill* you are making little sense."

"Teal'c* we're relaxing. Fishing if you will. Okay. Sense later, for now just get over here and hide. Shush say nothing."

"What are you two up to?"

"We are up to nothing."

"Doh, crikey Daniel*, don't sneak up on us like that."

"Why did I give you a fright?"


"Yeah sorry about that. I thought I'd find you hiding up here."

"I'm not hiding."

"Well Harlan seems to think you are and I think so to."

"Oh really and what about Carter* is she laying odds?"

"Actually Jack* I think Sams* much to busy tearing around the basement on her latest velocibile. She was even talking about trying to power the thing with naquadah."

"What, naquadah, are you serious?"

"Yeah really. I think I'll be keeping out of the basement for a while."

"I'm going to have to have a talk with Carter*. And by the way Daniel* we're not hiding. Tell him Teal'c*."

"Daniel Jackson* we are not hiding. We are fishing."

"Eh Teal'c* you do realise that in order to fish you need water."

"Daniel Jackson*, you are obviously unaware that when fishing with O'Neill* the presence of water is not always required. I myself am yet to see a fish when fishing with O'Neill*."

"Okay Teal'c* you don't need to mention that bit."

"What Teal'c*, you mean to say you've never seen the bass. The gigantic bass which must be oh all of this big."

Daniel* was comically studying the gap between his thumb and forefinger. He widened the gap a little and smiled at Teal'c*. "Really you've never seen it?" Daniel* turned and looked at O'Neill* with a smug look on his face.

Teal'c* turned and looked at O'Neill* and with a cheeky grin stated, "Never!"

"Right okay kids, funs over. Teal'c*, just because you don't see the fish it doesn't mean they're not there. And Daniel*, we're not hiding."

"Yeah okay Jack* if you say so."

"Whats up Daniel*?"

"Harlans asked me to.."


"Just hear me out."

"Send me a memo Daniel."

"Come on Jack.*"

"Oh here we go. Daniel* the answer is no, we're not doing it."

"But jack*."

"Look Daniel* we're not hauling a cart load of mens dresses across the galaxy."

"There not mens dresses Jack*, they're Altairian formal ceremonial.. ..garb"

"Well that's not the point is it. Don't you have any idea just how risky it is for us each time we go through the Gate to the Beta site."

"Oh come on Jack*. Hes the last survivor. The only one remaining from a whole race of people. The Altairians."

"Daniel*, hes a robot."

"Jack* you know what I mean. Come on there must be someway we can make a compromise. We're talking about the end of a whole civilisation. An advanced one at that. Don't you think its important to have at least something to show of their existence?"

"Daniel Jackson* is correct O'Neill*. Although I do agree with O'Neill* Daniel Jackson*. It would be most unwise to begin taking extra cargo through the StarGate to the Beta Site. And undoubtedly undertaking such a task would serve to further expose us to the possibility of discovery. Perhaps though, under the circumstances, since Harlan is the only representative of a dead race, some small compromise to preserve tokens of the Altairian civilisation may indeed be the solution."

"Colonel O'Neill*? Colonel O'Neill*? Are you here? Are you there?" Harlan didn't usually venture out to this corner of the plant.

"Okay Daniel*, look maybe we can work out a compromise. Just keep in mind we can't keep turning up at the Beta Site with alien crates. And don't tell Harlan we're here."

"Okay Jack*. But you're not hiding right?"

"That's right Daniel* we're not hiding."

"As I have already said Daniel Jackson*, we are fishing."

"Thank you Teal'c*."

Teal'c* gave O'Neill* one of his shield of support bows, and almost broke out a smile.

"Hey Daniel*, while you're up here in the fourth quad why don't you kick back and do a spot of fishing with T*. You can take over from me and try your hand at casting for a while. Its very therapeutic. I'll just get a bit of exercise and take the long way down to the basement. Check up on Carter.*"

"Thanks Jack*, I will. I could do with a break. Tell Sam* I'll see her at debrief."

"As will I."



~ Δ Ω ∑ µ Γ Ξ Π ± Δ Ξ Ω ~


~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





The plant really was huge. Spread out on two levels plus a mezzanine, ground and a basement. Each level was separated by a series of thin tubular two-part metal staircases. There were no windows. There was no view to the outside. But the place was big enough and openly spacious enough to disguise the over all fact that the plant was nothing more than metal tomb, sufficient to sustain Harlan and the team, SG-1*.

Although the size of The SGC (with alls its levels, as well as those extra levels you weren't going to find listed as a commuter's option in the lift) beat this place hands down, both places had similarities, with all the concrete and metal. And that underground, submerged, subterranean feel that took some getting used to. And the lighting. At least The SGC was bright, well lit and pleasant. And homely. He really missed the place. He missed being home.

One thing the Colonel* thought a little odd about the plant, considering it was built by such a technologically advanced race, there were no lifts to be found anywhere. He didn't mind so much, he just found it odd.

O'Neill* reckoned you could fit The SGC's level 28 into the Altairian plant about twenty times over. Teal'c* reckoned it was more like twenty four times over.

O'Neill* took a deliberate mile long hike to the basement. From the mezzanine he could hear the muffled sounds of a motor bike being raced and spun the length and breadth of the basement. It sounded like Carter* was really flooring it. By the time he got to the ground floor the muffle had rolled into a roar and as he made his way down the stairs to the basement he was immersed in grating and throttling.

Delighted to see him, Carter* zoomed in on the staircase, popped the engine off and stood her bike up. She sat down on the step immediately below the one O'Neill* had parked himself down upon.

"Carter* I'm not altogether sure I like the idea of you zipping about down here in the basement, on your own."

"What is it to loud for you Sir or to fast maybe?" Major Carter* was grinning at him, egging him on. "Would you like a go Sir?"

"I don't think so Carter*, I've seen the way the back wheel wobbles."

"That's called a wheelie Sir. If you like I could teach you how to do it."

"I don't think so Carter*. No time. I've got fish to catch."

Carter* couldn't help shaking her head and laughing. "You do realise Sir, you need water for that."

"Oh yes I realise that Carter*. In fact first Daniel* and now you have become expert on how to fish, unyet every time I ask either one of you to come fish with me you both refuse."

"Well that's fishing experts for you Sir."

O'Neill* laughed. Major Carter* always knew which buttons to press with him.

"Daniel* and Teal'c* said hi."

She smiled to herself and whispered "hi".

"Look Carter*, have you considered the fumes you're breathing in down here. The ceilings low and theres very little ventilation."

"Well actually Sir I have been paying a lot of attention to that recently and I have come up with an idea."

"Okay lets have it."

"What I was thinking is that I might be able to charge the bike with naquadah."

"Charge it?"

"Yes Sir, power the bike. Build a naquadah battery."

"So when you say charge it, would that be like charging a claymore Carter*?"

"Um, not really Sir."

"Okay here we go, yeah Daniel* mentioned this already. Do you think its safe."

"Absolutely Sir, absolutely. Safe and fast."

"Yeah Carter* I got that bit, very very fast right."

"Yes Sir, very fast." Major Carter* had a big sweet cheesy grin spread across her face.

"A real power bike hey."

"I hope so Sir."

"I don't like you working down here on your own. Its at times like this that I miss not having Siler around, he was your tinker buddy on these little projects wasn't he?"

Carter's* voice became dry and rasp. She breathed in heavily through her mouth. "I try my best not to think about those things Colonel*."

"What time are you and Daniel* taking off tomorrow?"

Since the team had been resurrected (re-resurrected), a part from the scouting missions to find a new Home-World and the visits to The SGC Beta Site to set up their secret storage base, the team (SG-1*) had not be inclined to take on any other missions.

They were effectively 'Off Duty'.

Retired as Colonel O'Neill* constantly bragged.

Temporarily retired, as Major Carter* would have it.

Daniel* saw it as down time.

And Teal'c* was adamant that they would resume their duties just as soon as O'Neill* deemed them fit and able.

"We've arranged to get there before sunrise. Its crucial to observed both the lunar and solar cycles."

"Excellent. No surprises then."

"Well if the temperatures fall to extreme measures on either cusp, we'll have to scrap the planet without further recon. If they come within the acceptable limits you and Teal'c* will have to join us to conduct a full survey"

"Check in with me before you leave."

"Yes Sir."

"Are you coming up? Have you had enough?"

"Well Sir I thought I'd stay down a bit longer and do a tune up."

"Okay then, I'll be with Teal'c* fishing on upper quad four, Daniels* up there with us this afternoon. Come up when you've finished, don't leave it to long. Ta ta." With a springy step the Colonel* pivoted and made to skip up the stairs.

"Sir before you go."

O'Neill* turned at Carter* with a wide questioning and caring smile.


"Just for the record Sir, I don't breath, or don't need to." Major Carter* felt a twinge of pain as she saw shock and sadness in the Colonels* face.

It wasn't a revelation, its just another something that had recently, for the sake of sanity, been lodged in the farther most reaches of their minds. Certain realisations were needed to be taken only in the most minuscule amounts, there was no hurry, after all they did have all the time in the world.

"Damn it Carter* it gets you every time."

"I know Sir. Me to. Does it still bother you?"

"I don't know, I really don't know. Its hard." He beset the air with the sweeping languid motion of his arm. "While I'm happy and completely relieved to see that we're all managing to cope here in.." He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. "Here in.. ..'Brigadoon'.. ..I can't wait until we move. I can see a future, in the distance, for all of us, but right now Carter* I just don't know. How about you?"

"When I look at you and Teal'c* and Daniel* I see my friends. My best friends. My team mates. My family. That will never change."

"It's the same for me."

"I think it's the same for all of us Sir."

"How long do you think we're looking at?"

"You mean when will it finally sink in that we're not us?"

"That's it. When do you think we'll catch on to the fact that we're robots?"

"Its difficult to say Sir. Theres no way of knowing. Maybe never."

"May be."

"You know even after all this time Harlan still doesn't consider himself to be a robot."

"I know. To be truthful Carter*, kidding aside, I don't think of him as a robot either."

"You see Sir, technically we're unique, we're not like robots. We are, all things not being equal, 'Us'."

"Come again."

"Well Sir, although for the most part our bodies are synthetic, superbly synthetic, our minds are entirely organic."


"We're growing."

"Getting older?"

"Mentally we're exactly the same as ourselves in SGC. Our minds are maturing."

"We're getting smarter?"

"Well apart from our superior neurological enhancements, not necessarily. It just means the difficulty in accepting that we're.."


"That we're.. ..machines, lies in the fact that mentally we're not."


"Colonel O'Neill*? Colonel O'Neill*?"

"Gotta go."

"You should talk to him."

"I know and I will. Just not at this hot second. I'm fishing Carter*. I'm retired remember."

"Well I suppose we all are for now, but we've still got to finalise our moving prep."

"Well right now I've got to move back up to the fourth quadrant. Tell Harlan I'll see him at debrief."




~ ≈ Δ ± Ξ Σ Φ Ψ Δ ≈ µ Π ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





Late afternoons, unless off world, at seventeen hundred hours sharp, the team meet up in the ground floor computer control centre annex, for the days debriefing.

It was the Colonel's* idea. Consistency. He thought it would help them become accustomed to their new way of life. He knew how difficult it is for all of them, coming to terms with.. ..with their new position in life. Daily debriefings, just like home, they all liked the idea, including Harlan, who just loved the company.

The fact that Colonel O'Neill* allowed Harlan to attend all the meetings was testament to the fact there really was nothing formal about the debriefings. It was plain and simple, a way for him to keep some familiarity within his team, SG-1*. Bring them back to ground each day. An anchor.

These daily meetings usually lasted about forty-five minutes, though whenever they discussed their moving arrangements, negotiations tended to stretch out to about two hours. Mostly taken up by Harlan's demands. Two hours was all the Colonel* could take, after which time he would put his foot down and dismiss the group.

On this particular day Major Carter* brought drinks and snacks to the table. She knew full well to dig in as this meeting was likely going to be a long one. Eating and drinking although not required was a thing the team still liked to enjoy. Eating was an occupation new and unappealing to Harlan, however Daniel* had managed to wean him on to several cups of coffee per day.

Harlan's possessions was top of the agenda. They were all aware of how eager Harlan had been to track the Colonel* down, to finalise all the details of moving his more personal items to the Beta Site. Today's meeting was his chance to sort everything out.

Teal'c* was relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that they would have to agree to relocate at least a portion of Harlan's effects. During today's meeting he would rely heavily on his friend O'Neill*, trusting they would not be tasked with turning up at the Beta Site with boxes upon boxes of who knows of Harlan's what.

Just how much 'what' would be a matter for Harlan and O'Neill* to decide upon.

Daniel* was usually the meeting's secretary. The minutes master.

As soon as they'd all settled into the meeting Colonel O'Neill* stood up, raised his coffee mug, searched for the Altairian heaven and practically shouted up to the roof of the building. "This ones for you George. And I'm damn sorry you weren't with us on our first mission to good old P3X nine eight niner, our new home. Wish you was with us buddy, all the way, heres to you."

Daniel*, Sam* and Teal'c* quickly jumped to their feet in respect and stood to attention.

The Colonel* sat down, plonked his elbows on the table, hung his head and slowly hand pressed his hair, front to back. He didn't look up just quietly said, "at ease." Everyone sat down in silence.

Teal'c* spoke first. "I have myself on several occasions pondered the absence of General Hammond. O'Neill* it would be possible.."

With a look of glaring eyes and thunder Colonel O'Neill* launched at his friend. "Teal'c* don't even go there!"

"He is right you know Sir."

"Carter* drop it!" Jack crouching tiger.

"Jack* we all miss General Hammond a great deal."

"I know Daniel*."

"And Janet."

"Indeed Major Carter*."

Harlan butted in. "Considering your General Hammond Colonel O'Neill*, we need only render him unconscious for a short period of time, no one need know. Even he would not know."

"Oh you don't think anyone would say, notice him missing. Have you even heard the term 'Theft'? How about 'Grand Theft'?" He hissed as Harlan. "I'll send him a memo and ask him to drop by. Hows that?"

The Colonel* was clearly shaken and upset by this whole conversation. His voice had the makings of fever pitch. He took a deep breath, well that's what it felt like. It was all going to take a long time. A long, long time.

Colonel O'Neill* didn't look at Harlan, he was to busy letting his eyes speak to Daniel*, and possibly lay a scorch mark on the centre of his forehead. Daniel* can you please keep him under control.

"Err Harlan, on the agenda we have the matter of your possessions."

Harlan had the stage. He was awash with joy.

"Okay Harlan lets hear it."

"Ooh, com-traya Colonel O'Neill*, I thank you. My friends I have been channelling all of my thoughts to the preparations for our move to a wonderful New-World. I have made lists."

Harlan was up on his feet now going in to circling mode. As he made his way slowly round the table Daniel* thought how much better Harlan looked dressed in a short sleeved shirt and those desert pants.

He didn't object to Harlan's traditional dress, non of them did, but he did seem to look so much.. ..better, dressed like that. There was a somewhat pleasing familiarity about that look, it sort of reminded him of.. ..Oops better not go there.

Harlan was still talking, prattling on and on and on. Nothing they hadn't already heard.

"As you know initially there were a thousand of us, the last of the Altairians, all living together down here. Hubald made everything for us. He was so clever.

We had statues and pictures and other art, but over the years it slowly degraded. Disintegrated. Many of the statues were smashed by accident or toppled over whenever there was a critical system over load. Some of my people took things with them when they left to seek new chances for us. All the work he did, Hubald, and all the books and manuscripts he saved, after only a few thousand years began to disappear. Turn to ash and dust.

But thank goodness in time I was able to transfer many of the works into the computers, to once again save our history. It is all here, all in the computer and it doesn't take up much room. Now it is very easy to transport yes? Very light to carry, no?"

"Yes Harlan that's right, it is easy to carry. I've been doing a lot of research into your history and it is all there nicely catalogued and documented in the computer. I think all that data would be easy to move wouldn't it Jack*?"

"Yerss Daniel*, all the Data in the computers can be moved, when you take the information out of the computer its small and easy to carry.."

"I concur."

"Thank you Teal'c*. Moving on. Right Harlan we can move the stuff you've got in the computers. Whats next?"

"Now we can talk about my apparel yes? Wallace himself chose many of the garments to be stored here and saved for the future."

"What futures that Harlan?"

"Jack*!! Remember in the beginning there was a thousand of them. It was a society. They had hopes and plans and from what I've been researching in their historical archives they hoped one day to rebuild their community, above ground actually."

"Yes yes Dr Jackson, yes that is correct. A new society like the one we will all build together, in our new Home-World yes?"

"Yeah that's about the truth of it Harlan. We will make a new society on a new Home-World."

"Ah com-traya Colonel O'Neill* com-traya."

"Really Sir, is that what you're thinking?"

"Maybe, eventually. Why, do you have any better ideas Carter*?"

"Well none that I like as much as yours Sir. It definitely is something to look forward to."

"I did say eventually didn't I? We're talking very eventually."

"Progress and survival O'Neill.*"

"You betcha."

"Whats next Daniel*?"

"Right Jack*. Yeah right com-traya Harlan."

"Yes now we must decide about the garments no? Today I was looking for you everywhere Colonel* but you was again playing your hiding seek. I wanted to show you which of the garments we can take with us. You must come and look. After the meeting you can come and look yes?"

"Yes Harlan I'll.. ..we'll, Teal'c*, come and look. But I'm warning you in advance we can take some but we can't take many."

"Ah alas I understand. When we leave here we will be leaving behind many things. I will be leaving much history. Much memories and many many things."

"That's true Harlan, but where we're going will be above ground and you'll have a lot of other things to do." Daniel* was perfectly sympathetic with him.

" Harlan I need to make something very clear to you. Our storage base on the Beta Site, which is now basically finished by the way, is only for essential goods. This is where we will keep all of our technology until we are fully established on a new Home-World. And even then Major Carter* has proposed that we continue to store backups of all our critical systems at the Beta Site base."

"You must heed O'Neill's* words Harlan. None of us will be depositing personal effects at the secret base. The risk of using The SGC Beta Site can only be measured against the quality of the things we store there."

"Harlan we can return here to Altair at any time, this will help us to make a much smoother job of relocating. We can come back to collect more things as we develop our new living quarters, that's right isn't it Jack*?"

"Spot on Daniel*."

"Yes. I see. I see. This will make things much easier."

"Okay meeting adjourned. Come on Harlan lets check out this stuff. Carter* a.m. tomorrow. Daniel* have a good trip, see you when you get back. Teal'c* with me."

"Okay, thanks Jack*. I'm really looking forward to this one, you've seen the readings."

"Lets see. Good Luck, you to Carter*".

"Thanks Sir. Good Night. Good Night Teal'c*. Bye Harlan."

"Perhaps you will accompany us Major Carter* yes?"

"Not tonight Harlan, thanks."

"Teal'c*, are you doing your Kelno'reem this evening?"

"Yes Daniel Jackson* and you are most welcome to join me."

"On the fourth?"


"Come and get me on your way up there."

"I expect we will be judging Harlan's garments for quite some time." Teal'c* was an extremely polite gentleman.

"That's okay."

Colonel O'Neill* stepped away from Teal'c* and Harlan.

"Daniel* a quick word if you please."

"What is it Jack*?"

The Colonel* directed Daniel* by the arm over to one side.

"Daniel* tomorrow, under no circumstances are you to let Carter* out of your sight. I don't want her going off anywhere on that planet alone. It that understood?"

"Loud and clear Jack*."

"And if she does insist on taking that menacing machine through the EH you make sure you're her pillion buddy."

"Jack* I promise, I won't let her go off on her own."

"Okay Daniel* I trust you."

Daniel* appreciated the Colonel's* words. Although it was unspoken, safety had become an issue with all of them.



~ Ψ Γ √ χ Λ Φ Ω Δ √ ∞ ≡ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Life without the M.A.L.P.s and U.A.V.s made analysis and reconnaissance that much more difficult. Harlan had provided some unused antique probes and although they were adequately gauged for each of the strat, trop and bio spheres, they tended to have limited quantifying capabilities.

Without the use of friendly F.R.E.D. they found it quite a hindrance to carry a generator with all its coils and leads as part of their equipment set but Colonel O'Neill* insisted. There was no visual feedback from the probes they had deployed and there was no way the Colonel* was going to allow them to take it for granted that there would be a D.H.D. on the other side of the Horizon.

Carter* had in mind to introduce her latest motormachine to the rough uncut terrain of this hitherto unseen planet. Without the ascertaining sophistications of a U.A.V., exploring on foot was going to be an exceptionally time consuming option.

"I was thinking of bring my bike through, we'd be able to cover a lot more ground, what do you think?"

"A hovercraft, that would be great"

"No. My bike."

"A bumpy ride Sam*?"

"From the looks of it, very."

"Nooo, I don't think so. We can give it a try if you like, but lets get more positive readings first. Just to make sure its worth it."

Two moons on their way home and a bearably warm sun in the throws of yawning and stretching out over the most luscious, plushcious green hillsides and valleys. They'd seen small lakes. They'd seen the ghost of a misty dew over shadowing little waterfalls. This place was looking good. Very very good.

And Daniel* was right, the readings were very positive. As yet there was no evidence of native life. They would have to dig deeper into that. But if the lunar and solar systems checked out and the rock and soil samples were in order, and the vegetation was well.. ..that didn't matter anymore, but they would still need to account for it. But if it all checked out, then Major Carter* and Dr Daniel Jackson* were standing at the doorstep of a new Home-World and it really was something good to look at.

Carter* took hold of Daniel's* hand and squeezed, almost like a little girl who'd discovered a new kalie shop. They were equally excited about this planet. It did appear to meet all their requirements, and much more. "Daniel* can you imagine if theres a nice long beach, the Colonel* would love that."

"Come on Sam*, lets head for the top of that hill, we'll be able to get the lay of the place. We'll be able to have a little hunt round for that beach."

"Suns up Daniel*."

It was beautiful.

"This is one sight I would love to get used to."

As the two moons were waving at them a zillion rays of sunlight began to glitter and twinkle and a planet's worth of voluptuous virgin leaves all began to wink out a symphony of pride and beauty.

"Teal'c* and Jack* have got to see this. You know Sam*, Teal'c* never talks about it, but he must truly miss being able to look up at skies like this. Back home on Earth I always got the sense he felt a little disappointed with our nightly lunar singularity."

"I imagine the orbital conditions of this world will be similar to those of Chulak."

From the vantagepoint at the top of the hill, for as far as the eye could see there was nothing but luscious green thick blooming strong foliage, fruit, trees, hills and valleys, sands, sea and blue blue sky.

It was quite magnificent, and fresh and seemingly uninhabited. It looked untouched. It looked like home.

They could see a long beach lining an aquamarine and most probably plentiful sea. Their view was uncut. There were no roads, no tracks, no buildings, no aliens, no traces of any kind. It was virgin all over. It was theirs. A New-World.

A place to call home. Home-World. Long beaches. Resources. Cover. Everything they needed to begin a new life. They would secure the StarGate.

Major Carter* and Dr Jackson* descended the hill to the base camp and began to set up and activate the test and measure instruments.

"Sam*, if you disregard the readings, well ignore all the test results we've collected so far from all the other potential new worlds.. Home-Worlds, which planet do you actually liked the best? Which one did you see and wish, I wish this could be home?"

"Em you mean don't take into consideration any results whatsoever?"

"Yeah. Ignore the results. Which one?"

"Daniel* I have to say this one. And I really am ignoring the results because we haven't even set up our climate test scenarios yet."

"Sam* I'm in full agreement with you. I agree entirely. Whole-heartedly. It really is this one isn't it?"

"I hope so Daniel*. I really hope so. This would be a good start for all of us. Plus more than anything I want to see the Colonel* out of that 989 plant once and for all."

"But he is adjusting though, right?"

"He is. We all are. We have to. But this whole 'Us' thing is going to be a very slow process. It's the shock, it doesn't go away. Anyway its not that Daniel*. That plant just does not suit him. Any of us for that matter, but him more so. I want to see us all out of there as soon as possible."

"What are the chances of you knocking together a U.A.V. back at the plant?"

"Ooh that's a big negative Daniel*. I think its been so long, I mean thousands of years, that Harlan has had to take any external surface readings, there simply aren't any parts of that nature available anywhere in the plant. For the time being a U.A.V. is out of the question."

"That's a real pity because I can't wait to see the rest of the planet."

"Neither can I. In due course, when we reactivate our Missions Program we'll be able to ferret all the parts and equipment we need. I'm all set up here Daniel*, how about you?"

"Yep. I'm all set."

"Daniel* lets dial up the StarGate and send a message through."

"What you don't want to wait until sunset?"

" I've just got a really good feeling about this. It won't hurt to put them on standby."

"Sam* I was thinking, seen as though we're going to have to remain here at least until just after sunset, maybe we could continue our search for the possibility of intelligent indigenous presence."

"Em yeah Daniel* that's a good idea. Lets go. When we get back if the tests have yielded positive results I want to set up a twenty four-hour post."

"That's fine Sam*, theres more than enough to keep us busy. I think we'll be staying."

"Me to."



~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Even Teal'c* felt a little nervous. Apprehensive really. It just didn't serve a purpose to be over confident in the face of potential disappointment. Let down can cleave out a nasty gash. Don't leap before you can walk.

"Are you certain Major Carter*."

"Positive Teal'c*"

They we're already more than two hours into today's debrief and they we're just getting warmed up.

"Teal'c* as you know over the passed three weeks Sam* and I have sat eleven twenty-four hour monitoring posts and spent the rest of that time exploring. We've finished the ground survey. Accounted for the atmosphere and set baselines for atmospheric and climatic changes. The atmosphere is breathable."

They all looked at Daniel in the hope that that still mattered.

"What that means kids is that we can have family round."

"Yeah true.. ..We've done the mineral count, the soil analysis, the sand analysis. Distillation of the water has been conducted and verified on all sources. We've tagged our unfiltered supply. The vegetation has been determined. The underground has been assessed. The wildlife documented. The rock has been examined. The sky is blue. The sea is aquamarine. And oh yeah by the way Jack, there is fish in the sea and in every lake and pound we came across, lots of them. Theres two moons and one sun."

"Thank you Daniel Jackson*." Teal'c* fought to bridle his enthusiasm.

"Umm fish eh?"

"Oh yes Sir, plenty of them, we thought you'd like that. A part from the StarGate, we've found no traces of the Ancients. Or the Goa'uld for that matter, we're positive they've never visited this planet. We've found absolutely no traces of intelligent life."

"Eat your heart out Kheb."

"Kheb Sir?"

"Oh it's a place Teal'c* told me about. Carter* you know what we've got here?"

"Yes Sir, I believe I do."

"Ooh you've found it Major Carter*. Dr Jackson*. Our new home. If only Wallace was here to experience this. Yes we have much to do, no? I must begin immediately. I must pack!"

"Hey, whoa, hold your horses there Harlan. Don't go rushing into anything just yet. We've not finished. We haven't completed the recon."

"But Colonel O'Neill* what more must you do? We have heard everything. They have found all that we need."

" We have to find a way to carry out a complete aerial survey."

"It will be most difficult to perform such a task without some form of air transport O'Neill*."

"We're all going to have to work on that Teal'c*."

"A backpack Sir."

"Pardon Carter*?"

"A rocket propelled backpack. Naquadah Sir."


"To power the rocket Sir."

"Lets steer clear of that one Carter*. Think more along the lines of a controlled landing. Going up! Coming down! Safely if you will, say in a nice manageable and orderly fashion.

Perhaps an airliner, small ship, even an inconspicuous Death Glider or maybe a dear reliable U.A.V., or a balloon. But theres no way on Earth, or where ever we are, and I speak for Teal'c* when I say this, will I be strapping sixty pounds of naquadah fuelled machinery onto my back in order to take a quick spin around our new neighbourhood. A very quick trip no doubt and then I wouldn't wonder oh probably jetting off into outer space."


"Thank you Teal'c*."

"Jack* theres documentary evidence that back on Earth, portable rocket propulsion has been used very successfully."

"Be my guest Daniel*. By all means, feel free. Check it out. Let me know.. ..send me a post card. Carter* what is it with you and naquadah and now this latest talk of niquadria?"

"Sir, naquadah, despite its phenomenal catalytic properties based on its ability to internally conduct, outwardly resists overwhelming neutrino kinetisism."

Blank stares greeted Carter's* outburst.

"You see, once the neutrinos are absorbed into the metal, naquadah, they enter a different matter flow synchronisation."


"Thank you Teal'c.*"

"Well, the neutrinos effectively acquire a different orbital orientation from the one they occupied outside the metal. The neutrinos flow into the naquadah at a rate governed by one particular cycle but are irradiated asynchronously. The discrepancy between the rate of flow of the neutrinos coming out of the naquadah and the neutrinos which already exist outside the naquadah for all intents and purpose create a field of inertia around the naquadah making it incredibly stable. Its whats powering our cells Sir."

"Um super cells!"

"Yes Sir. Exactly. Its an extremely valuable and highly concentrated source of.."

"Aahhh!! Okay, yada, et cetera, thrilling and all, we get the picture. No backpack Carter*! I guess I just don't go in for those blood sports."

"Sir, did you read the whole report?"

"Every word Carter*."

"Indeed Major*. It seems in the future we will be able to better prepare ourselves."

"You're talking about the mineral and metallurgics study, right T*? The deposits."

"I am."

"That's right Jack*. We found tremendous quantities of identifiable minerals and metals. A lot of copper. As yet we've not found diamond, and Sam doesn't think we will. Theres signs of corundum embedded in the banks of some of the lakes. Theres evidence of underground deposits of between twenty three and twenty four carat gold. Very minute traces of industrial-grade platinum and an over abundance of agates and Ulexite. And oddly enough we found traces of tiny emerald chips along the outer shoreline of one of the beaches."

"Yeah I noticed that in the report. Excellent work Daniel*, Major*. Excellent work! Everything seems to be in order."

Colonel O'Neill* stood up and backed away from the table a little. He mused for a moment and then made his announcement.

"Carter* have we got any flags?" He looked like a very proud father. "Team. Harlan. It looks like we're going to claim this world as our own. Our new Home-World! I won't sanction the move until we complete an aerial reconnaissance. But start packing."

"Colonel* a balloon is doable."

"Or a cargo ship Carter*."

"O'Neill* we currently have access to only one cargo ship, and in commandeering it we put our presence on the Beta Site in jeopardy."

"You're absolutely right Teal'c*. A balloon it is. How long Carter*?"

"Flat out, three to four weeks Sir."

"Lets get on it."

"On it Sir."

"Okay kids we're movin'. Daniel* have you managed to draw up that check list?"

"Its done Jack*."

"Splendid. We'll go into countdown at tomorrow's debrief. Class dismissed."



~ ψ җ Π Λ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ℑ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





The shimmering light of the Event Horizon afforded a platform of resplendence.

A tall, lone, handsome man stepped through the StarGate into The SGC Beta Site. He wore a hand tailored single breasted suit of a delicate weave of cashmere and silk. He wore his suit jacket open on top of a crisp black shirt of cotton or possibly raw silk. The light was catching the handle of a small submachine gun which was neatly stashed the length of his inside jacket. He was wearing flat slip-on shoes, city shoes, they looked very expensive. He looked extremely sharp. The subtle contrast of the blackness of his suit and the mottled silver of his wavy shoulder length hair and his demeanour and suavity, cut a most impressive sight.

He placed one foot on the step below and leisurely began to remove his dark sunshades. He placed them tidily into his breast pocket, made his way down to the bottom step of the Gate arch and waited. He was carrying a slim metal attaché case.

Teal'c* arrived through the StarGate.

"Do you have it?"

"I have it O'Neill*"

Teal'c* was well turned out. Very dapper in his regalia. He wore his Air Force full dress uniform with great pride. Due to the heat, he had left his service coat behind at the plant. His cap, which he had removed as he spoke to the Colonel*, was scattered with lightning bolts. It appeared to be an Air Force General's cap, though the overall absence of the mandatory accoutrement of rank only served to thicken the shroud of the 'sensitive compartmented information' that was, Unit SG-1 of The Star Gate Command.

He was carrying a munitions trunk. As he stepped onto the ground he placed the crate down on top of another, exactly the same as the one he'd just carried.

He handed the Colonel* a small device. It was actually a firmware activation program attachment unit. Once the Colonel* joined this device to the computer equipment they had set up in the secret base, they would have live uplink capability and could then begin the data download transfer which would in turn complete their secret, external, technology data and image mappings, storage programme.

The Colonel* spoke to one of the two Airmen who had become their special on Site attendants. "Padmysser I have an order for Comms. Can you see whos available"

"Sir." At a quick march the Corporal made his way across the compound to the communications post.

The Colonel* looked at Airman Burke with only the slightest question of irritation. "You know your way Airman."

Airman Burke was bending over the munitions crate Teal'c* had just put down. It was a dark green corrugated metal case. Three feet wide and a foot in width and depth. It had an easy carry handle on either side. The trunk did not have ammunition in it. It was full of data transfer clips.

"But Sir."

"You're got your orders! What level of security do you think you're exercising Burke? Because this sure doesn't look like an exercise of extreme caution to me. Lingering about out here in the open, in the middle of the compound with a box full of secret documents. Wheres the stealth?"

The Colonel raised his arm and his voice and flicked his hand towards the worried Airman.

"You're under strict orders to maintain the highest level of security when engaged in manoeuvres between the StarGate and the secret storage base. At all costs this assignment is to remain secret. Top secret. The discovery of this facility is not negotiable. Do you understand??"

The Airman was caught off guard. He was nervous.

"Yes Sir. I fully understand Sir. Sir theres no way, no chance, that anybody knows about the base. Theres no way Sir. Corporal Padmysser and myself, apart from you and the General*, are the only ones who even enter that sector of the Beta Site."

O'Neill* paid Teal'c* mischievous regard and said to the Airman, "Thats General Du Chulak*. Now Airman, if what you claim is true, how can the Beta Site's secure perimeter be established?"

Smoking gun. The Colonel* was relentless.

The Airman was very nervous. "Sorry Sir. What I meant to say was that hardly anyone enters that sector."

"I see. And with security in mind, how do you account for hanging around the compound with these crates out here in the open?"

"Sir if ever anyone sees us we say its stores for the underground Control facility. Plus we always leave the compound in that direction."

"Good thinking Burke."

"Sir, usually, whenever you send anything through, we take it out to the base immediately."

"This doesn't look like immediately to me Airman."

"Sir, its just the crates.."

"What about the crates?"

"Sir, I can't lift them. They're extremely heavy."

"I see." The Colonel* looked round at Teal'c* and smiled. "Wait until you get to be a Major son."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. Corporal Padmysser's already requisitioned a F.R.E.D. it should be here anytime now."

"We don't use them anymore do we?"

"Sir, back stores. Logistics has brought quite a lot of old stores through to the Beta Site. Everythings being used Sir, they've even sent through a few of the older M.A.L.P.s."

"Okay airman, belay that request, heres Padmysser now. Take one crate between the two of you and move out. By the way, good work Burke."

Padmysser and Burke lifted the crate which even between them still seemed heavy. They moved out.

"You were very hard on him O'Neill*, but I understand the necessity."

"It's the only way T*. We have to ensure the safety of the stuff we're leaving here. I've got to guarantee this base won't be discovered."

The Comms officer who had accompanied Padmysser back to the StarGate was still standing to attention. The Colonel* walked over to his position.

"Sergeant, apart from the communiqué from Earth, if there are any other 'Off World' transmissions for me, not from Earth, I don't want them relayed. You are to hold on to them and hand them directly to me. Understood?"

"Yes Sir. Understood. Sir where will you be?"

"If I'm not around find either Burke or Padmysser and they will find me."


"Carry on."


Teal'c* picked up the remaining munitions trunk and both he and the Colonel* headed out into the hills, to the secret storage base.



~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~



~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~





Minutes later the StarGate splashed open and Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c came through to the Beta Site and made their way across the compound towards the Site Head Quarters.

Just as they entered the HQ building a Comms operator ran over to the Colonel from the Communications post on the other side of the compound.

Arriving breathless he straightened up and saluted. "As requested sir." The Comms officer delivered a message from Harlan on P3X 989, doubtless meant for Colonel O'Neill*, directly into the hand of Colonel O'Neill.

"I didn't request Sergeant."

"No Sir. Correct Sir. As ordered Sir. Your message."

Colonel O'Neill assumed the message had been forwarded to him from Earth.

The Airman wasn't moving, it seemed he had a question.

"What is it Sergeant, anything else?"

"Err Sir, you're Special Ops?"


"Are you undercover Sir?"

"Sometimes. Anything else Airman?" The Colonel was curt.

"No Sir. Thank You Sir."

The Colonel turned to Teal'c and enquired, "What was that about?"

Before Teal'c had a chance to comment or disclose that he didn't have the foggiest, a smiling voice concluded, "Young hopefuls Jack. Your reputation precedes you."

"So does your General. So does yours. How goes it Sir?"

"Almost done Jack." General Hammond was in the midst of wrapping up a briefing with some of his officers. He was preparing to return to The SGC.

"Sirs we're ready for you." One of the General's personal staff had fed the Colonel's AV message into a viewing console.

"Harlan on P3X 989." Teal'c observed.

"'Oh for crying out loud.' Tell me why, why is he requesting my help? What possible motive could he have this time. I thought I made it absolutely crystal clear, we're not a damn book and hire agency."

"Watch the show Jack."

General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c viewed the contents of the message. To say the least they were alarmed.

Harlan was near to hysterical. From his rantings and ramblings they deduced he was under attack from a Goa'uld who was trying to make him create an army of synthetics.

Harlan was begging the Colonel (Colonel*) to return to his planet with Teal'c (Teal'c*) and rescue him from the clutches of this madman. A Goa'uld called Ibnis.

The General seemed perplexed. "I don't understand how hes managed to get a message out. If as he says, hes alone and defenceless and surrounded by this Goa'uld and for all we know, his entire attack force, how on earth did he get a message out?"

"I don't know about that Sir. But I do know hes a resourceful little runt. And from what I can remember that plant is huge. Maybe he listened to what the Goa'uld had to say and then ran off and hid."

"Ran off and hid? Surrounded by an attack force?"

"Well theres really not much else he can do General."

"General Hammond, if the Goa'uld does have the resources of an attack force with him, why would Harlan request only the help of Colonel O'Neill and myself?"

"Yes, I'd like to know that too. Come to think of it, why would this Goa'uld, whats he called?"

"I believe Harlan called him Ibnis."

"Okay then, why would this Ibnis character want to coerce Harlan into making him an army of robots if he already had an army of Jaffa. The Goa'uld, is there no end to their greed!"


"That's a very good point Jack. I think you've just succeeded in throwing light on this situation."

"Yes General. Its all perfectly clear to you. And just as soon as you illuminate us we'll decide the best way to handle it."

"Okay, what have we actually got here Jack?"

"Well Sir, from what I can gather it seems like one of Cronus's cronies are making a play for Harlan's technology. As to which one of them, we can't be sure. But there is one person I bet my bottom dollar that its not."


"Spot on big fella."

"Jack he was Cronus's first prime wasn't he."

"Yes Sir. And we definitely capped that one off. Or more precisely Darian did. Let him have it with a crossbow straight through the heart. Theres no way he managed to slither away from that one Sir. No I can't think who it could be. Any ideas T?"

"I have none. The Jaffa that comprised Cronus's army accepted our offer of freedom. Many of the Jaffa who had been in the service of Cronus joined our cause. And a great many others returned to their homes and family. I have received no reports of any who have since taken up arms to fight on behalf of another Goa'uld."

"There you have it General. It's a mystery."

"Teal'c have you even heard of this Goa'uld Ibnis?"

"No General I have not."

"Care to take a guess at who hes working for."

"I would not O'Neill. It maybe that he is representing himself. It is not uncommon for minor Goa'ulds to seek ways in which to impress the System Lords and thereby elevate their own standing amongst them."

"What some felonious fluffy nuts out to impress his bosses."

"Do you think this could be the situation here?"

"I do General."

"This would make a heck of a lot more sense."

"And the attacking force?"

"Perhaps there isn't one. As Teal'c said, Harlan only requested the pair of you. Jack I'm going to need you to investigate this immediately. We can not allow the Goa'uld to get a hold of that type of technology. That would be simply unacceptable."

"Tell me about, General. Disastrous."

"First and foremost you need to secure the robot making equipment. Whatever it takes to defeat this Goa'uld threat Jack."

"I hear you General."

"You're going to have to negotiate with Harlan for either the proper secure storage or disposal of his equipment. We can not take the risk that some other Goa'uld may decide to try and acquire it for himself in the future."

"Right Sir. I will negotiate with him!"

"General Hammond, In the transmission Harlan warned of an ambush situation at the P3X 989 StarGate. Because of the positioning of the StarGate inside the plant and the amount of cover provided, it would not be a difficult task for the Goa'uld Ibnis to lay a trap for any incoming travellers."

"I won't allow for any measure of chance, in which case using the StarGate is out of the question."

"Sir as you know, we still have the Cargo ship parked in the northern sector of the outer compound."

"What do you need Jack?"

"Well Sir, Daniels still out with Pierce fixing up fences. I'd like to have Carter along and its probably best to take one of the combat units. P3X niner eight niner, its well inside a few hours ride so if need be we can always send for reinforcements."

"As soon as I return to Earth I'll have Major Carter join you. I need to make sure shes properly equipped with the stellar co-ordinates for P3X 989, the planet Altair. I'll have SG-3 geared up and ready to go within the hour."

"General, I understand Five are carrying out training exercises here in the compound. They're already geared up."

"Good idea Colonel. You have a go!"



~ Σ Θ γ λ Γ Π ζ δ γ Δ √ ~



~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




SG-1's* secret base was set into the side of a small mountain like hill. It was naturally well set into soft rock, which had long since formed into a small over hanging crusty projection, a patio.

It was all completely engulfed by a gully like structure, which peaked forty feet above the ground. The cave, the SG-1* secret storage base, was heavily surrounded by small trees and tall grasses. The entrance into the base was obscured by a range of smooth boulders. It was an exceptional find. Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* knew the lay of the land at the Beta Site better than anyone. They'd searched every inch of it.

The outside upper level, a natural stone patio, was made accessible via a metal ladder stairway which had been cleverly constructed and fitted inside the base to lead up to the upper level by cutting through a few feet of rock which separated the roof of the cave from the patio above. A type of submarine hatch arrangement had been fitted to maintain the separation. The patio overlooked a small pond.

The natural stone patio was perfect for lounging on in the good weather. Colonel O'Neill* did not envisage there would be a need to often visit the storage unit, but nevertheless he did still appreciate the added bonus of the beauty of the surrounds.

The SG-1* secret base was unusually secluded. There was no reason on Earth, on the Beta Site for that matter, why the place should ever be discovered.

The inside of the base was basically a small low roofed cave. About twenty feet high. The outside, a tiny cliff face. If it wasn't for the yellow metal railing that Padmysser and Burke had fitted along the edge of the patio ledge, then to the naked eye the SG-1* secret storage base appeared to be undisturbed territory leading to nowhere. Teal'c* would make sure that the railing was camouflaged.

The inside of the cave was approximately thirty meters square, roundish square.

What made the cave all the more suitable as a storage base was that there was only one way in and one way out. Apart from the patio hatch, which could only be opened from the inside.

The door to the cave, the base, was a great accomplishment. It was solid, of course, but more than that it was a small key and token vault door, very small, but air tight, which would make managing the computer environment that much easier.

Daniel* had surveyed the cave to be certain there was no possibility of water damage. There was none. They employed one of Harlan's concoctions to maintain the interior temperatures, and ventilation.

Major Carter's* only concern had been detection. With Harlan's help she erected a dampening shield around the equipment and inserted a number of power converters and capacitors to reduce the overall voltage to a fraction of normal requirements. The base would not be detected.

As they reached the secret base, Colonel O'Neill* asked Padmysser and Burke to return to the Beta Site compound and standby for a container being sent through by Doctor Jackson*.

The Colonel* entered the base and started to make his way to the upper level patio. Teal'c* parked his crate and quickly used his automatic 'repelling' arm brace to hook onto the patio railing from the outside and pull himself up to the upper level, getting there just before Colonel O'Neill* and smiling gleefully to himself as the Colonel* stepped out on to the patio ground. O'Neill* nodded in admiration of Teal'c's* gadget.

Colonel O'Neill* looking over the patio ledge at the grounds around them noticed a heap of dug up earth a few meters from the entrance to the base. "I thought I told Daniel* to stop digging under the foundations. Hes not going to find any artefacts down there and if he keeps this up hes going to subside us."

"Its been along time since Daniel Jackson* undertook an archaeological dig."

"Well, as soon as we move he can dig as much as he wants. In fact T* its going to be interesting to see just what Daniel* finds on our new Home-World."

The Colonel* leaned over the edge of the patio, looking out towards the pond.

"No O'Neill* you would never."

"Oh I don't know about that Teal'c*. I've been getting in a lot of practice."

"It would not reach O'Neill*."

"We'll see." The Colonel* began simulating casting his fishing line towards the pond.

Teal'c* brought two sturdy fold up chairs out from behind a boulder. And set them up near to the edge of the ledge.

O'Neill* took off his jacket and neatly folded it over the rail. He gave his submachine gun to Teal'c* who propped it up against the boulders behind him. Colonel O'Neill* went back down into the base. "T* do you want a drink?"

"Not at this time O'Neill*."

The Colonel* set about activating the uplink and commencing the download. He brought the two crates inside the base, opened them up and double checked the sequence. He fitted the first data clip into a large socket. He made his way back up to the patio.

He joined Teal'c* by the edge and sat down. The weather was very warm, very pleasant.

"T* do you know what happened to those fishing rods I sent through?"

"Indeed O'Neill*, Corporal Padmysser has stacked all the miscellaneous goods along the far left wall of the base."

Teal'c* stood up and placed his hand on the railing and looked down at his sleeve covering his arm brace.

"T*, lets not eh."


Teal'c* climbed through the hatch and disappeared into the base. Moments later he reappeared with two small fishing rods and a wicker fishing tackle basket.

"Nice one T*."

The Colonel* stood up, took one of the rods and the tackle box and sat back down again. Teal'c* leaned his rod up against the railing and sat down.

"Not fishing today Teal'c*?"


The Colonel* smiled to himself.

"O'Neill*, Major Carter* and Daniel Jackson* will be arriving at the StarGate soon."

"Ten Hundred Zulu Teal'c*."

"Do you intend to return to the new Home -World with them?"

"No. They can go back there and continue scouting, we'll be returning to good old nine eight niner. They'll catch up with us back at the plant after the sunset."

"O'Neill* have you thought of a name for our new Home-World?"

"Yeahhh, I've been giving that some thought. What do you think about leaving the name choosing to Carter* and Daniel*?"

"I think that is an honour they would both greatly relish."

Instead of casting off, and trying to reach the pond, Colonel O'Neill* just slung his hook over the ledge and leaned his rod against the rail. He took some papers out of his tackle box, put his feet up on the rail and swung back on his chair. He began to read. He was working through a paper he was writing. He kept all his papers in his fishing tackle box.

After a while, Teal'c*, sitting nearby, relaxing, leaned over and took some papers out of the tackle box and began reading what O'Neill* had recently been writing. "Would Major Carter* not be most impressed to know you produce information such as this?"

"May be."

Teal'c* raised an eyebrow for further clarification.

"Okay, you got me T*, I like listening to Carter* explain things." O'Neill* smiled to himself and to Teal'c*. "I think its about time to start back to the compound, Carter* and Daniel* are due. What do you say we make tracks."



~Θ Φ ζ Λ Σ γ λ   ~


~δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ? ℜ ? ≡ ? ~




The Beta Site StarGate activated into an obliterating, though refreshing, eruption event. A flush. Followed by Daniel Jackson* and Major Carter*. They were entering the Beta Site from their new Home-World.

They had come to rendezvous with Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c*. They had brought with them the last piece of synthesising hardware. And also Carter* needed to dock and then burn off a redundant set of mapped images onto her reserve laptop computer harddrive. Carter* being thorough.

Major Carter* wore nicely fitting leather pants, Air Force gear, biker style, and a white cotton vest. Her tanned arms, naked. She carried a thick shiny leather bomber jacket. Her short tussled hair seemed extra blonde, probably from the bright sun and fieldwork on their new Home-World. She wore her dog tags and on this particular day she'd holstered a zat'nik'atel.

Daniel* was dressed in a wide brim Panama hat and a camel coloured smart looking safari suit. He wore a huge technicoloured cravat around his neck. Even though he doesn't have the memory of being decapitated, ever since he learnt that his head came off on the planet Juna P3X 729, he vigilantly keeps his neck warm and covered.

Corporal Padmysser saluted and enquired. "Major* may we move out?"

"Of course Corporal. Just that one container, carry on."

"Yes Ma'am."

Padmysser and Burke carried the crate between them. Although it was large, it was not very heavy. They headed out towards the underground control facility.

"Lookout Sam*! Family at three o'clock."

"How do you know?"

"We're retired right?"


"Right, well look at what hes wearing. And look at his hair."

"I'm never gonna get used to this Daniel*."

"Yep, the high freak factor is right up there tripping off the dial."

"Damn. We've been spotted. Its to late to hightail."

"Sam*, come on, its Jack!"


"Sam*! Come on. Don't you want to see him?"

"Gaw'd Daniel*, course I do. Its not that. It's the risk. And the Colonel* said to avoid contact at all costs."

"Well Its to late for that now Sam*, come on."

"Are you two off to a party?"


"The way you're both dressed. Where you going?"

"Had no time to change Sir."

"That's okay Cater*, I like the look!"

"Daniel* I thought you was out in the field with SG-7 and Major Pierce and his team. Aren't you supposed to be mounting radar and sensors, securing the perimeter?"

"Actually Jack I'm just thinking about going to The SGC for some supplies."



"Okay then, while you're divining your future, I need Carter* with me."

"Whats up Sir, where are we going?"

"You're kidding me right?"

"What Sir?"

"What Carter*?"


"Come on Carter* I'm pulling teeth here, whats with you, get with the program. Have you got the co-ordinates?"

"Co-ordinates Sir?"

"How to get to Harlan's planet Carter*. Which way do we go?"

Eeek! "Yes of course Sir."

"Hammond did fill you in?"

"I just need the specifics from you Sir."

This was so difficult. She felt like she was deceiving him. Talking to him, as much as she loved his company, was actually beginning to upset her quite a bit.

"We've got a situation with that damn deuced Harlan bother on P3X niner eight niner."

"Whats going on Jack?"

There was an element of panic in Daniel's* voice.

"Oh universal terror. Apparently some evil Goa'uld has turned up and is trying to get Harlan to create an army of robots. You know, smidgens of take over the universe, usual Goa'uld megalomania. Ibnis, have you heard of him Daniel*."

"Doesn't ring a bell Jack. Hes definitely not mentioned in any of the usual sources. I'll come with you."

"No that's okay Daniel*, I've already briefed with the General. Carter*, Teal'c and SG-5, but thanks anyway, SG-1's not the same without you. I don't expect we'll be gone the whole day. It sounds like we may be able to contain the situation without mobilising the troops. By the way Daniel*, you're looking very smart today, when you meet back up with Pierce, get him to shout you a pair of overalls. Don't go mucking up your nice suit."

"Thanks Jack, that's really thoughtful."

"We're gonna have to buck, our rides awaiting and I need to get things underway as soon as possible."

"Jack wheres Teal'c?"

"Hes making sure SG-5 are geared up and all aboard the cargo ship. Why?"

"Oh nothing. I just wanted to say hi."

"That's real nice Daniel*, I'll send him your regards."

"Okay Jack. Its good to see you. Take care."

"Why Thank you Daniel*, its very nice to see you too and you take care and should be we'll see you again later this afternoon."

"Bye Jack."

"Bye Daniel*."

"Bye Sam*, safe trip."

"Lets hope. See you Daniel*."

Daniel* began to head southwards out of the camp. He wasn't altogether sure what was down there. He'd never been in that part of the compound before. But going in the opposite direction to Jack, that was a strategic move.. ..right?

He wasn't allowed to break radio silence on the Beta Site, so as soon as he heard the ship lift off he would circle back round to the StarGate to meet up with Jack* and Teal'c*.

It was so good to see Jack. Really good to see him. Strange but good. He missed him a lot. Except he didn't miss him did he? Apart from when he and Sam* were sitting twenty-four hour watch posts. No, it was strange. He missed Jack when he was with him, but when he wasn't with him he didn't miss him at all because he was still with him. Well still with Jack* right.

It was very complicated, freaksome even, but he was very happy he'd spoken with Jack. He wished he'd had a chance to see Teal'c, but then again, he would be seeing Teal'c* very soon, in a matter of minutes actually. In less than no time they were due to rendezvous at the Gate. It was complicated. All this 'Us' as Sam* put it, was going to take a long long time.

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~



~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Back at Star Gate Command, General Hammond had instigated the biannual scheduled performance of StarGate dialling calibration synchronisations, power output variance analysis and vibration dampening system tests. The measurements were being carried out to update the baseline diagnostics. And together with the on going procedural analyses, General Hammond ensured every single analogous and digital pulse the StarGate produced was looked at listened to weighed and measured.

Presently although any incoming wormholes could be serviced, due to the type of diagnostics being conducted, during the course of a seventy two hour period it was essential that at least one hour elapsed between dial out processes. Thereby allowing for complete power downs and reboots each time The SGC StarGate was internally activated.. ..for test and measure purposes.

General Hammond vaguely waved his hand as he stepped through the doorway into Major Carter's lab. It resulted in the faintest sound, a knock.

"Oh General come in. I'm just finishing up on inputting the last hours readings."

Major Carter formed part of the group conducting the StarGate diagnostics. It didn't take her away from her normal duties, since the initial, master, templates for all the StarGate diagnostics had been designed and formatted in the early days of the Star Gate Programme. These routine measuring tests where more a matter for record.

Should it ever be the case that extraordinary results were obtained from the measuring procedures, then the Major's normal duties would actually be suspended whilst the base was put on alert and all 'Off World' teams recalled. Thankfully that was a rare occurrence.

"Major we've heard from P3X 989."

"Erm.. ..Harlan, the artificial life form. The planet Altair?"

"Correct Major."

"Does Colonel O'Neill know."

"Well that's just it. Harlan addressed the message directly to the Colonel."

"You know what the Colonel thinks of him. You wouldn't think he'd risk it."

"Turns out hes under attack from a Goa'uld. Ibnis. Seems we have ourselves another galactic Gate crasher Major."

"Hes not on our books Sir. Have you spoken to Daniel about this?"

"Doctor Jackson is still out in the field with Major Pierce. However Teal'c seems to think it may well be a minor Goa'uld out to impress the System Lords."

"Hes after the duplicating technology?"

"Apparently so Major. We're advised hes attempting to have Harlan create an army of synthetics."

"If he succeeds General."

"Colonel O'Neill is taking SG-5 via cargo ship to the planet. This time SG-1 will be without Doctor Jackson."

"I'll gear up immediately Sir."

"I've already instructed the Control Room not to dial out until you're ready to leave. I'll have the planet co-ordinates pulled for you so come by my office when you're ready."

"General, can I ask why we are travelling by ship?"

"The message Harlan sent was not altogether coherent but what was evident is that this Goa'uld has almost certainly set up an ambush situation at the P3X 989 StarGate."

"Understood Sir."

Major Carter reported to the General's office as ordered.

"We're still waiting for the StarGate one hour power down, reboot diagnostic to time out Major. These are the co-ordinates. I've spoken to the Tok'ra and they backup Teal'c's theory."

"That would mean we won't be facing a large force."

"We're hoping that's the case Major."

"Sir I could do with going down to the Gate Room to check the ordnance requested by Colonel O'Neill."

"Carry on Major. Activation will be in about eleven minutes."

"Thank you Sir."

There was a lot of activity in the Gate Room. Apart from the various personnel working on the StarGate diagnostics procedure, there were quite a few Logistics staff all involved in sending building materials and supplies through to the Beta Site.

Major Carter identified her cargo and set about check listing the Colonel's armaments. She placed her gear and laptop computer on top of a stack of packing crates. The files which were already up there, fell to the floor.

Sergeant Siler rushed over to help pick them up. Major Carter bent down and picked up a black folder that had caught her eye.

"Doctor! Doctor! Whats this?" And even more rattled, "whats this?" She was quite amazed and puzzled. General Hammond was watching her from the Control Room.

She was holding a copy of Colonel O'Neill's thesis on Strategic Decision Making in Irregular Warfare. "Hes a Doctor?! PhD? A Colonel Doctor? Doctor O'Neill?" She was waving the folder around in the air, stunned.

Siler discretely commented, "its probably being used as a Special and Tactical Ops training manual Major. I'd just put it back where you found it. All that equipment..," he was pointing at the crates Major Carter had placed her gear and laptop on, "its all for Special Ops, you know that lot, they're very secretive."

General Hammond walked into the Gate Room and over to the Major's position. It may well have been a friendly smirk that he was trying to conceal. Major Carter looked quizitively at General Hammond. Pleading in all honesty for some logical explanation.

The General spoke in very quiet terms. "Major, Colonel O'Neill is Second in Command of the entire Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center. What we represent here is a multi, multi-billion dollar investment. We answer directly to the President. Did you really believe being a Colonel was the only requisite for that position?"

"But Sir?"

Of course two and two equals four, she knew that, its just that she was watching neutrons moving backwards.


Some things were taboo, but once discovered it was relatively easy to drive the point home. "Major, The Star Gate Program is the most guarded secret in our world. Colonel O'Neill, apart from being my Second in Command, heads The SGC primary unit. Now I guarantee yoou the selection process for The SGC StarGate flagship team Commander, and my Second, was excruciatingly stringent. Trust me Major, off the record, after the Colonel sequestered himself the only way to get him back into active service was to offer him the Abydos Mission.

As a personal favour I would ask you to keep this to yourself. The Colonel prefers to keep some things close to his chest. Come to think of it Major, you know he gets shy about personal issues. I imagine if he ever wants you to know his educational background, he'll probably just give you his thesis to read. You may find Major, that Colonel O'Neill has quite a few achievements you know nothing about."

"But Sir, I thought the Colonel Joined up in his late teens?"

Hammond began to chuckle. "Major are you telling me you haven't heard of Military College, you've lectured there haven't you?"


"Ready Sir."

"Thats you Major."

The General turned and made his way back up to the Control Room.

The Chevrons began to lock.

Major Carter was frowning. Siler, who had been floating around in the background said, "I never realise you didn't know Major. Colonel O'Neill's work is very specialised so I guess unless he goes round telling people, only those who need to know, get to know."

"Need to know!"

"Need to know Major."




~ μ π χ ψ Λ Ξ Φ Δ ψ ≈ ≡ ± ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




"What do you mean shes gone Daniel*? Gone with Jack. I'm right here, can you see me?"

Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* had returned from their secret storage base back to the Beta Site compound to rendezvous with Major Carter* and Daniel*, who had been conducting further, extensive, ground reconnaissance, on their new Home-World.

Colonel O'Neill* was wearing a black ball cap with a sun/neck flap which cleverly concealed his long hair and didn't detract from his overall appearance of style and panache.

Daniel* hastily began to debrief his colleagues on the situation which had led to the absence of Major Carter*. He included as much detail about Harlan's predicament back at the Altairian plant, as Jack had afforded him.

Consternation set in as he described how Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and their Major Carter* had gone to the 989 plant in the Cargo ship that had been parked in the northern most section of the compound, gone to 'sort things out'. He could see Jack* building up and getting ready to blow.


"Well She shouldn't be with him."

"Why Jack*?"

"Just trust me Daniel* she shouldn't be with him, its not good for her."

"Jack said they would be back later on this afternoon."

"Super! Terrific! Daniel* why on earth didn't you try to stop her?"

"And just how precisely are you suggesting I could have done that? Shes with you for heavens sake."

"Oh 'for crying out loud'. We're under attack from a freakin' Goa'uld and Carters* gone A.W.O.L. with.. ..Aah!"

"This does present a problem O'Neill*."

"Indubitably so Teal'c*. Indubitably so."

"However, I must disagree with your conclusion that Major Carter* is absent without leave."

"Alright! Fine. Shes missing. And I would really prefer it if she wasn't. There, satisfied?"

"Jack* she'll be fine."

"Daniel* shes gone back to the plant with.. ..Him."

"O'Neill*, I do not believe Major Carter* is in any danger."

"Yeah no danger, hopefully, that is until Jack, the other Jack, discovers who she is Teal'c*."

"Hes already discovered who she is Daniel*, that's why hes with her."

"Okay then, I mean if it becomes apparent that's shes the synthetic Sam*, our Sam*, and not.. ..His Sam."

"Daniel Jackson*, I believe even if the true identity of Major Carter* were to be revealed to Colonel O'Neill of The SGC, she would be in no danger in his presence."

The Colonel* chewed it over in his mind. Ooou! It was hard. 'Of The SGC'.

"You're right there T*. He'd kick up quite a fuss, but once the initial shock evaporated he'd probably just try and ground her."

"How can you be sure Jack*?"


"Oh Yeah, sorry."

"Oh this whole situation is wrong. Daniel* how come they didn't Gate to the plant."

"Well that's just it Jack*. Jack reckons theres an ambush waiting at the Altairian StarGate."

"Ou this is bad."

"On the contrary O'Neill*, I do not believe it is so."

"Hows that Teal'c*?"

"As Daniel Jackson* has said, Major Carter* has accompanied Colonel O'Neill and.. ..myself, on a Mission to P3X 989."


"And we must maintain the façade."

"Okay, just a minute, lets just see where we're up to with all of this. Carter* and err.. ..Sam* and my.. ..Carter* and.."

"Major Carter*, Colonel O'Neill and myself and also SG-5, have gone by Goa'uld Cargo ship to P3X 989, the planet Altair."

"Thank you Teal'c*. How are they going to get in?"

"In what Jack*?"

"Err.. ..the.. ..err, hey wheres Daniel? The other Daniel."

"Oh em, hes out in the field Jack*, erecting Radar with em, I think it was Major Pierce and his team and SG-7, no eleven, seven, I'm not sure."

"Right so hes out of the way for the time being. That leaves.. ..Carter."

"Yep, I got the impression Jack was expecting her, which means shes due to come through the StarGate in the not to distant future."

"Okay then. Carters* gone with.. ..Him. Which means when Sam comes through the Gate I'm gonna have to take her on a Mission."

"That would do it O'Neill*."

"Has anyone got anything in mind?"

"Well you can't take her to the plant Jack* that's for sure."

"Thank you for that rather informative little tidbit Daniel*. Strike, no plant. Ah of course, Teal'c is on the Mission. Right, this is all starting to look like a much better bet. Now what are we going to do about this Goa'uld? Whats he called Daniel*?"

"Ibnis Jack*. I've not come across the name before."

"How about you Teal'c*, anything?"


"Jack*, the other Jack said this Ibnis is more than likely a minor Goa'uld trying to exert himself before the System Lords."

"Well, whoever this little snakehead is, we're going to have to do something. Admittedly theres nothing left at the plant to be concerned about. All our technology and special equipment is secure. I suppose that just leaves Harlan. We're going to have to extract him, I suppose."

"What have you got in mind Jack*?"

"We've not moved all our munitions yet have we?"

"No we have not."

"What have we got left down there in the basement? Theres no launchers or any serious artillery is there?"

"No, there we're two MP5s both with just two clips and six Ihn'tars. Fully charged Ihn'tars. I observed two hand guns of nine millimetre calibre. There are three cases of claymore devices, those cases are no longer in the basement."

"Are those the cases we took through yesterday?"

"Indeed they are Daniel Jackson*."

"That was lucky. Those Ihn'tars could create a problem."

Teal'c* seemed amused.

"Whats up there T*?"

"O'Neill*, Colonel O'Neill of The SGC is more than qualified to deal with this situation."

"Um yerss. I suppose you're right Teal'c*. I forgot about that, yeah he is isn't he.. Okay, you say they'll be back this afternoon Daniel*?"

"Yeah. Jack seemed confident he could contain the situation."

"Okay then. All we need to do is keep the Daniels from congregating and switch the Carters back!"


"Do you think Sam* will try and do a pass over our new planet, our new Home-World, get a better look?"

"Oh come on Daniel*, I don't know. Unless the rest of the Mission Ops fall prey to a mysterious illness which renders them temporarily unconscious leaving Carter* at the helm to go wherever she wants, I think I'd have to say, no I don't think so."

"Daniel Jackson* our new Home-World is not 'on the way' to P3X 989. It occupies a different stellar quadrant. And I do not think it will be possible for Major Carter* to be able to present a plausible explanation to Colonel O'Neill of The SGC as to why she exited into the wrong orbit."

"Oh yeah you're right, Jack, hes never going buy that. Its just all this excitement of moving, its really getting to me."

"Right there with you Daniel*. I want to know and account for every single nuck and cranny of our new pad."

"I understand O'Neill*, you wish to examine all of our new planet."

"Extensively Teal'c*. Right now lets put our heads together and come up with a plan on how to deal with the other Sam."

The StarGate began to crank open.

"Out of time Jack*."

"Gaw'd damn! Okay look, theres been a row of traffic through this compound all morning. They're stocking up, my guess, the new underground Control Distribution Facility. Daniel* find a way to get back to base and obtain the supplies on that check list of yours."

"Base Jack*?"

"SGC. Right, not our base anymore. Teal'c* you're gonna have to remain in this vicinity in order to watch Daniel's* back. Make sure he doesn't bump into his twin."


Ohh Carter, I wish you knew how painful it is to see you. "Hey Carter you're looking good."



~ Л Ѫ Γ μ ≈ µ Ω µ Π Φ Ψ χ ~


~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Oh my goodness. Wow! "Colonel*! You look.."

As soon as Carter's eyes registered the Colonel* she was bowled over. Wow. Strong and handsome.

Yes she had seen him at social and official gatherings, but somehow he was different. She knew how good quality clothes always hung beautifully on him, but this was different. First of all he wasn't just smart, he was spectacularly smart and fine looking. And then there was that look. He seemed remarkably laid back.

The Colonel always did have an attractive way of diffusing tense situations, he had a very calming nature, apart from when he was cross that is, but this was different, he seemed positively passive.


"Colonel*." Wow! He really did look fabulous.

"Colonel* have you been with the Diplomatic unit?"

"Whats that Carter?"

"Sir you look.. ..well, you look nice."

"Why thank you Major."

"Sir have you been on one of your Secret Missions?"

"Secret Mission? Secret, yes you could say that Carter."

Oh yeah, Doctor O'Neill! Nice deportment. Um nice.. ..Wow.

Major Carter was actually beginning to feel quite peeved that he'd kept her out of the loop on the fantastic news of his achievements, although his modesty was very becoming, added to his charm.


"Whats that Carter, are you alright?" The concern in his voice resounded.

How could you ever begrudge this man. And sure she knew him well enough, of course he was shy, and modest, and charming..

"Doctor Fraiser Sir, Janet sends her regards." Yes General, don't worry your secret, his secret's safe with me.

She was still standing, raised above him on the StarGate arch platform. She couldn't take her eyes off him, for a number of reasons.

"Hi there Carter. How've you been?"

"Since I saw you early this morning Sir? I've spent most of the morning inputting the Gate diagnostics."

"Ah, those hardy biannuals."

"That's the one Sir. Sir General Hammond has sent the co-ordinates."


"How to get to Harlan's planet Sir. Which direction we need to go."



"Theres been a change of plans Sam."


"I've sent SG-5 ahead to assess the situation on P3X nine eight niner."

"Sir what about the co-ordinates, how do they know.."

"The General wired them."


"Every things under control Carter."

"Yes Sir."

He turned his back on her. Oh this was hard. He could feel his pungi fibres tightening and knotting up. Lying to her was hurting him a lot.




"Carter, Sam?"

"Sir are you.. ..Is that Teal'c and Daniel? That's Teal'c* and Daniel*. I'm stuck in the lab on my own all morning and you lot have been out on some fancy diplomatic Mission. Okay where've you been?"

"Nowhere Major."

"Oh come on Sir, where've you been?"

"Sorry Carter, need to know."

"Need to know? Need to know! You've got an awful lot of that haven't you Colonel*?"

"Excuse me Carter, whats with you?"

"You tell me Colonel*"

"No Major, you tell me."

"Nothing Sir."

"Come on Carter, whats bothering you."

"Its Nothing Sir."

The way that stung the tip of her tongue made her feel satisfied that he was left in no doubt as to the fact that there was something bothering her, very much so from the sound of it.

"Alright lets have it Carter."

"I'll tell you tomorrow Sir."

"This is tomorrow Carter, yesterday's tomorrow."

"Sir really, it doesn't matter."

He pointed his arm out and wagged his finger at her. "Carter, we need to talk."

"Major Carter you are well?"

"Thanks Teal'c*. I've actually been bogged down with the Gate diagnostics all morning. Looks like you've all been having a nice time."

"Indeed Major. However there is still much to do."

"Hi Sam, you're looking great."

"So are you Daniel*. In Fact I haven't seen you looking this smart in a long time. Any of you for that matter. Real Diplomatic Ambassadors."

"Right then. Major Carter and I will head out."

"Where are we going Sir?"

"You'll see."

Major Carter looked over at Daniel* and Teal'c*, they really did look very well dressed. Aren't you coming?

"Major Carter, Daniel Jackson* must return to The SGC for supplies and I myself must be on hand here to supervise the allocation of some of the equipment that is being sent through to the Beta Site. However I look forward to seeing you upon your return."

"Yeah it'd be nice to catch up Sam."

The Colonel* gave Daniel* a look of amazement but understanding.

"Okay then, looks like its just you and me Sir."

The Colonel* stepped to one side to let Major Carter take point.

"After you Major, lets move out."

"See you Sam."

"Later Daniel*."

"Major Carter."

"Thanks Teal'c*, see you."

Major Carter and the Colonel* headed out in the direction of the underground Control Facility.

Out of profile Teal'c* shouted across to the Colonel*, "O'Neill* I have a request."

"Whats up?"

He was obviously requesting privacy. "I must speak with you O'Neill*."

"Hold up Carter, one minute."

"T*, whats up?"

"I advise against it O'Neill*."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I advise against taking Major Carter to the secret base."

Caught out. "I wasn't."

"I believe you were O'Neill*."

"Well maybe Teal'c*, but this is Carter we're talking about, besides whos she gonna tell?"

"She will tell Colonel O'Neill."

"I'm Colonel O'Neill*."

"Yes you are. However she may inadvertently let the location of our secret base be known when discussing the bases presence with the Colonel O'Neill who is not you."

"Damn it. This is Sam. Shes Major Samantha Carter. I can't tell the difference Teal'c*." O'Neill* was quietly becoming distressed.

"You are correct O'Neill*, she is Major Samantha Carter. As is the Major Samantha Carter* who is currently on a Cargo ship travelling towards P3X 989."

"Yeah she is isn't she. Its complicated T*. I don't think we're anywhere near ready to be going out as a foursome. An eightsome."

"Indeed O'Neill*, it is extremely complicated. And painful I see."

"Right again Teal'c*. Keep your eye on Daniel*."

"I will."

The Colonel* caught up to Major Carter and continued on their way. He had no particular destination in mind, now that he wasn't going to be showing off his new secure secret storage base.

As they had time to kill before the commotion began with the return of his other self and his Major Carter*, he thought to saunter down to a picturesque little lake he'd spotted whilst on the recon with Teal'c* for a possible location for their secret storage base.. ..kinda reminded him of Minnesota.

"Things change Carter."


"Sometimes things don't always remain the same. They evolve. Situations evolve. People evolve, they develop."

He was pensive.

"The people who you most depend on.. ..the people who you rely on.. ..who you depend on the most, these are the people you have to make your sacrifices for."


"I'm just saying Carter."

"Sir what are you saying. Jack* what are you trying to tell me."

"I don't know Carter. I just need you to understand.."

They'd come to a halt at the base of a small rocky incline. O'Neill* perched one foot against a rock and began to study the horizon above the top of the ridge.

"You're very important to me.. Carter.. ..Sam. You mean a great deal to me."

"Whats going on Sir?"

"Its nothing. I just don't think we should.. ..I just don't think any of us should take each other for granted. You just never know what can happen."

"Sir what can happen? What.. ..whats going to happen? Whats going on?"

He found very few clouds in the wide-open sky.

"Jack* theres something troubling you and I'd really like to know what it is. I insist."

As an after thought and in response to his reluctance to enlighten her, she added.

"You know you can tell me anything. Absolutely anything."

"I know that Carter."

He really did have beautifully kind and attractive eyes.

"I just want you to understand.."

"What Sir?"

He breathed out loudly. He had absorbed Teal'c's* words. And as much as he wanted to take Major Carter to the new secret base, to include her, he'd decided that perhaps it wasn't fair to compromise her in such a way.

"Come on lets go. I want to show you something. Its just a tiny lake Teal'c* and I discovered on recon. Its real pretty. You'll like it."

Carter laughed to him.

"Is this our Mission Sir?"

"Oh yes Carter. Plenty of fish."

Being with her like this was drawing feelings out of him that he never felt when he was with Carter*, the other Major Carter, his Major Carter*.

Perhaps being with Sam like this..

..Perhaps being with Sam like this was forcing him to face up to the fact that.. ..he was no longer the man he used to be. Although having said that.. ..he was exactly the man he used to be, if not better.

He wanted to tell her, to confess, to tell her everything. But he thought of the others, his team. And the words simply failed him.

He looked at Sam with all the feelings in his heart. For him, things would never be the same again. (He had evolved).

They needed to go up the small rocky hillside, the pathway to the tiny little dale below. The Colonel* held out his hand to help Sam.. help Major Carter clamber up to the top.

She wondered how on earth he managed to make such a good job of the climb in those obviously expensive and well-chiselled shoes he was wearing. Doubtless it was the long arduous hours, since passed, spent engaged in his Special Ops combat training exercises. He had the agility of a gazelle.

'Yeh sure ya betcha', as promised the view was spectacular. The lake was small, calm, quiet, wet and dark, frilled with rushes and lilies. Sam knew nothing about fishing. But she didn't need to, not to enjoy this beauty.

It was only a short descent down to the lakeside but the Colonel* seemed to prefer holding his ground at the top of the ridge. He sat Major Carter down and parked himself on a rock by the side of her. They were about four hundred meters east of the SG-1* secret storage base.

"Sir, what time are SG-5 due to check in?"

"Hour or so. Don't worry about that Carter, Teal'c's* on top of it."

It was so lovely and warm and relaxing and pretty and peaceful.

"You never did come to Minnesota with me did you?"

"No Sir, not yet. Should I be worried?"

"Only if you insist Major."

"You've got something to tell me?"

"I've got all the things to tell you."

Silence wasn't always golden. Sometimes it was upsetting.

"Something with a Sabre Tooth."

"What Sir?" Perplexed but not yet to anxious.

"The Sabre Tooth Tiger. Why do you think it became extinct Carter? It had everything you'd expect from a true survivor."

"Like you said Sir, things evolve."

"You mean the world to me.. .. Sam."

"Sir you're starting to worry me."

"You don't need to be worried. I just want you to know, should anything ever happened to me.. ..that I care about you a great deal."

"Sir, Jack* I already know that. What are you telling me?"

"That's what I'm telling you."

More ungolden silence.

"I just want you to know you mean the world to me."

A small warm tear rolled down from her left eye. He leaned over and gently wiped it away.

"Its alright Sam, theres nothing to worry about. Its just time you heard.. heard some things, that's all."

Another tear followed it's friend.

"I just wanted to remind you about how I felt, that's all. Its no big deal."

"Sir, Jack*, you know I feel the same about you. You know that don't you."

He pursed his lips tight shut and let his head rest backwards and then quietly whispered, "I do."

Throughout the whole of high noon they sat there in semi-silence, absolutely certain of their feelings for one another.

"Sir, is everything alright?"

"Carter, nothings changed, you've got nothing to worry about. Its just.. ..I don't.. ..I don't want you to think I take you for granted."

"I never get that feeling Sir. Never."

It had been years since she'd heard him be so open and honest with his feelings.

"You're not leaving are you Sir, Your not going to be leaving The SGC?"

As she turned her face away from him she lightly breezed, "you're not going to be leaving me?"

"I'll never leave you Carter."

Still not looking at him, she took his hand and held on tightly.

"Jack*, tell me everythings fine."

"Everythings Fine.. ..Its alright, you've got nothing to worry about Sam."

He stood up and broke the sombre mood.

"Which do you think came first Carter, the chicken or the rabbit?"

Major Carter burst out laughing. "No idea Sir, definitely no idea."

That's the way he liked her. Happy.

"Come on Carter lets take a stroll round the lake, suss out the local wildlife, kick back for awhile before we have to check into the quagmire."



~ Җ Δ Γ λ μ π ω Σ ≡ µ Π Ψ~


~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




"Daniel Jackson*, I will return to the secret base with Corporal Padmysser and Airman Burke. I will escort them back to the location with our final pieces of cargo taken from the supplies of The SGC."

"Yeah I know, we've pinched em."

"We have not. They are in the same condition.."

"No Teal'c*, sorry. I mean we've taken them without permission."

"We have."

"Teal'c* can't you send Padmysser and Burke on their own and you stay here with me? Or I can come with you. "

"No, that will not be possible. I suggest you remain here and keep a watch out for the return of Colonel O'Neill of The SGC."

"Well what good will that do? We're not allowed to use our radios, so even if Jack does come back while you're at the base, I'm not going to be able to warn you."

"I have great confidence in you Daniel Jackson*. You will find a way."

"Well I wish I shared some of that confidence with you Teal'c*, I could use some right about now."

"Daniel Jackson* you will be fine. I advise that you keep your presence here in the Beta Site compound discrete. There is still the chance that your other self may enter the compound in order to use the StarGate to return to Earth."

"Tut.. ..that's all I need. So why can't you let them take that stuff back to the base on their own?"

"That is not possible. No, I can not do that. I can no longer allow them to attend our secret base unsupervised. O'Neill* has now commenced the data transfer download and without the attendance of either O'Neill* or myself, or you or Major Carter*, the base is to remained sealed at all times. Corporal Padmysser and Airman Burke will be no longed permitted entry into the base, therefore it is essential that I return with them so that I myself, alone, may take this pinched cargo into the confines of the base."

"How long will you be gone Teal'c*?"

"I shall not be gone long Daniel Jackson*. I shall return to the secret base, deliver the cargo and immediately begin to make my way back to the Beta Site compound so that I may once again join you. I do not expect that I shall be gone for a prolonged period of time."

"Okay then Teal'c*, well, take care. I'll see you soon."

"And you must also take care Daniel Jackson*, and I will see you soon."

Teal'c* set off with Corporal Padmysser and Airman Burke, in the direction of the underground Control facility, making their way up into the hills and onto the SG-1* secret base, some three point two kilometres from the Beta Site Headquarters.

Each carried with them a small green metal trunk containing P90 ammunition as well as 9milimetre rounds, all of which Teal'c* had commandeered from the supply stores sent through to the Beta Site from The SGC.

Teal'c* did not speak to the Airmen. Instead he communicated instructions to them via a series of military combat Arm-and-Hand signals. He deployed all the signals he had learnt from Colonel O'Neill, however unlike the Colonel/*'s, Teal'c's* hand signals were excessively exaggerated.

The Airmen, by now used to Teal'c's* methods, were able to decipher his meanings, thus they advanced at a steady and stealthy pace. Each time one of the Airmen reacted to his signalling Teal'c* smiled to himself gleefully.

Suddenly Teal'c* issued a halt followed by evade signal. The Airmen ducked for cover. Teal'c* had spotted Major Pierce and his team, along with SG-7 and Doctor Daniel Jackson. It seemed they were now working along the Beta Site outer perimeter close to the SG-1* enclave.

The circumference of the Beta Site compound outer boundary included all territories falling within three point five kilometres of the inner compound Headquarters. It was a vast area.

Teal'c* was not unduly concerned about the proximity of Major Pierce and his group. However a great deal of skill would need to be exercised in order to avoid detection.

Teal'c* felt compelled to observe Daniel Jackson for a time through his field binoculars. It was good to see him. As Teal'c* lowered his lenses and was about to utilise his skills of evading detection, Daniel, in his persistent search for extra inhabitants, raised his field glasses. He was generally searching for local wild life, he spotted Teal'c*.

"Hey Teal'c*, Teal'c*!" Daniel began running across the clough, whistling and waving, trying to attract Teal'c's* attention.

Although suffering a substantial affront to his Combat Evasion Formations tactics, Teal'c* was most pleased to see Daniel Jackson. He responded by waving back to Daniel. He signalled to his two men to hold their positions whilst he made his way towards Daniel. Teal'c* was particularly careful in his crossing as he tried to avoid dirtying his neat paten leather shoes with mud or water.

"Daniel Jackson I see you are busy working in the field with SGs 15 and 7, securing the compound's outer boundaries. I am most pleased to see you."

"Hey Teal'c*, hey there, nice to see you to. What.. ..are you? What are you doing? What are you doing dressed like that? Where are you going?"

"Um, we are.. ..we are partaking in military manoeuvres."

"So who are you then, General Hammond?"

"Indeed I am not, I am myself."

"Well yourself is looking extremely Air Force like. Very very smart Teal'c*, full marks."

"You are wearing overalls Daniel Jackson."

"Yeah, it's a good idea really, you can get real mucky working in these fields."

"How is it with you Daniel Jackson? Are you well? How are you enjoying the life?"

"Oh well if you put it that way, the life is good. Everything is going fine, its great, em, yeah its great Teal'c* thanks. Just playing about with these sensor things and having a look round, everything is going okay. Em, weren't you.. ..wheres Jack?

"He is not far from here."

"Oh well, I thought you two where.., I don't know, military manoeuvres you say?"

"Indeed, I did say."

"Nothing more interesting than that then?"

"There is a more interesting problem. There has been a communication from Harlan on P3X 989, the planet Altair."

"Oh I remember that guy, Harlan, yeah, err the last of the Altairians, yeah the artificial life form."


"So whats up with him?"

"It seems a Goa'uld by the name Ibnis has invaded P3X 989 in an attempt to acquire Harlan's synthesising technology."

"Oh gaw'd that can't be good."

"We have little to worry about Daniel Jackson."

"Why? Hey hasn't General Hammond issued a Mission Statement? I would have though it top priority for.. ..for Jack to get out there and sort it out."

"You are correct, and to that end O'Neill has despatched SG-5 by Cargo ship in order to assess the situation."

"Yeah I saw the ship taking off earlier. So it sounds like every things in hand."

"Indeed it is."

"And whos this Ibnis, that's a Goa'uld I've not heard of. Do you know anything about him Teal'c*?"

"No I do not. But we believe him to be a minor Goa'uld attempting to gain better standing amongst the System Lords."

"Oh that same old story. Universal terror. Err, ooh well, I hope that goes well anyway because it would be a real mess if the Goa'ulds get their hands on Harlan's robot making machine."

"Indeed it would be catastrophic."

"You can say that again Teal'c*"

"I believe you should not become worried about this situation Daniel Jackson."

"Right oh, if you say so. Is Sam still working on the Gate?"

Teal'c* looked unsure.

"On the Gate, the diagnostics, is Sam still at SGC working on the StarGate."

"She is not. She is now on a Mission with O'Neill*."

"What the military manoeuvres?"


Daniel was laughing. "You're very covert today Teal'c*."

"Yes and I must apologise to you Daniel Jackson. Although unavoidable it is not my intention."

"That's alright Teal'c*, I'll let you off."

"Thank you."

"Teal'c* what time are you going home.. ..back to The SGC?"

"I will not.. ..I am unsure. What time will you be returning Daniel Jackson?"

"Oh well I'm not sure either. Theres some carryon with the em sensors, they're not.. ..they're not actually.. ..some of the receivers in them aren't actually the right type. Em, anyway, I think there should be some parts for them around here somewhere, so I don't know, I suppose we'll be finished in a couple more days."

"Very well then. I will leave you to your senses."

"Thanks Teal'c*. Hey that was a joke wasn't it? That was really good, huh, senses, funny."

Teal'c* was grinning at Daniel. "Take good care Daniel Jackson and I will see you again."

"That's nice, thanks Teal'c* and err, have fun."


"Well yeah sure, um, playing your err.. ..war games, ha ha ha."

"Ah yes, indeed, thank you."

"Okay see you later Teal'c*."

"Shalna'c Daniel Jackson.. ..yes I will see you."

"Shalna'c Teal'c*."

Teal'c* collected his men and resumed their journey. He resolved that the return trek back to Daniel Jackson* and the Beta Site StarGate would take the opposite direction as Daniel Jackson and Major Piece's group. A somewhat round about but necessary trip.

Through the expert deployment of his exaggerated but well defined signalling, Teal'c* skilfully managed to navigate the Airmen and himself to the safety of the secret base without further discovery. It took less than two minutes for Teal'c* to place the cargo inside the base, most of that time was taken up by the door locking mechanism. The journey back to the Beta Site inner compound took twice as long as vice versa.



~ Ш Λ Δ Π Σ γ √ ∞ λ ω µ Π Φ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




"..It was very good to see your other self."

"I know exactly what you mean Teal'c*, that's how I felt earlier on when I saw Jack."


"How was I?"

"You were very well Daniel Jackson*. And in high spirits."

"I.. ..He didn't see you going to the base?"

"He saw me, and I was on my way to the secret base, but he has no inkling of my true destination. And after leaving him I took a long detour. The location of our base remains a secret."

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him that I was currently undertaking military exercise."

"Yeah, that's plausible Teal'c*, and true as well."

"Thank you."

"Teal'c* do you think General Hammond will notice the difference in my clothes, my appearance?"

"Yes Daniel Jackson* I believe he will notice that difference."

Colonel O'Neill* and Major Carter were still out on their 'Mission' to 'little Minnesota', and Teal'c* had returned from his visitation to the secret storage base. Daniel* and Teal'c* began discussing the plan for Daniel's* to visit The SGC, where he would hopefully impound their requirements.

"Daniel Jackson*, would it be correct to assume that without a G.D.O. device, you are in fact going to be boned with regard to returning to The SGC without the assistance of a Comms Officer?"

Astounded. "What was that last bit Teal'c*?"

"Without the Comms.. ..without the assistance of.."

"No not that bit, the boned bit." Daniel* found it most amusing. "What is that?"

"Well.. ..O'Neill*.."

"Oh I see, okay I've got you. Teal'c* in the future just do me a favour, just leave out the word boned, okay."

"As you wish Daniel Jackson*."

"Actually Teal'c* I was thinking, instead of alerting Comms to the fact that I've lost, so to speak, my G.D.O. I'd much rather hang about round here and try and tag on to the back of one of the Logistics Teams returning through the Gate."

"That does appear to be a much better option Daniel Jackson*. A suggestion which would also maintain our plan of subdefuge."

"Can we agree on this then. We'll just carry on here inspecting these cargo cases and as soon as one of the Teams are returning to Earth I'll dash over to the StarGate and follow them through."

"This plan is going to work. However once you succeed in returning to The SGC, I shall be unable to offer you any assistance."

"You're going to have your work cut out Teal'c*, keeping the other me off my back."

"Indeed I will do everything to keep the Daniel from discovering your activities."

Teal'c* was mentally reviewing the situation.

"Daniel Jackson*, it will be extremely difficult for me to determine the direction from which Daniel Jackson of The SGC will re-enter the compound. Consequently I must circulate myself amongst the outbuildings in order to keep a look out so that I may detect and thereby prevent him from returning to The SGC whilst you yourself are there."

Daniel* and Teal'c* continued their discussions, concentrating on what other equipment they may be able to 'borrow' from The SGC. The check list Daniel* had drawn up was short.

Naquadah. Niquadria? A micro measurement, be careful, don't handle it directly. Copy of the StarGate addresses from the Abydonian cartouche and the Ancient's repository of knowledge that Jack inputted into the dialling computer, very important, essential Jack* said. Oh and Jack* wants his favourite ball cap back. Daniel* doubted that one as Jack, the other Jack, was probably actually wearing it. Sam* had requested a few tools from her lab, easy.. ..right? Teal'c* on reflection had thought it may not be wise to remove anything out of his room, the other Teal'c's room, he was bound to notice. And lastly, though they would probably be the first things he acquired, his favourite books.

In order for Sam* to design a smaller longer lasting, - extremely long lasting -, internal power supply unit, she needed some more naquadah. And based on her theories of size reduction for the synthesising equipment, and using some of the Altarian subatomic analysing apparatus, she also wanted to begin experimenting with the compound niquadria, as an alternate source of energy, which could possibly be used to endure the demands of the redesigned and permanently stored equipment.

They, SG-1*, had been hearing about this substance, niquadria, and Sam* felt sure that by now The SGC would have sourced some quantity of the material.

It had long ago been decided that at the first opportunity Daniel* should be the one to visit The SGC to see if he could obtain a minute quantity of the material, as well as some of his favourite books, as a reward for going, Jack* had said. And most importantly the StarGate addresses.

Daniel* was now at the back of the Beta Site queue lined up for Gate travel. He was lost in thought. He was trying to imitate Jack's* method of strategic implementation. It wasn't going very well.

Commandeer equipment and obtain a quantity of naquadah and niquadah, no niquadria. Buried in his office were hard copies of all the StarGate dialling addresses from when they were comparing their existing addresses with the ones found on the Abydonian catouche. He could take those, they wouldn't be noticed missing for a long time. Downloading from the server was out of the question. Tools for Sam*, Hat for Jack*, books, what could be simpler, easy.. ..right? Right?

The Gateway to the infinite finite infinity. He loved it. You'd be fine just as long as you didn't hang around out there. GYTGYB, Geat Gib. Yeah Jack/*, it always gets you there but it very nearly didn't get Teal'c back one time. And I sure am praying its going to be re-materialising me back here at the Beta Site right after my looting expedition to The SGC.

At least he'd be able to see General Hammond. He missed him. What Teal'c* had said in the debrief wasn't so far fetched.. ..Okay now drop it Daniel*. Anyway he missed the General. He looked after all of them. Cared deeply about them all. And he had such a way of being able to read into a situation. See the truth of things..

..Ooops! What if he.. ..hes gonna know! Please General, be completely unavailable. Tied up. Busy. Don't be around. On holiday, that's nice. Out with your Granddaughters, you like that. Maybe with the President. Just don't be around, please! He may even be on the radio with Jack at this very minute. He was suddenly scared witless. "Oh G.."


Daniel* was feeling like an unstable vortex!

"Sending I.D.C. signal. Doctor Jackson*?" Straight to the front of the queue. After you, so to speak. Ot-oh. No camouflage. A full frontal exit into the Gate Room.

Daniel had had little to do with the Logistics Teams at The SGC. But he did see them around quite a bit. They were like miners. Quiet, hard working, chipping away at the base on every Level, always moving things around. They were good guys. Daniel* had hoped their numbers would shield his appearance into the Gate Room. He was hoping for a straight run to his office.

Daniel* stepped into the cool inviting unknown, followed closely behind by seven Logistics officers.



~ Σ Δ ψ ≈ ≡ ± µ   ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Harlan was absorbed with packing his personal items.

Although Colonel O'Neill* had given the green light to begin moving the fixtures and fittings which would form the basis of the living quarters on their new Home-World, over two weeks ago, Harlan had yet to send more than one small container through the StarGate.

His inability to make light of the job was rooted in the fact that to Harlan everything had to be just right. Now that he was allowed to move all of the Altairian remnants, he would see to it that the prioritisation Hubald and Wallace had attached to particular items would be observed.

He packed and then immediately unpacked to make certain that the order he had packed in was the correct order in which he wanted the goods to be unpacked on the new Home-World. It was all immensely irritating, but as Daniel* pointed out, it did serve to keep Harlan off their backs and out of the way whilst they got on with the moving prep.

The goods were being Gated to the new Home-World and temporarily placed in one of the underground mines near to the Home-World StarGate. It was dry, large and suitable as an interim camp. And yes, thank you, much much better than good old nine eight niner, pure gold.

Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* were at the Beta Site secret base and Doctor Jackson* and Major Carter* were on the new Home-World.

Left alone to continue his packing charade, Harlan heard a loud noise down on the ground floor, in the StarGate quadrant, which was immediately below his private quarters. What was that? ..It couldn't be. How could it be? It had been more than thirteen hundred years since he'd heard that remarkable sound.

He ran excitedly to the StarGate area. It was, and after all this time. 'Five Ring' visitors.

Major Carter's* new bike and the big tin flue it was propped up against had been vaporised. Sixteen men in two groups of eight were standing near to the StarGate. They had used the all but forgotten Transport Rings.

Fifteen staff weapons were aimed at Harlan as he cheerfully approached the travellers with open arms.

"Ooh, you must not be afraid. I will not harm you. Good people of the Tok'ra, I welcome you to my home. It has been many many centuries since you visited Altair."

"I am Ibnis. I am your lord and master. The Tok'ra are soon to be eliminated by my forces."

"I am Harlan, but have no master. I have my friends. They are coming soon."

"I am your lord and master. This world and everything in it now belongs to me. Show me what you have."

Ibnis pointed at two of his men. "Chaapa'ai, Bradio! Guard it!"

"Ha'shak, where are the robots? The four robots who defeated Lord Cronus. I will deliver them into the hands of the System Lords."

"Oh my.. ..Colonel O'Neill*, Colonel O'Neill* you must return. You must return immediately."

"To whom do you address yourself? There is no one to hear your cries. "Gehdens Khree! Jankin!" Ibnis spoke a mixture of ancient Goa'uld and Gehdiene, the language of his slaves. His guards dispersed, double quick time, in all directions, systematically searching the plant level by level.

There was little to find. Despite the fact that an aerial survey had not yet been carried out, Carter* and Daniel* had been working on the Colonel*, trying to impress on him the sensibility of effecting the move.

"..So when you've finished the final recon we'll be ready to call it home. Sure, provided there are no surprises in store. Sam* is certain there won't be Jack*. She has a really good feeling about this world."

"..Daniel has a really good feeling about this Sir. Maybe it would be best to start moving our equipment. It couldn't hurt."

"Only if we have to move it all back again Carter*."

"Sir that's not going to happen."

"You seem very sure of yourself Carter*."

"Yes Sir, that's because I know we're all going to be very happy living there." She could have the most delightful smile.

The Colonel* gave in. The thought of not having to shift any of Harlan's things to the Beta Site had clinched it, plus the fact that like Daniel* and Carter* and Teal'c* he to had a good feeling about the new Home-World. Green light, go for move!

They began the move. Returning each afternoon to the plant for debrief, dinner and later, sleep. The Colonel's* conditions. He wasn't prepared to give up any of the things that made them human.

"You are the one who crated those four technological soldiers. You will make for me an army of them. Create me a fighting force that has no limits. I will be known across the universe. Worlds will tremble in fear at the mention of my name."

Harlan was fascinated by the intermittent hypnotic like glow of this strange uninvited guest's eyes. He wondered if it was not some peculiar side effect of his visitor's obvious mental derangement.

"I will march upon my foes. My soldiers will feed like locus on the weakness of my enemies. I will go forth from galaxy to galaxy. Nothing will stand in my way. The System Lords will have no choice but to call me into their number."

"Ke'I! Kneel before my lord and master. You will not address yourself to him. Speak through me. I am Lord Ibnis' high servant khdthen. You will do exactly as my master commands."

"Kegalo! Rhe'u!" Ibnis kicked passed his first prime.

"Please you must understand. You are not listening to me. It is impossible to do as you ask. You are too late, the machinery is all finished. This is why you are not already unconscious."

This strange madman mustn't realise we're moving. Harlan thought aloud. "This is my home, that I am soon to be leaving. Ooh my friends have found a wonderful new Home-World. As yet I have not seen it but Major Carter* and Doctor Jackson* tell me it is full of many beautiful sights. We will be very happy together there, I am sure, yes." Harlan was starting to babble, talking aloud nervously.

"Ha'taaka. I will not permit you to interfere with my raise to power. You will give me my army. And we will march forth across the galaxies. I will become as strong as any System Lord. I will become a System Lord!"

Even Harlan was unable to salvage a vestige of sanity from this king of selfdom, this strange demented invader, with glowing eyes, claiming to be his lord and master. He was becoming very frightened. Harlan looked as if he was getting ready to dart off.

"Aray Khree!" Ibnis extended his ribbon clad arm. Harlan began to shriek and sway and buckle until.. ..Ibnis was sent flying. Wack! Straight back against one of the defunct coolant tower turbines.

Feedback loop! The naquadah in Harlan's chest must somehow have enhanced the opposing kinetic force so that the recoil of the ribbon's liquid naquadah induced energy focus tossed Ibnis up in the air like a puppet doll, landing him hurt and bruised against a filthy smoked stained engine.

Like a little squirrel Harlan thrust himself off all fours and scurried away, darting between machinery and masonry. He was gone.



~ Ц Ҧ Ξ Φ ∏ Φ Λ Λ λ ω µ Π ~



~~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




All aboard. They rose high above the Beta Site compound and the planet, opened a hyperspace window and shot through. It was a relatively short journey of four hundred and sixty light years, an hour twenty there abouts. They exited into the outer limits of Altair's planetary orbit and immediately activated the long-range sensors.

"Colonel, entering orbit, engaging cloak. We've not been detected."

"Good work Carter*."

"Thank you Sir. Long range scanner readings of one small ship in orbit close to the planet's upper atmosphere."

"Go on?"

"It's a Midrange Attack Bomber Sir, Al'kesh class."

"All the way out here?"

"We've seen them in deep space before Sir."

"Yeah that's right, Al'keshes, hyper-jumpers aren't they. Well definitely not a considerable fighting force in terms of numbers. T, how many do you reckon?"

"I am unsure as to the precise number O'Neill, but I myself have never experienced more than eighteen Jaffa warriors as well as myself and a pilot and co-pilot and a single Goa'uld being transported together in an Al'kesh across the confines of local space. The lack of room inside the craft made the journey most uncomfortable."

"Um not exactly the big guns then is it T. I would have thought you could fit a lot more Jaffa in one of those things."

"Indeed, the outside structure of the Al'kesh does present that illusion, however much inner space is taken by a private Goa'uld chamber, warrior gear up quarters and a small medical facility."

"What Teal'c you mean like a mobile hospital?"

"I do not Major Carter*. The Goa'uld have little interest in saving the lives of injured Jaffa. The medical facility is merely a station where injured Jaffa, who may still be capable of fighting, are 'patched up' to be returned to the battlefield. And where those who may no longer fight can be given a bed in which to lie down, whilst they await the removal of their symbiote.

"Ope. I'm setting the controls to detect and alert Sir. Anything else emerging into orbit will be detected as it drops out of hyperspace, and we'll be notified down on the surface.. ..well, inside the plant."

"That should do it Carter*. Anything on the visiting front?"

"Yes Sir. I've located a set."

"I presume we're going to be detected the moment we uncloak to Ring down to the planet."

"Possibly Sir, if they are scanning for other ships, but they may not have configured to detect blip occurrence, the exposed fraction of time it takes to effect the Rings transportation. I'm only noting that because of their display of over confidence, they haven't bothered to remain cloaked Sir.

"What about us, can we remain cloaked after we Ring down?"

"Absolutely Sir. Our cloaking technology is standard in this type of upgraded Teltac Cargo vessel. It just hasn't been modified.. ..can't be modified, to transport whilst cloaked."

"Lets make it one trip down then, lessen the odds of detection."

"Yes Sir."

"Okay now listen up. We know the biosphere of this planet has been, for want of a better word, annihilated. The only way we're going to be able to get into this plant is to Ring down. Now I don't need to point out the dangers involved here. We may even come under fire straight away, so for this reason the moment we touch down I want you all going for cover.

As it's a Goa'uld we're up against its unlikely that they'll be expecting an offence to come from the Transport Rings. This will give us a slight advantage.

Now Major Carter* tells me shes located a set of Rings which we can jump into. Theres seven of us so we'll squeeze together and go as one surprise attack team.

We have no specific intel as to what we're up against. We're surmising it's a minor Goa'uld, with minor forces, in which case they won't be heavily armed.

Theres gonna be no time to start fixing our geographical bearings once we land so let me establish our lines of operations. From what we know of the plant theres four floors including the basement. I'll divide each floor into two zones, designated Northing and Southing. The northing zone will be divided into north-east, north-north, north-west and north-south. And the southing zone, south-east, south-north, south-west and south-south. Are you with me?"

"Yes Sir!" They we're all on the ball and with the program.

"I'm setting the StarGate as a fixed origin which we'll mark as southing zone, south-south sector. Once we've landed you keep line of sight with me and draw bearings from my right and up. I'll also give you a visual plot on the position of the StarGate. Have you all got that? Any questions?"

"That's clear Sir."

"Got it Sir."


"Yes Sir."

"According to your co-ordinates Sir."

"Indeed." Teal'c bowed to O'Neill.

"I want open broadcast at all times.

Harper you team with Friez my left flank, and Allens you're with Jones, my right. Carter* six and Teal'c you're point with me. As I say as soon as those Rings are dropped I want you going for cover.

Determining the size of the force we're up against is top priority. Once we're down there spread out and take cover, locate and paint only, strictly recon unless we come under fire in which case I want direct neutralising counterfire. Any questions?"

"No Sir!"

"The StarGate is certainly covered, could be armed guards, could be explosives, we'll know soon enough. Our Objectives, neutralise the enemy, retake the StarGate and secure or destroy the synthesising technology. Okay weapons check!



~ Λ λ ω µ Π Φ Ψ ⋰ ≅ ⋯ ~



~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



The Transportation Rings activated on P3X 989 startling the two Gehdri guards who Ibnis had placed on StarGate guard duty. The Rings were only about six meters from the StarGate.

They weren't prepared for attack, expecting it to be the one remaining guard from their Al'kesh. It wasn't. Colonel O'Neill dive rolled off the Rings platform and lunged into one of the Gehdri guards taking him down. They both quickly leaped back up onto their feet but the Colonel was to fast, flooring the Gehdri out cold with a swift roundhouse kick to the side of the head. One down. Major Carter* expelled a single zat energy blast onto the remaining Gehdri, down and out.

There where none of Ibnis' forces insight and they also couldn't hear any sound of them. The moment the Rings had disengaged the Unit had spread out and gone for cover, all maintaining line of sight to the Colonel.


"Clear Sir."

"Clear Sir."

"Clear Sir."

"Clear Sir."

"One down Sir, StarGate. Southing, south-south. I see you Colonel, clear."

"We are alone in the zone Colonel O'Neill."

"Teal'c, scout ahead buddy, let me know."

"I will."

"Okay, Carter* I want you working on the Gate, clear it."

Ibnis' first order of business when he and his Gehdrienes arrived inside the plant was to lay an ambush for anyone coming through the StarGate.

Considering the level of Goa'uld technology displayed by the System Lords, his was a relatively simple device consisting in kind, a trip wire and explosives, to be detonated by an unsuspecting incoming traveller.

"On it Sir. I can take it from here. These explosives won't be difficult to diffuse."

"No wait a minute, I need someone on your six. What are the chances of Ringing that rubbish back up to their ship?"

"Sir, none of these guards have a Rings activation switch."

"Whats wrong with ours?"

"Sir, based on the Goa'uld technology protocols I've observed so far, our mechanism will work on their Rings, but I'm reluctant to use it. We haven't been able to record their Rings in action.. I've not been able to take readings to determine any frequency variations."

"Up or not Carter*?"

"Sir, all our experiences with the Al'kesh up to now have indicated that perhaps they have negative shields capability. However given this class of ship, with its sub-light propulsion system, the fact that it has deep and hyperspace flight capabilities, it would go against the Goa'uld ship building precedence to not have incorporate a shields array in this particular vehicle."

" Therefore?"

"Therefore Sir, although the Al'kesh isn't cloaked, it would be sensible to assume that they more than likely possess shields capability and that these shields are in fact operative. In which case any attempt to Ring through the shields without the exact frequency harmonics will not only result in failed teleportation, but the failed intrusion will announce our presence."

"Okay then, I'll just have to get you one of their Rings things."

"Actually Colonel once we have their Rings activator we could Ring up there and take the ship."

"Negative Carter*. We don't know whats up there."

"But Sir, its only an Al'kesh, there may not even be anyone left up there."

"Negative Carter*"

"Yes Sir."

"Listen up. We're going to proceed as one Unit. Friez I want you by the StarGate on Major Carter's* six. Harper you're on your own, left flank. You and you, right flank. I'll take point. I want the three of you to keep visual range with me at all times. T buddy what have we got?"

"Colonel O'Neill, I have counted seven so far including the Goa'uld Ibnis. They are all in close proximity to each other. Their position is ground floor northing zone, north-north-west sector."

"Confocal T?"

"Southerly O'Neill. I am also detecting movement from above. O'Neill the guards are not Jaffa though they do appear to be human."

"Have you seen them before."

"No I have not. They are armed with staff weapons and they understand Goa'uld."

"How well are they armed?"

"Not very. Ibnis himself apart from a ribbon device is unarmed. The six guards each have a staff weapon, however they do not possess zat'nik'atels. I see a small case on the ground near by to the Goa'uld Ibnis, it may well contain a Goa'uld communications device, however this type of casing would also be suitable to convey a number of Goa'uld bombs."

"Is the case open or closed?"

"It is closed and unattended O'Neill."

"Okay, mundane, we can handle it. They don't seem to pose to much of a serious threat T."

"Indeed Colonel O'Neill, that is also my conclusion."

"Right Teal'c, we'll be at your location in a minute. Standby. Okay listen up, this means we've got nine, I say again, niner accounted for. We've got these two undetermined at the Gate and we have seven, I say seven, active on the ground floor northing zone, north-north-west sector.

Erm right, we're gonna have to make our way to the upper floors to do a clean sweep. Standby. Okay we'll be with you in a minute T."

"Friez, secure those two, make sure their unarmed and tie them up tight, I don't want them moving an inch."

"Okay Major* we're movin' out."

"Right Sir, I'll keep you posted."

The Colonel tapped his radio twice and pointed to Major Carter*.

"Open comm Major*."

"Colonel. I'll be monitoring Sir."

"Carter*. Okay you've all got you're positions, we advance to Teal'c's mark and take up formation, move out."

Major Carter* began to examine the StarGate more thoroughly. She instructed Friez to sweep the area again whilst she worked on clearing the Gate.

"Harlan do you read me? Harlan come in, over?"

"Ooh my dear Major*.."

As General Hammond had observed from the audio, video transmission, Harlan was practically hysterical.

"You are here yes, you have come to rescue me yes. Where is our Colonel O'Neill*? He has not spoken a word to me. Is he upset that I sent him a message to the dangerous Beta Site place? I could not help it. I had no choice. He should not be annoyed with me, yes, no?

And your automated automatic dialling sequencer program worked beautifully Major Carter*, yes it is magnificent. It opened the StatGate for me and sent my message all the way to the Beta Site to our good Colonel O'Neill*. I only needed to press a few buttons and then I was free to run away and hide down here in the basement?"

"Well that's automation for you Harlan."

"Ooh yes Major* but why does he not speak to me?"

"Harlan will you please be quiet and listen to me very, very carefully."

"Yes please Major*, I am all ears and all listening."

"Colonel O'Neill* is not here."

"Oh my.. ..what are we going to do? We are doomed! He will destroy us, this madman with the shinning eyes. He and his followers are chasing me everywhere. I am here in the basement.. ..hiding.."

"Harlan will you listen to me!"

Radio silence.

"Okay now, I am here with the other Colonel O'Neill and the Other Teal'c."

"Oh we are saved!"

"Yes we're saved, but listen to me! Colonel O'Neill is assessing the situation and then he'll deal with the problem. You have nothing to worry about, you'll be safe."

"Oh this is very excellent news. I am so relieved my good Major*. Where is our Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* and Doctor Jackson*, they did not come?"

"It's a long story Harlan, I'll tell you later. For now I need you to stay hidden. Don't come out until Colonel O'Neill or Teal'c comes to find you. And whatever you do, don't let them know we're all back up online and working."

"I won't tell Major*. And I will remain here yes?"

"Yes Harlan you stay down in the basement. Now, I want you to remain here in the plant for twenty four hours and then Gate through to our new Home-World."

"But we are not yet ready."

"Never mind that. I'll check with the Colonel* later but I think he'll agree that we're going to have to speed the move up a notch. Its no longer safe to remain here in the plant. Harlan why didn't you tell us about the Transportation Rings before?"

"Ah yes, the Five Rings, I did not know. Yes I knew, but it was before more than a thousand years since they came here. A lady of the Tok'ra people and her friends, they came here. But I did not remember. Now I remember. They were very nice visitors and they remained here with me for many months."

"Okay we'll talk about that later. Maybe my father knows something about it. Harlan, wheres my bike?"

"Clear Major*."

"Okay Sergeant, stand your ground."


"Harlan I have to break off. Keep off the radio. And remember what I've told you. Home-World in twenty four hours. And don't say a word about us to the Colonel."

She processed that thought for a moment. "He is still my Colonel, just not the one that lives with us. So keep quiet. Carter* out."

"Yes my dear Major Carter*, this is Harlan and I am out in the basement, waiting."

"Harlan please! Stay off the radio."

Radio silence.

The Colonel and most of SG-5 crept up to Teal'c's position at the south-north operations base line junction and fanned out. The Colonel had a quick conference with Teal'c.

"Before we confront the main group we need to do a sweep upstairs, both floors, see what we've got. Can you snoop at look at the basement, see if its clear. Meet back at this point?"

"Go down to the basement, yes, I am going O'Neill." Staff weapon in hand Teal'c stealthily trotted off in a southerly direction.

"Jones you hold this ground. Keep your eye on those seven there, if any one of them so much as looks like they're gonna step out from that sector I wanna hear it. Harper, Allens lets go."

Observing a strict stealth mode, Colonel O'Neill followed by Harper and Allens tactfully made their way up the stairs to the mezzanine level. As they alighted the mezzanine Colonel O'Neill moved forward whilst his men fell behind, spreading out and taking up positions on either side of him.

The Colonel signalled to Harper to move further down the landing and climb the staircase to the first floor. He instructed Allens to stand his ground on the east-side of the mezzanine.

"Come in Sir, Harper here." Barely a whisper.

"Go ahead."

"Sir, I'm counting two, first floor, southing, north-west-west, moving to the staircase northing, south-west-west of you Sir."

"Keep on them Harper, don't loose sight."

"Yes Sir."

"Colonel O'Neill."

"Go on T."

"There are two guards down here in the basement on the far north side of the north-north-east sector. They appear to be searching the area. Shall I incapacitate them?"

"They're gonna be searching for Harlan. How far are they from you?"

"Thirty meters."

"You'd have to use your staff weapon, to loud T, you have to let them go. I need to keep this battle contained to the ground floor. We need a couple more minutes to clear from above, if not we'll loose our ground. Can you get back to Jones and keep your eye on the Goa'uld."


The Colonel signalled to Allens to get low and hold fast and cover the second floor balcony, westwards. The Colonel himself moved up a few meters and took up a crouching position behind a big piece of rusting machinery.

"Sir they're coming down onto the Mezzanine."

"I have them Harper. Hold your position." He was already tracking them and could now hear their advancing foot steps. He signalled for Harper to cover the second floor balcony, eastwards.

"Carter*, Teal'c, we're going live."

"Reading you Sir, clear here."

"O'Neill I am just now re-entering the ground southing zone, north-north, I have Jones in my sights."

"Standby Teal'c, get ready to lay suppressing fire on the Goa'uld's position. SG-5 going live, wait for my fire."

They remained silent and prepared.

The guards both armed with staff weapons and daggers we're practically on top of the Colonel's position. Allens whispered a barely audible, "Sir?"

The Colonel's instructions were clear. "Mine!" With that, and still crouching, he swung out into the isle and released two rapid P90 straffes. The Gehdrienes had no chance. Two down.

The sheer size of the plant amplified the sound ten fold it seemed.

The group surrounding the Goa'uld Ibnis were completely startled and began to scarper. They had been totally unaware of the Colonel's presence. They began blasting in all direction but they had no target and could see no one. They scrambled for cover and waited. Ibnis himself, despite his show of invincibility, sought the protection of a broken engine. He hid behind it, cowering and screaming at his guards.

"Allens down!!"

Allens dived down below the line of the machinery. The Colonel stood up straight, raised the angle of his aim and fired a single shot at the guard on the second floor west-side balcony. Allens had been covering the balcony but he perhaps didn't spot the Gehdri guard creeping up from further south and aiming his staff weapon in the direction of the east-side mezzanine. One down.

A pair of Gehdri guards on the second floor ran to the top of the staircase and stretched over to get a view of the floors below. Harper nailed them with automatic fire. "Sir two down, second floor, northing zone, south-nor-east sector. Clear."

"Good work Harper keep on it."


"Colonel, Sir, do you need back up?"

"Negative Major*. The force is negligible. Carter*, we don't appear to be dealing with competents here. Out."

"O'Neill, the two guards that we're in the far northern sector of the basement have now risen to the ground floor and are running to join the main group in the north-north-west sector of the northing zone. One of them has his arms full of weapons, two MP5s with joint clips and a number of Ihn'tars."

"Where?.. ..The other 'Us'. Doh, double drat!! On my way Teal'c. Allens, Harper, carry on with the sweep, make it thorough, watch your step. I'm sending Jones up on your six Allens. Make it quick!"



"Jones you heard me."

"Leaving now Sir. Ground floor base line to south-east-east staircase."

"Keep it sharp Jones."

"Sharp Sir."

"Sir Harper here, second floor all sections clear."

"Allens Sir, first floor clear. Mezzanine clear."

"Jones Sir, mezzanine clear Sir."

"Allens are you on the first floor or the mezzanine?"

"Mezzanine Sir."

"Hold your positions, stay low. Standby."

The Colonel was now at Teal'c's position some fourteen meters from the area occupied by Ibnis and his guards. They had clear line of sight to the Goa'uld, and their position was now known to the enemy.

A barage of staff blasts were aimed straight at them. They had good cover and remained unscathed. The Colonel instructed no return fire. At that time.

"Carter* report."

"Clear Colonel, Sir StarGate clear."

"Yeahhh, we gonna be able to send a message through to General Hammond, brief him on the situation."

"Sir do you want me to activate the StarGate now and send it through?"

"Err negative Carter*. The Gate is absolutely clear?"

"Absolutely Sir."

"Good work Major*. Lets wait till I get down there."

"Waiting for you Sir."

"Roger that Carter*. Standby, out."

The Goa'uld made himself known. Though he didn't leave his hiding place.

"Tal'mac Ibnis."

"T, is that name?"

"Teal'c nodded to the Colonel. "Yes."

"Okay pal you can skip that bit, we know your name."

The Colonel was quite indignant. He only had one negotiating skill reserved for a Goa'uld.

"Tal'bet Ha'taaka! I will not punish you."

"T?" O'Neill held his hand open for information.

"Surrender O'Neill."

"Okay, I'll tell you what, you surrender now and we'll think about not punishing you!"

"You are of the Tau'ri. I assume you have determined my intentions."

"What you mean creating an army of nutters to take over the universe. Same old. Same old."

"Indeed. You can assume we have your figure." Teal'c wasn't impressed by the cowering Goa'uld either.

"Number T. Thats right, we've got your number Ibnit, you're busted pal."

"You have been studying me. Learning my methods"

"Listen Ibjib, I assume you're assuming I assumed but I didn't, don't know your methods, never gave you a second thought pal, never even heard of you. Harlan told us about you. Said you were here on P3X niner eight niner, making a nuisance of yourself, scarring him. We're on to you Ibby, big time. Oh by the way, tell Cronus Teal'c sends his regards."


Another volley of staff blasts. Some quite wayward. The Colonel was still stood down. He spoke to the unit.

"Okay listen up. We now have nine, I say niner, including the Goa'uld. We've got them locked down in the northing zone, north-north-western sector. Theres no way to circle round and take up positions behind them, there backs are practically against the wall. Stand by."

The Colonel weighed up the situation.

"They have two MP5s with limited rounds, watch out for scatter fire, these boozos aren't used to those weapons. They also have an unknown number of Ihn'tars, so watch out for those and consider them to be just as lethal as the MP5s in that if stunned, you're down and we're one less operative.

Allens I want you moving along up there on the mezzanine in the north-north-east sector, far wall. Keep back from the edge, I don't want you seen. Keep low. Tell me what you see."

"Scouting Sir."

"Jones you take up position eight meters behind him, watch his six."

"Yes Sir."


"Your left flank Sir, second floor."


"Colonel come in."


"Colonel in position and counting nine. Eight with staff weapons. Two of the eight each holding an MP5. Close proximity Sir, all in the n zone, north-north-west sector and facing Southwards."

"Theres a small sized case there abouts, can you see it Allens?"

"Yes Sir, its next to the Goa'uld Sir."

"Open or closed?"

"Open Sir."

"Stand firm Allens. Standby. Harper, I want you on the ground floor now. Flanking far left, stay at least four meters behind my point."


"Sir Jones here. Confirm the count Sir."

"Good one. Hold your position there Jones, Standby."

"Okay listen up, theres a strong possibility that they have hand deployable ordnance. We're going to have to go in and wrap this up, standby."

"O'Neill the two guards from the basement are examining the MP5s."

"Yeah I'm watching that to Teal'c, they'll have them figured soon enough."

"Report Harper."

"Sir in position, ground floor far-west flank, n zone, south-nor-west sector, four meters your six. Counting nine, one unarmed, except for a Goa'uld arm brace. Eight with staffs, two of the eight with both staff and MP5. Sir they appear unfamiliar with the weapons. Could be the safety's are on Sir."

"Gotcha Harper Standby."

"Major*, Teal'c tells me this guy's prime is wearing one of those Rings activators on his arm. Standby."

"Sir. Colonel"

"Teal'c comments?"

"O'Neill I suggest we offer them freedom."

"You read my mind."

The Colonel separated himself from his ground position and sprinted over to the north-north-east sector. His men kept line of sight with him.

"This is Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force. I know you can hear me so this is the deal. Theres nine of you.. ..left! We've got you pinned in, locked down, you've not got a chance. You're cut off from the Transport Rings and the StarGate.

You're not going anywhere. Now you can relinquish all weapons and you can walk away. You can go back to where ever you came from, via the StarGate. We won't stand in your way. We won't stop you. Except the Goa'uld, we're gonna need to have a little chat, got a few questions we need to get ironed out."

The Colonel's voice flooded the whole of the northing zone, they heard him alright.

"I am Ibnis!" He sounded a little off key and demented.

"Oh yes you are. And not even a modicum of sanity present. You're not from these parts are you? And it seems you've been out of the loop for a while."

"I am your lord and master. Everything in this world is mine to command. You will do as I say!"

"Yeah right! Eh no, actually your greatness, you're wrong about that, you will do as I say!"


"Did he just call me..?"

"No Sir, whatever he said I'm sure it wasn't that."

"Just checking Carter*.. ..I mean, not checking.. ..I mean, Standby!"

"Yes Sir."

Carter* wasn't the only one smiling about that. Teal'c didn't get it.

"I'll explain it to you later Teal'c."

"I am Ibnis. Soon I shall become Harakash. You can not defeat me."

"You're not awfully bright for an Ibnis wouldn't you say, you sure you didn't used to be called Bonedapart?"

"Bonaparte Sir."

"Not in this case Carter*."


Colonel O'Neill dashed back to ground position. Teal'c was at his side, the rest of the unit on standby. "Teal'c why don't you give it a try buddy."

"Ha'shak Khree! We are offering you the taste of freedom. Nemran! Chel'til, drop your weapons and leave this place now! Khree hakteel ka nish? Ai`emain Tok'Ibnis!"

Teal'c's words were very passionate. The Gehdrienes who were not true warriors and who had never before ventured from the Quom Gehdri moon, entirely understood his meaning.

"They don't seem to be biting T."

"They do not. Perhaps they do not understand our words O'Neill."

"The one time we don't have Daniel with us."

"Khree'tok!! Khree'tok!!"

Ibnis was beside himself and screaming at the Gehdrienes.

An outbreak of rapid, uncontrolled gunfire rang out followed by a quick succession of staff blasts.

"MP5s O'Neill."

"Yep, they've got the guns working T*. Sounds like they've just used up one of those clips."

"Yes O'Neill, that was my count to."

"Has anyone got a clear shoot?"

"Allens Sir. Negative Sir. They've gone for cover."

"Negative Sir. Not clear, Jones out.

Negative Sir, Harper out.



"Its okay Carter*. Its all going wide, they currently haven't established aimpoint, unbelievably."

No sooner had the Colonel said that when..

"Teal'c get down!!"

O'Neill shouted and at the same instance pushed his friend to the ground and stretched over him in an effort to provide cover for them both from the Goa'uld shock grenade that was skiddering along the floor, flying straight at them.

"Incoming shock grenades, shield your eyes!! Carter*, quick, six, six, six. After the blast Carter*. My six!!"

Colonel O'Neill was roaring at the Unit.

"Freiz open the Gate. Reinforcements now!! Tell them to send a M.A.L.P. through first!"

"Dialling Sir."

He braced himself for the sonic burst which was guaranteed to take out at least Teal'c, Harper and himself, incapacitating them through lack of consciousness and optical overload, temporary blindness. The grenade stopped with a crashing thud against his boot. O'Neill braced himself again. Nothing. He looked down at the grenade, squinting at it, trying to figure out what it was about. As quick as a flash he scooped it up and lobbed it back at Ibnis'guards. Nothing.

"Friez belay that order. Take up position!"

"No longer dialling Colonel. Major Carter's* six Sir."

"O'Neill, tacunitagaminiturons!"


A red laser beam lashed through the air in all directions. As the globe spun its axis its laser beams were striking indiscriminately.

"Everyone, cover, cover, cover, heavy metal cover!! The laser won't penetrate metal. Make sure its thick! Allens, Jones, get off those landings!! Incoming, heat seeking, hand deployed aerodynamic, south-west-south trajectory."

The Colonel was hammering his orders down his comms set, the safety of his Unit paramount.

"Tacs. Teal'c why didn't you say.."

They heard one of the Goa'uld's guards cry out, dead. Struck by laser.

As the Tac shot over head Teal'c lined up and fired his zat gun. The Tac carried on its flight but ceased to discharge the lethal beams.

"Well that didn't work out as you planned did it. Ha.. ..hoisted by your own petard you Ibiot." Jack couldn't resist goading the Goa'uld.

"You will suffer for your insolence." Ibnis was raging mad. "Sha'lokma'kor!!"

The Gehdri guards were obviously inexperienced. Their blasts were ill aimed and lacked legitimate target.


"Allens Sir, Clear. Mezzanine, right flank Sir."

"Jones Sir, Clear. Mezzanine, right flank, Allen's six Sir."

"Sir Harper here, clear. Ground, your left flank.

"Sir this is Friez. Clear Sir. Ground floor, Major Carter's* six Sir."

"I'm behind you Sir. Coming up on your six. I see you."

The Colonel turned to greet Carter* with a smile and salute.

"Roger that Major*. I see you."

"I am fine Colonel O'Neill."

"Nice shot Teal'c."

The Colonel spoke to himself. One down.

"Everybody full alert, watch the air as well as the ground, could be more of them. Keep your eyes peeled."

There was some wide range staff blasts coming from the Goa'uld's position. They heard a few loud splutters and fizzled out wheazes.

"Whats going on T*?"

"O'Neill I believe their staff weapons are beginning to fail them."

"'For crying out loud', who would go into battle without chargin' their weapon? Is this maniac mental or what?"

"Yes I believe he is O'Neill."

Two of Ibnis' eight, no, now seven-strong force, dropped their staffs and began to back off.

"Gehdri Khree tall! Shol'va! Shol'va!"

Ibnis immediately snatched an MP5 off one of the guards who had come up from the basement. He let loose on one of the retreating Gehdrienes. Unsure as to the proper operation of the gun, he riddled the guard with the reminder of the double clip. It was a bloody mess.


Ibnis threw the gun down at the Gehdri cadaver striking him where it no longer mattered.

"You heard that O'Neill?"

"Yes I certainly did. Five are all on our six. We don't have anyone over there?"

"We do not O'Neill. There was no practical way to cover that location and still remain shielded."

"This is Colonel O'Neill. Has anyone just fired shoots without my go ahead. My authorisation?" Aahhh, he sounded gruff, comms loud and unforgiving.

"That's a negative Colonel. I say again, negative."

"Negative Sir. Not without your say so Colonel."

"Negative. No way Sir. Harper out."

"Sir I didn't shoot. That's a negative Colonel O'Neill, Friez out."

"T, hes taking out his own men. 'For crying out loud'. I don't believe it. In the middle of a battle. Hes taking out his own men in the middle of a damn battle. What kind of a lunatic are we dealing with here?"

"A soon to be dead one O'Neill."

"Dead right!"


Ibnis seemed totally unable to exercise control over his actions. After throwing the gun to the ground and grabbed his lotar's staff weapon.

"Shol'va! Di'dak'dida!"

A staff blast soaked the air. Followed by a choked cry and a thud. The second semi retreating Gehdri guard hit the deck, dead.

"Can you hear that, that's another one down. Hes quite a helpful little turkey. I estimate five remaining. Plus the nutter. Yeah?"

"Six, that is my estimate O'Neill."

"Allens report."

"Sir, Allens here. Colonel, two down to enemy own fire, ground floor, n zone, north-north-west."

"Copy that Allens. Standby."

The Colonel left his position again and carried out a rapid visual survey of the field. He returned to ground and issued orders.

"We're going live, live, live! Anybody with a shot take it, remain covered at all times. Engage, take them down. I want them down down, down! Lets get this production sewn up and over!"

Teal'c made a calculated charge from cover position to cover position all the way up to the front of the group which comprised the two guards who had been down in the basement searching for Harlan.

He brought his staff weapon horizontally up to midriff, took the stance of the hungry panther, left arm and back right leg both outstretched, thrust his staff forward guided by his left arm and blasted, aimpoint achieved.

"Colonel O'Neill, one down. Ground floor n zone, north-north-west."

"With you T."

From Allens' mezzanine lookout post, he let off a quick spurt and took down the second Gehdri from the basement. Teal'c looked up and extended him a bow of acknowledgement. "Allens Sir. One down. Ground floor n zone, north-north-west."

"Stay covered Allens. Out."

Ibnis' lotar pleaded with his master.

"Dis'tra, Ya`isid ma`gue!"

"Ha'taaka! Shol'va!"

Ibnis lent his back against his hiding place, strengthened for recoil, threw his arm out and began to wring the energy out of his obedient lotar. It was as if he was trying to crush his skull. He only stopped because of Tau'ri gun fire in close quarters. He left his lotar as an unresponsive heap on the floor.

"Listen up. We have one undetermined and three.."

Major Carter* let off a short volley, taking down one of the guards.

"Sir one down. Ground floor, northing zone, north-north-west."

"Major*.. we have one down but undetermined and two, as in one Goa'uld plus one guard, fleeing towards the basement, ground floor, northing zone, north-east-east sector. Teal'c with me. Major Carter*, Major Harper, Jones, secure the area. Allens stand your ground, keep a look out. Friez lets have you back down at the StarGate."

The Colonel and Teal'c were hot on the heels of the fleeing Goa'uld and his one remaining.. ..surviving, guard.

The basement was huge, mostly open plan. The concrete floor had some type of black rubber skid marks, wheel marks, all over it. There was a lot of machinery. There were a lot of both metal and glass-ceramic towers leading up to the floors above.

Ibnis and his guard were making their way down to the southing zone. Ducking and diving and hiding between all the machinery. They were easy to follow.

Colonel O'Neill shouted to them.

"Hold up there! Come on its over. Just put your weapons down and give it up, its over."

The Gehdri guard could not understand the Colonel's words but his intonation was obvious. And Ibnis had no intention of giving up. After all, he was the lord and master of all he surveyed, so he said.


"Yep we're down here Carter*. We have it. Standby Major*."


Ibnis spotted the Colonel's face.

"You are one of the four." He snarled.

"SG-1. Of course I am."

"You are a robot. A cyborgian being. I have been searching for you. You should obey me as your master. You can serve me as I rise to power. I will take you into my ranks."

"Oh that four. Sorry bubba, same face different.. ..yeah okay, same me, just not this me. That four.. ..they're not around anymore."

"I have seen you, you are in my host's memories, you are the one I seek."

"No really, as I told you, it is I.. ..but its my Other I. You're out of luck pal. Now why don't you just give up and we can all go home."

The Colonel looked at Teal'c and making the sign of no with his head showed a look of disapproval.

"I've had enough of this drivel T."

"You will bow before me. I will have my army. I will go forth and.."

Teal'c served a wave of lethiferous energy from his staff onto Ibnis' first prime.

"O'Neill, one down, basement, south-south-north."

Teal'c peeled his lips back slightly to display a serious grin. He despised the Goa'uld.

"I see it Teal'c, I see it."

The blast rocked Ibnis. He threw himself at the ground, scrambling on all fours into the shadows of the huge mechanical draft cooling towers. He crawled over to his sprawled out prime and grabbed hold of the staff weapon.

He tried in vain to prise the staff away but the dead guard did not let go. He had a solid grip on the thing. Ibnis began kicking at the guard's arm and hand in an attempt to loosen the grip.

Ibnis had always insisted that his guards never be without their staff weapon. Although no longer able to live up to it, the guard was still abiding that decree.

Ibnis knelt on both knees and began to physically prise the Gehdri's grip open to obtain the weapon. He did succeed but not before breaking the dead Gehdri guard's fingers and thumb.

The weapon could still be fired, but the range seemed greatly reduced. Like the others, this dilapidated weapon also had not been recharged.

Ibnis began blasting randomly and wildly. He damaged most of the machinery in his locale. Punching holes in the towers and flues. Gallons upon gallons of liquids began to ooze out from the destroyed towers, forming dark and colourful pools on the ground.

"I can bestow upon you great wealth and power. You will lack for nothing if you serve me and honour me as your lord and master."

"Well that's nice and all, your Ibnis, but what we really need is next years super bowl results, how about it?"


Ibnis began firing again, he had no target. Like a cornered rat.

Colonel O'Neill indicated to Teal'c that he would circle round and come up from behind Ibnis' position.

"Carter* come in!" The Colonel was speaking very quietly now, he was almost up on the Goa'uld. Stealth wasn't necessarily the objective, he just didn't want to reveal his precise location.

Carter*, reading the situation, whispered. "Sir reading you."

"Carter* I need Jones posted down by the StarGate with Friez. Tell him to watch those rings."

"On it Sir. Out."

So that the Colonel was free to manoeuvre, Teal'c made himself fully visible to the Goa'uld. His strategy, to draw the Goa'uld's fire. Ibnis took aim at Teal'c who in response expertly dove out of the way. The Goa'uld's staff weapon was slow and sluggish. Teal'c blasted a few more shots over towards the Goa'uld.

As Teal'c quickly moved to take up another position he stepped into the forming pools of liquid, lost his balance and slipped, falling to the ground, hard. His staff weapon left him.

The Goa'uld, realising Teal'c's unarmed predicament, leaped out from his hiding place and lurched forward. As Teal'c momentarily lay on his back, Ibnis engaged his ribbon device and began heavily draining his foe.

"Shol'va! Rak'lo najaquna shel're hara kek! The System Lords will welcome me. They will.."


Without taking his hand away, Ibnis half turned into the shocking sight of the narrow point of Colonel O'Neill's gun.


One shoot. He crashed on top of Teal'c. Ibgone.

Colonel O'Neill closed his eyes. One down. All clear. Actum est.

"Yeah, thanks for stopping by. You knuckle head."


"Indeed.. ..You alright T."

"I am."

They both afford a laugh of relief.

"Carter*, all clear, Standby."

"Great Sir, standing by."

With his boot, Colonel O'Neill levered the dead Ibnis off of Teal'c. He passed his hand down and as Teal'c started to heave himself up O'Neill's feet shifted out from under him. Teal'c skated back down to the ground. O'Neill back flipped on to the floor, slamming his head against the hard cold ground.


"Are you alright O'Neill?"

"Aah, it feels as if its going to pop."

Colonel O'Neill was cradling the back of his head. He kept padding it, looking for signs of bleeding. He was lucky.

"Gaw'd damn, what is that crap?"

He was still struggling to keep his balance whilst gingerly moving forwards to get out of the slippy liquid.

"Wheres that little oddjob? Harlan!! Harlan, where you at? Get yourself down here. Aaaah!"

"O'Neill are you bleeding? Are you feeling alright?"

"No blood Teal'c, and I will be, right after Doc Fraiser stops giving me a hard time over the best way not to crack your nut open."

"You will be reporting to the infirmary as soon as we return to Earth?"

"I guess so T."

"Are you injured O'Neill?"

"Maybe, I might be a little concussed. If I start drooling, or anything, just give me a little shake."

He could feel the throbbing sensation subsiding and the lump it was leaving behind.

"Come on Harlan, where you at, I know you're down here. Its all over now, you've got nothing to worry about. You're safe. Come on out."

As he was shouting out to Harlan he was carefully navigating through the liquid.

"Jeez what is this stuff?"

They were steeped in some kind of aqueous solution which had spilled out from a few of the tall smashed glass cylindrical towers.

"I do not know O'Neill, but it is unpleasant and extremely slippy."

"Oh slippy, yes very slippy. But you must not worry. It will not harm you. It is liquid I used to use for flushing the cooling tanks."

"Used to use?"

"Yes. This part of the plant has been shut down for many years."

"How many?"

"Oh, three thousand five hundred and seventeen."

"So whatever this is, its reasonable to say its stagnant?"

"Ooh, stagnant yes, but it will not harm you."

"I don't know about you T, but I find this smell extremely harmful."

"Indeed O'Neill it is repugnant."

"Now that's harmful! Okay the battles over Harlan, where've you been hiding?"

"Just there, behind the second exchange tank, Oh yes I was hiding. I was very afraid. I though he was going to destroy me."

"Well you don't need to be afraid anymore, that Goa'uld is not going to be bothering anyone ever again."

"Yes, I see now he is dead. Ooh Colonel O'Neill of what did he die?"

"Death Harlan, he died of death. Right then, stick around, me and you need to have a little talk."

"Yes talk is good."

"Yes it is. T lets get all this closed down."

"Colonel O'Neill is there anything I can do for you yes, I can help you yes?"

"Its fine Harlan, we've got it. Now listen, I'm going to be leaving SG-5 here with you for a while. They'll help you check things out. If you need anything speak to Major Harper, hes a good man and he'll deal with your problems."

"Thank you yes, this is very good now. Yes this is very good. I am very grateful to you and to you and to your General Hammond and to all of SG-1. I am very grateful Colonel O'Neill and I am very glad that we are now finally friends."

"Right oh Harlan. Right oh. Now on another note. You say all the synthesising technology is now gone, its finished, its gone?"

"Oh yes its gone, its all gone."

"So well.. ..whats all that about, how come, whats that about?"

"Well that's the way it is. It is gone."

"So Harlan when you say gone, are you actually telling me, are you actually saying that there is no longer any synthesising, duplicating, replicating, transferring, copying, cloning machinery, equipment, technology in this facility?"

"Oh absolutely Colonel O'Neill, absolutely, yes, yes, this is very correct. This is a good way to describe it. Yes it is gone."

"Wheres it gone?"

"It is finished."

"Wheres it finished?"

"Oh Colonel O'Neill, my Major Carter*.."

Colonel O'Neill suffered a change of face colour to hot redargue red. He wrenched his comms set from his ear catching his lobe in the process. He crushed the audio transceiver tightly in his fist. Teal'c responded by quickly raising his hand to his face and carefully muffling his broadcast mouth piece.

"Shes not your Major Carter/*!! Understand!! Right Harlan!!"

Snap dragon Jack with pointing fist.

He brought his hand up and massaged his brow.

"That'll be my Major Carter/*. Got it!! Thank you!"

"Yes Colonel O'Neill, yes you are very right. Yes I apologise to you. You are right. Your Major Carter*, she began to examine all the technology and she took it apart in pieces."

"Okay then Harlan, that's good enough. Yep that's acceptable. I'm glad we had this..!"

He aggressively refitted his comms kit. Teal'c let up to open broadcast too.

"Carter* Come in!!"

"Hey Colonel?" That calmed him down.

"Tell me."

"Well we're all clear Sir. We have one lotar, two guards. The lotars out cold, doesn't look good, one of the guards is out cold, slight movement with the other one."

"Standby Carter* we're coming up."


"Okay Harlan we're gonna call it square down here, we need to get back up there and start packing up.

"You must give Major Carter my regards and you must also send my regards to Doctor Jackson and tell him I am well and they are well and you are always welcome. And I will see you soon."

"Indeed you will see us before we depart P3X 989 Harlan. But now both Colonel O'Neill and myself must return to the ground floor of this plant."

"Harlan, you stay there!"

"Ooh yes Colonel O'Neill. I do exactly as you request. I will stay right here. Yes I am going to sit down here. I can see all the damage, it is a great pity. I will sit down and wait for you here."

Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c made their way back up to the ground floor northing, north-north-west sector.

"Who do you think they are Teal'c?"

"They who O'Neill?"

"Harlan said to tell Daniel 'they are well'."

"I do not know O'Neill. I find it most difficult to pay attention to all of Harlan's sentences."


He issued a general order. "Full Report!"

"Sir, confirmations on a count of fourteen, eleven down, three contained. Are you confirming two down Sir?"

The Colonel nodded.

"Sir, that's Confirmations on a count of sixteen, thirteen down, three contained."

"Thank you Major Carter*."

"Sir Harper confirming."

"Colonel Confirming count, Allens out."

"Jones confirming count Sir."

"Sir Friez at the StarGate, Sir can confirm count of two contained."

"Allens, Harper, basement sweep. Exercise caution! Theres one friendly down there, you will recognise him, his photo was in the brief notes. Leave him down there, I've not finished with him yet."

The Colonel turned to Major Carter*.

"Carter* can you get back over to the Gate with Friez and Jones, keep your eye on those Rings I want to try something."

"On my way Sir."

He said to Teal'c "Um sixteen eh."

"O'Neill not many more would fit inside an Al'kesh."

"Yeah I'm aware of that Teal'c. Better safe than sorry though, I'll have SG-5 do another thorough sweep of the place."

"Indeed, you are correct O'Neill , safety is preferable."

"T, why don't you use that communicator to radio up to the ship and get whoevers up there to beam down. That'll bag us an empty ship won't it."

"I will endeavour to secure the ship O'Neill."

"Carter* standby.. ..okay Carter* stand away from the rings and take up cover positions. We're going to try to get whoevers up on the ship to get their butts down here. There can't be more than two or three. You've got Friez and Jones, let me know when your greeting party's in position. O'Neill Out."

"Sir, we're all in position."

"Okay Major, in play."

"Teal'c hows it going there buddy?"

"O'Neill he does not believe me."

"Well.. ..shocker."

"He is repeating the name of his lord and master, the now dead Ibnis. I believe he wishes to speak to him."

"Well that just ain't gonna happen is it. How about the lotar, can't we get him on the phone?"

"He remains unconscious, a state it seems Doctor Fraiser will have to revive him from."

"Err, okay just give me a minute."

From the moment General Hammond had left the Mission briefing on the Beta Site, Colonel O'Neill had been tweaking and tuning his strategy.

"Carter* how are those two guards down by the gate?"

"Sir the one you dealt with is still out cold. The one I shot with the zat is very drowsy."


Tweak and fine tune.

"Okay Carter*, Teal'c, we may have spooked the guy on the ship, theres a possibility he may take off. Harper Report!"

"Sir the basements clear, one friendly."

"Harper, Allens, get back up here pronto."



The Colonel handed Allens the Rings activating device, taken from the arm of Ibnis' first prime.

"Allens run this down to Major Carter*. Come straight back down to this sector."

"Yes Sir."

"Carter* as soon as you get that device off Allens, send that ambush package up to the ship. I don't want it escaping this planet's aerospace"

"Sir I can see Allens approaching now."

"Carter*!! Carter*!!"

"Here Sir?"

"Carter* belay that last order, keep away from the Rings. Stand well back. Confirm. Standby."

"Away from the Rings Sir, standing by."

"Good. Out."

The Colonel closed his eyes for clear deliberation. Teal'c was watching his back.

"Carter* can you send that package up without actually physically approaching the Rings stage?"

"Affirmative Sir. Theres enough equipment lying about here to rig a set of prongs. Whats on your mind Sir?"

"I'm just not prepared to take the chance that whoevers up there doesn't just decide to Ring down to take a little look see."

"And thereby vaporising whoevers standing on the Rings platform."

"In a nutshell Carter*, or a puff of smoke, either way I don't want you next to the Rings. Send the package up, but keep well back. Got it?"

"Well back, Yes Sir. Wrapping the package now Colonel."

"Let me know."

"On it Sir."

The Colonel began examining the north-north-west sector with Harper and Allens. Teal'c left the sector to hunt the rest of the floor.

"Delivered Sir, its done."

"Okay. Go ahead, unwrap it Major*."

"Unwrapped. Its done Sir."

"Copy that."

There was no explosion. No tremor. No quake. The Al'kesh was miles above the biosphere and the effects of the blast would not extend to the planet below.

"Hold your position Major*."


"Harper can I have you back up to the second floor. Allens first, Jones I need you up on the mezzanine and Friez down in the basement, Friez you're aware of the friendly?"

"Yes Sir, one friendly."

"Okay lets make it thorough Airmen. Clean sweep all the way through."

Teal'c came back to the north-north-west sector.

"Anything T?"

"I've searched the whole of the floor O'Neill and apart from these, there is nothing."

Teal'c was pointing at the staff weapons, MP5s and Ihn'tars that had been gathered up and placed next to the empty shock grenade case.

"Yeah this floor is clear. Okay lets get him down to the Gate."

The former lotar was completely unresponsive. Teal'c had checked him and reported that his pulse and heart rate were irregular.

Colonel O'Neill addressed the Unit.


"Sir full sweep, clear. Mezzanine, south-south-west. Jones out."

"Sir full sweep, clear. First floor, north-south-east. Allens out Sir."

"Sir Harper here. Second floor, south-south-west. Full sweep, clear Sir.

"Colonel, Friez here. I'm in the basement, s zone, south-south-west. I've done a full sweep. Clear Sir.

"Gate and Rings clear Sir."

"SG-5 regroup, full assessment, StarGate, two minutes, go! Broadcast off, switching to two way radio."

The whole Unit regrouped at the StarGate. Colonel O'Neill pointed upwards and asked Major Carter*, "Any news?"

"Negative Sir."

"Okay this is the situation. The plant is secure. From a total count of sixteen we have thirteen down and three undetermined.. ..incapacitated, as yet unidentified but of human origin. We have a friendly P3X niner eight niner indigenous population of one, who will continue to occupy this world.

We have recovered a small arsenal which will be taken back to The SGC for examination via the Cargo ship. Orbiting the planet we have one Al'kesh with an unconfirmed amount of damage.

Me and me team will return to the Beta Site via Cargo Ship. SG-5 will remain here to tie things up.

Two of the.. ..captives, for want of a better word, will accompany SG-5 to The SGC via the StarGate. In view of the fact the Goa'uld made a point of targeting the StarGate, I can not allow the Gate to be used until a team of technicians arrive here from the Beta Site to run a full operations check. Just as soon as we arrive back at the compound I'll hand the Cargo ship over to them. The other captive, the lotar, will return to The SGC with my team in order to receive urgent medical attention.

Once I leave this planet at least two of you are to remain on prisoner watch duty, the other two can offer assistance to Harlan. Maybe help him salvage whatever he can. Any questions?"



"Sir do we return when the technicians finish with the Gate?"

"As soon as Harper. Now I don't want those prisoners left alone for a second, understood."


Yes Sir."

"Yes Colonel."

"Not for a second Colonel."

"Right then. Well done. At ease, watch your backs. Major*, some business down in the basement. Do you want to go up and prep the ship, we'll join you shortly."

"Yes Sir, I'm all done here so I'll Ring up right now."

"Excellent! Friez why don't you go along for the ride, wait up there until Teal'c and I are ready to leave."

The Colonel started walking away as Major Carter* and Sergeant Friez stepped onto the Transportation Rings platform. Teal'c fell in behind the Colonel. They heard the noise of the Rings as they walked down into the basement.

Harlan was pottering around his basement undefeated by the scale of devastation.

"Harlan is there something we can do for you? You know, maybe its not such a good idea to leave you here like this."

"Oh no Colonel O'Neill I will be fine. I will make everything better."

"Better? Have you looked around?"

"Better yes. Perhaps I will soon find a new world where I can live and be happy."

"Well yeah that's very nice, very nice Harlan, but for the time being is there anything you need?"

"Ah com-traya Colonel O'Neill, no I must remain here, I must remain here. Everything will fine."

"Harlan you strike me as awfully chipper for someone whos just had their home almost decimated. How come?"

"Ooh yes Colonel O'Neill I am chipper. I am all the chipping. I have learnt in my many millennia to always look forward. I will make things better again yes. And maybe soon I will have a new home."

"Well who knows Harlan maybe you will, good luck to you buddy. In fact I'm pretty sure you'd be much better off out of this dump.. It's not good to live down here on your own like this."

"Ooh com-traya Colonel, yes you are very correct. Yes you are a very good man."

"Your homes gone up in flames and you're happy. Nice attitude Harlan, very commendable."

"Ah Com-traya Colonel O'Neill, I knew we would become friends."

"Okay okay take it easy Harlan."

"Ooh com-traya Colonel O'Neill Com-traya."

"Right then con triyer, sorry about the mess and all."

"And you, you will be well, and I thank you, com-traya Colonel O'Neill and com-traya Teal'c, and thank you and goodbye. You will be leaving now, yes?"

"Yes Harlan I'm leaving, but first tell me something.."

"Yes Colonel O'Neill I will tell you anything."

"Well lets try this.. ..What about the other four? So they were all destroyed on the planet Juna and Darian and his people buried them and paid them homage because of the sacrifices they made. That's right isn't it?"

"Oh yes yes yes, yes my friend yes. Terrible terrible. And the people of Juna, they praised them very very much, yes. No this was very bad, they left me and they never returned and then they were gone, forever. No this was very terrible for me, but I think very good for the people of Juna, yes."

"Gone forever you say. And they were buried. Dead and buried. Not working and buried. "

Unfrazzled by the wreckage around him, Harlan was beginning to look decidedly uncomfortable and concerned about the Colonel's line of questioning.

"Yes you are right Colonel O'Neill. And you can visit their resting place and pay homage."

"Yeah right, okay."

"Ah com-traya Colonel O'Neill I see you are missing them."

"Um may be."

"Ah com-traya, you see I understand."

"Yeah maybe you do. Maybe you do."

"They always speak so very highly of you Colonel Jack O'Neill of The SGC."

"Spoke! And I, Other I, never had a contingency plan, just in case say, we all ran out of oil?

"Colonel O'Neill I do not understand your meaning, no."

"Oh I think you do Harlan. You understand me just fine. You're saying that I, Other I, never sat down with Sam* and came up with a plan, just in case we got say, wet and rusty."

"But Colonel O'Neill they are so well made it is possible to get wet but not to get rusty."

"Were Harlan. They were well made."

"Please excuse me Colonel O'Neill, yes, were."

"So with all that equipment that was lying around and is now, oh by the way, missing, I, Other I, never once thought to store away a couple of sets of backup copies?"

"Colonel, Sir?"

"Major* I thought you was up on the ship."

"I was Sir but I received a message from the Beta Site. General Hammond is requesting ETA at SGC. I understand he has to leave the base Sir. I got the impression he wants you back there to cover for him. Can I dial the Gate Sir?"

"Sure, dial it, I just don't want anyone stepping through until we're absolutely positive the Goa'uld didn't somehow tamper with it.

"Ah that's why you requested the M.A.L.P. to be sent through first, I wondered about that."

"Tell the General.. ..I'll talk to him myself Carter*, on my way."

As the Colonel began making his way back to the StarGate with Teal'c, he cocked his head over at Harlan and shouted..

"Harlan, this is goodbye for now, but we're not finished, do you understand me? And if that rusty foursome ever reboot tell them.. ..P3X 729, nice work!"

"Oh thank you Colonel O'Neill, com-traya Colonel O'Neill com-traya. They will be exceedingly overjoyed to hear your well wishes."

"Would have been Harlan, would have been. And they're not wishes, just words Harlan, only words.."

"O'Neill, do you believe it possible that we could have survived the battle on P3X 729, the planet Juna?"

"Well T, for a start we did survive. As for the others, theres no way they could come back from that."

"So then I do not understand the meaning of you words to Harlan."

"Teal'c do you remember when Harlan copied us?"


"Well buddy he made a second copy of you."

"Yes, for which my presence was required."

"So do you really think once we we're living here, with our presence present in this dump, we never made copies of ourselves, just in case. I know I would have."

"Yes Indeed O'Neill. I am understanding your thinking completely."


"And I agree."


"And I am delighted."

The Colonel stepped up his pace and walked ahead of Teal'c. He was shaking his head at Teal'c's words. He looked back at Teal'c and said nothing. He was still shaking his head but there was a real nice smile on his face and a fire in his eyes. Teal'c smiled with him.

They stepped up to the StarGate platform, Colonel O'Neill had his radio in hand, ready to speak to the General.


"Sir, go ahead."

"General, all clear here Sir, we've done as much as we can."

"That's right Jack, Major Carter* has just briefed me on the current situation. When can I expect you back?"

"SG-1 are ready to return Sir. I'm assigning SG-5 to clean up duty, they'll return through the StarGate. About that General, I'm not altogether happy about Five using the Gate. Carter's* cleared it but we can't be sure of any unseen dialling re-calibration devices. As soon as we hit the Beta Site I'll have a team of technicians with their instruments fly back here and do a full Gate check, once theres no doubts SG-5 can Gate home. Major* whats our ETA?"

"Sir leaving now we can touch down at the Beta Site one hour twenty. Gating to the SGC from there, Colonel we'll be home in approximately two hours."


"Got that Jack, come on home, safe journey, Hammond out."



~ ѫ Δ ≈ µ Π χ ψ  ⋇  ∵ ⊎ ~



~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Boxes of safety and salvation.

That was the General's voice, but the boxes and crates were stacked high and wide concealing Daniel* from the General's view. Daniel* managed himself out of the Gate Room and legged it down to his office. Down to the other Daniel's office. Safety in boxes, nice.

So from what he'd overheard Sam telling Jack* the biannuals were in session. This would give him only limited time to get everything on the list and get gone or else be stranded for at least an hour.

He was so nervous, it just wasn't fair. He was actually feeling like a real rascal in his own office. It was as much his office as his other self's. It was just awful. He had expected it to be as easy as pie. Jack* had tried to warned him about this. Emotionally it wasn't going to be the smooth hit and run he'd convinced himself it would be.

Right, books, wheres my books? No no addresses, wheres the addresses? Well the books are just there though so I could get them first. Ah no but Jack*, Jack* said the addresses are the most important. Em, em, or maybe I should go and get Sam's* tools first. Oh em then I could, err, err, just err, just hang on, let me think. Oh maybe I should get a coffee. Yeah I'll just get a coffee and a sit down, have a think.

No no the addresses. Get the addresses first. He began to rummage. He knew.. ..he thought he knew where he'd left them, but they weren't there. Orr no! Orr no! Don't tell me I've moved them. Don't tell me hes moved them. Oh gaw'd, em, okay think. Ahh no thats it, thats it, I've updated it, just a minute. Maybe the other me's updated the file. Theres bound to have been other planets which, I don't know, maybe theres been other planets which weren't mapped on the Cartouche, em which means I would have put thee file, err, over here. Ha, bingo! Hello. There you are. Easy!

Yes there it was, the Geat Gib directory, neatly filed amongst wads of sticking out papers. He found the file and had a quick perusal. All the addresses, plus some hand written glyphs at the end. Yeah a couple more planets had been added, a couple more addresses had been added by hand. A separate column ran along side of the listed addresses containing the substitute co-ordinates, which incorporated galactic drift calculations. Okay right that's one off the list.

Daniel* started looking round his office eyeing up the books that he fancied. It was strange, nothing had changed. It was just as if he'd left it yesterday. A few things here and there but otherwise it was just the same. He'd expected some big change, I don't know.. was him who had changed, not his surrounds. He felt odd. He missed being home. But he missed his teammates much much more. Lets just get everything and get back as soon as possible.

Forget the books, I'll pick those up on the way back. Err right, I need to get one floor down. See what I can get out of Sam's* place. He quickly stuffed the address folios back where he'd found them. He'd get those on the way out as well.

He put his head down to make himself inconspicuous, yeah right. He double-timed it down to the lifts. Nineteen, all clear. Well not really all clear, more like no fear. He made his way to Sam's* lab. It was open, great.

Sam* had described to Daniel* exactly where he could find the things she wanted. She always kept the place so neat and tidy and well organised. And just as she'd said, the tools she wanted where exactly where she said they'd be. He gathered them up quickly. They didn't take a lot of room. He pocketed them and marched out.

Next stop the gear up quarters on twenty-five. He needed to have a quick look round to see if he could spot Jack's* favourite ball cap. He doubted it would be there but he had to give it a go. Getting it would be a nice Coup d'Etat and he knew Jack* would be real made up with his score. There was one in Jack's locker but it wasn't the right one. This was his sand coloured one, but Jack* had stressed the khaki one. He could go down and check Jack's private suite but then Jack always leaves his gear in gear up. No, its going to be on his head. He'll be wearing it. Its his favourite.. ..right. All in all no score, but there was bound to be other opportunities in the future to get hold of the favourite.

Everything had been going well up to now but Daniel* had reached the most difficult stage of his trip. He needed to get samples of the rare metals. The difficulty here was that he was obviously going to have to requisition, which would eventually pass the General's desk, who would then enquire from the other Daniel an explanation.. ..surprise..!

He got back in the lift and selected level twenty-one. Oh strategy, strategy. Maybe Jack* was right. Maybe he should go up to quad four more often, kick back, do some casting off. It certainly was exceedingly therapeutic, relaxing, cleared the mind. Fishing...

"Doctor Jackson?"


"Your floor Doctor Jackson*."

"Oh right, thank you."

Daniel* stepped out of the lift onto level twenty-eight!!

"Aaaahh.. ..wait wait, hold on, thank you, thank you." He bolted back into the lift.

"Sorry about that, wrong floor." His feigned laughter belied his horror and anxiety at the wilful occupation of the General's path.

He got back up to level twenty-one and disembarked. No worries. However he did remain standing outside the lift, thinking. Maybe, just maybe. He called the lift again and set off to the twentieth level. You never know. He'd had a bright spark and decided to check out the research labs on level twenty instead of going straight to apparatus, instruments and scientific stores, by way of Janet's office, on twenty-one.

What possible reason could he come up with for needing samples of the metals. He'd insisted in debrief that he didn't need any help in formulating his plan of acquirer acquistum. Now looking back perhaps he shouldn't have been so hasty.

Research lab one, empty, two empty, three empty. Noise from one of the supplementary compartments, microscopy. Hello? Dr Kerns and his team were working. Daniel* let himself in and started hovering around the outskirts of the room.

"Hows it going there Doctor Jackson*?"

"Oh its fine. Yep its fine there Doctor. Sam was mentioning some experiments with those rare metals. Hows it going?"

"Well that's a difficult one. We're actually..'s the niquadria, its so incredibly unstable, its em, its not necessarily advisable to pursue investigation on the molecular level. But having said that actually separating the things to take us sub-atomic, that's another story. It's a very very slow process Doctor, a very slow process."

"It seems so, but at the same time I understand its absolutely worth it?"

"Phew.. ..absolutely. The possibilities with this amalgamation. Its going to bring in a lot, a lot of changes. But when is another matter."

"Erm do you mind if I have a look?"

"Help yourself. We've got various sized samples over there on the bench. If you'd like to have a look through the STM you're welcome to do that as well. But if you're more interested in the quantum mechanical properties you might want to take a look at the electron accelerator read outs that have been sent over from Area 51, there in B lab on twenty-one."

"I don't know about that Doctor Kerns, thanks I'll just take a look at the samples here on the bench, I'll leave all the micro stuff to you and Sam."

This was excellent. His whole banditry expedition reduced to a walk in the park.

Now don't touch it. Don't touch it directly she said. Okay wheres the gloves. Oh these flimsy little things, they're not going to protect me are they. There were various wafer thin splices covering a wide area of the bench, all methodically laid out. What was good about it is that the naquadah was a slightly different colour to the niquadria and one side of the bench was covered in naquadah and the other side, niquadria. Alls he had to do was remember that the niquadria has the titanium tinge. Sam* was going to know the difference anyway.

Right a larger bite of naquadah and a not so large, actually minute sample of niquadria. Glass was good. He would take the petri' with their lids. Slight of hand wasn't necessary, thankfully, otherwise he'd be leaving without his samples. As it happened Dr Kerns and his team were completely engrossed in their current test.

Daniel* was fiddling about unnoticed. He was trying to fit the petri dishes containing the metal, into a pair of surgical gloves. That would stop them opening up in his pocket. He placed the thicker sample of naquadah into his right side jacket pocket, placing the niquadria into his left.. ..stop them banging together.. ..literally.

Misplaced, no requisition, he couldn't have asked for more. He thanked Doctor Kerns and headed down the corridors to his office with his pockets full of metal sweeties.

In his office Daniel* emptied out an old poster tube and rolled the StarGate address folios up as tightly as he could and stuffed them down into the tube. At least if he got stopped it wouldn't be obvious that he was carrying the StarGate addresses around with him, because that would raise a few eyebrows.

Okay books. Don't be greedy. Fairs fair. Share and share alike, or exactly the same. He'd just take his most favourite, which yeah sure were also the other Daniel's most favourite, but whos counting. He'd been really lucky up to this point because he hadn't heard the Gate dialling out, which meant that he wouldn't be subjected to the one hour power down time out.

With his arms full of books. His left pit crammed with the locations of his neighbours, a trillion miles nor-east and beyond of The SGC. His pants pockets full of Sam's* instruments. And his jacket beefed up with rare sources of energy. He began to sneak back down to level twenty-eight and the Gate Room. Easy.. ..right?

Things had gone magnificently well. Daniel* was proud of his success and he knew the rest of SG-1* would be impressed with him. Jack* would be very pleased about him having acquired the StarGate addresses. He'd been itching to get his hands on those. He'd said they wouldn't be using them for the time being but once they were back on Mission status Daniel's* expanded Cartouche copy would form an important part of their stratagem.

Daniel* made it to the Gate Room, this was brilliant, all clear. Or not! Oh no the General's voice again. Daniel* twirled round in a tornado like torrent almost knocking himself off balance and through sheer panic scarpered up to the Control Room. Oh gaw'd wrong way, wrong move!

Sergeant Davies was curious about Daniel's* appearance in a tidy suit with an arm full of things and a panicked look. Daniel* kept well back from the viewing glass.

"Oh. Yes. Erm, I'm going back through to the Beta Site but there something I need to get from upstairs."

"We're going to be dialling out in about fifteen minutes, Logistics are taking that lot through."

Sergeant Davies was indicating at all the materials to the left of the embarkation ramp.

"Don't go without me. Please."

"You'll hear us dialling Doctor*."

Daniel* struggled to keep his load. As soon as he got into level twenty-seven's Briefing Room he off loaded everything onto the conference table. He approached the observatory heel to toe and slowly leaned into the glass. Yep General Hammond was down there alright. Well the General's not going to find me in here that's for sure. I'll wait for the last lock and then make a dash. Easy.. ..right?

Heavens knows why, but Daniel* strayed into the General's office. So maybe on reflection perhaps it wasn't that difficult to understand why, but not the fact that he very nearly sat himself down in the General's tall winged back, rolled armed, tufted, most comfortable swivel chair.. ..tut tut.

It was more the feeling of something you miss. Not the General's chair, just being in his office. The chats, the friendliness, the advice, the companionship, he missed it all. He missed the General. In fact what Teal'c* had said in that debrief, it just wasn't far fetched. I mean what was wrong with that, they we're there now, they existed, why shouldn't the General. Wouldn't it make sense to have the General with us, in our new Home-World. I mean wouldn't that just make sense. Anyway, its not up to me, but if it was..

Daniel* had a last look round the room, remembered the past and thought of the future. Time to go. He had to load up and prepare for his dash to the event horizon.

"Doctor Jackson*, helloow, what are you doing in here, can I help yoou?"

Ou! Caught out. And startled.

"Oh General, hi. Hi General."

"Hi to you to Doctor Jackson*."

He wasn't found out was he? Could he still escape? He couldn't understand how the General didn't have his game up straight away. Surely he could tell just by looking at him. He may well know, he definitely may well know.. ..but it seems he didn't. He couldn't see the wires! Cool it Daniel*. Calm down, cool, Jack*?

"General have you spoken to Jack this afternoon?"

"No. I'm sure he'll call just as soon as he can. Is everything alright with you?"

"Yes General, I was just, erm, having a look."

"Oh I see. Was there something in particular you wanted to look at?"

"Err no Sir, thanks for offering."

"You're welcome. Doctor Jackson* you're looking very smart today. I thought you were out in the field with SGs 7 and 15, securing the Beta Site perimeter."

"Yes Sir, em yes General, yep. I've come to pick up some em supplies, some parts, em sensor parts, parts for the sensors, em for the radars, for the radar in the fields with erm Major Pierce."

"What Major Pierce is here to?"

"No General, just me."

"Are you feeling alright Doctor Jackson*?"

"I think so General, not sure. Oh yes actually General I feel fine, never feel better, literally, ha."

"That's just fine Doctor Jackson*, if you say so. If you don't mind taking some advice I would suggest that you find yourself a pair of overalls, you shouldn't be working out in the fields in those fine clothes of yours."

"Thank you General, I'll do that."

"Was there something else Doctor Jackson*?"

"No thanks General, err, I'd better be going. Look after yourself General, take care."

"I will do son, and you take care to."

"Thanks General. I hope to see you soon."

"Likewise Doctor Jackson*. Likewise."

Daniel* left the General's office in all haste. He was beginning to feel as though he was about to start explaining to the General his true purpose in the base. You could tell the General anything, except perhaps that. He was likely to declare a Code Five Lockdown and throw him in the brig.

He half stumbled down the stairs into the Control Room smiled at Sergeant Davies and fled down into the Gate Room.

"Two minutes Doctor Jackson*."

"That's great Sergeant."

Daniel* could feel his legs trembling. They felt funny, warm and weak and uncontrollably shaky.

The Gate Room was a buzz with industry. It was very busy. It was well into late afternoon by now. They were into a two-minute count down to the next dial out. Great, super, safe. Easy.. ..right?

Daniel* was standing tight backed against the wall underneath the Control Room viewing glass. Wow, it was nearly over. He'd soon be back at the Beta Site. He was absolutely positive Teal'c* would be there at the StarGate to greet him. One more minute to go.

At least Jack hadn't radioed in. What a break that was. Sam* was with him. Maybe he hadn't discovered the truth. But then again, that didn't really ring true though did it, after all Jack was Jack/*. But even so, sure he could be ruthless, he was Special Ops, Black Ops all the Ops.. ..but he wouldn't hurt them, would he? That's right, right? He wouldn't hurt them. Their bonds were to strong. To Deep. And what SG-1 felt for each other, therein, SG-1* felt for each other, and what SG-1* felt for SG-1, SG-1 must, by their very nature, feel the same for SG-1*.. know what I mean. Jack would never hurt them, never destroy them, they'd be safe.

Things really weren't that bad after all, and he'd be gone in thirty or so seconds. Easy.. ..right?

The StarGate started dialling. Ooh thank goodness. What a relief! ..Locked, locked again, again.. ..he loved that sound.

In the Control Room, Master Sergeant Davies spoke to his deputy Comms operator.

"Off world activation. Receiving I.D.C. Its SG-1."

Knowing that the General was talking to some of his aids and three officers from the Pentagon in the Briefing Room foyer, he raised his voice.

"Incoming I.D.C.!"

Yeah that was Sergeant Davies alright. What does he mean incoming. Outgoing right? Incoming! In fact yeah of course that's right, the Iris has just closed, of course its incoming!

Ooowww, tut! I wanna go now. Daniel* pinned himself, discretely, he thought, against the back wall, hiding behind his arms full of goodies.

"Its SG-1!"

SG-1. SG-1? SG-1! He couldn't figure it out. He had enhanced neurological capabilities but they didn't seem to be working. SG-1 incoming! what? How?



~ ± Γ ҧ ∞ Ξ ζ ω ≠ ∄ ≅ ≡ ~


~~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter* and Teal'c returned to the Cargo ship and left Altairian space, on course for The SGC Beta Site.

Teal'c placed the unconscious lotar in the co-pilot's seat. He then joined Colonel O'Neill in the bay to participate in a futile search for clean clothes. They were both stripped down to just khakis and swat T-shirts. The Colonel was in the process of pouring bottled water over his head, face and arms. He offered the bottle to Teal'c who did the same.

"Got to get out of this stuff T."

"The smell is now greatly diminished O'Neill."

"Not greatly enough for me. I just need a nice hot shower."


"Hows the lotar?"

"He is still unresponsive, however his pulse rate has increased to a more healthy degree."

"Hows it going Carter*?"

"Fine Sir, just sit back and enjoy the ride."

They had been going for about forty minutes. Teal'c came forward and relieved Major Carter* of the Helm. She entered the bay and immediately jumped up onto a shelving unit and stretched out.

The Colonel was star gazing, stretched out spread eagle on the floor.

"A nice hot shower for me as soon as we get home Carter*."

"What back to The SGC Sir?"

"You got it."

"How are you doing Sir?"

"You mean at this very moment?"

"At all the moments."

The Colonel sat up on the floor and studied Carter*. She was lying down on the shelf, star gazing up at the Tel'tac's windowless roof.

"That's quite an in dept question isn't it?"

"You mean you're not going to answer me Sir?"

"No, I just want to make sure you're prepared for the answer. Are you sitting comfortably?"

He was making her laugh.


"Come on." Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter* went forward.

"Whats up T?"

"The lotar." He was stirring. Mumbling.

"He appears to be in a state of weakness and confusion O'Neill."

"Can you understand anything of what hes saying?"

"I can derive the meaning of few of his words. O'Neill I believe I recognise some of the words spoken by this lotar as being the same as those contained in Daniel Jackson's database and deriving from beyond the northern area of the Earth's Egyptian seas, the plains of Mesopotamia. These words bear similarity to the ancient Persian language from Zend-Avee'sta."

"Isn't that tied in with all that Sanskrit stuff?"


"Sir how do you know.."

"Lucky guess Carter*. Can you understand it Teal'c?"

"No. Perhaps Daniel Jackson will have more success. However, although an unusual mixture, I do understand many of the Goa'uld words he speaks, and he also understands me."

"Go for it T."

Major Carter* was trying to pacify him whilst Teal'c attempted to communicate. He acted as though he was terrified. He was trying to look round, possibly for his lord and master, the minor Goa'uld and false g_d, Ibnis. 'Dead false g_d'.

"He is from amongst the Juna galaxy. He and his people live on a small moon, Quom Gehd. They have been enslaved for centuries by a small faction of Goa'uld. I am unable to ascertain the identity the Goa'uld of whom he refers."

Ibnis' lotar had survived his master. He would in due course return to his home moon of Quom Gehd. This lotar would not be seeking sanctuary from the wrath of the Goa'uld. He would fight for the freedom of his people. He would become Tok'Ra. He would build Gehdriene resistance against the Goa'uld. He now had the support of new friends, the Tau'ri. Unlike those before him who had survived their master, he knew the true meaning of Gehdriene Kal Mah and the fate of all those who went in search of it. He lost consciousness.

"He is once more unconscious O'Neill."

"Sir his heart and pulse rate are slightly erratic but theres little more we can do for him until we get him into Janet's care."

"Leave him. Its probably best not to try and wake him for now. Did you see how nervous he was? Looked like he was half expecting that mental malefactor to jump out on him and zap him with his ribbon device, nuts!"

"Yes Sir."

"Well kids we've done a good days work. How long Teal'c?"

"Thirty minutes."

"Keep on trucking."

The Colonel went back into the bay and began checking through all the equipment.

"Carter* whats the charge on those Ihn'tars?"

Major Carter* went back through to the bay and began handling the guns.

"Sir they're completely topped up. Theres unused rounds in them. Safety's clipped on all of them. Mustn't have realised."

Although it made for an easy defeat, you could tell that as a Military Man he was quite disgusted by the dead Ibnis' warfare tactics.

"That's what I thought when we were down in the plant. That butt end crystal lights up when they're charged doesn't it? You're right must be they didn't know. Maybe they thought red meant empty."

"Yes Sir, these retain a long lasting firing capacity. If they knew.."

She picked up the Gehdri prime's Rings activator turning it over in her hands, examining it.

"Sir would it be alright if I hold on to this?"

"What have you got there, what you wanna run some tests? Yeah sure Carter* its yours."

The Colonel sat down on the floor.

"I tell them but they don't listen. Heads are gonna have to roll."

"What Sir?"

"A few throw cushions.. ..couple of recliners, even a lean to table and chair wouldn't go amiss."

"I know, you would think they'd have addressed the lack of seating in these things by now."

"So what about the Al'kesh?"

Major Carter* in discoverture.


"I'm only asking Carter*."

"Yeah I know, sorry Sir. I mean what? What about the Al'kesh Sir?"

She was becoming very hot and uneasy. She could feel her face getting redder. Had he found her out?

"I was just wondering what the status was with that ship we've got floating around Harlan's place. Salvageable?"

"Maybe not Sir."

"We'll see." He lay back out on the floor again, starring up at the Cargo bay's partitioned pyrite ceiling.

Carter* kept her back to him. She didn't want him to see her face. A picture paints a thousand words and all that, but her face was spelling out just one big fat scary arrangement of letters, deception!

She was becoming very overwhelmed by a deluge of feelings. She needed assurance. She urgently needed to speak to Jack.., Jack*. Suddenly all of this.. ..deception, became tremendously difficult for her. What was she doing, 'for crying out loud'!

"Sir, about the Al'kesh."

"What is it Carter*?"

"Sir its.. ..I need to.. ..its just that.. ..Colonel. You need.. ..I just need you to understand." She had ear marked the Al'kesh for SG-1*.

The Colonel jumped up. Hands on hips like Pan, Peter, he weighed Carter* up.

"Whats with you? Whats going on?"

"The Al'kesh.. ..Sir."

She could hardly talk. She seemed terribly upset, if not withdrawn.

"Carter* come here. Come over here." He beckoned her.

She walked over to him with lead in her shoes. She wouldn't take her eyes off the floor. He put his hands on her shoulders and held her firmly, at arms length.

"Look at me Carter*, come on look at me."

She hesitantly steered her eyes at his worried look.

"Whatever it is its okay. Sam*.. ..mantha*, you know I'll always protect you." He gently rocked her shoulders.

"I know Sir, thank you. I think I needed to hear that. I just really need you to understand.."

"Carter*, Sam*, I trust you, implicitly. Whatever it is, I'm with you all the way. You've got nothing to worry about. Now take it easy and settle down. If its that important you can tell me in your own time."

He still had hold of her. There was something wrong, he knew that.

"Yes Sir. I will."

She felt very limp and very overwhelmed, like she was slipping. Colonel O'Neill sensing her need drew her in close and held her tightly to his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder and melted into him. She brought her arms up around his waist and limply held on tightly.

A lump swelled in the back of her throat. She was real enough. They were real enough. It wasn't really a tight grip on her heart, it was just enough so that her windpipe closed and she stopped breathing and she felt a little hot in her chest and her head.

And the back of her throat started to gently push out until it felt like a lump came up into her mouth and then she quietly swallowed and then she breathed slowly and lightly.

And at the same time she opened her eyes and some warm synthetic tears that she didn't know were brewing, spilled out from her eyes. He felt them. Quite hot they were. Rolling down her face in quick succession. And the outside corner of her left eye stayed wet.

She did love him deeply. No it wasn't a problem. Sort of like a foundation, deep rooted, you don't see it but it is there, strong, solid, supporting everything above it.

She could never ever do anything to hurt him, betray him. But now there were two of him. Of course she loved them equally, how could she not. In her mind she couldn't separate them. She could only discern them as one. And here she was having to deceive him, them, no him. She couldn't do it. Not for anything, she couldn't do it.

"I love you Jack." A time bomb went off in his chest. He was squeezing her tightly, he couldn't let go. His chest rose her chest fell. Her chest heaved his chest sank. They were a tightly bonded unit.

Did she just speak? She had been thinking about her feelings for him, them, but had she spoke out loud? She felt like she was falling rapidly through the floor, through the ship, through space. She was loosing grip. She was Major Samantha Carter. She was real. "Sir??"

"Its okay I've got you."

"Don't let go." She whispered so they both could hear.

"I won't." He gave her a lot of strength.

She stayed in his arms while she found her footing again.

"Sir I'm fairly sure the explosives I sent up to the ship weren't packed enough to cause structural damage, disable it."

"Which is it Carter*, fairly or sure?"

"Sure Sir."

"That's not a problem. You know, I don't expect that chilling precision work of yours all of the time. I'll have Hammond put Three on the case. I'll even get him to send along SG-4s Tactical Ops boys. Is that okay with you? Are we happy now?"

"Yes Sir, ecstatic."

"So we'll bag ourselves another cargo ship. One, two, that's a good thing isn't it?"


Teal'c had kept silent. His hearing was excellent and heightened. Another physiologic benefit of housing a symbiote. A nosy snake as the Colonel would have it. 'It's a good thing that little minky can't talk.' He would taunt Teal'c with that thought.

Teal'c had been well aware of the personal intensity in the cargo bay and announced, "O'Neill we will soon be landing."

"I can have Teal'c do a few wide, slow passes over the Beta Site if you like. Or we can go visit a pretty little moon somewhere."

Sam* began to cheer up and laugh. She felt much much better. Just like her old self. He could do that.

"You know, I really would love to come fishing with you one day."

"I can't wait." He took a deep breath and slowly breathed out and squeezed her again. "Yeah I can't wait Sam*." He recollected all the times she hadn't been fishing with him. "Yep, can't wait, we'll see."

Teal'c hovered over the landing zone not prepared to set down. His friends were still unsettled.

"Let me take a look at you Sam*, how are you feeling?" He held her out from him, arms length. "Last chance. We could go and park up by a sun, you know how you like those things, all bright and glowy."

She laughed again. She really was feeling fine now.

"You sure you don't just wanna go throw a bit of fire in the sun?"

He was smiling like a Cheshire cat with all the cream. She placed her hand on his face and stroked him. "Come on lets go."

"You know I know this isn't about the Al'kesh."

"Nothing a long ride on my bike won't shake out of me Sir."

They both began to executed an excellent display of normal behaviour.

"When you're ready to talk."

"Yes Sir."

Carter* bent down to collect her gear.

"Jack. Thank you."

He gave her a long kind and thoughtful look but didn't say anything.

"Land the bird T!"



~ ω µ Π Φ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱   ∁ ℑ ℜ Å ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"I really miss not being able to go home to Minnesota."

"Sir, if the General knew you felt like that he'd probably schedule you in a weekend."

"Well its not that easy."

"Oh come on Sir, you know the General, his people come first. If he knew you really wanted to go home, he'd find a way to make it happen."

"I can wait. I was just saying. How about you, have you got any plans."

"Well my fathers put his dibs on my next leave. He said hes got some nice surprise in store. He won't let me in on it. I've got no idea where we're going but I think it might be off world somewhere."

"Yeah Jacob, hes a good man. He likes the adventurous outdoors. Sounds good."

"I'm hoping so. I actually look forward to our little trips away. Its nice to be able to spend time with him."

"Good on you."

"So you're definitely not leaving then. You won't be leaving .. ..The SGC?"

He remembered when he'd first looked at himself, Other self, right after discovering first hand Harlan's synthesising technology. The terrible failings of loss of self. Realising that all of himself was now an Other. That all of an Other was now himself. In the dark he fell apart. He felt a pain and it was sharp, sharp, sharp. The feeling, ouch, being blown up into many tiny pieces. Being turned into liquid and poured out over the side. Waking up in 'the cold of space' without a hook, a line or sinker. Sink me!!

Don't worry Carter, one of us isn't leaving. Just not this one. He had the semblance of sadness. He was looking across the lake at the oversized bonsai. He really wasn't trying to count their leaves, it only seemed as though he was. Cogito ergo sum.

"No I'm not leaving, I promise you.. ..I wouldn't leave you Carter."

We wouldn't leave you, either of you.

"Sir I just saw the water ripple over there."

And I also I heard every word you just said.


"Just over there."

He stood there scanning the dark waters. Life was good, well it was getting better. He was certain they'd be lakes like this on his new Home-World. He wished he could take Carter there to show her the raw beauty of the place. They really did need to come up with a name for their new planet, personalise the place.

He picked up a couple of flat stones from the water's edge, and threw them at the lake, dead weight.

"You know theres an art to that."

"To what?"

"To what you're doing."


"Yeah really."

"Show me then."

Carter went and stood next to him. She looked round the ground for exactly the right type of stone. She found what she wanted. Took the stance of a Venusian, and skilfully began skimming her selection across the lake's surface. "Three, ha excellent."

He was laughing at her. "Three, that's a wish for me. Oh so that's what you're doing."

"Of course it is, what are you doing?"

He launched his flat stone across the pools reflective angle. It was a good one. It hopped.. ..three, four, five, six.. ..plop.

"Ahh, I was just waking up the fish that's all."

"You're great at this."

"Practice. Minnesota Carter, theres lots of water there."

It really did sound like a wonderful tranquil place.

"Carter do you ever wish everything could just change?"

"Change? How Sir?"

"I don't know, just everything not be the same. Different."

"I don't know that's.. .. that's a difficult one. I'm not sure, I'd have to think about that one."

"How would you feel if you suddenly discovered you couldn't go back to The SGC. You couldn't go back to doing the things you've always done. How would that strike you?"

"What? What Sir, you mean if I was badly injured in battle?"

"No Carter I don't mean that! Nothing like that, don't even say that. I just mean.. ..I don't know, em, say they closed the mountain down or something."

"Something? Oh gosh Sir, I don't know. I've never ever thought about that. I know for a fact I'd find it very, very difficult. I don't know what I'd do with myself. I'd probably get reassigned, though to be truthful I don't think I'd be happy taking up a new assignment after this. It would just be.. ..they'd be no.. comparison."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I know what you mean. Travelling the stars, the moons, the planets, suns..'s a winner every time."

"Yeah, more than that Sir. Travelling up there, with the best group of friends you've ever had, Jack* it's a non topper!"

"I hear ya Carter. I hear you. That's what makes all the difference in the world. Ha, the Universe. Come on."

He was like a big kid showing a friend a secret hideout.

He began their slow stroll around the calm and pretty little lake.

"What kind of trees are those Sir?"

There was a thin forest of what looked like junior redwoods boxing off the north side of the lake from the rocky hillside behind.

"Don't know, but I bet you could build a great tree house up there."

"Something else you used to get up to in Minnesota?"

"Oh yeah, and not that long ago either."

That was funny, they were both laughing.

"So you're definitely not.. ..leaving?"

"No Sam. Everything's fine. Nothing to worry about. I was just asking.. ..that's all."

Making their way around the lake they passed by a small clump of bracken bushes. Major Carter caught her khaki pants on a spear of broken branch, ripping them from thigh to knee. "Ow. Oow!" She leapt back as the sharp end poked into the side of her leg. "Ouch." It scratched her.

The Colonel* rushed over and seeing her bending in pain hugging her leg, knelt down, brushed her hands away, and began examining her.

"Let me see."

"I don't think its deep Sir, it just nicked me."

"Yeah, its not so deep. Can you walk alright? Or I can carry you."

"Come on Sir, its only a little scratch."


He tried to close the tear in her khakis but that wasn't going to happen, they had been ripped beyond repair.

"We're going to have to get you a change, are you sure you're okay?"

"Fine Sir."

Whether he was seduced by the warm feel of her smooth bare leg or influenced by all the talk of feelings, he was roused and unable to restrain himself. As he slowly stood up he took a step into her leaving very little space between them.

His heart beat lively. He stood unmoving right in front of her, his eyes closed shut and wanting to ask her. She was taken aback but there was something wrong, she knew that. He opened his eyes on her and she was staggered to see the best of the afternoon sunlight touching the face of his soul. Yes definitely, he was most positively real. She was swamped by feelings.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her longingly. Surprised and unsure she responded passionately. He came about and quickly stepped back, recomposing himself.

"Oh Carter I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm doing. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I slipped."

"That was a very pleasant slip Jack*, nice landing. And Colonel*, Sir, yes I do forgive you."

"Thank you Major."

He withdrew away from her, placed his hands in his suit pants pockets and began to look for closure in his attempt to remove the pale green moss from the top of the spongy peat beneath their feet, with the heel of his shoe.


He looked up at Major Carter with his pain and half closed eyes and as assuredly as possible, "its alright Sam. I promise you by the end of today everything will be back to normal."

The heat from his words washed over her and moved her deeply.

"Yes Sir." If you insist.

"Come on, its time to get back. Lets go and meet up with Teal'c*. See whats happening at the plant."

"Plant Sir?"

"Nine eight niner, well.. .. Altair."



~ Ґ Ω √ Ξ γ λ μ   ⊇ ∪ ⊎ ℜ Å ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~




Colonel O'Neill was hammering on the cockpit area of the flight deck.

"O'Neill he will not hear you."

"He will, count on it. Hey!! Hey you, yes you, come here. Told ya."

O'Neill was grinning all over. The passing Airman stood to attention and saluted and then hurried to board the ship. Once inside the Colonel instructed him.

"Okay this is the situation. This man is unconscious, he needs immediate medical attention, keep your eye on him until you're relieved, we're leaving the ship."

"Yes Sir!"

"Where you going?"

"Sir on my way to get medical personnel, you said he needed immediate medical attention."

"Yes he needs attention but you need to guard him. I told you to guard him. I want an armed guard on him at all times."

"Yes Sir. Sir you did say he was unconscious?"

"Yes hes unconscious, but the whole point of being unconscious is that at some stage one is going to become conscious again. In which case we don't want him waking up behind the wheel of an inter-stellar vehicle with no one to guard him."

"Oh yes Sir, of course. Sorry Sir."

"Thats alright Airman. You watch him, we'll send the medical staff over."

"Yes Sir, thank you."

"Carry on."

Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter* and Teal'c left the vessel and headed to the inner compound of the Beta Site.

"Major* I need to check up on progress in the Control Distribution Facility and pick up the reports they've already prepared for me, we can Gate home after that. You coming?"

"Actually Sir I thought I'd check in at Headquarters and em, see if Daniel's around."

"Okay Carter* good idea. Em, okay listen, we'll be over at the underground Facility if you need anything. We'll meet back up in the HQ and then we'll Gate to The SGC, won't be to long. Come on T lets go."

"Right Sir, see you Teal'c."

Teal'c beamed and bowed at Major Carter*.

"Carter* can you swing by the Medic's station and get someone over to the lotar. Tell them when they're done to ship him to Earth, usual precautions."

"Yes Sir, I'll do that. Hope to see you soon."

The Colonel and Teal'c set off to the western sector of the inner compound.

"T I can't wait any longer, I'm going to have to get out of these clothes and change into something else. If we stop by stores we can probably get a set of BDUs."

"I would be most grateful for some fresh clothing O'Neill."

"Lets go."

"Sir! Colonel." Major Carter* was jogging towards them. "Sir."

"Wait up Teal'c."

The Colonel walked towards Carter* "What?" With deep and genuine concern.

"Sir I just wanted to thank you."

"For what?"

"Sir you know."

"That's not the kinda thing I want thanks for, you should know that."

"I do, I really do, but I just had to let you know that I feel it."

"I know.. ..I know."

He was nodding his head and smiling and walking backwards away from her. It wasn't open for discussion.

"Jack. Take care."

"Only if you will." He was still moving away.

"I will."

She smiled at him, happy, and gave him a nice wave. Realising that she probably wouldn't be seeing Teal'c for quite some time as well, she threw him a wave of friendship. Major Carter* turned and went to the medical outpost.

After despatching medical aid Major Carter* was unsure as to which direction to take. There was no sign of either Daniel*, Teal'c* or the Colonel*. She knew wherever they were somehow they would have her six. Therefore she thought the best course of action was to continue with her present Mission. As arranged she made her way to the HQ building and went inside, to wait.

There were two stores in the inner compound. One for munitions and technical hardwares located in the east sector near to the StarGate. Then there was the medical and life support stores, located in the westside of the compound. Construction materials were not stored at the Beta Site but were sent through from The SGC as and when required.

The western sector supply stores unit was on the way to the underground Control Distribution Facility. They were in Luck, BDUs were in stock, both Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c were kited out with navy blue and although they weren't able to shower they could refresher themselves with a vigorous face wash. They continued on to the underground Facility.

In their determination to sustain communications continuity during a ground assault, General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill had decided that an underground facility would better serve their purpose. The underground location also rather successfully encompassed the issue of in situ technical security management.

The Control Distribution Facility, underground bunker, was sunken about one story down in the wooded part of the far west sector of the inner compound. It was hidden from view. The heavy blast door encased a very basic build of mainly concrete. It was well heated mostly provided for by the surface temperature.

There were four rooms and two annexes making up two computer suites, a central control room, a ready room, a briefing room and a monitoring post.. and satcomms, long and short, violet and red, and Xs. Once fully operational they would be monitoring all the airs and all the spaces, Beta Site Aerospace Control & Warning Systems, the full caboodle.

"At ease. Okay Lieutenant, first order of business, we need a team of Techs to get themselves over to niner eight niner, yeah the P3X niner eight niner, the Altair planet, and run a full Gate diagnostic."

"Sir at the current time we don't have any technicians available to go Off World."

"Well Lieutenant you're going to have to find some because until they get their butts out there and checkout that StarGate, SG-5 are going to be stuck in that gaw'd awful hell hole. I suggest you pick up your clip board and start reassessing your roster."

"Yes Sir! I'll have that worked out accordingly."

"Good man Lieutenant. Treat it as urgent. Now when you've finished that very important task I'd be glad if you accompany the Operations Commander as he walks us through the recent developments down here in control central.

"Yes Sir!" The young Lieutenant felt privileged.

The Colonel and Teal'c were at the Facility for about forty minutes during which time they were updated on all recent developments including the latest hardware and software additions. As well as new surveillance installations. Teal'c was engaged with the Master Sergeant ensuring that they had taken into consideration all methods of Goa'uld attack.

The Colonel was guided around the Facility and inspected all new construction works. After receiving copies of the latest reports he left the Facility with Teal'c and set off back across the compound to the Beta Site Headquarters.



~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ µ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"Sam I didn't.. ..Carter, I didn't upset you before did I?"

"Sir? You're kidding me right?"

"Yeah right, you're right, okay. You sure?"

"Sure. Double sure."

"Okay. Okay Major Carter."

"Copy that Sir."

"Are we okay?"

"We're fine Sir."

"Shall we not bring this up again?"

"If you say so Sir. You can tell me you know."

"Tell you what?"


The Colonel* was quiet, if not a little subdued, but no more than he had been the whole time they'd been together. The cloud was more or less dissipated by his naturally buoyant personality. But Major Carter knew him well enough to factorise that something was seriously troubling him.

If he didn't want to, you couldn't extract it out of him, so she did the next best thing and made sure he understood that as soon as he was ready, she'd be listening.

Leaving the Minnesota type idyll was an easy and relaxing trek. Once over the rocky incline it was flat ground and variable woodlands all the way back to the inner compound.

Not withstanding that she was convinced Colonel O'Neill* was working through a fundamentally troublesome matter, Major Carter was thankful of the somewhat quality time she'd spent with her friend and colleague.



"Jack I know theres something wrong, I know it."

"Its alright Carter. Okay yeah you've got me. You're right, there is something wrong.. ..oddish! But its something that I don't know how to explain to you. Nows not the time. I'll tell you about it someday okay, but just not now. Look its nothing to worry about. I'll go a few rounds in the ring with Teal'c*, that'll deal with it. Honestly Sam don't worry about it. It'll all make sense in the end, you'll see."

"Okay Sir. But I just want you to know that I know and I've got your back. I'm with you all the way on this Sir."

"I know it.. ..are we alright Carter?"

"Yes Sir we're fine."

They we're heading into the compound from a northerly direction. As they reached the woodlands about a kilometre and a half from the inner compound a Cargo ship passed overhead going in for a land.

"Hey Sir that must be SG-5, they're back sooner than I expected."

"Yep I guess they must have it all tied up. Anyway we'll get a report soon enough."

"Come on Sir lets get back."

"Yes. Lets."

Never to far from the StarGate in the East section of the inner compound, Teal'c* had been maintaining his cover as stores designator, allocating the various supply goods to the different departments of the stores warehouses.

He had been making frequent use of his field glasses searching for Daniel Jackson so that he could then trace his movements. Although when last seen, Daniel and Major Pierce and his group had been in the north noreast grounds of the outer perimeter, Teal'c* was careful to pay attention to all the compound's inbound access lanes.

Major Pierce was approaching from the north east. Well spotted. SG-15 were unaccompanied so presumably Daniel was still out in the field with SG-7. Teal'c*, for appearances sake, nonchalant, extremely cautiously made his way across the compound, passed the inner site boundary and over to Major Pierce's position. He intended to confirm Daniel Jackson's where abouts.

"Major Pierce I see you have finished for the day."

"Hi Teal'c*. Should I be addressing you as General?"

Major Pierce had a very friendly smile for Teal'c* and he was most impressed with Teal'c's* outfit.

"No that won't be necessary Major Pierce." Teal'c* enjoyed the fun.

"Finished? Err no not finished yet. Come to collect more supplies, food and stuff. We're actually going to be staying out there until pretty late tonight. Once it gets dark if we're still not finished we'll work by overhead lighting. We're on a roll Teal'c* so we've decided to go all out and complete the north east sector by days end. We've been temporarily held up. Wrong parts. They've sent us some of the wrong sensor components."

"I have seen no such components amongst the technical equipment sent through from the SGC."

"No you wouldn't have Teal'c*. Its something we didn't foresee. A written requisition needs to be submitted by hand directly to level three back at The SGC. Special stores! We're gonna to have to go back through the StarGate to collect these particular parts. In fact Daniel volunteered for the job. So as soon as he gets back we'll pick up where we left off."

"I felt certain Daniel Jackson was in the field still working with SG-7?"

"Well he was, but he should be at the StarGate by now."

"I see..! Excuse me Major Pierce. I must speak with Daniel Jackson. Most urgently..!"

"Okay Teal'c*, I'll catch you later."


Teal'c* had taken on a titanium hue along with some niquadriaic properties. He was positively traumatised. Daniel Jackson at the StarGate. Indeedy do!

It had been a natural distraction. The appearance of Major Pierce and his team in the absence of Daniel Jackson, why should he have presumed Daniel was no longer in the field. Hazardous assûmptus. Mai'tac! How could he endanger his friend's safety. At all costs, he must prevent Daniel Jackson returning to The SGC.

It was not often that Teal'c* went into a high sprint. He was fast, he was very fast, much more so than a Tau'ri. He could see Daniel Jackson in the distance through his binoculars, as Major Pierce had said, at the StarGate.

Daniel was dialling the D.H.D., whilst talking to some Medics bearing a stretcher and to some other personnel, Logistics it looked like. Perhaps he was not going through to The SGC, though possibly he may.


Teal'c* was a few hundred meters away, it was a distance he could easily cover within seventy seconds worth of I.D.C. grace. However, the StarGate had already initialised.

He was hurtling unimpeded across the unkempt terrain. "Daniel Jackson!! Daniel Jackson!!" He was power sprinting and yelling at the top of his voice. "Daniel Jackson I must speak with you!!"

Daniel promptly turned round and looked up at the thruster draughts of the departing Cargo ship. Teal'c's* requests went unheard, smothered by the noise of the overhead engines. Daniel turned back towards the StarGate to see the Medics pass through with the unconscious lotar. The Logistics team Captain ushered Daniel forward.

Daniel began mounting the steps to the StarGate, there was no turning back. Teal'c* was still in the formation of a ballistic projectile screaming towards the Gate, alas his attempts to fire Daniel's attention were totally in vain.



~  Л Δ Π Σ Ω χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"Its SG-1 Sir!"

"Oh good, I wasn't expecting them back for another half hour. Open the Iris Sergeant. And tell Colonel O'Neill to report to my office."

General Hammond was now at the head of the stairs leading from the Control Room up to the Briefing Room and his offices and the floors above.

"Sergeant we'd like to take a look at the last hours diagnostics readings if you have a copy."

The Iris bloomed, there a shinning, fresh, pretty blue horizon.

"Bringing a copy up Sir."

Colonel O'Neill* was still chilled out and looking handsome in his suited out exquisite attire when he and Major Carter entered the Beta Site's inner compound.

The first thing Colonel O'Neill* noticed was the shape of Teal'c* rocketing towards the StarGate.

"Err T for Tango, what the hell are you doing? Teal'c* come in buddy, are you reading me?"

"We are no longer maintaining radio silence O'Neill*?"

"Oddish.. ..I'd have to say no choice about that one. À la dérobée Teal'c*, what ya doin'?"

"A moment O'Neill*."

Teal'c* and now Colonel O'Neill* were watching Daniel step into a dynamic new horizon and disappear.

"Daniel Jackson*! Daniel Jackson*!! Are you receiving my hail?"

Daniel* was plastered back against the Control Room wall in the Gate Room, trying to remain cloaked with his arms full of books. He was directly opposite to the StarGate, looking forward to a straight run and exit.

"Sounds fussy Teal'c* but I can hear you. I'm in the Gate Room ready to leave, I'll be back in a.."

"At this very instance Doctor Daniel Jackson of The SGC has stepped into the event Horizon and will now be in a demolecularised state traversing a subspace wormhole connected to Earth at his intrinsic mass's maximum velocity. He will be in The SGC momentarily."

"Oh G.. ..thats what that is, the Gate its.. ..Teal'c* what? Thanks. Hide!!"

Sergeant Davies stood up and brushed together all the files in front of him and began to make his way up the stairs to the General's office.

"Detecting a second incoming signal Sir, very weak. Not a recognised frequency, lost it. Its gone. Must have been a spike. Sergeant Davies Sir, shall I inform the General?"

"No need to disturb him. It's the biannuals and they've been in conference since the General got back from the Beta Site. Diagnostics will have recorded its amplitude. You say the signal was not in the usual frequency range, abrupt and weak, Its probably a radio frequency transmission anomaly, possibly a reflection, but it will still be analysed just the same. Don't worry about it Sergeant."

Teal'c* slowed down to a stop and caught his 'breath'. Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill* joined Teal'c*.

"Teal'c* I never knew you could run that fast."

"Indeed Major Carter. It is a requirement of all Jaffa warriors to endure extensive strength, speed and stamina training so that they may at all times be in readiness for battle."

"Pretty much like our guys hey Teal'c*?"

"I believe not O'Neill*. Warriors of Earth do not have to perform under pain of death if certain time measurements are not achieved for the exercises in which they partake."

"You're damn right."

"Ope. What was you running for Teal'c*?"

"I was endeavouring to speak to Daniel Jackson before he passed into the event horizon. I did not reach him in time."

"Oh I think you did T*."


"Well we're probably going back soon aren't we Colonel*, Sir we'll be returning to The SGC soon won't we?"

"Yeah that's right. Oh yeah. Yes Carter. Yep."


"Major Carter are you injured?" Teal'c* was pointing at Major Carter's badly torn khakis.

"Thanks for asking. No Teal'c* its just a scratch."

"I have seen stocks of clothing. They are in the warehouse here waiting to be moved to the stores in the west sector. Just one moment."

Teal'c* took off and went in search of a replacement pair of khakis. He returned holding a pair of working blues.

"These should fit you Major Carter."

"Thanks Teal'c* I won't be long. Oh by the way do you know who's just taken off in the Tel'Tac?"

"I observed the ship taking off but I do not know who is inside."

Major Carter went inside the warehouse and found a place to change. When she returned she spoke to Colonel O'Neill*.

"Sir do you mind if I check in at HQ, see if they've got those samples I asked for?"


"Yes Sir, I told you. They found.. ..I think when they we're out they found err meteor fragments and we just want to get a look at them, aged them etc. Err maybe trace the source."

"Yeah those damn meteorites can be a pain."

"They can Sir, especially when they're not looking where they're going."

"Sure Carter go ahead."

"Thank you Sir."

He followed her a few paces. "Hey.. ..are we okay?"

"We're fine Sir."

"Just remember what I told you. I'll always appreciate you."

"I'm saying the same to you Jack*, Sir."



Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* escorted Major Carter over to the HQ building. They both remained outside leaving Major Carter to enter the complex alone.



~ ∏ ∞ ± Δ Ξ Ω ω ∘   ~

~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Daniel* tore out of the Gate Room like a fox with a goose on his tail. Smack bang, oh Pandemonium. "Oh Sergeant Siler."

"Gee sorry about that Doctor Jackson*. You we're going a little fast there Sir."

"Urgent! Urgent. Control Room!" Daniel* was beside himself with anxiety and nerves and a thorough streak of panic. He was still clutching the tube containing the StarGate addresses. "Control Room!"

"Sure Doctor Jackson* you go right on up. I'll get these for you."

Daniel's* books were Strewn across the Gate Room corridor.

"Sergeant, but quick though, please."

"Right behind you Doctor Jackson*."

Daniel* bounded frantically into the Control Room and hid himself from incoming travellers behind the standalone system terminal at the end of the Dialling Console. He could see out, but hopefully, they couldn't see him. He spoke to the Duty Operator.

"Sergeant wheres Sergeant Davies?"

"Sir hes up stairs in the General's office."



"Sergeant look at me when I'm talking to you. Over here."

"Oh I'm very sorry Doctor Jackson*, can I help you Sir."


"Doctor Jackson* heres all your books."

"Thanks Sergeant. Can you just wait there, right there, just a minute please." Daniel* was on the opposite side of the Control Room to Sergeant Siler.

"Sure Doctor*."

"Now as I was saying, yes. When is.. ..when will you be dialling out? When.. long do we have to wait before the next dial out. Em Sergeant Davies told me it would be two minutes, that was already three minutes ago.. ..could you give me a time?"

"Em yes Sir, actually Sergeant Davies was correct. We had scheduled a dial out sequence but the incoming wormhole took priority before we obtained full lock."

"A time Sergeant?"

"Err yes Sir, I just.."


"Yes Sir, its just that I have to close the Iris Sir."

Though he'd only ever seen it on rare visits to the barbers, Daniel* recognised the back of his other self's head as he made his way out of the Gate Room, presumably going to his office, or somewhere.

"The Iris. Yes you do. You do have to do that Sergeant. Em right then, okay, well thanks.. ..thanks for that. Em right, super, okay, thank you."

Daniel* wobbled towards Sergeant Siler. "Okay Sergeant, err yeah. Could you just give me a hand with these back into the Gate Room and em, that'd be great, that's great, thank you."

"Yeah sure Doctor Jackson*. By the way if you want me to get you a set of overalls its no trouble. You're out in the field establishing perimeters aren't you. They'd just stop your good clothes from getting spoilt."

"Thanks very much Sergeant, I've actually got a pair in my office but I thought I'd not bother today, thanks."

"Okay, heres your books, are you taking them with you?"

"Em not sure.. ..just doing a bit of re-filing."

"Okay then, see you later."

"Thanks Sergeant Siler, its been great to see you."

"Gee thanks Doctor Jackson*. Pleasure to help, bye."

Bye Sergeant, all the best, it would be really great to see you again, who knows. Oh he never told me how long it would be. Come on, come on. Hurry up!! Please!

"Hold that please, just hold on a minute, Thanks. Twenty please. Oh actually on second thoughts can you make that three, erm yeah, its probably best to get this sorted out first. Yeah sorry about that, could you make it three, level three, thanks.

Up on the third floor, a place he hadn't been before, Daniel thought the requisition admin was taking an excessive amount of time.

"Em cuse me Lieutenant, excuse me, how long will this take? Its just that I need to get back, we're actually waiting on the parts and I've got erm, theres Units in the field who can't do any work until they get these parts."

"Yes Doctor Jackson, I understand that, the request has been processed. Somebody needs to go down to Special Stores and physically obtain the parts you've requested."

"Okay so how long are we looking at?"

"Well if they've gone down in.. ..they can't be more than another ten or fifteen minutes. They'll be back as soon as they can Doctor. I'd just hang on if I was you."

"Okay Lieutenant, thanks."

Both Daniels were waiting. Whilst one Daniel was waiting on the third level of The SGC the other Daniel* was waiting on the twenty-eighth level.

Both Daniels were waiting for safety. The impatient one, safety bearing sensor gismos. The petrified one, his own.

Both Daniels would hopefully soon be travelling. One in a lift the other in a wormhole.

Seven men from Logistics walked into the Gate Room and began to assemble. Oh such a lucky number.., seven go to heaven. Oh calm down, take it easy! Act normal! Mix in Jack* said. Hiding will get me noticed he said. I think he was right. I'm hiding myself here but everybody keeps saying hello to me. The men started arranging the construction materials. Ah Logistics, great. We're on our way.

"Dialling Chevron One!"

It was the Deputy Operator. Please keep dialling.

" ..Chevron Six locked!"

Don't stop now. I looked busy. He'll be back soon. I wonder where he went. My office probably.


Sounds different I grant you, probably the resonance of the absorbed dampened echo.

Oh salvation! Take it easy now, steady on. Almost over. Act normal! You put your left leg in. Your left leg out. In out, in out. You shake it all about.. ..oou, oh I can't move. I can't move!

"Doctor Jackson*, are you coming back with us?"

Those Logistics people, they were so damn nice, so logistical.. ..logical.

"Sir would you like a hand with those?"


"I'll get those Sir."


Daniel* dropped his load. The Logistics Officer made tidy work of it. Harnessing the out of control volume into a small neat and tidy pile. How do they do that.

"After you Sir."


"After you Doctor Jackson."

Go on.. ..go on! Don't look down. You can do it. Easy.. ..right?

"Thank you."

Ahoy there. Coming through, move out, make way, let me at it. The Horizon was clear but he still couldn't move. His legs were stuck on the ground.

"Doctor Jackson* Sir?"

The Logistics Officer touched Daniel's* arm. Oh there we go. Into gear. Forward thrust. Easy.. ..right!

"Thank you."

Move it Daniel*. He didn't look down. He didn't look back. Take care General, hope to see you, really do. The embarkation grid ramp had never before felt so bumpy. Clutching tightly to the poster tube containing the StarGate addresses, he touched down in the one-dimensional field of the Event Horizon, for a de-constitutional occurrence. He was off. Although he hadn't been calm and collected, he was by now most certainly M C squared.

This doesn't seem right. I can't put my finger on it. Something's different. Daniel knew there was something out of place, but in an office that size and with that many things, it was going to take him more than a fleeting glance to realise that some things were actually missing. Some of his favourite books.. ..gone, re-filed as in D for Daniel* and O for other.

Daniel grabbed the small carton of coffee roast and his night vision goggles and headed back down to level twenty-eight.

Instead of going into the Gate Room he went straight up into the Control Room. "Hey Sergeant its very busy down there, you're not on your own are you?"

"No Doctor Jackson, I've just sent my Deputy to round up all of today's figures, I don't envy him that one."

"Yeah there must be stacks of it."

"They've been in conference over the numbers all afternoon. Are you ready to leave Doctor Jackson?"

"Yeah, I am. I've just popped up to see how we're doing. When the err, next dial out is scheduled. Major Pierce and his group are waiting on this little box of technical wonders."

"At the moment Doctor we're looking at approximately twenty minutes. So you can either go and come back or you can stay, its up to you but twenty minutes passes fairly quickly round here."

"Ah thats not to bad, its not to long. Twenty minutes, it's a lot quicker than being stuck up on the third floor."

"Oh, t zone?"

"Whats that?"

"Twilight Doctor Jackson, twilight."

"Ha, you've been there."

"Not when I can help it."

"Okay Sergeant Davies, thanks, I'll sit it out in the Gate Room. See whats going on down there. Bye, see you."

"See you Doctor Jackson."

Daniel had been stuck down in the administration halls, the bureaucratic gymnasium par excellence up on the third floor, for at least forty minutes. He had requested and they delivered, a tiny little stressed plastic box. He had been expecting his requisition to be delivered on a luggage cart or a friendly F.R.E.D.

It was no bigger than a snuff-box, and it was sealed. He didn't bother to open it because he would not be able to verify that the contents were in actual fact the correct parts. After all, he had been of a mind that he was collecting some giant honking box full of technical who knows. Out in the field he was actually studying the compound's environment and not paying attention to the works order. The General wanted a survey from him.

As Daniel left the Control Room and downed the steps to the Gate Room corridor he almost knocked into Sergeant Siler.

"Ah hi there Doctor Jackson. I thought you'd left already."

"No I missed it. I missed the last dial out. Erm Sergeant Davies is talking about twenty minutes so its not to bad."

"No, that will be gone in no time. Nice to see that you managed to get your overalls Doctor Jackson. Its best to wear them when working out in the field."

"Yeah, yeah you're right there Sergeant. Stops you from getting mucky. Okay see you."

"See you Doctor Jackson."

"Yeah see you Sergeant."

Daniel went into the Gate Room. It was really busy. There were quite a number of teams off world at the Beta Site. There was a drive on to get the Site fully operational and secure. There'd even been talk of a flight engineering fabrications unit being set up in the south west outer sector of the Beta Site. Daniel had seen no evidence of that to date, but it was supposed to be in the pipeline. The Beta Site really was taking shape nicely.

"Ah Doctor Jackson helloow, you're still here. Nice to see you've managed to find yourself a set of overalls."

"Oh yes General. Erm yeah, they come in handy for working in the fields,"

"They certainly do. The rest of SG-1 will be back shortly. I thought they'd already returned but turns out they sent the captured lotar through ahead of themselves."

"Yeah I saw him being taken to the infirmary, hes out cold. I wonder if they're coming back before I leave. Mind you if I leave before they come back, I'll see them on the other side won't I."

"That you will Doctor Jackson. And when can I expect you back here with us?"

"Well Sir, erm, the engineers have estimated that its going to take another two days. Em we're going to be working late this evening so I'm hoping two days at the latest."

"Right oh Doctor Jackson. So we'll look forward to having you here back at the base two days from now."

"Yes General. I might be back before that anyway, just to pick a few things up from level three."

"Ah, Level three, you've been there?"

"Yes today, for the very first time. Have you been up there General?"

"Not me son." The General cracked open a champagne smile.

"Look after yourself Doctor Jackson and we'll have you back here in a day or two."

"Thanks General, I'll see you when I get back."

General Hammond marched out of the Gate Room flanked by Personal Aides and DC attachés. It was a very crucial time for The SGC and taking precedence was the StarGate diagnostics and analyses.

The future of the StarGate's current systems software programs were significantly intricately related to the diagnostic and analysis results produced from these twice yearly Gate audits.

Daniel sat down on some packing crates facing the StarGate. It wouldn't be long now. Eight or nine minutes must have already passed. He was thankful of the rest. The sooner he got back to the Beta Site the sooner they could carry on with the works order.



~  Ξ ζ ω ≠ П Λ Φ λ μ π ≈ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"Carter* Report."

"Oh hey Colonel*. I'm in the Beta Site inner compound, in the Headquarters. I'm just.."

"Carter*! Absolutely imperative!! Get out now! Major Carter is entering the front of the building as we speak. Move it!!"

The sight of a completely unnerved Major Samantha Carter/* was the rarest of things. The happening, should it ever be, is one brought about by the compromised safety of her friends and colleagues. Today was just such that special occasion.

She was about to compromise her friend's safety as well as her own. Their new Home-World, their future, their hopes.. was all about to be brought down around Major Carter's* extremely unnerved self, panicked and present in the Beta Site Headquarters complex.

The HQ, essentially open plan, was obviously divided into two parts. Operations took up the front end of the building and science and technical were to the rear. A corridor stretched the left side length, from the main entrance right down to the tracked delivery and loading bays at the back of the complex.

There were three entrance/exits. Main front double doors, back double doors and rear side single door. There were windows front and rear but not sides.

The thought that she was about to jeopardise them all was making her physically unwell. Internally out of sync. It wasn't so much the thought of being seen by her other self because she knew she, other she, could handle it. In fact Carter* felt sure other she would actually be pleased to see her other self alive and well again. All shinny, working and new.

No, the danger was in the reaction of the on site personnel. When they see both Carter/*s together, thats when all the trouble will start. Thats when she'd be landing them all into real hot water. In fact thats what will be happening moments from now unless she comes up with some miraculous way to escape.

"Move it Carter*!! Now!!"

"Yes Sir."

She beautifully performed a series of rapid and covert assemblés followed by military style grand jetés. She then skilfully pliéd herself, in stealth mode, the length of the main corridor leading all the way back to the delivery bay area. Miraculous movements indeed. She legged it! Panicked and unnerved.

"Sir I'm at the rear of the HQ. The delivery exit is sealed. I'm trapped. Colonel* I'm locked in*." She sounded shaky. She knew how observant she, other she, could be.

"Carter* stay exactly where you are! We're on it. Keep sharp!"

They simultaneously raced to the back of the building. The bay doors were ground level. Not pad locked or keycard locked but nonetheless locked and double locked.

"Carter* can you hear this?" He quietly rattled the door handles.

"Yes Sir, I'm right inside. All clear Sir."

"Okay stand back."

Teal'c* bypassed the double delivery door's threads and bolts and two point cam action locks with the strength of his arm. Major Carter* darted out hot and anxious and a bit shaky.

"Okay Carter*, time to leave. Its all getting much to chaotic round here, and em, Colonel Jack's on his way."

"O'Neill* how can you be certain?"

"Just trust me on this one, I know it, I can feel him. Come on we need to get clear."

The Colonel* was beginning to feel boxed in in toto. The Beta Site could be a very small place when there was two of them around.

Major Carter* was very quiet.

"Hey Carter*, hows it going, that was a close call. Are you okay?"

"Didn't like it Sir."

"No of course not. I didn't like it either. Its alright you're safe now, come on."

"O'Neill*, I believe that if Daniel Jackson* received sufficient warning of the imminent return of Daniel Jackson of The SGC, to The SGC, he will in fact be returning from The SGC at any moment."

"Err, oh. Oh got ya, and yeah, I'm sure he did. Okay east, lets get down to the StarGate, make sure its all clear for Daniel*. Teal'c* head straight to the stores warehouse, we'll watch the Gate from there."

"Major. Major Carter Ma'am, weren't you wearing something completely different only a moment ago?"

"That's right Lieutenant I was but I've had to change. I've just changed."

"Oh I see. I though I was loosing my marbles."

"Well I can't speak for that, but you're not seeing things. By the way, who was that you were speaking to as I came in?"


"I saw you speaking to a female officer as I came in."

"No Ma'am it wasn't me. The only officer I spoken in the last hour and a half is you."

"Oh I thought.. ..never mind."

A man in a white coat walked into the HQ and immediately greeted Major Carter.

"Hi Doctor Zeskah, do you have those samples for me?"

"They're over here Doctor Carter, Major Carter. Here they are. Although there are hundreds of impact pits, as yet we've found no discernible signs of impact craters from possible larger fragments. We're taking that to be a very encouraging sign.

We've collected dozens of them, mostly tektites. Theres an over abundance, from what we can tell, confined to the south sector of the outer compound and beyond in a southwards direction. It must have been a phenomenal display of shooting stars."

"Yep shooting stars. I've seen them up close and personal, shooting stars with all guns blazing, I've seen first hand what these meteorites can do to a planet. My only interest here is to hopefully discover that their source is small Comet Meteoroid and not Asteroid"

"What do you think Doctor Carter?"

"To be truthful at this very moment I have no idea. But I will be suggesting to General Hammond that we engage in remote sensing immediately, flybys would be good, although we need to establish the source before that can happen."

"Visual spectral examination suggests, tentatively, that they are M-type, however their albedo is extremely low."

"Once I get these samples back to The SGC I'll have them sent for priority petrographic and mineralogical analysis. They'll determine macro and micro structures and I imagine run an INAA to establish trace element compositions, which in turn will give us accurate classification. I'm quite sure you'll be very interested to know the results."

"I'd be grateful if you could let me have a copy hot off the press. We have speculated on the contents, the thinking here is that they may well be Irons.. ..asteroids, but without running the tests theres no real way to be certain."

"Yeah of course Doctor Zeskah, I'll have copies sent through to you as soon as I receive them myself."

"Doctor Carter, do you think we've got anything to worry about?"

"Without knowing exactly what we're dealing with its not advisable to speculate, but meteors, like all fiery things, can put on a good show, but let them get to close and they start to burn. As I say I've seen what they can do and we have to make it a top priority to verify that this planet is not dead splat in the pathway of a raid of dark asteroids."

"Yes Doctor Carter I agree. It would be catastrophic to loose the Beta Site to a meteor storm."

"Lets hope that's not going to be the case. As you pointed out the impact impressions imply a drizzle rather than a storm, but we need to be certain. Its going to take quite a while to accurately predict the situation. Lets see what we come up with."



~ Γ ≈ ≡ µ ± ∞ Λ ⊰ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Daniel* appeared out of subspace. Still hugging the poster tube and still trembling, vigorously. The Logistics officer kindly gave Daniel* his books back.

"O'Neill*, Daniel Jackson* appears to be intoxicated. Perhaps by alcohol."

"Dubious.. ..or shock Teal'c*, shock. I've seen that look before."

Colonel O'Neill* ran from the side of the stores warehouse, passed the descending Logistics personnel and bounced up the StarGate arch steps to where Daniel* was still shaking.

"Come on put that stuff down. Let go."

He took the poster tube off Daniel* and with his other hand pulled the books away from him.


"What in here? Nice."

He stuffed the poster tube under the arm he was carrying the books with and with his free hand firmly held Daniel's* arm.

"Okay Daniel* there we go. Come on lets go down. Whats happened back there? Are you alright?"

"Em I think so."


"Oh hi Jack*."

The Colonel began to laugh.

"Hey Daniel*, come on you made it, well done."

"Oh it was easy.. ..right?"

"Sure was. Really? Did you get my hat?"

"I don't know. Erm I don't think so."

"Daniel* You're shaking."

"I know Jack* I can't stop."

"Its being in close quarters, its never an easy issue. I remember that feeling Daniel*, you've done extremely well, and don't worry, the shaking will stop. Once you get back to our new home, you'll feel the dangers over, you'll be just fine. Just fine. Take it easy okay."

Jack* wondered if this wasn't some un-oiled side effect of their androidal state. Daniel* never reacted like this in all the danger situations they'd been in, and they'd been a great many of those.

"Thanks Jack*. Thank you. I looked for your cap."

"Hey I was only joking, maybe next time."

"Next time?"

"Well next time we'll all go, hows that?"

"I don't know, I might be out on a dig somewhere with Harlan."


"Maybe next time they'll invite us."

"May be. Who knows. Have you thought of a name for our new Home-World yet?"

"Ou erm, no."

"Well maybe you and Sam* can put your heads together and come up with something, soon."

"Yeah, yeah, that'll be fun."

"But not funny, eh?"

"I almost.. ..Jack* they almost saw me."

Major Carter*, who had been remaining quiet, had just begun to make her way from the side of the warehouse over to her team-mate's position.

"Dial it up Carter*. Its alright Daniel* don't worry, we'll have you home in just a second. Well done. Nice one. You've done a great job Daniel*, really."

Daniel* was staring out across the compound at nothing in particular. Under the jurisdiction of The SGC he had face many many difficult and dangerous situations. But he'd honestly never faced a situation where he had had to hide from, and deceive, his own people. It was one of the most distasteful things he'd had to do.

Added to which he'd almost been caught. The feeling that he'd almost been compromised, in se, they had all nearly been. The whole matter left him feeling shaky and sneaky. And he really didn't like it.

"Daniel Jackson* it is good to see you. Are you not well?"

"Em I don't know. Maybe. I don't know. Can we go home now?"

Teal'c* took possession of the books from Colonel O'Neill*, he placed them down on top of some packing crates.

As Major Carter* dialled the StarGate a number of personnel began to approach her at the D.H.D., seemingly on their way to Earth.


"Indeed O'Neill*."

Teal'c leaped into their pathway and produced an authoritatively forbidding palm.

"Airmen, it is essential for the purpose of security that you proceed no further."

The Airmen in concert, "Yes Sir." Together they did an about face, jumped to attention and stood as statutes.

Colonel O'Neill* joined Major Carter* at the D.H.D.

"How did it go today Major*?"

"Sir you did a fine Job."

"And Harlan?"

"Sir he's safe. He'll be Gating through to the Home-World by tomorrow p.m.. SG-5 are there now tying everything up. Em, a team of Techs have been sent to sweep the StarGate, make sure its viable. Extensive fire damage, mainly from staffs, mainly ground floor and basement. No casualties. Thirteen down. Three captive. One Goa'uld, downed by you."

"In the next day or two I want a full written Mission report."

"Yes Sir."

"Carter*, Major*, a full debrief, all the details, start to finish. All the details!"

"All Sir?"

"All the details!"

"Yes Sir."

"What was it like?"

"What Sir?"

"Don't give me that Carter*, you know what I mean."

"It was nice to see him Sir. It was nice to see.. Sir."

"Yeah I know what you mean."

"You do?"

"Look Carter*, the Gates open."


"Okay Daniel*, you two split and err, we'll see you back at the Home-World later on this evening. We're not going to be going back to nine eight niner just yet, Carter* will explain everything to you. Nice work Daniel*. Nice work Major*."


"Thank you.."

Daniel* could hardly talk. He sounded completely exhausted. If he could just sit down and.. ..sit down, stop shaking, he'd be fine.

"Okay Jack*. Okay Teal'c* see you later. I've got some things in my pockets."

"Okay Daniel* we'll sort all that out later. You go back with Carter* and have yourself a nice long rest. Take it easy okay."

"Thanks Jack*. I feel really tired. Bye. Bye Teal'c*."

"Indeed Daniel Jackson*. I look forward to learning the details of your accomplished Mission to The SGC."

"So do I. Debrief seventeen hundred tomorrow!"

"Yeah Daniel* so do I. You've done great. Come on lets go. See you Sir. Teal'c*.

Colonel O'Neill* handed Major Carter* Daniel's* stack of books. He kept on to the tube containing the StarGate addresses.

"Carter* I'll scan these StarGate Addresses so that we've got a stored copy."

She was slowly walking up the steps towards the light.

"Sir that's perfect. That's the most important bit of Intel we have. Well that and our stored images."

"We've still got approximately eighty percent of the download to transfer. It shouldn't take to long should it?"

"Definitely not Sir. That system tasks at an incredible rate, the digital frame encoding buffers just suck everything in, it shouldn't take you very long at all."

"Okay then. I think what Teal'c* and I will do is finish the transfers. Get this stellar stuff scanned in and then kick back for awhile, wait until the coast is clear and then we'll Gate through later on this evening. Hey Carter*, you we're right about preparing the Home-World in advance. Good thinking."

"Thank you Sir."


"What Sir?"

"Don't worry about that close call."

"I know, but theres a lot at stake."

"There is a lot at Stake Carter*, but its passed now. You didn't get caught. Don't let it play on your mind."

"Can you tell?"

"I think we can all tell Carter*."

"Okay Sir, thanks, I'll try my best. Oh Sir, I completely forgot, em there was err, an Al'kesh. Slight damage, salvageable. Orbiting the planet. We may be able to bag it, only if we act quickly though. I've actually got the Rings activator here with me, your other you let me take it."

"Did you tell him why you wanted to take it?"

"No Sir, I didn't mention that part."


"Here it is Sir. Turns out theres a set of rings in the plant next to the StarGate, debrief tomorrow Sir, you can see them now there uncovered."

"The Gate, Carter* you'd better go."

"Yes Sir. Have you seen my bike?"

"Not recently."

Major Carter* and Daniel* left the Beta Site for the new Home-World. A lovely new horizon.



~ Π Φ Ψ χ  ∞ Ц Π Ω π √ Γ Ξ ~



~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"Go on, divulge, how much?"

"Much.. ..including a M.A.L.P."

Teal'c* smiled gleefully to himself and to Colonel O'Neill*.

"A M.A.L.P., um, special!"

"O'Neill*, are there any other specific stores requirements? As I am unsure as to when we will again have such a lucrative opportunity."

"Well lets just weigh it up then. How about the things on the list?"

"We have everything on the list."

"Excellent! That might do us for now T*. The real booty's in here."

"Yes, indeed, the StarGate addresses."

"Oh, what about the ammo, how we doing on that score?"

"We have everything on the list and more."


"O'Neill*, might not it be wise to withdraw from the Beta Site compound to the safety of our secret base. I observed our other selves making their way to The SGC underground Control Distribution Facility. No doubt they are soon to return to rendezvous with Major Carter in the Headquarters complex."

"Wise and prudent dear fellow, lets go."


"I have to say its been a very interesting day today Teal'c*."

"I agree."

"Looks like the life in nine eight niner is finally, thankfully, over."

"This is indeed very welcome news. The planet Altair, despite our long stay, is a place I have no wish to frequent."

"Well said Teal'c*."

"Has the plant sustained much damage O'Neill?"

"From the sound of Carter's* brief description, it seems as though the Goa'uld got out of control with a staff weapon. She said the damage is confined to mainly ground and basement floors. The thing is T*, that place was only good for another six to nine months at the most. Although no one likes to have a demented nutter running riot, its turned out to be just the catalyst needed to cement the move. I mean as of now, our presence in good old P3X nine eight niner, and to my endless satisfaction I might add, is no more."

"Major Carter* and Daniel Jackson* must work quickly to find a suitable name for our new Home-World. It is only proper and fitting that we bestow a strong and symbolic name upon the land that will now become our permanent home. A well chosen name will bring us much safety and prosperity. And luck."

"Oh really. Are you superstitious then T*?"

"No. I am not."

"Oh really? Em, Carter was saying they're running the biannuals. That must be fun."

"Yes I am aware. Daniel Jackson told me."

"I imagine they'll pick up the radio transmission."

"Yes O'Neill* I am certain of this. However, upon further examination it will reveal itself to be nothing more than a random subspace carrier wave of no specific destination, which had apparently failed to dissipate via energetic distortion. I believe they will categorise it as an anomalous reflection."

"Sounds acceptable to me."

"Yes indeed. Perhaps Daniel Jackson* was able to speak with General Hammond."

"Oh yeah. Perhaps. And?"

"And perhaps he was able to ascertain the General's welfare."

"We shouldn't concern ourselves."

"On the contrary O'Neill*, it is of great concern to all of us, yourself included."

"Okay then, it does us no good to invest in news of this type. Its not going to happen T*."

"Perhaps that is a matter upon which General Hammond should be given to adjudicate."

"Well go right ahead, call round, ask him."

"I believe he would be amenable."

"Amenable to what, becoming a robot?"

"But he would not become a robot O'Neill*. He would remain himself. It is his other he who would become as we are. And it is his other self, who like us, would learn to believe that it is far better to experience the life than not to have lived at all. In the future when we are better organised we will achieve great things. And we will do much good. And I believe we will excel in our fight against the Goa'uld."

"Teal'c*, I agree with all of that. I really do.. ..I don't know, its just this damn deuced deal of having our lives stolen, I'm still on that."

"True that was the case with ourselves, but it would not be the case with General Hammond. We would request his presence and not.. ..steal it."

"I don't know T*, its not like asking someone for a loan of their penknife when you're under heavy fire from someone with a potato gun, its asking them for their life."

"Yes O'Neill*, but it is a life that the synthesising equipment ensures they have to give."

"George.. ..hes a good friend."

"Indeed and as you have told me on many occasions, it is always good to have ones friends around one."

"I know.. ..Teal'c*, what say you, we see if we can bag us that Al'kesh?"

"O'Neill*, it would have to be.."

"It is Teal'c*. Its very large. It's a space bag. Its an invisible bag."

"There is no bag."

"No, theres no bag, but there is a ship. One in which we could circumnavigate all aspects of our new Home-World.. ..and I'm definitely all for that."

"That is also the direction of my thinking O'Neill*. We must attempt to retrieve the vessel."

The Colonel* had already made up his mind to sit tight for a few hours. Wait until the coast was clear and then go in for an update on the Altairian, Al'kesh situation, before Gating to the Home-World.

"O'Neill*, we are approaching the spot Daniel Jackson made my position earlier today whilst I was transporting the final cargo to our secret base with Corporal Padmysser and Airman Burke. Daniel Jackson was working along the perimeter with Major Pierce's group."

"Which way did you go after he'd seen you?"

"I went many different ways O'Neill*, and he did not see me again."

"Yeah that's something we need to keep aware of. As secluded as our place is, theres always the possibility of SGC personnel being in the vicinity, for whatever reason."


"I think I'll have Carter* look into a stealth security system. Nothing to elaborate, more an early warning system."

"That will prove most effective O'Neill*."

"Daniel* did very well wouldn't you say?"

"Yes I would say he did. Although the visit to The SGC seems to have left him shaken."

"Yeah I think the fact that he nearly ran into himself, and possibly seeing George, some of the others, I think it was all somewhat over stressful, it did seem to take its toll on him, though I know Daniel* doesn't ordinarily yield to pressure. I'm gonna have Harlan check him out."

"O'Neill*, I think it is a most welcome pleasure to see our other selves."

"Okay Teal'c*, its great to see us. It's the deceiving part that's the difficulty."

"Yes, this is very true."

"Having to lie to our own people. And crikey, having to run and hide from them.. ..I mean what can you say about that. The thought leaves me feelin' shaky never mind Daniel*."

"Indeed O'Neill* I understand."

As soon as they got inside the secret base Teal'c* removed the transfer clip and inserted another one from the sequence. Colonel O'Neill* had set about scanning in the all important StarGate addresses. He was studying them as he went. Probably having some found or otherwise recollection of those planets he had visited.

The job was over pretty quickly. "How goes it T*?"

"Very well O'Neill*. There are nine remaining."

"Super! Okay I'm making a drink. Lets go up on the patio. Sit it out."

"That would be most relaxing O'Neill*."

Lounge lizards up on the Patio in the early evening sundown. Beautifully calming and relaxing, indeed. O'Neill* decided it would be a shame to wake up the fish. To try to wake up the fish. After all, he hadn't tested his launch capabilities from the patio to the pond.

Twenty minutes later a spring action popped.

"O'Neill* that one's finished."

"Yeah that's not to long. Carter* said it's a heavy drinker so its only going to take two and so hours. Sit down T*, its alright, I'll get this one."

Colonel O'Neill* stood up and walked over to the hatch, slid down the ladder, went over to the computer unit and change the data transfer clip.

Once the download was completed, all the data clips would also be stored in the base. And at some stage the Colonel* intend to make a copy of the transfer clips and store that copy elsewhere. In point of fact, being an extremely, and discretely, accomplished military strategist and top ranking officer, Colonel O'Neill* always has a contingency for a contingency.

"Eight left."



~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Carter* and Daniel* walked out of the Ancient's 'big O'. Home sweet home. They came out on to an up turned F.R.E.D. still heavily laden with goods. Hello! Teal'c* had been busy, and naughty, excellent!

"We're going to have to do something about this embarkation platform. Lower it or maybe a ramp. Look at that poor F.R.E.D. Oh no, Sam* it's a M.A.L.P. I don't believe it, Teal'c's* secured us a M.A.L.P. He has been busy."

"Daniel* this is great, look at this stuff. Theres absolutely loads of it."

Quite a lot of the boxes were on their sides or upturned, but no damage. Just the results of a unaccompanied ride. There were so many boxes and crates and munitions trunks dumped around the base of the Home-World StarGate arch. Teal'c* must simply have dialled home and practically shovelled the stuff through the StarGate. He had obviously worked very hard to amass such an amount.

"There gonna miss it."

"Oh I don't know Daniel*, I mean the stores, the stores on the Beta Site, they're full. I went in the warehouse near to the StarGate. It was absolutely chocka full. If they do miss this stuff, it'll be months before they pick it up. Good on you Teal'c*."

"Yeah actually I'm surprised that he err.. .. don't know, I'm surprised.."

"No Daniel*. The Colonel* gave him the go ahead. I heard him give Teal'c* the go ahead this morning before they left. He told him to acquire as much as possible."

"Hey, theres coffee here Sam*, real coffee. Fruit loops, boxes of fruit loops, tins of stuff, this is great."

"Daniel* are you alright?"

"No not really. No."

"Is it your visit to The SGC?"

"I'd say that sums it up.. ..yeah. I can't tell you Sam* it was just.. was awful. I really.. ..I don't know what I was expecting. I was actually looking forward to going but it was just awful. Running and hiding.. ..from myself. Lying to the General.."

"You lied to General Hammond?"

"Tut, no of course.. ..of course not, of course not, no I didn't. But it.. ..I just felt deceitful, you know. I wanted to tell him. I would have told him if I knew he wouldn't have locked the place down."


"Siler, Siler knocked me over. Well I bumped into him and fell down. I had to hide in the Control Room. I stole from Doctor Kerns. Had to.. ..had to completely avoid Janet's floor. She would have known.. ..she would definitely have known. Got my books. Stole them."

"Maybe not exactly, after all, technically, they are half yours so to speak."

"Got the stuff you wanted, nicked it. Got the addresses, I'm really pleased about that."

"Yeah, we're all happy about that, that really was a great achievement."

"And they're all getting on so nicely without us. Its as if we're not even missed."

"Daniel*, honestly I understand you, truly I do, but just think about what you're saying."

"I had a bad trip Sam*. I think it must be the close proximity factor that Jack* tried to warn me about."

"Daniel*.. ..Daniel*, I had quite a bad time of it as well."

"Really Sam*? Oh, I thought you would have enjoyed yourself. Well I don't know about enjoyed yourself but I know you we're going on a Mission so I thought it wouldn't be to difficult.. ..I mean it would be familiar."

"The Mission itself, was.. know.. was a great success. A very very good success. Jack nailed the Goa'uld by the way."

"Bullseye. Tun'cma'le, another one down, more still to go. That means marvellous, Sam*, if you're wondering."

"Yep. I think I went through some of the things you went through. And what actually made it a heck of a lot worse is that the Colonel told me he trusted me implicitly. Can you imagine how that made me feel?.. ..I cried a little bit."

"Aah Sam*, I'm sorry, are you alright?"

"No I'm fine now, thanks, but just at the time.. ..I don't know, I was so overwhelmed, at one point I felt as though I was falling and falling.. ..just falling through space with nothing to pull me back, gaw'd it was so horrible Daniel*. And he saw me."

"Who Jack?"

"Yeah he saw me."

"How was he."

"Well how do you expect he was, he pulled me back."

"Yeah.. ..Jack/*. Are you going to tell our Jack*?"

"He wants a full report."


"He wants a full report Daniel*. I have to."

"Yeah you do, but you don't have to worry Sam*, you've already seen how hes going to react."

"Oh I never thought of it that way. I was just hoping he wouldn't find out. I understand the other Daniel almost caught you."

"Well almost, yes, definitely very almost. That was a real hair raiser. Yeah I just.. ..nah, I didn't like it, not one bit."

"You know, em, my other self almost caught me as well."

"What at the plant?"

"No in the Headquarters building. Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* had to break the doors down to get me out."

"Oh good grief, what a day. Sam*, what a day."

"I know, tell me about it. Yeah its funny though because despite all that, today's been a great success. So its strange that we should end up feeling this way."

"Close proximity factor."

"Must be.

When I was dancing my way through the Headquarters, ducking and diving whilst attempting to appear normal, alls I could think about is if I get caught we all get caught. Thats what was so upsetting about the whole episode. Even just coming close to letting something like that happen.. ..its devastating. Daniel* I felt more nervous than I can ever remember. You get that close call situation, its just such an awful feeling. Like you say, the fact that we were actually hiding from our own people.. makes everything a thousand times more difficult."

"Sam* I came up against that. And those very same thoughts were running through my mind all the time I was there. Close proximity factor. Its a real nerve wrecker. I know exactly what you mean and it is extremely difficult and its wrong and we shouldn't have to do that."

"No we shouldn't Daniel*, but for now its exactly what we do have to do."

"Hey Jack* was right, I've almost stopped shaking."

"What, was you shaking?"

"Yeah eh."

"Oh, I couldn't tell."

"Yeah I was.. ..I've been shaking.. ..shaking for about the last hour."

"Oh, how come."

"Nerves I guess, or avoiding and deceiving friends, both, must be."

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah I just feel a bit achy. I'm slowing down now, going back to normal. I tell you something Sam*, its really nice to be home and this place, we've not had it long, but it really really feels like home."

"Ahh Daniel*, I know exactly what you mean, I know exactly what you mean. You know, it would be nice if we could build an Iris."


"Yeah.. ..I think so."

"Sam*, what do you think about what Teal'c* said about General Hammond?"

"What you mean at debrief the other week?"

"Yeah. Yeah that's what I mean."

"Ah I don't know Daniel*, maybe we shouldn't discuss it."

"Oh come on. Just tell me what you think."

"Well you know what I think. I wish he was with us."

"Yeah. That's what I think. You know I really wanted to tell him. Ask him. Explain to him.. ..I don't know."

"I think that's something that the Colonel* has to decide. And I know for a fact if it ever did come up, Jack* would personally go and speak to General Hammond directly. Under threat of lock down or not. But he wouldn't let it happen without the full knowledge of the General, that I can guarantee."

"Yeah I know that Sam*, with Jack* that's definitely a fact. But still, he should be with us."

"That Goa'uld, Ibnis, hes more or less wrecked the plant. He was blasting everywhere, even without a target. Theres such a lot of damage. Main systems still running though."

"Oh yep, oops, hows Harlan, I forgot to ask."

"Hes fine, hes unscathed. Em, I told him to wait for twenty four hours and then come through, so he'll be here tomorrow afternoon at some stage. The plant's practically finished. Totalled!"

"That must be hard to bear."

"I don't know about that Daniel*, have you spoken to him recently about the move, hes so excited about moving back up to the surface. You know he seems.. ..I can't be certain, but he seems to be taking it all extremely well. And by the way, theres Rings on the planet, in the plant."

"What Transport Rings?"

"That's a big affirmative. Transport Rings. Harlan forgot they where there. Hey Daniel*, have you seen my bike?"

"What your new bike? The bike you've just finished building?"

"Yeah my bike."

"No. I've not seen it. What you mean you've lost it. You've lost your bike?"

"No. I wouldn't say I've lost it. I just can't find it."

"And after all the trouble Jack* and Teal'c* went to in getting it up the stairs. It must be around somewhere."

"Yeah never mind, I'm sure it'll turn up."

"Yeah its going to turn up Sam*. You don't think Harlan's been messing with it. You know how he likes to figure out how to make things work."

"No he.. ..I asked him.. ..he.. ..oh maybe, okay thanks, I'll ask him again."

"Have you thought of a name Sam*?"

"No. Have you?"


"Well its got to be something very very nice. Beautiful."

"Planet beautiful. Ha."

"That's a start."

"Sam* did you find out anything about the Goa'uld?"

"Err no. But he is now a dead Goa'uld. Em oh actually there was something. Teal'c said that the guards, the lotar, they came from the Juna system, and they come from a small moon, em, Gehd.. ..Quom Gehd and they speak an old ancient Earth language. He said he believes you've got the language listed. He couldn't understand it but he said its in your data base."

"Oh damn, damn. Or no. Or my data base. My data bases. Its not fair!"

"Daniel* you know Colonel O'Neill* advised against going into The SGC computers. He said that would be a dead give away."

"Yeah hes right it would be a dead give away, but it doesn't mean to say I don't miss the stuff. Maybe Jack* could find away to get a copy."

"You should mention it to him, he may come up with something. Hey I found an Al'kesh."

"Really? The next size up from a Tel'tac right? What you found it Sam*?"

"Well no, em, the Goa'uld arrived in it. We Ringed a small explosive up, very tiny one actually. Just enough to disable anyone inside without knocking the ship out."

"What did Jack* say?"

"Well he just indicated to stand down on it. I guess he wants to check out the situation with the plant first. See if theres any SGC personnel still there. He and Teal'c* will probably look into it. I hope."

"Well we've got the addresses now so maybe its not that important to get a ship."

"You're right about that, but I was thinking more in terms of using it to fly round our own planet."

"Oh that'd great, fantastic. Maybe he'll let us keep it. That'll be fun. Do you think he can salvage it?"

"Don't know. Depends, if he decides on it, should be."

"Your labs not changed. Everything was exactly where you said it'd be. Just looks the same."

"Yeah I bet it does. I like keeping things in order in my lab Daniel*. It just makes life a lot easier when I'm testing and running sims, you know, when you know where everything is."

"Yeah tell me about it. My office is just the same as well. But as you know nothings in order. I'm still feeling a bit shaky. Well more like tingly now, just.. ..I don't know, my body feels like its throbbing. I tell you Sam*, its gonna be a long time before I go visiting home again. Do you think they'll ever invite us?"

"Who? What?"

"Do you think they'll ever invite us home?"


"Never mind."

"Did you find out how the biannuals are going? Do you know where they're up to with them?"

"No. I've got no idea. I know General Hammond was really busy. He was all over the base. I saw him.. ..well I hid from him as I arrived, he was in the Gate Room. And em, as I was leaving I saw him as well. He liked my outfit by the way. He liked my suit."

"Really, did he tell you?"

"Not in so many words. But he said I was wearing fine clothes."

"They are fine Daniel*. You look great."

"Sam* have you seen the stuff we've got here."

"No I've not had a chance to look, I'm still making sure this M.A.L.P.s okay. I can't get over Teal'c* scoring this off the Beta Site."

"Well its incredible. It's a clean cut case of one for you and all for me."

"Teal'c's* been at the StarGate for most of the day. He's been helping to allocate stores."

"Yep hes been helping alright, and hes been allocating very nicely. This is fantastic. We've got new vests, battle dresses with changes, food, tons of food. Absolutely loads of magazines. Whats in these Sam*?"

"I don't know. Lets leave them for Teal'c* to open, he'll know whats what. This is great though, I can't believe it. And you know, once we're back on active duty, having the M.A.L.P. is going to be a tremendous advantage. We can probably get Harlan to engineer one or two new devices off this spec."

"Sam* I've got an idea. Lets go down to the camp, down to the mine, and get ourselves a nice cup of hot coffee roast."

"Now that's something I do like Daniel*."



~ Ϡ ζ ψ Λ Σ γ λ ∯ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c return from the underground Control facility, back to the HQ, to find Major Carter deep in conversation with Doctor Zeskah, one of the Area 51 research scientists, a Geophysicist, seconded to The SGC to address Major Carter's supposition.

"Hi Sir. Where've you two been?"

"Yeah sorry about that Carter. I just had to check a few things out at the Control Facility. All the reports I needed aren't quite ready. Theres some set of figures still to be extrapolated. They tell me they'll have them ready later on this evening. We didn't mean to be gone that long."

"Long, you've only been gone a few minutes."

"Really? Right.. ..right."


"Hows Daniel?"

"Haven't seen him Sir. Hes maybe still out with Major Pierce's lot,"

"Um. So how are you doing with your samples, hows it looking? Is it gonna to be great balls of fire or what?"

"Well Sir as I was just explaining to Doctor Zeskah, until we know what we're dealing with its impossible to say."

"We live in hope Carter, we live in hope."

"Yes Sir."

"How you settling in Zeskah?"

"Well Colonel O'Neill, they're providing everything we need, no complaints, plus the weathers great."

"Very good. Nice to talk to you. Bye."

"Colonel. Doctor."

" Doctor. I'll have those results sent over ASAP."

"You done here Carter?"

"Yes Sir. How come you've changed? You both looked so incredibly smart."

"As much as we love to look our best Major, this is soooh much more comfortable. Wouldn't you say so T?"

"Indeed, very comfortable. You also appear to have changed your clothing Major Carter?"

"Well as much as I like the biker look, with the ripped clothes and all, I thought I'd stick to regulation wear."

"Well Carter, if you want to wear that nice fitting biker gear of yours I have no objection."

Teal'c glared at the Colonel.

"What? I'm just sayin'."

"Sir did you find out who left on the shuttle?"

"Well not by name, but it was the technicians. Err, a team of technicians have gone to the.. ..yeah, it was just a team of technicians."

"Oh, okay."

"Have some plans did we Carter? Somewhere nice to fly off to perhaps?"

She fell about laughing. "I'd thought I'd go shopping Sir."

"They're going straight to Harlan's back water. The Altair place. Nothing nice to see there."

"Sir whats the status with SG-5?"

"Well em, they're still on the planet. They've got everything tied up nicely. The bad man's dead, of course. They've still got the two prisoners to send through to The SGC, we know the lotars already been sent through. And we've got the Al'kesh, possibly disabled, floating around in space over the planet. That's about it. Same as before. They'll debrief Hammond as soon as they get back.

"Wow that's great, excellent. SG-5 have done a great job."

"Yes they have."

"Sir it sounds as though they don't need any help from us, theres nothing left for us to do."

"Well no Carter, not any more. Yep. I think that about does it. Theres some documents I need to collect but the base chief's not around so if we're all done here we can head home. Teal'c have you got anything else to do here?"

"I have not O'Neill."

"All done, right then, lets move out."

Just then an Air Force Officer came into the Headquarters. The Beta Site base commander promptly attended and saluted the Colonel.

"Hows it going there Colonel?"

"Yes Colonel O'Neill, I heard you were back on base. Its all moving along much better than we anticipated. If you have time I would like to show you around the complex."

"Err.. ..yeah, lets go for it. I'll make time."

The commander took Colonel O'Neill and the majority of his team on a whistle stop tour of the headquarters complex. Answering all of Colonel O'Neill's questions as to the expectations and development of the base.

Once the tour was over they gathered near to the HQ main entrance. Colonel O'Neill declared that he would also like to check out the munitions and technical hardware stores warehouse with Colonel Brewster. He suggested that Major Carter and Teal'c remain in the headquarters until he returned.

Colonel Brewster gave Colonel O'Neill a summary of the stores procedures and detailed the particular munitions distribution methods.

"Good job Brewster, it all seems in order. Now what about the other matter?"

"Ops, Sir?"

"That's the matter."

"Egan and his group were through early a.m. We've based them in the southing zone beyond the south west outer perimeter. It's the location yourself and General Hammond specified."

"How are they settling in?"

"Well they appear to be happy with everything Colonel but It's a little difficult to assess. You know that lot, they never say much."

"To true. What about their equipment?"

"Most of its come through and as you requested, its being stored in the southing zone near to the SOW base. Yeah we've stuck to the special storage procedures for all their equipment."

"And the Extra equipment?"

"Sir that hasn't come through yet, theres been no sign of it, but that's understandable as its coming via the third floor special requisition stores. So as alls we can do is sit back and wait for that. But em, it should be here within the next day or two. After that we will deliberately chase it up."

"Have they been back into camp?"

"No. no way. They keep an exceptionally low profile. Em, Egan did say that he'd be checking in at some stage today. I understand he needs to submit a written report to you. Anyway as yet hes not come in. As you know, the sun doesn't set here until quite late, so the afternoons tend to get stretched out. Our admin days don't end until way after 20 Zulu."

"Okay. I was hoping to be able to pick that report up before I left. Em, okay never mind. Brewster look, excellent work, its em.. ..things are really shaping up round here, its looking good."

"Thanks Jack. Is there anything else that you needed in particular?"

"Not in particular. Not right now, but just keep your eye on the em, Special Ops project. I'd like to make sure that that's up and running nice and tight."

"Yes Sir. I'll do that. I'll keep you informed on that one."

"Good man. How you doing yourself. How you liking it here."

"Well Sir I have to say, the weathers excellent. I'm actually loving watching this place come together. ..seeing this place coming together. Its.. its, I don't know, everybody heres pulling together really well. Oh em, yeah, I understand the General and yourself have both been through the Distributions Facility today."

"Yeah actually that's right, its, yeah.. ..yeah, it's a very good job down there. When I get back to The SGC I'm gonna shake them up a bit with regard to the monitoring equipment. I think once that's fully installed you'll be up and running a hundred percent. Is that right?"

"Yeah that's all we're waiting on. Special stores again. I'd be very grateful if you could go up to level three and see whats going on."

"Don't push it Brewster. Tell you what, as a favour, I'll have a word with Sergeant Siler. He seems to have ways of taking care of this sensitive stuff, effectively and expediently. Anything else?"

"No. No Jack. Oh actually there is. I understand your Major Carter has got Doctor Zeskah a little rattled."

"Ah yes, the potential meteor menace. We're hoping that's going to fizzle out so to speak. Shes sending those things out for analysis as soon as we get back. Shes seen em.. ..I don't know whether you know about the incident on P5C 768, but meteorites can be pretty devastating, they tore the planet up.

I think she just wants to certify we're not aiming straight for some unseen meteoroid or asteroid whatever belt. Trust me Colonel, meteor terror raining down on us will close this whole shop up faster than you can open an umbrella. When those things strike the only thing you can do is get out of the way, quick. We'll know soon enough. Shes vying towards negative, better to be safe than sorry though eh?"

"Absolutely. Absolutely Jack."

"Sir. Colonel O'Neill, Sir are you still in here?"

"In here Major."

"Sir. Hi Colonel Brewster. Sir, General Hammond's radioed through. Hes asking for you Sir."

"Yeah, we need to go. I think we're running a little over time. Okay, we're finished up here Brewster so em, I'll be seeing you Colonel. Okay Major lets go."

"Yes Sir. I just need to.. ..I'll just go back to the HQ a minute."

"No Carter, you dial it up, I'll go back."

"Yes Sir."

Colonel O'Neill rushed over to the HQ. Before he got to the main doors he passed a window, saw Teal'c talking to a number of officers, banged on the window and shouted, "Teal'c."

Teal'c excused himself from the officers and nodded to O'Neill that he was on his way. Once outside, "T, lets go." The two men quickly headed easterly in the direction Colonel O'Neill had just come, back towards the StarGate.


The StarGate engaged as they approached. Major Carter was waiting for them on the ground step of the Gate arch platform. They strode up, and SG-1 minus one, entered the exit.



~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



"It feels as though its been a very long day today."

"I to shared that feeling up until the time I failed to prevent Daniel Jackson of The SGC from stepping into the Beta Site Event Horizon. The day seems to have progress tremendously quick from that point on."

"Right well its time to start slowing down again Teal'c*. Daniel's* plenty safe okay! Hey, I fancy doing a spot of fishing."

"Unyet you do not pick up your fishing rod O'Neill*?"

"Well I do fancy doing a spot of fishing, but I don't fancy finding out, just yet, whether or not I can get my line to reach the pond from here."

"But O'Neill*, when we're fishing in quadrant four on P3X 989, you seem able to cast great distances."

"True, true T*, but I don't know whether you realise thats got everything to do with gravity and little, if not nothing, to do with skill. After all, we are more than eighty feet up in the air in quad four. No, these things have to be approached at the right time, in the right mode. But you're right I should be able to reach across from here, ha, we'll see."

It was so tranquil and peaceful and beautiful. There was such rich green surrounds. Different contrasts in the green, but all very vibrant, very rich. Pretty. Can you imagine feeling and responding exactly like a human or a Jaffa and being a robot, strange.. ..and painful. In particularly painful. Even so. Ad vivum. It was good to be alive, damn right.

"You know.. ..if we had a Mothership, we'd actually have to land it on our new Home-World because I don't think the Rings. . ..well I know for a fact the Rings wouldn't be big enough."

"Of what do you speak O'Neill*?"

"What I was wondering T*, is how we could get a power boat to our new Home-World."

"A power bolt. A charge from the sky?"

"No not bolt.. ..a boat. A boat for the water, for the sea. A water chariot. A power boat."

"Power boat?"

"Oh come on T* you remember, those boats on the water, I showed you.. ..Little Falls?"

"Yes, Indeed, the grand display of various sizes and colours of powerful water vessels. They were very impressive O'Neill*."

"Yeah T*, thems the boats. That place was a marina.. ..where they store the boats.. ..vessels."

"Yes a water ship."

"Okay. Now how could we get one of those to our new pad, because although we haven't got a ship right now, we will in the future acquire one. We may event be able to grab this Al'kesh, but that just simply won't be big enough. So what I'm thinking is, a Mothership. Striped down. But then how would we get thing in.. would we actually get the boat into the ship. Um, quandary. Any ideas Teal'c*?"

"No. Would Harlan..?"


"Major Carter*..?"

"Shes got way to much to do, and then shes got her own little projects.."

"O'Neill*, are you sure its necessary to have such a vehicle."

"Are you kidding me? Oh come on, have you seen those waters, how can we not have one."

"In that case O'Neill*, we must concentrate on the problem of suitable transportation."

"Why thank you Teal'c*, that would be helpful. Hey, how about Thor, I bet he would help us out."

"Yes, yes he would."

"I wonder if hes started shaving."




"Thor. When he gets back on his feet I wonder if he'll have body hair, you know, instead of wax."

"O'Neill* I do not understand your wonder."

"Well remember they found a big crunch of their genetic history. They're about six feet tall. They're as tall as us."

"They are not."

"No they're not as tall as us, but if they get their act together they'll be as tall as a lot of humans, and Jaffa, if not taller."

"And you are certain Thor will be returning?"

"Absolutely. A bit of genetic manipulation, they'll have him up and about in no time. In fact I'd be interested to know what he thinks about our predicament."

"O'Neill*, I do not believe Thor would devote much time to the resolution of the water ship.. ..power boat transportation quandary."

" No, not that T*. Our predicament. Us."

"In what way?"

"Maybe he could do something about these deuced wires."

"O'Neill* I see no wires."

"Oh come on. You've seen our insides. Maybe he could tidy us up a bit. You know, make us more like.. the way we were. Exactly. Um, humanation"

"The Asgard are capable of a great many things O'Neill*."

"Well we'll see. He'll be dropping by when he can."

"Yes I believe he will."

They both heard a mechanical recoil. Teal'c* rose up.

"Hey T*, could you take my fishing basket down with you."

"I will. Of course."

Teal'c* went down into the base to change the data transfer clip. As he came back onto the patio, "There is one left O'Neill*."

"That's not been to long."

Teal'c* immediately succumbed to the diminution of effort. He assumed his previous condition, relaxed, lounging and basking.

"O'Neill* you did not speak of your outing with Major Carter of The SGC."

"What ja wanna know buddy?"


Ou, that felt very nice, umm. A wave of pleasant relaxation poured over the Colonel*. He phased into the afternoon tempo.

"When you left the Beta Site inner compound with Major Carter of The SGC you appeared troubled. When you returned to the inner compound of the Beta Site with Major Carter of The SGC you appeared settled."

"Yes. Settled. Yes Teal'c* I am Settled. I feel it."

The time was somewhere between eighteen and nineteen hundred hours Zulu. The sun was warm and low in the sky but bright for a couple more hours yet. You could still feel it's heat everywhere you went.

"Right okay.. win. I kissed her. No, I mean we embraced. A warm embrace. A very warm, heated embrace. No okay we kissed. Umm, nice kiss. It was a big mistake. I apologised. I asked Carter to forgive me. It was a mistake. A very, very, pleasant and much needed mistake. Happy? End of story. Case closed."

Teal'c* sat cogitatively. He slowly nodded his head and smiled. He said nothing. The case was closed. But you could tell that he was delighted about the outcome of the outing. His friend was now decidedly settled, and he was indeed very happy about that.

"Did you hear that T*?"

Colonel O'Neill* jumped up and headed straight for the patio roof hatch. He slid down the ladder and examined the input cartridge drive. He quickly charged the clip and went back up to the patio.

"Last one."

Teal'c* smiled.

"T*, I think by now the coast should be practically clear. I mean all things being equal, SG-1, the other SG-1, would have returned to The SGC. I can't account for Daniel, but em, presumably wherever he is he'll be coming back to go into the field with Pierce. They've not finished the job and knowing Pierce, he'll want to keep on it.. given that, the coast should be clear. I think we'll head back soon and see if we can't get a couple of updates on the situation."

"Very well O'Neill*."

They dug in. Kicking back, taking it easy on the patio, enjoying the last of the afternoon's hospitality. They would be leaving soon and would not be returning for quite some time.


"Pardon O'Neill*?"

"You know Carter's* given us a heart beat."

"Indeed. Major Carter* has provided us with internal rhythm."

"It used to be rhythm T*, but I've educed a heart beat. Trust me, its definitely a heart beat. I felt it today."

"Indeed O'Neill*. I to have felt my.. ..heart beating on many occasions. The speed of the beat seems to match our physical condition."

"Yeah it does T*. I think it also matches our emotional conditions. So.. ..definitely real then."

"Yes, most definitely! O'Neill*, I now understand why Daniel Jackson* was so shaken after his return from The SGC."

"Hows that then?"

"It is the beating heart that ignites the nerves."

"Yeh! Yeah I'll go for that."

Teal'c* had begun to busy himself. He'd hacked a few branches from the trunk of the well invested tree, which partially obscured the easting patio view.

"What you doing there T*?"

"O'Neill*, by extracting the inner pulp whilst keeping the outer bark almost whole, we will be able to conceal the appearance of this yellow railing."

"Yeah, nice one Teal'c*, nice disguise. Ah, its going to look as though its part of that tree just there."


"Very nice. Pass me one of those sections, I'll have a go. Thank you."

The Colonel, still with his feet up on the rail, dropped one foot down, hinged forward and began to raise his right suit pants leg up to the knee. He produced a keen, razor sharp blade from the sheath he had strapped to his leg. He raised his other leg back on to the railing, pushed off to relaxation in his seat and began to file away at the section of tree branch.

"O'Neill* the download is completed."

"Yeah I heard that T*. Excellent. Means we're all done here."

"Indeed we are all done here. Our data is safe."

"Great! What a day."

"Um.. ..Indeed."

"Teal'c*, we'll finish up this camo and.. ..and presuming the coast is clear, give it another half hour and head back, see what we can find out."

"Yes O'Neill*."

By the time Teal'c* had finished fitting the tree bark to the railing, it really did look like it was a branch extending out from the nearby tree. Teal'c* wanted to secure it using fishing line, however Colonel O'Neill* strongly recommended he not do that, warning that although the line was barley visible to the eye, human eye, when the sun was high, from a distance the line could well be seen to provide a reflective surface, attracting the attention of observant passers by. SGC personnel and surveillance teams. Possibly,

He concluded that unless there were violent windstorms the bark would remain in place. Teal'c* agreed with this, vowing that upon their return to the secret base he would find away to better secure the bark and retain the camouflaged effect.

Relaxing, taking it easy, how lovely. What a beautiful afternoon, evening. A strident wail suddenly ripped into their atmosphere.

"What the heck..?"

"A wolf O'Neill*?"

"Not to sure, maybe not. T* we need to get our hands on a wild life survey. We're not altogether a hundred percent sure of who our neighbours are here."

"Yes. We need to familiarise ourselves with all indigenous species. I believe Daniel Jackson of The SGC has been conducting a wildlife survey."

"Yes.. ..but no. No, err, I think we've had enough other self contact for a while. Em, okay I'll see what I can do, but I think.. ..yeah I think it would be a good idea to check out the wild life, just in case."

They continued to sit on the patio. Lounging, relaxing and basking in the beautiful warm early evening sundown. They continued to sit to in silence.

"O'Neill*, we have endured a great expense of risk and danger to establish our base here on The SGC Beta Site."

"That we have Teal'c*, but its all been worth it. We've got ourselves a nice little hidden fortress here."

"Indeed we have O'Neill*. Why did you decide to secure the synthesising technology? I thought your intention was to destroy it."

"I did intend to destroy it T*. Would you believe me if I told you I was keeping it for historical reasons?"

"Of Daniel Jackson* I would. But that is not your motive O'Neill*."

"No. It really isn't is it."

"No it is not."

They were both quiet. Basking on their secret base patio, in the Beta Site early evening heat.

"Teal'c*, how did you feel about being dead?"

"It has troubled me deeply O'Neill*. I have spent many uncertain moments reflecting upon our deaths. But now we are not dead. We are alive."

The Colonel* folded his hands behind his head and pushed back in his chair as far as he could go, feet still teetering on the newly dressed patio railing. He was slow and thoughtful.

"You know, we will be resuming our Missions Schedule.. ..after a respectable sojourn."

"Of this I am certain O'Neill*."

The Colonel* rested again. Hoping to spot fish in the small pond below the patio ledge. Teal'c* was listening to the silence, waiting for it to end.

"T*, do you know what would be worst than my dying?"

Teal'c* remained curious and quiet. He nodded intently to his friend.

He closed his eyes and purposefully breathed deeply, in and out. His voice a hoarse whisper. "What would be worst, what I fear more than dying, is the thought of losing one of you. Damn it Teal'c*, the thought of losing you or Daniel* or for heavens sake Carter*."

His eyes moistened in the warm dry air.

Teal'c* was supportively affirming. His voice was very soft and urgent. His address meant only for the Colonel*, "I to have the same sentimentalism. And indeed we must do everything to protect against that unforeseen event."

"That we must do Teal'c*. In fact I do believe this is exactly what we've achieved here."

"It is a very good feeling O'Neill*."

"I know Teal'c*. I know."

They continued quietly for a while. Lounge lizards up on the Patio in the early evening sundown. Taking it easy. Lounging, relaxing and basking.

"O'Neill*, perhaps the land coast will now be clear."

"Yeah I was thinking along those lines, time to go. What do you say we make tracks.



~ Ҧ Σ ≡ µ Π Ψ Ω ℜ ℜ Å ~

~~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



The extra dimensional material surge convergence energetically, eventfully transmuted in the horizon, delivering them complete, and safely, into the Gate Room.

"There you are Daniel, nice to see you."

Daniel was still in the Gate Room waiting for the one-hour diagnostic power down to timeout so that he could return to the Beta Site with the sensor parts for Major Pierce and the engineers.

"Same to you Jack."

"Daniel Jackson, you are well?"

"Hey there Teal'c. Yeah thanks for asking, I'm good. How about you, I see you finished your war games."


"Well Daniel if that's they way you want to put it, yes, all finished. All done. Home to roost. How about you, are you staying here with us?"

"No Jack, I've to get back. I've got some parts to deliver. We'll be finished within the next two days."

"Well Daniel, alls I can say is make it quick. We don't want to have to assign someone else to the team."

"Ha ha very funny Jack, just try it."

"Thought you'd like that one. Okay Daniel look after yourself, get back as soon as you can hey."

"Okay Jack."

"Chevron Four locked!"

"By the way, nice to see you've got yourself a pair of overalls."

"Yep, everybody's alikein' my overalls today."

"Oh I don't know about that Daniel, I thought you looked much smarter before. I liked the way you looked earlier on, I thought you looked very debonair. In fact, I think all of you looked a lot lot smarter earlier on today."

"Yes, perhaps."

"Um thank you Carter, and I can definitely say the same about you.

"Hey Sam. How you doing?"

"Fine Daniel. And you?"

"I'm Good. Ou you really thought I looked smart?"

"Yeah really."

"Thanks Sam."

"Yeah Daniel, you did look very smart earlier on."

"Thanks Jack, just my usual stuff."

"Chevron Seven locked!"


They all looked a lot tidier and brighter in the cheerful blue abundance.

"Take care right Daniel."

"Right Jack."

"Daniel Jackson, I look forward to your return."

"See you Teal'c. Bye Sam."

"Don't take to long."

He would much rather stay with his colleagues.. ..his friends. Its just he had these little things in this little box and they couldn't go on without them.


Gone in a flash. In a string of impluses.

"Teal'c did you pick up my samples?"

"I did not Major Carter."


"Nope. Not I."

"Sir, the samples, they're still at the Beta Site HQ."

"Forget about them now Carter."

"But Sir its extremely important that I get them off for analysis today, this evening."

"Yeah I know that Carter, but you've finished for today. Go home Major and get some rest. Take it easy. I'll sort it all out."

"Okay, that'd be nice, thank you Sir."

General Hammond, who had been waylaid at the entrance to the Gate Room by a number of the diagnostics crew, came over to greet SG-1.

"Good to see you back people. So now we all like the way we look I have some news. We'll have to forego the debriefing as I'm due to have an unscheduled meeting with Pentagon officials. Jack whats the situation on P3X 989?"

"Well General, SG-5 will be returning with the two remaining.. ..I can't really call them prisoners, lets just say two unwitting participants in a madman's game. They'll be bringing them back through the StarGate. The unwitting participants will go through the usual procedures and then debrief and hopefully repatriation."

"Well done. Well done Colonel. And The Goa'uld, Ibnis?"

"Oh, well he's with Cronus Sir. Okay yeah, and Apophis and Seth.."

"Sir don't for get Hathor and Imhotep."

"Ra is dead. Tanith and.."

"Yes yes I get the picture."

Teal'c had a juicy big grin on his face. General Hammond was amused.

"And the technology?"

"Gone General. Finished as Harlan will have it. Destroyed. Unable to verify it's decommission though."

"You can let me have your reports a.m. Tuesday."

"Actually Sir I can probably let you have mine before you leave. It was a very short mission and I didn't see Harlan."

"That won't be necessary Major. General I'll cover the whole mission in my report. Its been a very long, hot day. The last thing my team needs right now is paper work. So if its okay General they can knock off now."

"Well provided its all covered in your report I see no need for duplication. Of course that's fine, good job people. Enjoy the rest of the evening."

"General how are the latest readings?"

"We're running well within parameters Major. No surprises. Slight variations in dampening. We've been discussing whether we ought not to recalibrate that aspect every quarter, may make for a smoother ride."

"Sounds good General. I could do with having a look through the rest of today's figures."

"Tomorrow Carter. You can do that tomorrow."

"Yes Sir."

General Hammond spoke to Colonel O'Neill.

"You let me have that report first thing tomorrow. A word Jack."

He flashed the top secret file in his hand at the Colonel. General Hammond smiled and nodded to his people and walked out of the Gate Room. Colonel O'Neill escorted the General smiling as he went.







~ Γ ∞ γ Җ χ Δ Σ    ∰ ⋯ ⋱ ~


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~



Locked and loaded. The SG-1* secret storage base was locked and secure. Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* made their way back to the Beta Site inner compound. As before, they detoured and proceeded in stealth mode.

The coast was clear in the inner compound. There were fewer personnel. The off site personnel would have already vacated to Earth.

"Right now Command will have a run down on the indigenous pop, the on site personnel and any other site developments that are scheduled. Teal'c* lets put Padmysser on this. Send him over to HQ and get him to pick me up copy Site feasibility and forecast surveys, and any other relevant info."

"O'Neill*, will he not now have retired?"

"No. No way. Hes a good man, they both are, him and Burke. They em.. ..they'll stay on duty until I check out with them."

"Yes I believe they are both good men. I to have noticed their working methods. They are both extremely proficient."

"Yes they are. Teal'c* as soon as we get in the compound, you head for barracks and put Padmysser on the fact finder and em, I'm going to go down to Comms and get an up date on the Altair situation. Typically twenty minutes tops. We'll meet up at the Gate.. ..east sector stores warehouse."

The Colonel* went to the Site Communications post. He and his team and Harlan were, ready or not, relocating. A new abode. A bright and beautiful.. But he still felt uncomfortable about not having undertaken an aerial survey. An Al'kesh would be nice. Very handy. He could see no reason why it shouldn't be theirs. Providing all SGC personnel had left the plant, he had in mind to swing by the new Home-World, pick up Carter* and effect a salvage operation.

Time was of the essence in this regard.

"Teal'c* buddy, are you reading me?"


"Tell Padmysser.. ..its okay, I'll tell him myself. I'm on my way."

"And the Al'kesh O'Neill?"

"All clear. That's a green light. Standby."

Colonel O'Neill* was crossing to the east at a fast pace. He suddenly made a sharp turn and headed up to the HQ complex. He did not enter the building and he did not enter into the view from the windows. Instead he circled the unit paying particular attention to the rear delivery bay area. There was no evident damage to the back doors and the way in which Teal'c* had forced them open could leave one suspecting that any damage had been caused by a clumsy delivery.

Satisfied the Colonel* hurried over to the east sector stores warehouse. He came upon Teal'c* and Corporal Padmysser before he reached the warehouse.

"Hold up there Padmysser."


"Hows it going there?"

"Very good Sir."

Teal'c* was holding two sets of documents and a roll of acetate.

"Nice one Padmysser. We're heading back to base, why don't you knock off now. "

"Yes Sir, thank you."

"Hey! You and Burke have done very well up to now. Keep it up. As for the secret storage facility, we're going to sit tight on that development area for the next couple of months. I want you both to stand down on that for the time being, until I instruct you otherwise. Understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Padmysser, you are under strict orders regarding the secrecy of this base."

"Strict Sir. Absolutely."

"Are you speaking for Burke?"

"Yes Colonel*, I speak for us both."

"Good man. Dismissed Corporal."

"Thank you Sir."

"Thank you Padmysser."

Colonel O'Neill* and Teal'c* journeyed on to the stores warehouse and took up position at the side of the building, in visual line with the StarGate.

"O'Neill* the spacecraft?"

"Its ours. Whos to say it didn't blow up in space. Theres no way of checking that the explosives Carter* sent up didn't send the thing crashing out of orbit onto the surface of the planet."

"Indeed O'Neill*, it is not possible to survey the planet's surface."

"T*, have you got that Rings thing?"

"The Transportation Rings activation switch. I have it O'Neill*."

"Excellent. SG-5 are back at The SGC. I had, he had, sent out a team of Technicians to suss out the nine eight niner Gate, that's clear and they've reported back in. The Cargo ship is landed and parked up in the outer northern sector. In which case nine eight niner is all clear. Well almost clear.. ..apart from Harlan."

"What is your plan O'Neill*?"

"We Gate to the Home-World. Pick up Carter*. Gate to nine eight niner. Ring aboard the ship. Check it over. Fly back to the new Home-World. If Daniel's* feeling okay we'll take him with us. He can remain in the plant with Harlan. Check things out. He can report on the damage and also assess whats left to be moved. He can then Gate back to the new Home-World with Harlan, in time to see us landing."

"This is a very good plan O'Neill*."

"Yeah, its not bad. Lets go T*."

Teal'c* quickly sauntered over to the D.H.D. The Colonel* stayed in position at the stores, keeping a watch out.


Umm.. ..nice, all done. Teal'c* nodded to the Colonel* and then made his way over to the bottom run of the StarGate arch platform. The Colonel* in turn quick stepped to the StarGate. Teal'c* had already slowly begun to make his way up the steps, one by one. As Teal'c* reached the top step Colonel O'Neill* set foot on the bottom one.

"Go on T*, I'm right behind you."

"Very well O'Neill."

Teal'c* stepped into the light. Colonel O'Neill* reached the platform and moved forward to set foot into the Event Horizon. He had a shoe in. The very moment he was about to evanesce through the chrome blue window into the subspace fracture of space-time, he felt someone call to him.

He turned around to find an Air Force Officer standing by the D.H.D. smiling at him. Without hesitation or worry he saluted and smiled. Deep down he knew that's the way it should be. The Officer, still smiling, nodded and saluted back at him. He was gone in an instant. A one way light flight all the way home. New home.

A Lieutenant came running over to the D.H.D.


"Stop there!! About face!"

After a few seconds the StarGate disengaged.

"Okay, what have you got for me?"

The Airman about faced again. "Sir, that's everything, all up to date, it includes this mornings logs."

"Excellent Lieutenant thank you."

"Sir are you leaving for The SGC now?"

"Just as soon as I get those compounds. Ah, here they are. Dial it up for me if you would please."

"Yes Sir."

"This is all of them."

"Tektites right Zeskah?"

"Yes mostly. Please inform Doctor Carter we begin grid searching the western sector as of tomorrow a.m."

"Sure will, ta."

"Many thanks Colonel O'Neill, bye."





ℷ ~ ∞ ± Γ ∧ Ξ ζ μ π ∀



It's a wonderful privilege to be able to breathe. Realise that and you realise happiness

     ~ ℷ



Thank You for your time. This story is based on ;

The Jeffery F. King Tin Man Story
The Robert C. Cooper Double Jeopardy






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