SG-1  ; General Hammond, General O'Neill, Colonel Carter, Teal'c, Doctor Jackson, Jonas Quinn

StarGate SG-1    
  StarGate SG-1 : Mission Account 32 ; Skullduggery  
[ Ninth chevron Nth dimension ]
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1st Debrief ; Nicolas Ballard's condition and appearance

U.A.V.s and SG-14 to P7X 377. Samples returned and facts found

O'Neill naked up in a tree

Teal'c is on the case. Griff is on six

Drafted in from Groom Lake. And a NIDorous Chinese whisper

Colonel Carter's vidid hallucination

Daniel's office, Sam's not well. General O'Neill demands info

2nd Debrief ; Account of Sam's.. ..dream

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c, fact finders extraordinaire

1st Briefing ; Quetezalcoatl, glyphs, signs and come likely low down on Mesoamerican history, and Sam's.. ..dream

The Nebulium are materialising.. ..rising

SG-14 return through a Nine Chevron wormhole. Routine check up in the infirmary, clear

Control Room appraisal of Nine Chevron incident with the General and Harriman and Siler and Brigham and SG-1

Colonel Carter believes SG-14 are.. ..anatomically cloaked

3rd Debrief ; Ninth Chevron Nth Dimension

4th Debrief ; O eight hundred hours. Ninth Chevron Nth Dimension. Code Seventeen

Off world Teams Recall to Alpha

Video conference with General Hammond and General O'Neill

Off world Beta Site quarantine. Lock it down Teal'c!

Virtual lockdown at The SGC

Lose Nebulium in The SGC

All clearish. Uncloudy and bright

General O'Neill reports to the Pentagon. Oh and the NID have been on, they wanna chat

The games a foot. A flying General. And a bloody eye

General O'Neill starts changin' in between levels in the lift.. ..the elevator

George to The SGC. Nice to see yoou

2nd Briefing ; Crystal lean

3rd Briefing ; Spatial. Integer. Stellar co-ordinates, galaxies and base security

Daniel sees Jack lighting up. Smoking baby. Right to tell

Colonel Carter on the nineteenth with Teal'c & Doctor Jackson

General O'Neill's flying visit at NID headquarters

George we're under attack

People are missing. Frying fish and flapping snakes

Lock your doors, windows and smash your tetragonal glass

Daniel's salvaged a map. I know where they are Jack

Lets bring our people home.. ..Now!

Men down. Sorry Jack. If we just switch longitude with the latitude we'll find them

Lets bring our people home.. ..Now! No mistakes this time!

I am General George Hammond of the United States Air Force and yoou, yoou and yoou are all under arrest!

Mission accomplished. Home safe and unsound

Evacuating smmmoky smoooky clouds

Snatch back. Got ya. You little minky

Colonel Carter and Doctor Jackson are setting timers. Cater's blowing things up.. ..again


Conclusion "Jack!!"




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