StarGate SG-1

StarGate SG-1 ; Mission Account 32; Skullduggery

[Ninth Cheveron Nth Dimension]




~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~

General O'Neill, Commander in Chief of The SGC, requires acute adherence to the time scale set for receipt of a series of Reports, Briefs and Debriefs he demand scheduled.

In response to the General's demands, concerted efforts are underway to gather concise intel on the 'Mayan Pyramid'. The Giant inside. And the unexplained appearance of a bloodied Nicolas Ballard.

The drive is being lead by Doctor Daniel Jackson. Assisting him are the other members of SG-1. Teal'c, who is currently concerning himself with linguistics, translations, interpretations and decipherment and who also separately, privately, is working on General O'Neill's 'personal problem'. And Colonel Carter who is presently involved with geochemical and x-ray analysis of the Golden Crystal Skull and who has also undertaken to determine the galactic origin of the 'Mayan' Giants. The alien foe. The Nebulium.

Also assisting are specialist personnel drafted in from Area 51, and Doctor Lee.

In depth analysis of the P7X 377 samples and the U.A.V. footage obtained by order of General O'Neill, delivered SG-1 a copious prolificacy of intels.

The 'Mayan Pyramid' on P7X 377, it seems, is not strictly Mayan architecture. The finishing glory, the temple altar crowning the structure, as Dr Daniel Jackson so rightly assumed is most certainly of Mayan design. But the overall assemblage of this megalithic structure, the reels and reels of U.A.V. footage reveal, is in fact a cocktail of engineering by various ancient human civilisations.

The pyramid was constructed by hand, slave hand, over a period of between two thousand eight hundred to three thousand four hundred years. An estimated approximation sets the completion of the outside structure of the pyramid, 'Mayan Pyramid', around six hundred years into the first millennium.

Building began, Doctor Jackson said, in the post sub-boreal days of the Olmec, the early formative years and building appears to have ceased late pre classic, classic times.

One of the details General O'Neill is particularly interested in is that of the Giant SG-1 encountered as part of first contact on P7X 377. The portfolio SG-1 are now able to compile on this matter forms the basis of SG-1's, and General O'Neill's, final explosive mission to P7X 377.

Tentative supposition. Teal'c has found evidence that the Giants, the Nebulium of the 'Mayan Pyramid', were at some time in contact with the Goa'uld. He believes the Nebulium may had been using Goa'uld symbiotes in experiments on longevity, trying to lengthen the time for which they themselves could inhabit the human 'shell'.

Again from their investigations, examination of samples brought back from P7X 377, along with previous work carried out by Doctor Jackson, SG-1 yield the ground breaking discovery that there are not one but two species of Goa'uld. A detail it seems the Giants, the Nebulium, were unaware.

One species of Goa'uld has the element naquadah in its chemical makeup, the other does not. The system lords are of the first species.

Teal'c believes that a known faction of Gao'uld, the Xi'Linvris, were of the latter group. Of their number only two remain. Nine of the Xi'Linvris, along with two minor Goa'uld were killed by a lethal contraption designed by the fugitive, the ailing genius Ma'chello.

There has been no soundings of the remaining two Linvris (Xi'Linvris) who may, Teal'c suggests, after having been totally diminished by the Ma'chello machine, have fled the galaxy, perhaps to regroup and build their numbers, of the non naquadah kind.

Magnification of various stages of the Mayan civilisation reveals that it prospered two thousand years ago and that same prosperity was brought to an abrupt end. Huge sections, the majority, of the overall population became extinct. In contrast to the Aztecs, they were a relatively peaceful and spiritual people and their sudden disappearance can not necessarily be attributed to warfare. There is no explanation as to why this event occurred. There is though, historical evidence that round about the same time, and also before, other civilisations also 'disappeared'. Drafted to the P7X 377 Pyramid, Doctor Jackson believes.

It was established during SG-1's first contact that these Giants, Nebulium, live out of phase. Further investigation provides.. ..out of phase in catacombs within the gigantic human slave built pyramid structure. They are an alien race. They broadcast a huge holographic image of themselves into the pyramid cavern, from within the catacombs.

The atmosphere in the pyramid is breathable though eventually toxic and it is saturated with metals and minerals including the metal elements sodium and naquadah and the compound niquadria. The air in the pyramid becomes toxic to humans within a relatively short period of time, though presumably the atmosphere in the out of phase domain is much more conducive to human, slave, continuance. A deliberate attraction to radiation of heavy fermions has somehow been artificially created inside the cavern.

Colonel Carter believes that the pyramid was deliberately flooded with the contained atmosphere at a time after the pyramid's construction had been completed. A sort of no go buffer zone. Which would doubtless also serve to restrict the remaining slave's movements to within the out of phase environment. Although the guinea pig Goa'uld had all fled, such an atmosphere would help to prevent further escape by the remaining slaves.

Colonel Carter and Teal'c went on to conclude that the Nebulium, Giants, may well have miscalculated and experimented on the wrong species of Goa'uld, those with naquadah content. Given their propensity to megalomania and evil doing, and their pre existing chemical makeup, further exposure to the metal elements and compounds would have produced exceptionally nasty, nastier, Goa'uld. Their breed, the Goa'uld, it seems contributed to the Nebulium, Mayan Giants, 'laying low' for over a thousand years.

Aware that many of the ancient civilisations worshiped icons, the Nebulium, Giants, planted teleportation crystal devices in the shape of human skulls in the hope that they would appeal to curious worshipers. The plan was extremely successful and over the duration grand numbers of humans were teleported into the P7X 377 pyramid.

The Goa'uld symbiotes, those being subjected to longevity experiments, blended with some of the Giant's slave work force to escape from the Mayan Pyramid using the StarGate to clear the planet. This Goa'uld exodus must have taken place at least before the end of the first Common Era millennium, before the pyramid was flooded with the toxic atmosphere.

The Nebulium, Giants, may not have been aware of the symbiote's ability to blend with humanoids.. ..and humans.

These fleeing Goa'uld, all the more mentally unstable by the high concentrations of naqaudah and niquadria they had been exposed to in the pyramid, made it their first top priority to seek out and destroy the Crystal Skulls that had been planted in many places throughout universe by the Nebulium.

Eventually without their crystal method of transport and an ever greatly declining number of 'shells', human slave hosts in which to traverse the StarGate system, the Nebulium, Giants, became trapped in the pyramid. Practically cut off from their strength, their supply of slaves and their method of travel. They've spent the last thousand and more years trapped deep inside the cavern, whiffing in the naquadah-niquadria-weighted atmosphere.. ..Psycho!!

When Nicolas Ballard transported into the Pyramid on P7X 377, they had not had a 'visitor' for more than a thousand years. The second time he arrived in the cavern with more people, SG-1, the Nebulium interest was awakened. They have since drained Ballard for knowledge of modern times in the human world called Earth.

The SGC, The Alpha Site and The Atlantic Site now fall under the judicial auspices of TIGETS (Trans Global Extra Terrestrial Security -Inter Alia-), a newly assigned force appointed by the US President and seated at the Pentagon. This new force is responsible, as its designation holds, for the Trans-Global Extra Terrestrial Security of not only the human home world Earth, but the entire planetary system space of which Earth is a part.

The Commanders of the Satellites, SGC, Alpha and Atlantic, report directly to the Commander of TIGETS, who in turn reports directly to the President. The Commander of The SGC also has a direct line to the President. And General George Hammond, Commander in Chief of TIGETS is in daily contact with General Jack O'Neill, Commander in Chief of The SGC.


~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~

~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~


Its completely dark. About three a.m. in the morning. Theres ever such a faint noise in the distance. Fading in and out. Louder, slowly louder. It's the distant ringing of a telephone. Its coming this way and its getting louder.

In the early morning night, a tired arm stretches out and a fumbling hand picks up the telephone.

"Yes I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson. Excuse me. Ballard! Are you sure, Ballard? The where?"

Daniel jumped out of bed. Snapped the light on and hurriedly got dressed. As he was dressing he quickly searched for his mobile phone and speed dialled.


Tall he's capable, he's dashingly handsome and liking well defined. Brigadier-General Jackin John Jankin O'Neill. Commander in Chief of the StarGate to all the world around us and to others they dare not speak of to I and to we.

Oh, and also, his Ancient attachments are beginning to Åscend with intensifying mysticus.

General Jack O'Neill pulled up his four-wheel drive outside the Smithsonian museum, Washington, D.C. He and Daniel raced up the steps to the main doors. The police, security men and SFs ushered them inside. At the far side of the auditorium a security guard was waving his torch at them, beckoning them.

Daniel hurried over. The General was slower behind him, whilst getting a breakdown of the situation from the on site security guards and the Air Force representatives as he went.

As General O'Neill rounded the corner he saw Daniel stopped in his tracks, staring straight ahead. O'Neill looked passed Daniel at the narrow upright glass cabinet. He saw a Crystal Skull, the Ballard Skull, on a pedestal inside the cabinet and behind that he saw the semi-naked body of Nicolas Ballard, Daniel's grandfather. Nick looked in an awful bad way. He was folded up and shaking. Propped up against the glass. His arms were blooded. In his hand he clutched a golden coloured Crystal Skull. He had blood streaming down from his right eye. He was just conscious.

"They're coming. They are coming! My name is Nicolas Ballard. They're coming. They are going to make us.. ..My name is Nicolas Ballard. I am a human being. Xibalbah is not my home, its not my home. I do not belong here. My name is.."

Daniel began shouting at the security guards.

"Get him out of there!"

O'Neill pushed passed Daniel. He tried to open the cabinet. It wouldn't open. He used the butt end of his revolver to smash the glass. The glass wouldn't smash.

"We need a torch, now! Do you have cutting equipment?"

The guards were unsure. General O'Neill stepped away from them, the SFs stepped with him. He flipped open his mobile phone. Action!

Daniel, horrified by what he saw, was banging on the glass cabinet.

"Nick! Nick!"

All to no avail. Jack put his hand on Daniel's shoulder.

"Its okay Daniel, we'll have him out of there and safe pretty soon."

General O'Neill began checking around the glass display case. It was fused solid and he determined the glass had been galvanised.

"An incoming traveller." He gently whispered to Daniel.

~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~

Back at The SGC, 0 five forty hours. General O'Neill called General Hammond at home.

"Well Sir as yet we've not been able to get anything out of the babbling Ballard. Daniels with him in the infirmary right now. Poor Nick hes had it rough Sir."

"Jack do you have any idea of what this is all about?"

"At this stage Sir I have to say no. Nicks Calmed down now and hes going to have to sleep off the gaseous sedation before we can piece together whats happened. But judging from what I've seen I don't think we're going to get a lucid account out of him for quite some time. He doesn't look good George."

"'They're coming.' What do you make of that? Who do you think 'they' are?"

"Well, I don't think it's the Giants, for a start they weren't even corporeal and at a guess I don't think they'd travel very well."

"This could be serious Jack. Do you think these Giants could be a threat after all?"

"Don't know, but ering on the side of double yes and absolutely."

"What about this other Skull, where does that fit in?"

"Hes obviously teleported himself from the Mayan Pyramid by way of the Skull. I've already called Carter and Teal'c in and put them on the case. Carter seems to think this Skull, gold in colour, was a designated teleportation device specifically from the Mayan cavern back to Earth."

"And the other ones, the one at the Smithsonian and the one we left in the Mayan pyramid, they work in the opposite direction?"

"Not entirely General. The one in the pyramid was only ever used inside the actual pyramid itself, sending out and then back into phase, we used the StarGate to get there and back. And the Ballard Skull, well thats been shaken upside down and back to front and its still not ticking. Its not worked for over thirty years, and then only once with Ballard's round trip to the pyramid and back."

"Jack, I take it you'll be dealing with this one yourself.. a matter of urgency."

"Urgent and on it George. I'm getting a P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission underway. We'll review the samples and images just as soon as they come in."

"Who are you having dealing with this?"

"I'm running this one through SG-1. I'll let you know."

"Take care Jack."

"And you George."

He put the red phone down and sat back in his chair, viewing his office. And you George old friend


~ √ Ω π χ ∞ ≡ Ψ Γ Ξ

Π~ √ Ω π χ ∞ ≡ Ψ Γ Ξ Π


"O'Neill, Sealed in a glass cabinet?"

"Completely sealed."

"Sir wheres Daniel now?"

"Infirmary, hold on. Yes?"

One of the General's aides lightly knocked on the closed office door. He entered to find the General, Colonel Carter and Teal'c all standing restlessly about the office.

"General O'Neill Sir, Critical Care Nurse Kensington, she has a verbal Report for you."

"Show her in Lieutenant."


"Sir Nurse Kensington reporting as ordered."

"At ease Kensington. Take a seat Lieutenant,"

Only General O'Neill and Critical Care Nurse, Lieutenant Kensington sat down.

"Thank you Sir."

"Hows he doing?"

"We've not managed to stabalise him yet Sir. There are complications."

"I see Nurse Kensington, um. Okay then, for our benefit why don't you give us what you have so far."

He gestured to his two.. ..friends. They all leaned in for a summary on Nick's condition.

"Yes Sir. Nicolas Ballard was brought into the infirmary at 0 five thirty one hours. As soon as we got him into bed his confusion gave way to a catatonic posture. I'm attributing this to the sheer drop in his blood pressure.

Hes suffering from extremely abnormal levels of sodium and potassium, both of which are involved in the conduction of nerve impulses to and from the brain, as well as localised transmissions. His system is sodium saturated and he also has hyperkalaemia.

Taken together, his overly high levels of both potassium and sodium are causing abnormal heart arrhythmia along with muscular spasms and a degree of muscular paralysis and he is also dangerously close to kidney failure. And is exhibiting respiratory difficulties.

Within the first four minutes of receiving the patient we administered a treatment of nitrates to widen the arteries and veins.

We are maintaining a high oxygenated air circulation to temper his respiratory intake.

Doctor Carmichael has been notified and is en route. He has requested anatomical pathology and histology on samples taken from the patient. Sir a more thorough written Report will be prepared for you as soon as Doctor Carmichael makes a full diagnosis, which I understand will be within the next forty five minutes.

A toxicology Report is being compiled as we speak. Because of the unusual nature of the patient's condition, his near internal systems collapse and the metal mineral poisoning, Mr Ballard is to be subjected to intense diagnostic imaging.

General, at this time all the tests that can be carried out are being prepare for."

"His eye?"

"Sir, Mr Ballard's right eye. Again thats an assessment Doctor Carmichael will inform you of, however General I can confirm that we were able to save his eye. There is tremendous inflammation to the ocular cavity, Sir, Doctor Carmichael will advise you further."

"Have you any idea as to what caused such an injury?"

"Sir, as horrific as it is, this type of assault to the ocular cavity has never before been recorded. And none of the staff have ever seen this amount of trauma to an eye without any resulting loss of tissue, or sight for that matter. Doctor Carmichael will be more specific General"


"Sir I'd.."

"Its alright Kensington. Thank you for your Report. And Doctor Jackson?"

"Sir hes still with the patient."

"That will be all Lieutenant, thank you."


Nurse Kensington left General O'Neill's office and went straight back up to the infirmary. To join the Critical Care Team attending to Nick, Daniel's Grandfather.

The General sat back in his red leather executive chair. He looked at Colonel Carter. She looked a little tired, and very troubled. He looked at Teal'c, he knew what was on Teal'c' mind.

"You thinkin' the Giants in the Pyramid T?

"I am."

"Colonel, comments."

"Shock for one."

"Shocked we are, what else?"

"The Giants Sir."


"Me thinks so too."

There was another light knock on the door.


The door opened and the General's aide brought in a tray of coffee, cream, cups and biscuits. They all looked grateful. Teal'c poured for all of them. The aide closed the door on his way out.

"This is serious. Very very serious."


"Well lets examine the facts. A severely traumatised Nicolas Ballard materialised inside a locked glass cabinet in the Smithsonian Museum. And after closing hours to boot."

"A fused Cabinet."

"Yeah Carter what was that?"

"Sir, he had hold of the Golden Skull, the transmitter, which as I said he must have used to transport here, back to Earth. The Ballard Skull must be the receiver. He materialised out of the Ballard Skull and into the confinement of a glass cabinet. There was only limited space within the cabinet to absorb any resulting excess energy produced by the teleportation process.

That energy, being unable to dissipate uninterrupted, reacted with whatever it came into contact with. In this case.. this instance, the energy translated into heat and high-pressure.. ..fusing the glass and encasing Nick."

"How come the Skull came with him? Our experiences have involved the Skull staying put."

"An educated guess Sir. From what you described, he seemed to have an unyielding grip on the Skull. I presume he had taken hold of the Skull in the P7X 377 pyramid and failed to let go of it as it began it's transportation process."


"He sustained his injuries before he took hold of the Skull."

"Good point Teal'c and the question is how."

"And why Sir."

"And why Carter."

"He found himself no longer in the company of friends O'Neill?"

"The Giant's have fallen out with us."

"If it was them Sir."

"Well Carter I'm pretty sure that even if there are other.. ..things, living in that place, them Giants are gonna be the ones with the upper hand."


"I agree Sir."

"Which brings us back to the fact that this serious."

"A threat Sir?"

"Angry giants on our tail, that's serious Carter. And threatening."

"Colonel Carter, an attack against Nicolas Ballard must be construed as an attack against The SGC. Was not Nicolas Ballard, after all, representing us in the exchange of knowledge between ourselves and a new ally."

The General made a powerful narrow stretch, bringing his clenched fists up to his shoulders and isometrically, strenuously tensing and after a few moments flexing and then shrugging off the stretch. Refreshed, he stood up and slowly refilled their cups.

"We never did establish they where allies did we!"

He stated that as a matter of fact.

They all looked at each other. No they hadn't done that. It hadn't been easy talking to those big floaty bilingual Giants. No, no real contact had been made. That's what Daniel's grandfather had been working on. And relations somehow seem to have broken down. Badly!!

"Sir the enemy of my enemy.."

"And why exactly was it they were enemies with the Goa'uld? I didn't quite catch that bit."

"Neither did I Sir."

"Neither me."

"I can't imagine what Nick could possibly have done to provoke an arrival back here in that state, and by that method."

"A quick get away Sir?"

"Seems so Carter."

"O'Neill can we assess any of their abilities."

"Well heres one to assess. They're not incorporeal!"

"A real threat Sir."

"Very real Colonel and capable of moving about, throwing stones and opening doors."


"Sir they're giants, must be awkward.."

"Carter I've been giving that a lot of thought since I spoke to George earlier on."

"Yes Sir?"

"I don't think they're giants."

"But O'Neill, Colonel Carter, Doctor Jackson and yourself.."

"Yeah yeah, I know what we saw T but I'm not convinced. Lets face it, I've had a pretty good taste of Asgard holographic technology by now."

"You believe they may be humanoids masquerading as powerful beings O'Neill?"

"That sums it up."

"General this changes things."

"More our size Carter?"

"Yes Sir."

"Right, Colonel, can you rustle up Major Lyon's, I want him in the Briefing Room in fifteen minutes. Notify him that SG-14 will be leaving for P7X 377 within the hour.

I want this Fact Finding Mission co-ordinated through SG-1.

Bring Siler to the table with you. We're gonna want to launch U.A.V.s for coverage before SG-14 go through. Teal'c can you go by the infirmary, I think Daniel will want to attend this briefing."

"Sir is Siler in this early?"

"Should be, he got the call along with Harriman and Medical."

"On it Sir. O six fifteen hours."

"Yes. I will be back shortly with Daniel Jackson O'Neill."


As the majority of SG-1 were stepping out of the General's office, an aide with a file folder full of officialdom was heading in.

"Good morning General O'Neill. I have your messages Sir."



~ Δ Ω ∑ Γ Ξ Π Δ Ξ Ω~

~ Δ Ω ∑ Γ Ξ Π Δ Ξ Ω


"Okay what have we got?"

"Daniel do you want to go first?"

"Yeah thanks Sam. Okay, around a quarter to seven this morning Sergeant Siler launched two U.A.V.s through the Gate to P7X 377, erm, they took separate flight paths around the 'Mayan Pyramid'. The whole of the external structure of the pyramid has been covered. They made a gradual sweep upwards towards the pinnacle. The U.A.V.s took in details from the ground up.

I have to say Jack, we found some very very interesting stuff. All the footage, the U.A.V's.. ..Siler concentrated the erm, surveillance, inwards to the pyramid. Its all high resolution stuff. We've got some excellent images. I'll tell you what, its weaving a story that.. ..its just unbelievable."

"That's nice Daniel. What do we have?"

"Oh, erm yeah, sorry Jack, I'm going a little bit off the beat and track here."

"Its alright Daniel take you're time. We all know what you've got to deal with."

"Thanks Jack. Erm okay, what have we got. Well we've got clues, a lot of clues. Erm.. ..Teal'c. Oh, yes, Teal'c, erm.. ..right, okay. Teal'c your turn."

"Yes Indeed. Some very interesting clues O'Neill. Perhaps Colonel Carter would first like to Report."

"People, the suspense is killing me.. ..come on, someone, anyone, what we got?"

"Sir its very interesting."

"Alright! Earth to SG-1, I'm keen. I'm interested. I've got bureaucrats a scratchin' at mi door. What we got?"

SG-1 were in conference with General O'Neill in Level twenty-seven's Briefing Room. The Fact Finding Mission to P7X 377 was being discussed. And the direction of the Ballard incident response was being established.

"Firstly General, on studying the video footage from the surveillance vehicle we find early Mesoamerican glyphs and symbols around the outside base of the pyramid structure. These are recognisable as being classic and pre classic, and some markings Daniel dates around the Archaic high 2000's BCE.

We're surmising that the 'Mayan Giant' who first appeared to us speaking a Maya language was merely reflecting the language of the last civilisation he had been in contact with."

"That would mean Jack, that we can approximate the last known contact between these aliens and a human civilisation on earth to round about 600 CE, coinciding with the decline of the greater Mayan civilisation."

"Daniel what brings you to this conclusion by the way?"

"Well the languages, no, the markings, symbols and signs that we've captured on film are all indicative of erm, civilisations that existed before the Mayans, including the Maya and before the Mayan civilisation. Theres no markings of any kind made after the Mayans, which lead us to conclude that theres been no contact with any human civilisation since those times."

"Carter, Teal'c?"

"I concur with Daniel Jackson's findings."

"General Sir, given that much of early human history has been traced through an assortment of elaborate syllabic and hieroglyphic scripts, along with signs, symbols and pictographs, and given that basic writing systems were in place at the beginning of the common era, Daniel's conclusion that lack of evidence of these writing systems is proof positive of the absence of social presence at the pyramid beyond a certain time scale, is definitely accurate."

"Interesting. So we're assuming, at a push, that these Giants have been out of contact with human society for fourteen hundred years?"

"Yes O'Neill, that is correct."

"Well done Daniel, you've handed us a nice advantage."

"Great. Really?"

"How so O'Neill?"


"If we've been off the radar for that long they have no idea of our current capabilities. And things have changed an awful lot since the days of the bow and arrow."

"Sir that's an excellent point."

"Have we got anything else to score with?"

"Indeed. Something extremely interesting O'Neill."

"Go on T."

"Just before you tell him the news Teal'c, Jack by the same token, we also don't know their capabilities."

"That's very true Daniel, but if they were gigantically powerful I think we would have gotten a heads up by now."

"Hes right Daniel. One of our allies would have had something to say about them."

"But Sam we've been off their radar the same way they've been off everyone else's. That amount of time passing without a word. Maybe they've simply been forgotten about."

"Well at this stage folks we have to consider everything, so that will need to be tied into your final Mission Report. You will make a list of who you contact won't you?"

The General was smiling with a friendly air of success at that nice piece of delegation. Querying the allies on a matter regarding floaty fluffy cloud like giants.. ..I think not.


"Daniel Jackson is correct that many clues have been revealed to us. O'Neill you may recall a number of years ago we came upon a symbol. A Goa'uld symbol. A warning sign."

"Oh erm, yeahhh, that scary looking thing on P3R 233?"

"Indeed. The symbol of Korosh-Ni."

"Yeah yeah, I remember that. What you telling me, you found that symbol here at the pyramid?"

"Yes we have. Yes."

"Well that doesn't make sense. We know.. .. well I mean it has.. ..there is a problem of radiation but we know the ground hasn't been decimated so to speak. So whats that about then T?"

"The U.A.V. video footage discloses the symbol of Korosh-Ni near by to the entrance to the pyramid. We did not become aware of it on our visit because the symbol has become much faded in addition to being marked on a stone block high above the ground level. The symbol is not complete and has only been partially etched into the stone."

"Is there any significance to it only being partial?"

"No. No O'Neill I do not believe so. Once the symbol is made clear and viewable whether partial or complete it will have the same impact and the warning will be apparent. It seems the designator did not have time to finish his work."

"But it is still a warning T, to other Goa'uld?"

"Most certainly O'Neill. It is a warning to other Goa'uld to beware of the pyramid. Not to enter the pyramid."

"The hows, whos and wherefores?"

"Not at this time O'Neill, but Daniel Jackson, Colonel Carter and myself are considering all of the angles of vision and examining all of the possibilities."

"Okay nice work. Nice work. Erm what else?"

"Oh yes Sir. The altar at the top of the pyramid, the apex, its smashed."

"Bad weather?"

"Think not Sir. Looks deliberate."

"Suggestions Daniel?"

"The locals weren't offering up anymore sacrifices."

"Sounds reasonable. Wouldn't need the altar then would they."

"No Sir, wouldn't need it."

"Okay. Okay?"

"Right Jack, erm we've found a.. ..oh by the way, SG-14 have brought back quite a lot of samples. Rock samples and some organic stuff and photographs of, of erm.. ..they've explored the inner chamber of the pyramid."

"I know. Did you come up with anything from their examination of the entrance to the pyramid?"

"Yep we did Jack. Its all being... ..its interesting, its very interesting and its all being analysed. And even more interesting is they've found a couple of skeletons."


"Goa'uld skeletons O'Neill!"

"What?? Now.. we're talking. Yah, we're definitely talking. In fact the pyramids talking, pretty loud at that."

"General with what Siler reeled in and the samples brought back by SG-14, we've got a heck of a lot to go on. We're confident we can come up with some answers for you."

"I like it. Keep talking."

There was a pause while General O'Neill answered his internal line.

"Put him through. Yes. Go on. Um. I agree. Leave it with me."

The General pressed two buttons in quick succession. One to disconnect Doctor Carmichael the other to speak to one of his aides.

"Lieutenant get on to Sergeant Siler now. Tell him to report to Doctor Carmichael in the Infirmary, tell him I'm okaying it. No that's all."

Whilst he had been talking he patted the air towards Daniel, quelling his fear. General O'Neill hung up the telephone and winked at his friend.

"Daniel everythings just fine. Well no change. Carmichael wants to run a series of tests and is requesting some special equipment. Nick's.. ..hes being made as comfortable as possible."

The room had gone quite. They were all waiting for Daniel to say something. He didn't, just shrugged.

"Anything else?"

Daniel snapped out of his worried and thoughtful stupor.

"Yes Jack, theres more."

"General, Sergeant Siler programmed the U.A.V.s to closely circle the structure one storey per sweep. We've got the entire structure on tape."

"How much of the video footage have you reviewed?"

"Well I've shot through all of it, and of course we'll all go back and erm, examine it frame by frame. Even at a glance Sir its revealing an awful lot of information. Theres a fair amount of abstract design as well."

"Its abstract to us but it was probably all perfectly plain and simple to who ever left it there. Work on it and get some sense out of it. Every peanut counts on this one Colonel."

"On it Sir."


"Jack, like Sam mentioned, the Giant spoke in a Mayan language, this is why we coined the pyramid, the 'Mayan pyramid', well apart from the fact that its got Mayan influences in the design. That aside, Teal'c' fished out of the footage markings, glyphs obviously from the Mayans, as well as Symbols, what is that Teal'c?"

"The symbol of Korosh-Ni."

"No accounting for the date that partial symbol was etched. Erm we've got traces of the Isthmian script which we probably won't be able to decipher. We've also got markings which could be exceptionally telling, erm Sam's got some theories on those. I'd say they're Epi-Olmec daubs, taking us back at least a couple of thousand years.

Theres some more findings round the back of the pyramid. There are some petrographs which may well be further back than Epi-Olmec, having said that, they may also not be. I'll have accurate chronology on all the markings for you by noon today Jack."

"Splendid. Okay Daniel, lets dig, deep."

"I welcome the opportunity Jack, keeps my mind off other things."

Colonel Carter, Teal'c and the General were all supportively and sympathetically nodding at Daniel.

"Daniel we're all with you."

"Thanks Sam."

"Colonel, theories?"

"Sir some of these markings that Daniel's attributed to the Olmecs, who were a Mesoamerican civilisation existing in the late sub-boreal period, erm they, oh actually later than that, middle formative years, mid pre-classic you said that didn't you Daniel? Sorry not the Olmecs later still, the Epi-Olmecs Sir, just going into the Common Era. I think the markings are a type of Dot and bar method of calculation."

"What like a number system Carter?"

"Yes Sir, exactly so. I think theres going to be something of value in this. You can clearly see from Siler's footage that theres some regular pattern trying to be established. There were other marks, lots and lots of marks some in particular looked like Runic inscriptions, which would be utterly out of place, or they could just simply be marks. We're going to be working through all of this as soon as we get back to the lab, see what we come up with."

"Yeah Carter thank you. See what we come up with.. .. as a matter of urgency."


"I've already Debriefed with SG-14 and they're satisfied theres been no stirrings, no movements of the Giants. As yet. We're in the clear up to now but we just need to make every effort to get a head start in this situation, this worrying situation."

"Yes Sir."

"I agree with that Jack. We'll do everything we can to get on top of this."

"Indeed we must prepare ourselves and we must discover what it is we need to prepare for."

"That sums it up Teal'c."

"Colonel Carter, would it be possible to precisely locate the planet from which the Giant aliens originate?"

"What Teal'c you don't think they are indigenous to P7X 377?

"I do not Daniel Jackson. Were they, why would it then be necessary to further manufacture artificial atmosphere?"

"Teal'c I think that atmosphere is not for them but for other.. ..visitors to the pyramid, to possibly keep them out."

"Yes, I agree Colonel Carter. However, they would have no need to keep people out, if they themselves did not have to remain in, confined within the pyramid."

"Yep. Okay Teal'c you're right. They're not indigenous. Strange."

"Strange Daniel?"

"Yeah its strange Jack that I would completely overlook such an obvious fact."

"I don't think so Daniel. Not today."

"I second that Daniel."

"Thanks Sam."

"Indeed your mind is unequally divided today Daniel Jackson."

"Err yes, I think so. Is it? Thanks Teal'c."

"Carter, can we find it?"

"Possibly yes Sir. In fact Teal'c it's an excellent suggestion. Knowing where they come from will tell us a great deal about them and what we're up against. As a start point I will run a full analysis on the dot, bar configurations in the video footage."


"Sir, that would be very very lucky."

"Lets see. Okay, have we more to go on?"

"Yep.. ..Jack we found different colour stones, stone slab blocks, all over the pyramid. On different storeys. Its difficult to pick up on at first because the colours are almost washed out but with Siler's high resolution rigging we've got good shots of these stones dotted around the place, all forming part of the structure. Mixed in with the other stone slabs."

"What do you think?"

"Erm unsure, could have run out of brick, erm unsure at this point Jack but.."

"We're all over this one Sir. There may well be significance to attach because the stones are different, seemingly unrelated colours, though may be able to detect some kind of constructive formation. I'll be preparing a P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission summary for you within the hour."

"Excellent People. Daniel don't over do it please. You've not had much sleep and you're under a lot of strain with Nick.."

"Well you've had as much sleep as I have Jack so don't you over do it either."

"Thank you Daniel."

"Thanks Jack."

"Erm, any other facts, findings, fishes, figures, anything to go on?"

"Yes, yes! I almost forgot, well not forgot.."


"Among the digital photographs SG-14 brought back. Taking these marks to be phonetic Mayan glyphs and using a reading order of left to right and top to bottom, a name can be spelt out. Its written to the right of the pyramid entrance, foyer. It spells one word, 'Xibalbah'."

"That's one of the words Nick was muttering whilst he was inside the glass cabinet. Go on."

"It means Hell, or something much worse."

"As Teal'c was saying, we need to prepare. And quickly people."

"On it Sir. We'll have a full appraisal for you, tomorrow p.m. with interim summaries within the hour and a chronological account by noon."

"We'll get through it by then Sam."

"Thanks Daniel."

"O'Neill, another important fact has emerged."

"Whats that T?"

"The name the Giant claimed to possess, Quetezalcoatl."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"The literal translation of the name means, Winged Serpent."

"Holy hell."

"That sums it up Jack."

"Jumping monkeys."

"I agree Sir."

"Hells bells. Flying snakes."


~ ≈ Δ Ξ Σ Φ Ψ Δ ≈ Π ~

~ ≈ Δ Ξ Σ Φ Ψ Δ ≈ Π ~


Um.. ..General O'Neill stirred. Oddish because it felt like morning, but it was still quite dark. It was obviously very late, or very early if you like, depending on which way you looked at it. He yawned. He stretched..

..The General was beginning to come out of his much needed slumber. Funny though he didn't feel rested, he had gone to bed early enough. He felt light headed and cool. It was as though there was e'er so slight a breeze interfering with the whole of him. Making him feel non to comfortable and altogether chilly. And he felt a little dampish..

He began waking up even more, breathing in and stretching out to gain his bearings. Bearings.. ..he lost those quickly as he plummeted down to Earth with an almighty crash. He fell down on to the soft moist lawn of his secluded back garden, bouncing a little as he landed.

"Aaahhhhh!! Holy heaven. What!!"

He'd fallen, stark naked, out of the big oak tree at the bottom of his garden. He was now lying face up on the springy, nicely mowed green grass, under a dark and starry sky. All naked and confused he was. And covered in goose bumps all over. He sat for the quickest moment on the grass, shocked, yawning and gulping for breath. Leaning over his legs with his hands rubbing his eyes and face. His mouth was open and his mind was empty. What??

He let his hands slip apart while he focused his sight on the grass beneath him and his nakedness which began at his feet. He shakily turned his head and spotted his house, his home, just there where it should be. He didn't look around, just maintained his position on the grass whilst he sensed the situation. Um.. ..sitting in mi back garden on the moist grass in the dark early hours of the morning after just having fallen completely naked out of a tree.. ..Um.

All clear! He quickly jumped up on to his feet and walked, not ran, to his house and went inside. He stood in the kitchen for a time unable to quite elucidate the event. He was having trouble with where to begin. In the tree. In bed last night. Just now here in the kitchen, in his birthday suit.

Poison, no he very much doubted that. Thor, no way. Sleep walk, no never did. All things being equal, yeah right. He surveyed his home. Everything was just the same, the way he had left it before going to bed last night. He was back in the kitchen again. He opened the back door, left it open and stood back in summation.

He'd left The SGC at a fairly decent time. The day had been normal, relatively. An absolute cascade of Briefings and Debriefings, all in order. The main concern for the day, a part from everything, was the as yet unquantified situation emanating from the 'Mayan Pyramid, noted and underway.

Other than his trips to the infirmary, regarding Nick, he hadn't been in any of the other labs. He hadn't handled any of the artefacts brought back from off world. Today he'd not been in physical contact with any off world personnel. Apart from Major Lyons who'd been cleared, he'd had no physical contact with any teams returning from off world Missions. And he also hadn't been in contact with any extra terrestrial visitors. All in all everything was in order. A part from what just happen that is.

Oh, his dinner earlier on. No, nothing exotic, usual food. Erm coffee, to much. No, he drank coffee but only in moderation. He enjoyed the odd beer but rarely bothered with alcohol. Erm, the drive home, he'd drove himself and it was clear all the way. He'd been listening to no loud music. And he'd been subjected to no flashing lights. And yet, um..

..A naked General up in a tree. Damn and double drat. It made no sense. No sense at all. Sore and bruised, oh yeah, you betcha, big time, big fall. But forget about that, any pain he may have felt was way superseded by the manner, the means and the wherefore. Concerned, nah, he was waaay to worried for that.

He picked up the telephone in the kitchen and speed dialled.

"Teal'c where are you?"

"In my quarters O'Neill."

"T buddy come and pick me up."

"O'Neill it is only 4 a.m. should not you now be sleeping?"


"I am on my way O'Neill."

Dreaming, nnno. Sure, no way.. .. right. I'm not dreaming, right. Well I'll see soon enough.

Teal'c sprang into the house through the open kitchen door. Before entering the General's house he'd conducted a provisional quick sweep of the grounds bringing him round to the back door.

No, not dreaming.

"Thanks for getting here so fast T."

Teal'c was a picture to look at. He had all the kindness and caring for his friend written across his face. He was listening with the attention of someone extremely observant and acutely astute. The puzzlement dancing on his brow was not that he didn't believe what the General was saying, because he did believe, every single word of it. Both men had total respect and admiration for each other. True brotherly love. They also each had an unshakeable trust in the other. No, the puzzlement was the manner, the means and the wherefore.

Teal'c went back out into the grounds of the General's home. He scouted and came back. O'Neill put hot drinks on the breakfast bar.

"On what are your thoughts O'Neill?"

"Firstly I can't think straight at this hot second. Mi minds a heck of a lot busy with a trifling amount. I can't focus properly T. Crikey, I've just fallen out of a tree, hows that. Shock, do ya think?"

"I do think shock O'Neill. What else?"

"Well how come I went to sleep in a bed and woke up falling out of a tree."



"Indeed. What else O'Neill?"

"Okay, when I came out of the tree and hit the deck, hard, and got back inside the house, the only possibilities I came up with and subsequently ruled out were poison, sleep walking and Thor."

"The First is impossible O'Neill. All your people are loyal."

He thought for a moment and added with stalwart earnestness, "extremely loyal."

"Yeah I know T. I ruled that out straight away."

"Sleep walking O'Neill, this would more closely suit your condition. The shamans of long lost civilisations did especially believe in the transformation of man into animal who could then take flight and traverse great distances in the quest for answers.."

"T.. ..when I went to bed last night I had no questions on my mind.. .. well okay maybe one or two, but nothing which would require me to take flight."

"But flight you did take O'Neill. I have searched the grounds of your home and I find no clue as to how you got up into the tree. If you made the climb unaided I would at least discover your footprints. There are also no imprints from any type of support which would have assisted you in such a high climb. I did however find all the impressions of your fall to Earth and also your barefoot walk back to the house."

"Teal'c this is a real serious problem."


Teal'c was in full agreement with his friend but as yet they were unable to exchange constructive explanation.

"Right now I would prefer we solve this ourselves."

"O'Neill, we will solve this problem together. But I fear first we must gather more facts.. ..and more evidence."

"More evidence! What you think its going to happen again?"

"Yes O'Neill I do."

Gawd no, not without a seatbelt or a parachute, something. The General looked a little drained. Seeing this his friend commented.


"Thor's a good pal. He wouldn't leave me stuck up in a tree."

"Indeed he would not O'Neill."

"Sleep walking T, what do ya think?"

"No. Your personality, nature, even in the sleeping state is much to calm for an activity such as that. Your subconscious would prevent it. We must devote a great deal of thought and meditation to solve this serious matter."

"Thanks Teal'c buddy. That really would be a great help."

"You are most welcome O'Neill."

"I need you to take some blood."

General O'Neill offered Teal'c his arm and a small field medical kit.

"Take your blood O'Neill. I can not."

"Teal'c you're not spilling my blood you're draining it, just a tiny bit. Beside I'm asking you to and plus its an emergency. Come on heres the needle."

"No! I will help you O'Neill but I will not take blood away from you."

"Come on T, it's a favour, like a gift."

"No O'Neill, not! We must ask Colonel Carter to take a tiny bit."

"No! Absolutely not. No way! This stays between you and me. Not a word."

"She would want to know."

"Absolutely she would want to know. Teal'c we don't know what we're dealing with. Its sent me for six. You know, confusing. She'll be jumping all over it. Tests, more tests and super tests. She won't rest until shes fixed me."

"Indeed O'Neill you are correct."

Teal'c began laughing, imagining Colonel Carter fussing over the General.

"Ah discretion."

"Yes T, sub rosa, si vu plait."

"O'Neill, if you yourself can find away to extract your own blood, I will take it off base, a non military establishment. They can analyse it quickly."

"Takes about one or two weeks in those private places."

"No O'Neill, they will do it immediately."

"Good one T. Right, now come and hold my arm straight while I jam this needle in to draw blood."



~ Ψ Γ √ χ Λ Φ Ω Δ √ ∞ ≡ ~

~ Ψ Γ √ χ Λ Φ Ω Δ √ ∞ ≡ ~


"I would like Major Griff to assist me in obtaining test results on these fluids O'Neill."

"I don't have a problem with that. Griff's the soul of discretion."

"Indeed he holds his own council extremely well. He also will not require that I disclose the precise object of my quest. Our serious matter will therefore remain private."

"Sounds good to me. Surprised you didn't want to take Daniel along."

"I wish to take Daniel Jackson along with me. But you already know why I can not."

For a moment they were like little kids, both of them giggling and grinning in the elevator. Teal'c disembarked to return to his quarters. General O'Neill continued on to Level twenty-seven.

"Good morning General. Sir I'll just collect your messages."

"Thank you Lieutenant."

~ Ψ Γ √ χ Λ Φ Ω Δ √ ∞ ≡ ~

It was near to 0 seven hundred hours. Teal'c phoned Griff on base. He arranged to meet in the gymnasium. Most of The SGC personnel found time to work out on a regular basis. Peak physical condition was also a service requirement.

"Major Griff there is a laboratory in Salt Lake City. I need to go there so that they can conduct a defined job for me."

"I've been to Salt Lake City before Teal'c, it's a nice place, can't be more than twelve hundred miles round trip. How you planning on getting there?"

"Conventional land methods."

"Well you talking, gotta be a full days drive."


"When are you planning on going?"

"Within the hour. They may be reluctant to complete the specified job and provide the results immediately thereby foregoing the usual lengthy waiting period of one to two weeks."

"They won't be reluctant Teal'c."


"Teal'c let me speak to Pierce."

"Major Pierce is not on base until Thursday."

"I know, lucky guy. SG-15 are on a three day stand down. All that hard work paying off. I'm pretty sure he'll come in. Yeah he'll definitely cover for me, stand in for me, hes a good guy. I'll just have to owe him an extra day."

"Very good. Thank you Major Griff."

"Sure thing Teal'c. Okay I'll call him now. Give him twenty, twenty five minutes to get here. Shall we call it thirty minutes in the motor pool?"

"Indeed. Yes."

"I'll have to get authorisation from General O'Neill on the stand in with Pierce. It should be okay because my Team aren't on ready status. Em he should allow it. If I get knocked back by the General I'll let you know.. ..I'll call you straight away."

"Thank you. Major Griff?"


"I was thinking perhaps to wear civilian clothing."

"Special Ops?"

Teal'c said nothing but politely nodded.

"I understand."

~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

"I don't understand. Has there been any complaints?"

"We're not at liberty to say Sir."

"Well where did you get our address? Are we being targeted? Are we on a list? Is this a state wide check?"

"Ma'am we're not at liberty to say. My colleague and I are merely here to establish that the criteria set by NAH is being met. Theres nothing to worry about. Theres no complaints and all results collected will not be published."

"But why weren't we notified?"

"To be notified Sir would likely produce false positives, effectively rendering the survey null and void."

"What? I beg your pardon."

"Well put it this way ma'am, if you knew we were coming you'd have time to prepare and the results that we subsequently collected would not necessarily reflect the true state of affairs in this laboratory."

"Oh. And who did you say you were with again?"

"..Doctor.. ..Chisholme, as I've explained, we are with the NID.

"You mean the NIH don't you?"

"No ma'am I don't. We are with the NID. I'm Agent Griffin, this is Agent Tango. Now I suggest you set to work and lets get this over as quickly as possible, so that we can all go about our normal business."

"Very well then Agent Griffin. If you could please wait in the outer office, we'll deal with your follicle and fluids chemistry panelling trial as a matter of priority."

Teal'c de Chulak, human of old. Manful indeed, outstretches attire and a scowl that deceives, both fire and desire. At a hundred and much odd hes wisdom and wise and hes also got big tighs. A thing about Teal'c and it comes a surprise is the dimension he can take you when he uncrunches his eyes. Hes strong, hes powerful, he can mete adament reprise. But when he lights up a smile it twinkles in your eyes.

Teal'c hadn't said a word but inside he was very happy. He was fully confident that he would have the test results on his friend's fluids within the hour. He had left all the talking to the 'eloquent' Major Griff. He was a capable man, an acquirer. If you wanted results acquiring Major Griff would acquire those results. He had worked for many years under General Hammond's and now General O'Neill's command at The SGC. His time with General O'Neill extended further back, before The SGC. He also was an ex-Special Ops man, although, ex and Special Ops rarely went together.

Teal'c had a feeling that not only himself, but O'Neill as well, was sure the answers to the General's early morning flight path would not be found in the hair and fluids he had provided.

After fifty minutes of relative silence the door opened and the two doctors entered the room.

"Well this is everything. You have the entire referencing range here for all samples. Em, theres both written and graphical representation. Now will there be anything else? Do we need to take any type of exam, questionnaires, anything?"

She was making it obvious that they were very put out.

"No ma'am that won't be necessary and I'd like to say you've been very co-operative and just as a hint I can tell you that the time its taken for you to run these tests is pretty high up there. An impressive response."

"Oh well that's definitely something. I take it we'll be hearing from you?"

"No ma'am you won't. Only the ones who don't reach the required standards receive notification."

"Oh well then I suppose I should say thank you."

"No ma'am, thank you."


As soon as they got inside the car Major Griff handed Teal'c the envelope Doctor Chisholme had given to him.

"Teal'c do you wanna check it out?"

"No.. thank you. The important issue was to obtain the results."

"Okay then. Lets get gone. Em theres a place on the way back to base about two hours from here. We can stop and get something to eat there if you like."

"Yes that would be very nice thank you."

"Okay lets go Teal'c."

"Yes Major Griff lets go. You have admirable style. I'd like to thank you for your assistance in acquiring the results."

"Sure thing Teal'c. You're welcome."

~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

"Teal'c Sir. They've finished."

"Thank you Lieutenant."

Teal'c was in the Control Room talking to Sergeant Harriman. The General's aide had trod halfway down the staircase. The General had been Debriefing with one of his Teams and was now free for a short time before he was engaged again with the next crucial matter of this and that.

Teal'c dashed up the stairs. General O'Neill was still in the Briefing Room. He was being handed a folder full of pages by one of his aides.

"Ah Teal'c, how goes it?"

"Very well thank you O'Neill. Very good journey thank you."

"Take a seat."

"Yes I will, thank you."

They both sat down at the conference table.


"I have something to show you General O'Neill."

Teal'c glanced at the General's office and then looked back at the General and didn't speak. The General stood up, picked up his folder and headed towards his office.

"Err Teal'c have you got a moment."

Teal'c stood up and followed the General through, closing the door behind him. He took out the folded envelope from his jacket pocket. Unfolded it, flattened it and presented it to the General.

"As we suspected O'Neill, there is no anomaly to be found in your bio-samples."

"Yeah I guess it was to much to hope it would be that easy."

"Yes this is not an easy problem."

"Whats next?"

"Colonel Carter?"

"No! No.. T. Its this damn deuced flying feathered snake bother. Theres something coming out of that pyramid and its not gonna be nice. She needs a clear head."

"I agree O'Neill. I agree."

"So whats next?"

"We must wait and watch."

"I feel a bit.. ..I feel a bit.."

"You feel a bit afraid O'Neill?"

"Maybe.. ..yes, may be. T its em, theres no control involved. You can't predict.. ..maybe it won't happen again."

"May be."

"You don't think so?"

"I do not. We must wait and watch O'Neill."

"That's the worst part.. ..Okay T do what you can."

"I will. And you do what you can. But most of all O'Neill do not become apprehensible."

"Hows that?"

"Like Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson and myself, you too must have a clear head. As like all of us, you have much to do. You have more to do than all of us. If you become apprehensive in your wait, you will spoil your sleep which will spoil your waking time. You will not be relaxed and you will become tense."

"Um yeah, I get your point.. ..I know what you mean. Well okay, okay T lets see what happens."

"Indeed O'Neill, I am on your six."

"Thanks buddy, thanks."

There was a knock on the door.

"General O'Neill your next appointment Sir."

"Just a minute, thank you just a minute."


"That's me up again T. Erm okay I'll speak to you later, gotta blaze."

"Yes, I must now report to Colonel Carter. Together with Daniel Jackson we are working on the P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission."

"Okay Teal'c see ya."



~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ~

~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~


"Oh hi there Teal'c. Can I just introduce you to Doctor Emilia Grange, shes an epigraphist, and Professor Eamon Heslop, hes an expert in Mesoamerican.. ..hes an ethnologist, eh yeh. The specialists drafted in from Area 51.. to assist us on.. we can get through this as quick as possible. Yep, given General O'Neill's concerns we need to get through this ASAP so we can present him with our findings."

"Indeed Daniel Jackson, General O'Neill is extremely concerned with everything related to P7X 377. It is a great pleasure to meet you both. Have you had time to inspect any of the samples recovered?"

"No, as yet we haven't had time to go through any samples Mr Teal'c. We've been concentrating on the video footage, that's whats going to give us the overall picture of what we're dealing with. Get the macro.. ..the macro view so to speak."

"Yes, I see Professor Heslop. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Carter is not here?"

"No, she just took a few of the samples down to her lab, well, up. Shes running a few chemical analysis tests, she'll be back in a little while."

"Doctor Grange have we not meet before now?"

"No I don't think so. No I'm quite sure. I'm sure I would have remembered you. No I don't think we have. Perhaps I've got one of those familiar faces."


"Hey Teal'c, see you've met Doctors Grange and Heslop."

"Yes Colonel Carter. Yes, we have been speaking."


"Colonel Carter, your findings? Daniel Jackson tells me you have been in your lab conducting tests on some of the samples found."

"Yeah Teal'c, I'm running a number of consecutive programs. Zvi, Mr, Doctor Equalsee, you've met him haven't you? The Geochemist brought in from Groom Lake. Hes taken the organic matter off to research and hes telling me they'll let us have the results back, the earliest they can do it is tomorrow post meridian, which is cutting it close because I want the Reports ready for the General no later that O fifteen hundred hours. Anyway, em, as for the rock samples, obsidian,"

"Really Sam?"

"Yeah its em, they're just little pieces of obsidian."

"Obsidian, Doctor Carter, was widely, extensively, used throughout ancient Mesoamerican civilisations. Its been used for tools, weapons, its also been used to manufacture icons. It was one of the more favoured materials."

"Well now that is interesting Doctor Heslop. Because the rock is foreign to P7X 377, so it does perhaps indicate that we're on the right track. Daniel believes that the Mayans and the peoples before them, we're sort of kidnapped if you like, rounded up and transported into the pyramid to form work forces."

"At this stage Doctor Carter, taking in to account the evidence of obsidian along with the images of the glyphs that we've seen up to now, I would say that is a very fair assumption."

"The main thing is is that we're building a picture. We're going to have to work hard and fast on this one. We need to publish a Mission Report for General O'Neill's attention.. a matter of urgency."

"Doctor Carter, Doctor Jackson was informing us that you've suspicions about the markings that appear in the shapes of dots and bars. He said you feel that this could well be a numbering system."

"Yes Professor.. ..Doctor Heslop, I've been thinking about that and I am convinced that's just what it is."

"In that case Colonel maybe that's a place where I could begin my studies."

"Well yeah okay then, because if we can come up with numbers from the numbers we might be able to educe names and or addresses."

"StarGate addresses Colonel Carter?"

"That's right Teal'c, that would be a scoop."

"I'll begin on this immediately Colonel."

"Doctor Grange, Doctor Jackson will provide you with the frames you need. Daniel have you got the heating turned up in here? Seems quite hot."

"Erm no.. not that I've noticed. Maybe its just you, you've been dashing about all over the place."

"Yeah could be."

"Eh Doctor Heslop what do you make of this?"

"Whats that Doctor Jackson?"

"The em, these different colour masonry blocks. Seem to be dotted around over the pyramid. Sort of washed out now but you can vaguely see some kind of colouration in them. Does this mean anything?"

"Well not to me, no. But that doesn't necessarily mean to say its irrelevant, its just that I can't see any significance in it."

"Oh. Its just that they've obviously gone to the trouble of painting them. Erm, I thought maybe it meant something."

"Well I've never seen the likes of it in any of the pyramids throughout the ancient Mid Americas."

"Oh eh, none?"

"None, non.. ..I mean a lot of the societies where tremdously artistic but they just didn't really apply it to the temples, pyramids. I suppose they felt the structures themselves were demonstrative enough. No Doctor Jackson, I'm afraid I've never come across this before."

"Oh well em, it was worth a try."

"From the sounds of it Doctor Jackson we need to go through this with a fine tooth comb."

"Thanks Doctor.. ..Professor."

"Your welcome Doctor."

"Colonel Carter do we have a carbon date on the skeletons?"

"No we don't Teal'c, nothing yet but, oh that's coming as well tomorrow, afternoon. We'll be getting near enough all the results back tomorrow afternoon. Have you got any guesses on age?"

"No I have no guesses. We have no clues as yet."

"Okay, well hopeful we'll get the info tomorrow."

"Very good."

"Doctor Grange do you have any preliminary conclusions on the frames you've looked at so far?"

"Not really Colonel, I'd say not. Though you were correct in you approximation. Usage of dot and bar system began around the beginning of the first common millennium. I'm starting to think that perhaps these particular markings are more a show of decoration."

"Have you not noticed that there seems to be a regular pattern formation emerging?"

"I wouldn't attribute to much importance to that. Its common when we're dealing with peoples who had limited access to expression, the written expression. You tend to get an awful lot of regularity in the markings, this phenomena does point to some type of pattern formation but it lacks intelligent meaning."


..Daniel while you're at it could you run me off a copy of the same set of frames that you've given to Doctor Grange."

"No Colonel that won't be necessary, I'll save you the work, its quite alright, I'll get through this speedily. I'll be able to work through this, so theres no need for repetitiveness, especially since we're all working to deadline."


Daniel noticed Sam flinching as Doctor Grange spoke. It seemed the two ladies were not getting off to a good start. Strange though, Sam was usually very welcoming of visiting specialists.

"Yeah Sam I'll run you off a copy."

"Thanks Daniel."

"You're welcome Sam."

"Em, Daniel I'll just pop up to my lab, see if the last series of tests are completed. See if the computers finished analysing the rock sample I fed it. Teal'c do you fancy a walk."

"Yes I do."

The Colonel and Teal'c left Daniel's laboratory and headed to the elevator bay.

~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

"What do you think about them Teal'c?"

"I have not been thinking about them Colonel Carter."

"Well do me a favour and think about them now. Give me your opinion."

"Doctor Heslop is very amicable."

"Yeah hes lovely isn't he. Hes a Professor Emeritus. Daniel tells me hes one of the top experts in his field."

"Yes I assumed he would be a top expert. Area 51 seems to employ only the best experts in each field."

"Oh yeah good point, that's true. What do you think of Grange?"


"Um? Um good or um bad?"

"Neither. I have seen her before, although she denies ever having met me."

"What you think you've met her before?"

"No I do not. However I am sure I have seen her somewhere in the past.

"Under what circumstances?"

"I do not know Colonel Carter, but I will pay attention and endeavour to recall."

"Yeah, please do, that will be interesting Teal'c. I'd like to know where you've seen her before. Was it in.. ..well just keep thinking on that one."

"I will."

"What do you think about what she said?"

"I do not believe she is correct."

"Ah but Teal'c you did just say she was a top expert in her field."

"Yes, but Colonel Carter, even top experts can make incorrect assumptions."

"Well yeah that's true. Whats she not right about?"

"I believe your conjecture that the circle and line markings are a number system, is correct and I also believe as you do, that in that system is to be found areas of significance."

"Thank you Teal'c, and that is exactly what I think. I'll tell you something, theres a very interesting and possibly menacing P7X 377 picture evolving."

"Indeed there is."

"The General's concerns?"

"I think he most correct to be concerned."

"Yeah so do I.. do I. And the more we find out about Nick's condition, the more that concern is being replaced with a disturbing amount of anxiety. We really need to get on with this Teal'c, get to the bottom of it."

"We do. Daniel Jackson and myself intend to work throughout the night."

"Well I might leave you to that. I'm stuck waiting for the test results, I also need to conference with a few of the SG Team leaders. Yeah I need to see where Doctor Lee is with the Golden Skull as well."

"Perhaps Colonel Carter, Doctor Grange will not discover an intelligent out come from her study of the circles and lines."

"You noticed that too. I've got that covered Teal'c. Daniel's run me off an exact copy of the frames hes given her. I'll examine it myself, work in my lab. She doesn't need to know."

"Yes she may not feel comfortable knowing that her project is being duplicated."

"Well shes not going to find out. Why do you think she was so negative about it?"

"She was extremely negative, though I believe she attempted to shield the negativity, her motive, I am unaware"

"Hey Teal'c what do you think about these samples. Look this is the obsidian."

"They're shinny."

"They are aren't they, glassy looking. Have you seen obsidian before?"


"Oh.. ..I haven't."

"Colonel Carter what is this? Some of the rock has signs of life."

"I noticed that as well, looks like it was green moss, its almost moist, perhaps it was moss but I don't think its alive anymore Teal'c, its more of a powdery residue now."

"Indeed there is little sign of life being able to exist in the P7X 377 pyramid."

"In phase theres no life signs, we need to discover whats in there out of phase. Yeah, okay, the computers nowhere near finished. I suppose we'd better get back down to the twentieth."

"Yes there is much to do."

"You're right about that Teal'c, heaps to do."

~ ψ җ Π Λ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ℑ ~

"Daniel Jackson it does seem very warm in your office today."

"Oh not you as well. First Sam and now you. What is it, working under pressure getting' to you, ha ha."

Daniel was laughing at his own joke. Funny or not Teal'c was scowling, which made Daniel laugh even more.

"It simply appears to be more warm than usual Daniel Jackson."

"Well Teal'c the heatings not on. If you want I can turn one of the fans on. How about you Doctor Heslop are you feeling hot?"

"No actually quite the opposite. We're use to working in a different room temperature. Perhaps it's the stone walls of this place, not use to them."

"Em Doctor Grange are you hot, to hot?"

"No, same as Professor Heslop. I find it fairly cool in here."

"Oh sorry about that."

"Can't be helped."

"Well actually it can if we put the heating on."

"No really Doctor Jackson we'll manage."

"Sorry about this Teal'c and you Sam."

"I will be fine Daniel Jackson. Thank you."

Teal'c peeled off his jacket.

"Okay Daniel I'm going to call it quits here for now, I'll carry on up in my own lab. I'll ring through later and see how you're doing."

"Oh okay then Sam, em yeah okay, if theres anything interesting or urgent I'll give you a bell straight away."

"Okay see you later. Teal'c."

"Colonel Carter."

"Doctor Heslop, Professor, very nice to meet you. And Doctor Grange its also nice to meet you, and I'll be back later to discuss our findings."

"Before you leave Colonel, on my arrival I had a brief meeting with General O'Neill in his office. He did mention the Redderain System may be a possible location of the 'Mayan Giants' home world."

"Really the Redderain galaxy, oh well that's definitely a start. Thank you for that Doctor Grange, I'll get on to that immediately."

"Yes you're welcome Colonel Carter."


~ ψ җ Π Λ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ℑ ~

~ ψ җ Π Λ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ℑ ~


Colonel Carter was at home. Clean combed, brushed, washed up and pampered in a lacy number and just about to go to bed. She sat on the edge checking the time. She pulled the covers back and began to sink into comfort.

"What!! What?"

She went out through the glass double doors and up three steps to the lower rooftop veranda.

"Watch your step there Carter, Ix, you'll send that extragalactic nebula spiralling out of control."

"Oh come on Cauac, you can still control it when its skidding."

"Yeah Kan, you can control it into an even bigger spin."

"Okay Ix, watch your step there."

"What Daniel?"

"Come and join me up here Carter, Ix."

"Is? Do you mean Ms Sir?"

"Ix I think he said kidding not skidding. Carter, red errant, are you kidding me?"

"Sir she said the Redderain system. Am I dreaming?"

"No Colonel Ix, I believe he said kidding not skidding."

"What Teal'c? Am I dreaming?"

The General had his back to Colonel Carter. He was standing on the upper veranda at his house, leaning into what looked like the Hubble Telescope, or something bigger. She began laughing. The sight was creasing her up.

"Sir where did you get that from? Its bigger than your house. Where did you get it from? How did you get it up the steps? Whats holding the roof up?"

The General turned round and eyed her up. Literally. He was wearing a red eye patch over his right eye. But what made it even more strange was that the patch wasn't down on his eye, it was raised up and ajar from his eye, sticking out and open, probably for a dual view through the binoculars.

"There you are me dear Ix."

"Sir you don't need an eye patch."

In his hands he was holding a pair of high powered binoculars.

"Sir why on earth are you using binoculars to look through a telescope? That's got to be the most powerful telescope I've ever seen."

"Um, all the better to see you with me dear. I say there um. All the better to see with. Get in the whole picture hey what. Take a look if you like Ix, just as soon as I've finished. Yes I'll just have another look, stand away Ix."

"What? What Sir? Sir why are you talking like that? Is this some kind of a joke?"

He sounded like an English aristocrat. And he was dressed like an American fighter pilot from the early 1920's. He was wearing jodhpurs, a vintage leather flight jacket and old leather aviation headgear, a fighter pilot's leather flying helmet. His goggles, which were resting on his headgear, were fitted with tinted red filters. And unkempt, he still had about a weeks worth to shave off his chin.

"Um, looks like a red errant to me Ix, hey what?"

"Sir what are you looking for?"

He was using the binoculars to look through the telescope lenses.

"Herring me dear. Red herring, hey what."

"What Sir?"

Colonel Carter heard a motor bike rolling up to the General's house.

"Siler! Sergeant how did you get here?"

He was in the driveway below the General's veranda sitting on Colonel Carter's Harley Davidson.

"I'm not here Colonel. I'm just running a few errands."

"What Sergeant?"

"Here we are Ix, your turn to take a look me dear."

"What General? Sir, Sir are you in my house? Are we on your roof? Are you in my dream Sir? Where are we? Who's is that sunrise behind you? Its beautiful Sir."

"Oh don't mind Cauac, hes not got his bearings. Hes looking in the wrong field. I've been trying to tell him. I've been taking measurements."

"Daniel? What on earth are you wearing?"

"What am I wearing, on Earth? What am I wearing on the Earth? You do realise Ix that at this very moment we are in fact on Cauac's veranda. We're rapidly rotating towards Cauac. We're suspended above the Earth."

"What! What?"

"Ix we are no longer on the Earth itself."

Daniel Looked like Copernicus carrying a sextant or some type of instrument.

"Daniel whats that?"

"Whats what?"

"Whats that you're holding?"

"It's the tide."


"The tides coming in."


"Its Time. Running out of time."

"What? Daniel?"

"Ix kidding or skidding?"

"What General? Sir am I dreaming. This doesn't feel like a dream but.."

"Ix you've got to be able to see the truth of a situation. The truth me dear, is an entirely separate entity."

"Sir, you mean right now, here, right here?"

"Just redding a few errants Colonel Carter Ma'am."

Siler was firing the Harley up.

"What? Wait. Sergeant wait, wait!"

Sergeant Siler was ridding Colonel Carter's motor bike. Throwing it full speed into burning skids.

"I'll just be over the sky."

"What Sergeant?"

"Errants to run Ma'am."


"Colonel Ix, It still hasn't dawned."

Teal'c was dressed liked Isaac Newton and he was wearing one of those old fashioned powdered wigs. And he was chewing on an apple and at the same time he was repeating something.

"Has it not yet dawned upon you that he said kidding and not skidding. Colonel Ix, it does not appear to have dawned upon you that he said kidding and not skidding."

"Teal'c oh my goodness. Teal'c what are you doing? You're floating!"

"Go on Mulac tell her."

"Teal'c you're floating!!"

"Colonel Ix, I am in fact standing on the shoulders of giants. I am standing on the shoulder's of many."

"Standing on the shoulders, Teal'c, you mean like.."

"Like Oss. Just like Oss."

"Oz Sir?"

"If Colonel Ix, you were to observe my method more closely.."

"Oh don't mind Mulac, floating. Floating indeed. Ha!"


"Oss! Hes talking about Oss, Ix."

"What the wizard of Oz Sir?"

"That damned damnable bloody Ossiferous, little minky. Always up to his tricks. You take a good look. Floating, ha! Ha!"

"What, who?"

"Whato. There there mon chère, penny not quite dropped has it. Non to worry it will all be come clear just as soon as you.."

"Red Cauac, looks shifty to me."

Daniel had been looking around the Milky Way through the binoculars, through the high powered telescope.

"Ix come look!"

"Daniel I can't use those things to look through a powerful telescope."

"I've tried to show her Cauac, but she doesn't seem to be redi."

"Um to bad. Blue dandy! A beautiful big red sssmoky smmmoky, smoooky smokey cloud. Nebula, nebulae, nebulus, nebulium. Um! Smokey!! Blue dandy! What say you Kan?"

"Um. Cauac, to far a field I say."

"What say you Mulac?"

"Um! Cauac, on the shoulders of Ossiferous I say."

"Teal'c do you mean Oz?"

"Oz? Ossiferous."

"Super duppler double do. Well without wishing to sound altogether to drab me dear, I'd say you're simply not red eh."

"I am definitely dreaming aren't I Sir? Its just that I think I'm awake."

She turned to watch Teal'c floating along the veranda, bobbing up and down slightly as he glided by. General O'Neill came back into her view. Not with an eye patch. Not with binoculars. Immaculately dressed in a beautifully cut suit, like an aristocrat. He was standing on the roof top pointing up at the sky. He spoke in an Archaic language and then after in English but he offered no interpretation of his words.

"Ini Imi imi ixci ici a soo as'su du'uresh jarmse'ci. Ix, red sky at night is truly my delight. Red sky towards morning, its got to be some kind of warning."

He turned to Colonel Carter who was still dressed in her lacy nighty. He was smiling at her. He was now clean shaven with his arms folded and speaking in his usual voice.

"Red sky in the morning. Ix, is it dawning!"

"Am I dreaming? Am I.. ..are you in my dream Sir? I think I'm awake! Sir where is this place? Its beautiful. Its absolutely beautiful. I've never seen, I've never seen a sun raise like this before. How can we still be here on your roof? I don't think we're here Sir. Sunset was only a few hours ago. How can it be sun raise already?

Behind the General the most spectacular, beautiful dawn was coming up on them.

"Ix listen. Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Go on Ix you say it. It'll keep you safe. Say it!"

"Okay Sir. Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr."

"Now remember those words for me when you have to. Just repeat it again for me."

"Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Thank you Sir."

"Chombejerran, chombejerr."

The General winked at Colonel Carter and smiled.

"Ix, watch this!"

"Watch what Sir?"

"Shuush, trust me Ix. Just watch."

"I trust you Sir."

"I know it. Shushh."

He smiled at Colonel Carter.

"Ix its time."

The General, Teal'c and Daniel were now all wearing the same impeccably cut suits. They looked at each other and smiled. They all stretched massively yoga chi towards the open sky. They smiled again and bowed to each other.













Still on the veranda they turned away from each other and slowly began to walk in opposite directions. They all began to stretch out again as if reaching up towards heaven. Colonel Carter began to stretch and yawn. She heard a loud bang. A seismic shock. It woke her up.

"What? Vush vush yeah, yeah, yeah hu yeah, what!! Vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. What?"

She hurriedly leaped out of bed and for no apparent reason jumped up in the air. Sort of like a star jump. Shock! She wasn't tired in the least. Not in the least. Wide awake.

"Sir? Sir?"

She was shouting for the General. He wasn't there.

"Vush vush yeah hu, yeah vush vush, what?. Why had she woken up? That bang had woken her up. It somehow.. ..somehow someone wanted to.. ..wanted for her to wake up.

"Sir? Daniel?"

She peered into the living room. Daniel, Dan, Kan, wasn't there either. She ran through to the open plan kitchen half expecting to see Teal'c go floating by.

"Teal'c? Teal'c?"

Teal'c wasn't there or Meal'c ha! There was no Teal'c floating around. The General wasn't there and Daniel wasn't there. She was on her own. Vush vush yeah wu yeah vu. She ran to the back door, unlatched it and swung it open and stepped out onto the porch. Yeah it was dawn alright. But not a red one. And not the most beautiful one she'd ever seen, nowhere near. Her friends, her colleagues were nowhere to be found.

She was grossly over stunned. It didn't feel like she'd been to sleep and woken up. She was sure she hadn't slept. It felt like she'd been somewhere, outside. Perhaps in the stars, somewhere. Been there and come back, but was still expecting to actually be there, where ever it was she'd been.

Vush vush, why? Remember why? Safe. How? Is that why she'd been woken up. Who made that bang? Seismic event. That's what had woken her up. What was it yeah, vush vush yerrhu vush vush yerr. Oh this was to weird, much to weird. Double weird and scrambled pegs. She came back into the house, latched and locked the door. And went to get a coldish shower. She put the kettle on first and went into the bedroom, the en suite. A tepid shower, that was the order of the morning. Vush vush yerr. Um!! Ope..


~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~

~ Σ Θ γ λ Γ Π ζ δ γ Δ √ ~


"Daniel are you sure the heatings not on in here, have you checked it out?"

"No Sam, I told you yesterday, its definitely not on. In fact its not even that warm."

"Teal'c you feel it don't you?"

"No I do not Colonel Carter. Although I did for a time find it quite warm, hot, yesterday. Today I find the temperature as usual."

"Oh. Well it just feels really hot."

"Sam are you alright? Is there a chance you could be getting a slight fever?"

"No way. I feel fine Daniel. Em, actually no I don't feel very fine. I feel a bit spaced out really."

"Colonel Carter, please sit down."

"No, I'm fine. I'm alright Teal'c."

"Yes you are alright but please sit down."


Samantha, Samantha, Samantha. A beauty in boots. Mad scientist at large, harsh. She counts up to twenty, unaided, quite quickly too, as a rule geniuses usually do. She can spell her name without lookin', build a bomb while shes cookin'. Hot, its that sun, she'll get rid of that too. Ships nearly fixed, oops, timers, Colonel Carter's been through. Give her a gun she'll get the job done. Give her some men she'll take over the den. Point, six all the clicks. Carter Carter Carter. An amazing Star Charter.

"How come you're spaced out Sam, whats up?"

"Ooou, you will not believe the dream that I had last night. You will not believe it. I.. ..well I can't really call it a dream."

"Colonel Carter you suffered a nightmare?"

"No, no, no it was nothing like that Teal'c, it, no it wasn't.. ..phew, it wasn't anything like that."

"Was it one of those waking dreams Sam?"

"Well I definitely felt awake. It just didn't feel like a dream at all. It felt as real as we are in this room.. ..And it was the strangest, strangest dream I've ever had in my life."

"Sounds interesting."

"You said it Daniel."

"Well come on then out with it."

"Well alright but only if you get me a cold drink. I'm absolutely burning up here. Are you sure you don't feel hot?"

"There is no increase in temperature and no reason for us to feel extra hot."

"No Sam, I told you, its you."

"Yeah, must be."

Daniel took three cold bottles of water out of his mini refrigerator.

"Okay Sam, the floors yours. Don't be to long though, the others are in at nine."

"Oh yeah they're time keepers at Area 51."

"Yeah, by the booko."

"Okay it.. ..right, okay. Err, I went to bed and it felt like before I even got to sleep I was awake again. I was on the General's veranda, and you know his telescope?"


"Okay, ha ha ha, wait for it, ha, okay, that was the size of the Hubble telescope."

"What on his house, on Jack's house. That would bury his entire house."

"I know it was so strange. You were all in the dream. Daniel you was dressed like Copernicus."

"Colonel Carter, this is not an ordinary dream. I am most surprised that it features Daniel Jackson wearing copper nickers, this is indeed a most strange affair."

"Ha ha ha .. ..come on Teal'c gimme a break. I don't wear copper nickers, not even in other peoples dreams."


"Teal'c, Nicolaus Copernicus, koh pern nee kus, he was a famous astronomer in the fifteen hundreds."

"Yes indeed Colonel Carter, yes, I believe I have heard of him. I apologise Daniel Jackson."

"Don't mention it Teal'c. Again. Ever, thank you."

"Do you two wanna hear this or not?"



"Okay, Daniel you was dressed like a well known astronomer, circa early sixteenth C. Famous for his theories on a Solãris system. Teal'c you was dressed like Isaac Newton and the General was dressed like a nineteen twenties fighter pilot.

It was so damn weird, I can remember every single detail of it. It was so completely real. Em, okay Jack was looking up at the sky. He was wearing an eye patch. And erm, yeah he was looking through the telescope using binoculars, which is the strangest thing I've ever seen."

"O'Neill likes to be thorough Colonel Carter."

Daniel and Sam burst out laughing.

"Teal'c you should have been there."

"He was wasn't he Sam."

"Shush, erm, you were all talking to each other, oh gawd yeah, erm.. ..were.. ..talking.."

"Sam? Sam? Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"No, no Colonel Carter you are not fine. You are unwell."

"No honestly Teal'c I'm fine."

"No, I insist, you are not fine."

"Sam hes right, you look pale. How are you feeling?"

"No I feel fine Daniel. I just feel very hot. Em actually do you know something, I could do with a little bit of a sleep."

"No, no erm, no don't, don't sleep. Erm, em.."

Teal'c jumped up, picked up Daniel's phone and speed dialled straight through to General O'Neill's private line.

"O'Neill, Colonel Carter is unwell. We are in Daniel Jackson's office."

"On my way."

Teal'c put the phone down again. General O'Neill cut short his meeting and excused himself. Colonel Carter wasn't objecting. She was now beginning to feel quite faint.

"Daniel em, have you got some ice. Maybe you could just put some ice on the back of my head."

"Yes Sam no problem just hold on a minute."

Daniel made a leap and dive for the freezer. He grabbed his ice pack out of the mini fridge, wrapped it in his jacket sleeve, and place it on the nape of the Colonel's neck and then brought it round to her forehead, and then wiped it across her forehead and began pressing it on either cheek.

"Sam how you feelin'?"

"I don't know I feel a bit weak. I feel fine.. ..I feel fine, but I just feel a bit weak. Erm I think I'll be alright in a minute, actually the ice is helping."

"Oh that's good, that's good."

Daniel put his ice pack back on the Colonel's nape and held it there.

General O'Neill barged into the office.

"Carter whats wrong?"

"Don't know Sir.. ..its just.. ..I was feeling fine but I just felt a little bit over heated. Erm, I actually feel fine. Just a little bit weak."

"A little bit weak is not fine Carter."

He peered into her eyes, looking for something, anything. He put his hand to her forehead. Yeah shes hot. And she looks pale. He looked round the room and gestured. 'Okay go on, tell me'.

"O'Neill, Colonel Carter had a most unusual experience last night."

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah it was actually General. It was a very very exceedingly strange dream, it wasn't like a dream at all. Em.."

"Yah, a dream, enchanting. Swinging Carter, but lets forget about that for now, just tell me how you feel."

"No its alright General, I've em, this ice pack that Daniel's administering seems to be doing the trick. I was just feeling very hot and over heated."

"Oh, is that right Daniel?"

"Yeah.. .. I think, yeah yeah she'll be fine."

"Well that's Dandy. Stop by the infirmary, just have a check up. You know the drill."

"No Sir I feel fine."


"Yes General."

"Just a minute.. ..just a minute. Jack, just a minute.. ..just hold on."

"Holding. Daniel, we're all holding."


"Right okay, yesterday?"

"Yesterday Sam was fine, she left my office and she came back. When she came back she began commenting about the heat. There was no heat. It wasn't switched on and it was cool, but she was complaining about the heat.

Teal'c left my office, he came back and he too began complaining about the heat. So.."

"Oh yeah, big so right now Daniel?"

"When Teal'c left my office he went with Sam to her lab and when he came back it was like the first time Sam came back, he too was complaining about the heat."

"Yes Daniel, point being?"

"Jack the first time Sam left my office she took the samples from P7X 377 with her."

"Yeah that's right Daniel I did."

"You wasn't wearing gloves."

"No I wasn't wearing gloves, but it was just.."

"Colonel Carter you did examine a particular rock fragment that showed traces of life, dead life."

"Yeah that's right Teal'c, that green moss, the em.. ..ope."

"Yes ope. Yes Carter?"

"Green moss Sam? I don't think you'd find any moss in the pyramid, how could it survive in that atmosphere. Are you sure it was moss?"

"No I'm not sure Daniel. I just presumed."

"You should know better than that Carter. We can't presume anything in our line of work."

"Yes, absolutely Sir. I should know better."

"So Daniel?"

"Can we just hear a little more about your dream, I've got an idea."

"Yeah okay, as I said you were all in it."

"Really, was I in it as well?"

"Yes General, you was in it. You was definitely in it."

"Oohkay. Right so we all visited you last night then?"

"Oh yes, and what a party you all had."

"Go on Sam."

"Well as I said you were all in it and we was on the General's roof. And em, there was a big telescope. General O'Neill was looking through the telescope. Oh goodness yeah. You, Sir you kept calling me is, I think you was trying to say Ms but you were calling me is, and you had an English accent like one of those aristocratic English men. And em, oh no, that's it. Very very strange. Em Daniel, Teal'c and General O'Neill called you Can instead of Dan. It was like a big joke and instead of calling General O'Neill Jack you and Teal'c were calling him Quack and instead of calling Teal'c, Teal'c, you were both calling Teal'c Meal'c, Milk or something."


"Yeah really, but I mean it doesn't matter it was just a dream."


"Yeah Daniel she just said, its just a dream. No offence meant, ha.."

"No Sam really, are you sure?"

"Well of course I'm sure it was my dream wasn't it?"

"No Sam this is extremely important, are you absolutely sure?"

"Daniel I'm sure."

"Just hold on one minute, just one minute, just hold on."

Daniel passed the ice pack to the General and ran out of his office. He shouted back to his friends that he wouldn't be a minute.

"Daniel Jackson appears to have made a discovery."

"Yeah hes definitely hot on the heels of something T, looks promising. Carter?"

General O'Neill was standing behind Colonel Carter. He had one hand pressed against her forehead and with the ice pack in his other hand was gently pushing against the back of her neck.

"Thanks Sir, I'm feeling much better."

Daniel ran down to his private quarters, collected a reference book and quickly returned to his office.

"Okay.. ..okay, hold on to your hats party people."

"Lets have it Daniel."

"The names that Sam's just quoted, in ancient Mesoamerican mythology are the exact names of the Bacabs."

"Indeed Daniel Jackson."

"Oh yes really Teal'c, don't you know, we're the bob cats."

"No Jack, the Bacabs. According to ancient Mesoamerican mythology, they were, are, the four Canopic g_ds who held up the sky at the cardinal points of the Earth."

"Well now thats what I call a promotion. Holding up the sky, easy peasy. Nice dream you were having there Carter."

"You have no idea Sir."

"No really come on.. ..I'm serious. This is very important. Sam what else was in your dream?"

"Lots Daniel."

"Go on, tell us some more."

"Well part of it was about looking up in the sky. There was a bit of a fuss going on. I don't know what General O'Neill was looking for but you were saying he didn't have his bearings, he was looking in the wrong field or something, but he wasn't looking in a field, he was looking in the sky.

Oh and Teal'c ha, you were floating."

"Indeed, floating Colonel Carter?"

"What you mean floating like the Giants, the Giant in the pyramid?"

"Never thought about that. He wasn't smoky cloudy like that but you were floating Teal'c. And em oh speaking about clouds at one point the General was saying, blue Dandy, em, smoky clouds.. nebu.. ..nebula I don't know.

Teal'c was floating and he kept saying about Oz. He was standing on the shoulders of Oz. No, oh em he was standing on the shoulders of many and em something about Oz and I said the wizard of Oz and the General said Oss.. ..Ossi, Ossiferous."

"Good grief. Ossiferous. Standing on the shoulders of Ossiferous?"

"More or less Daniel."

"Wow, strike big lucky!"

"Daniel what have you got?"

"I think we may have a lot Jack, an awful lot. This is really really weird. I think, em, Jack can I just tell you in a minute. Sam just.. ..what else was there?"

"Well the General gave me some strange words to remember, he said about keeping us safe."

"Carter do you remember the words?"

"Every word Sir."

"Well you're gonna have to let me have it in a Report, a written Report, every single word, detail, verbatim, transcript of your.. ..dream Carter. That is, if as Daniel says, its relevant."

"Sir you and Daniel were saying I'm not ready. Teal'c was saying that something hasn't dawned on me. General you were saying the penny's not dropped for me. Actually I think you were ganging up on me, ha ha."

"It does sound like that Colonel Carter."

"It does doesn't it. Mind you though I was having a bit of fun. It was all so amazing. Oh yes, General there was a red sky, like dawn, red dawn and you were warning me, no you were saying that a red dawn is a warning."

"There was no red dawn this morning though Carter, you know that yeah?"

"Yes Sir that occurred to me."

"Anything else Sam?"

"Oh yeah there was something really strange, something else really strange I should say. Towards the end of my dream General O'Neill changed his clothes."

"What I changed my clothes in front of you?"

"No Sir, it was more like magic."

"Oh, okay, just checking."

"Yeah em, you, and you lost your English accent. Oh and at one point you spoke some language, I don't recognise it."

"Do you remember the words?"

"Yes Sir, I can phonetically recall them yeah. And then you were saying about the red dawn, the red sky warning. But something really strange.."

"What something even more strange Carter, astounding."

"Gotcha. You change and you sort of.. ..actually you were immaculately dressed and then a few moments after Teal'c and Daniel also changed their clothes.."

"Magically Carter?"

"Abara Cadabara Sir. You were all wearing the same style suit. You all looked really smart. And you starting saying each other's name sort of acknowledging each other and em, oh yeah, you all stretched really amazing stretches like up towards the sky and after you all acknowledged each other you nodded to each other, smiled and then you sort of walked away from each other. And then you all started stretching again as if reaching up towards the sky.."

"You mean reaching up towards the heavens to hold the sky up Sam?"

"Oh, I see what you mean Daniel. That's exactly what it was, well that's exactly what it seemed to be. Gawd it wasn't a dream. This is very very creepy."

"Okay now Sam I don't want to freak you out but in ancient times the high priests, they would use hallucinogenic drugs."

Colonel Carter looked unwell. She remained quiet, presumably considering Daniel's words.

"Yes Daniel Jackson the Shamans."


The General shot a worried glance at Teal'c who discretely disagreed with the General's thoughts.

"Yeah exactly Teal'c. Jack, they would use these hallucinogenic drugs, apparently to enter the spirit realm."

"So Daniel are you saying that's where Carter went last night. Lifted into the next world by hallucinogenic drugs?"

"I'm definitely saying that Jack, definitely. I mean those names, the Bacabs, you couldn't dream them up. You couldn't invent them."

"Yeah, actually they did seem like pretty unusual names to me."

"See, where could Sam have known those names from, where?"


"Sam your dream is turning out to be of monumental significance."


"Well more supernatural really Jack. I think Sam visited the spirit realm where the samples were actually discovered."

"The Mayan pyramid?"

"Yes Teal'c."

"What you mean the spirits of the pyramid, P7X 377?"

"It does seem to be the case, yeah. In which case a whole new light is cast over our research into the Mayan pyramid situation."

"Theres a lot of cases here Daniel. What, so you're telling me we're taking our intel from spirits and ghosts now, is that what we're doing?"

"Well Sir, those Bacabs did seem to have a good grasp of the situation and something hair raising which I don't want to go into right now, they, actually you Sir, mentioned the Redderain system, how could you, Quack, know that?"

"Indeed Colonel Carter the Bacab g_ds made many relevant references to our current situation. If as Daniel Jackson has observed, you did in fact travel to the spirit realm, these Canopic g_ds would doubtless know a great deal about many things, past and present."

"I don't know people, I need convincing. Is.. ..are you, three.. ..what are you actually telling me?"

"Jack at this very point in time, after Sam's revelation, I'm telling you we've just be given an helping hand, a giant helping hand. Jack I think we can crack this open. If I can just have a couple of hours with Sam and Teal'c in my office I think we can evaporate the Giant's smoke screen. Nail the Giant's behind. Theres other things that Sam's mentioned but we need time to reference it."

"Okay Carter we're going to need that full account of your .. ..experience, word for verbatim word, can you manage that?"

"Be glad to Sir. Although you were.. ..there, it's a pity you weren't actually.. ..there."

"Jack I don't think this was any dream. I think this was a full blown hallucination and I think it was brought about by handling the samples with the green slim thing on it."

"You think contamination Daniel Jackson?"

"Absolutely. In fact we need to get that stuff in for further analysis but not looking for toxins, just list all organics. Sam what else?"

"You're telling me I've been drugged?"

"I think so Sam. It sounds like you were exposed to residue which hadn't entirely oxidised. The traces must have been minute and slow acting. Any more than that Sam and you could have ended up like the Shamans of old. They would take hallucinogens in order to leave their body's and soar the skies."

"Yeah right okay Daniel, heaven forbid anyone should go off flyin' and leave their body behind. Any side effects. Is she in any danger?"

"No, no danger.

In the ancient times the shamans would induce hypnotic type hallucinogenic states by ingesting various types of organic compounds. There was a strongly held belief that the combined ingestion and hypnotic state would ferry them across the gateway into the spirit world. What Sam's describing here sounds like a visit to that very same realm.

Teal'c had a dose of it but his tretonin substitutes the healing effects of the symbiote. The substance would have been neutralised the moment it entered his system."

"You are correct Daniel Jackson. I did feel the effects for a short period immediately after having come into contact with the residue on the obsidian fragment, presumably that is why I too became over heated. The effect did not last."

"So no interesting dreams last night T?"


"To bad. Okay I get your point Daniel. This is.. ..interesting.. ..okay extremely fascinating. The first thing I want is for Carter to go by the infirmary. And that would be a now thank you."

"Yes Sir."

"I will escort Colonel Carter one level down to the infirmary."

"Okay Teal'c thanks. Phone it through."

"Indeed O'Neill."

"Right Daniel whats going on?"

"Jack I'm absolutely convenience about this, as bizarre as it is. I think we've just been handed an alphabetised honey pot. Beyond a shadow of a doubt its all tied in with the pyramid, I'll guarantee it. If it wasn't for the fact the Sam's so shaken by it I'd say its an amazing piece of luck that she handled those samples."

"That's not what I call it!"

"I know, sorry. Anyway if Sam can produce that Report you asked for."

"I think not. Not right now Daniel."

"No, no shes alright. I think shes just a bit.. ..she might actually be a bit overwhelmed you know with the experience. I think the effects of those hallucinogens wear off quickly. She only had traces."

"You mean otherwise she'd be flying high."


"Well lets see what the Doctor says. Regardless I'm gonna have her pack up and get some rest."

"Okay Jack. I know she'll insist on giving us an account first."

"Well if shes up to it, fair enough. I'll tell you what, give it two hours and then report in."

"I'll do that. I can't get over it Jack. I've never ever heard of anyone having gone through this experience."

"No neither have I Daniel, but that's a good thing isn't it. Why would she handle the things without gloves. Oddish don't you think?"

"Well the samples had been processed and sorted. I know she was running a couple of tests on the rock. The only thing I can think is that its inorganic, well the rock is, so theoretically it posed no direct threat."

"Yeah, right. Marvellous. Okay Daniel, set to it if you will, full steam ahead. My office two hours!"

"That's enough time, thanks Jack. I think Sam and Teal'c will want to attend."

"I know."


~Θ Φ ζ Λ Σ γ λ   ~

~ Л Ѫ Γ μ ≈ Ω Π Φ Ψ χ ~


"Sit down. How you feeling?"

"Thanks for asking Sir. I feel fine. I've been given the all clear by the way."

"I already know that Carter."

"Yeah I guessed you would Sir."

"You're definitely fine then?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did Daniel tell you I want you to knock off after this?"

"Yeah he did Sir."

"Okay. And you don't mind sitting through this again? Hearing about your.. ..what did you call it.. ..strange dream. Haaa.."

"Sir if you can bear to listen to it again, so can I."

"Well said Carter. How we doing Daniel?"

"Its all here Jack, in black and white. We've pulled a Report for you. Its em.. ..its surprising to say the least."

"Daniel Jackson is correct O'Neill. From Colonel Carter's descriptions of her encounter last night, we are able to relate many aspects directly to the Mayan Pyramid. And it has enlightened us to many of the features of the occupants inside."

"Well then, lets have it."

"Okay, categorically, Sam?"

"Ah, you're not bringing in Professor Heslop? Hes the big brain on that part of the world, where the first Skull was found."

"Actually no Sir. Not on my dream if you don't mind. Groom Lake Sir."

"Oh, not playing nice Carter?"

"Not playing at all Sir."

"How about em.. ..whats her name, the em.."

"O'Neill she is called Doctor Grange."

"Yah. Well Grange is not on the range. Is she not coming?"

"Not invited Sir."

"Carter? ..That's fine."

"Thank you Sir."

"Okay just before we go into this, hows Doctor Lee doing with the Golden Skull?"

"Yeah, hes em, shaking and stirring Sir. Hes working with Zvi Equalsee on that one. The results, X-rays etc, will be in this afternoon."

"Anything to report now?"

"Um, not quite yet Sir."

"Do you think they'll get it fired up?"

"O'Neill, we have a theory about the operation of the Crystal Skulls."

"Yeah we do Sir. I was actually going to save that one for later.. ..err.."

"Now Carter!"

"Sir. We have a theory and there is a way we can test that theory."

"Theory and way Carter?"

"Yes Sir. The theory is that in order to make the Skull operate there has to be some, as yet unknown, environmental factor present in the immediate surrounds. Some condition or element that possibly, I don't know how, reacts with the properties, the as yet undetermined properties, of the Skull. And em, we get a catalytic up link. Basically its as simple as that."

"Voila. Acceptable theory. Proof?"

"Yeah Jack, okay, it's a bit radical."

"More radical than the contents of Cart.. ..never mind, go on."

"Okay, my em.. ..Nick, he found the Skull in Cuello. It's a dig site in Belize. Reported to be imbued with supernatural em, ha, don't shake your head. Its em, anyway theres some idea that the whole area has supernatural.. ..whatever. If we were to go to Belize, or if someone was to go to Belize and dig amongst the ruins, collect samples, we could possibly build in scenarios of what conditions where like thirty years ago. We could test the site. Check the conditions, check the chemistry em, yada yada."

"That does stand to reason because theres definitely some conditions going on in the pyramid and the Skull in there works. We've never been able to get Nick's Skull to work, so you're saying that we need something, some condition to spark it off, get it powered up and running?"

"In a nutshell Jack."

"And you think we might be able to find whatever it is we're looking for in the ruins of the pyramid your grandfather found the Ballard Skull in?"

"Yeah that's it Jack. I mean it did work in there so whatevers in there that made the Skull work, it could very well still be there."

"And who do you suggest we send because I can't release any of you, not now, not in this climate."

"Doctor Lee O'Neill."

"Not so sure about that Teal'c, Sir. Perhaps not a good part of the world to send him to."

"Indeed Colonel Carter, I did not consider he may be reluctant to return."

"Have you spoken to him Teal'c?"

"No O'Neill, not regarding an expedition to a ruined pyramid in Middle America."

"You're right Carter. Probably not the best place to send him back to. But we do need to get that thing fired up. I wanna be on top of all this before our flying feathered friends decide to come a callin'.

Carter, rally SGs 6 and 15. Put them on it, let me know. And have Lee and Equalsee here at sixteen hundred, full Skullduggery Report."

"Yes Sir. Sir, Major Pierce's Team are on stand down until tomorrow."

"They'll be reporting in then just in time to fly out, a.m. tomorrow. Lets have them there and back, double quick time Carter please."

"On it Sir."

"Okay now kids, come on. Dream on?"

"Sir Daniel, Teal'c and I have picked apart my.. ..okay, piece by piece. In the Report we've listed a number of things we think are directly related to our current situation. It seems that most of the points mentioned go quite a way to enhancing our Fact Finding results."

"The first thing Jack, or should I say, one eyed Jack, ha, is more an observation. We can't necessarily find relevance except to say it firmly ties you to the Canopic g_d Cauac."

"Should I be worried?"

"Don't think so Sir. After all it was just a.. ..dream."


"Jack, Cauac, the Canopic g_d Cauac, was wearing our insignia, space-time accord, on his flying jacket. Sam's certain it was exactly the same as the patch we wear. It had the open triangle, specifying the three vectors of our space dimension, and situated on top was the added dimension, the unbroken continuous circle, the infinite measurement, loop of time, which represents our world."

"Um, the pyramid and the sun, he works for us."

"He did appear to be toiling quite effectively to relay information to us O'Neill."


"Sir, its about the Redderain system."

"Whats that Carter?"

"Sir was there a particular reason you said the Giants home world could be located in the Redderain system."

"Carter I know I was in your dream and all, but in spirit only, trust me theres no accounting for what I might have said or done last night."

"Sir I'm not talking about my dream. I'm talking about the message you left with Doctor Grange. You said the Giant's home world might be in the Redderain system. Sir we've already begun a spectragraphical sweep of the system."

"You're kidding me right? Carter I don't know any red rain system. I said it may be best to treat it as a separate red errant. Look for a red errant galaxy."

"Sir that's what you said in my dream."

"What! Carter what you talking about. You just said.. ..never mind."

"Yes Sir. Actually everythings being to make a whole lot of sense."

"Indeed Colonel Carter it is."


"Oh yes Sir, big really. It's a red shifting. Blue dandy.. shift.. shift.. a double red shift.. ..a double Doppler..'s a galaxy, twice as far away, it's a field galaxy, hes looking in the wrong field, it's a field galaxy."

"You've lost me Sam."

"Don't worry Daniel you're not lost, you're with me."

"Sir just to finish on this point until we do a more in depth search. These Canopic g_ds, you lot, we're squabbling about not having bearings, looking in the wrong field. Yous were saying I'm not ready, red, blue Dandy, Sir you yourself was wearing a red eye patch when you were looking through the telescope."

"You've figured something out haven't you Sam?"

"Oh yeah, bearings Daniel. From what you've just said now Sir I think what we should be looking for is an errant spiral extra-galactic nebula."

"A cloud?"

"No Daniel, it's the old name for galaxy."

"Go on Carter."

"Sir, a spiral field galaxy at that. A field galaxy is one that does not form part of a group of galaxies. Its.."

"Carter I know what it is, after all, I am the one with the big telescope."

"General, now, considering the red spin theme that was put on my dream, I'm going to take the next logical conclusion and say we're searching for a Redding, meaning a Redding galaxy. One further away from us. A lot further. And considering what you said Sir, what Cauac said, about supper duppler double do, then taking into account a double Doppler shift effect, I'd say this galaxy, the Giant's galaxy, is definitely not part of our galactic cluster."

"A field galaxy outside of our super system Colonel Carter?"

"Yep, yes Teal'c, very extra-galactic. In which case we're talking about Eight Chevron Gate travel. Oh and by the way, Hubble's law specified that the amount of a galaxy's Redshift indicates how fast its moving away from us."

"Sam, you said the telescope on Jack's house looked like the Hubble telescope."

"Ouch, out of towners. Do you believe any of this Carter."

"I do Sir. Very red and very shifty."

"As do I O'Neill."

"Don't you Jack?"

"Do you?"

"We've still got a lot of research to do, but Kan sounds like a good guy."

"He was Daniel, really friendly, all of you were. Sir?"

"I'll let you know after I've read the full Report Carter. So this field galaxy, do you think that accounts for them breathing a different atmosphere to us?"

"I believe so Sir, yes."

"Hold on a minute Sam, the Asgard originally come from a different Galaxy system as well. But they breathe in the same mixture as we do."

"They do Daniel but they come from the same.. ..basically we breathe the same air and although they weren't located in our galactic local group their galaxy did form part of our supercluster."

"Ah okay, got ya."

"From your description Colonel Carter it appears the Giant's come from a galaxy very far from here. A lot further than our known systems?"

"Very far a field, very, I would say Teal'c.. ..I just want to say I still can't quite get over it. It was so incredibly real. Surreal. I keep getting flash backs."

"But you're all right though aren't you Carter?"

"Oh yes Sir, thank you. Its just that its all so.."

"Overwhelming Carter?"

"Yes General, very."

"Understandable Colonel."

"Sam its not everyday we get a visit from the up yonder."

"It is indeed an exceptionally rare privilege Colonel Carter."

"I think it might feel a little like that Teal'c, may be."


"While we're talking about red, its just occurred to me, Sam you described in your dream Jack referring to the red dawn as a warning. Right now okay, with the dawn comes the rising of the morning star, see!"

"See and hear Daniel, clocks a ticking."

"Right, well hows this, the name the Giant took as Teal'c mentioned earlier, Quetezalcoatl, means Feathered Snake."

"Ooh don't forget the flying bit Daniel. Nuts."

"Right, the thing is this g_d, Quetezalcoatl, has many avatars, a list of which will be included in the Fact Finding Mission Report, the point here is that Morning Star, Venus, is one of those avatars. Now if Jack, Cauac was warning of a red dawn, that's a warning of the rising of the Morning Star."

"Quetezalcoatl, the Giant?"

"Indeed O'Neill. You, your avatar has now warned us against the rising Giant."

"Nuts. And worrying, deeply worrying."

"I agree Sir."

"I think we all agree Sam."


"Daniel, Kan did say we we're running out of time."

"Well Colonel, considering the urgency with which Nick returned himself to us, I'd second that opinion."


"Thanks Jack."

"Speaking about running out of time, just an observation but I do feel as though we're not moving forward as quickly as we should be. Don't get me wrong, I know the Fact Finding Mission is being aggravated by the fact that we're having to draw information from so many different sources, even sources of the mystical kind, and I'm well aware of the fact that we've got an initial basis of next to nothing to go on, but musts must, we need to put a wiggle on it people. We're in a flying rush here to get an upper handle. Please!"

"Sir it is quite frustrating but thankfully we'll be getting the majority of the statements in em, this afternoon. I'll have the.. ..I think we'll be able to put the Mission Report together by, three p.m. today. Yeah, we'll have the Report ready for you by 3 p.m. And we'll be in a position to do a full Debrief thereafter. If you'd schedule a Debrief anytime after that Sir.

As for the findings regarding the Skull, you'll get an update at sixteen hundred hours but more than that I'm afraid we're going to have to wait, at least seventy two hours."

"Noted. Noted and accounted Colonel. Okay where we up to."

"Okay, going straight into it, as I said before, the four characters in Sam's dream, that'll be us, were the four Canopic g_ds. The Bacabs. Now what I didn't say is which corners, which cardinal locations each of them, us, occupy. Occupied. Supposedly they supported the world, held up the sky by its four corners, the four cardinal points of the globe."

"So in a sense we're talking true azimuths. Longitudes, latitudes, east, north, south and west. I also take it we're talking about a time when the world was flat? What, you know, with corners an'all."

"Yes Jack. Corners. Right. Teal'c, Mulac, you're North. Ix, Sam, erm, your pillar is West. I'm East and Jack, Cauac, you hold up the Southern corner of heaven, the South. I've read through Sam's summary of the dream.. ..the hallucination, and she mentions that I, Kan, says that we're rotating, or we're rapidly rotating to Cauac, Jack.

Now if we are to take these to be signs from the g_ds, or messages, if we're rotating.. ..well put it this way, the Earth rotates rapidly towards the East, so if we're rotating, we're rotating towards Cauac, that'll be towards the South. Now given the context of em, the things that were said, Sam do you think it might be worth looking for this field galaxy in the South?"

"Oh gawd, Daniel that's brilliant. And that's where we'll turn our attentions. As you know I've been looking in a completely different direction."

"Yes, Indeed. The Redderain system as directed by Doctor Grange."

"Yeah Teal'c. Yeah okay, I'll move to the South, see what we come up with, thank you."

"Well don't hesitate to let me know Carter."

"I won't hesitate Sir. As soon as we find it."

"Teal'c have you heard of these Babcabs.. ..Bacabs before?"

"No O'Neill I have not. I know nothing of them. However there are some Goa'uld legends which I am now coming to realise may have bearing on our researches, and upon Colonel Carter's vision."

"Let me know as and when."

"Indeed I will."

"And the Giant?"

"O'Neill we are still fishing"

"With very little bate I know but give mi what you've got so far."

"Can I take this one?"

"Yes. Thank you Daniel Jackson."

"Be my guest Daniel."


"Isn't that what you was sayin' last night T?"

"Yes, indeed, my avatar of Colonel Carter's waking sleep spoke that word."

"Yeah you did Teal'c. Two things, Ossiferous and shoulder's. I've been talking to Doctor Heslop about this. Don't worry Sam, I didn't say its something you dreamt up, which I think he'd be most impressed to discover by the way. Okay shoulders.."

"To what avail Daniel Jackson?"

"Jack was right Teal'c, I don't think these.. ..Giants are giants."

"Yes Daniel I agree. Theres something in the back of my mind about this, something Jack, Cauac, said. I just can't quite capture it, but I think its something very important, very pertinent."

"As pertinent as the possibility that they may not be Giants Carter. Just little guys hiding, hiding behind curtains?"

"Something like that Sir. Oh that's it, Teal'c was floating."

"I can see how that would be important."


"Well it's a handy thing to be able to do."

"You're not taking this serious?"

"Well now Daniel lets just see about that. I'm here with.. ..Kan, Mulac and Issy, holding up the sky dividing the heavens from the world below and underworld beneath that. Sounds serious to me."

"Jack! Personally I can hear bells screaming."

"I hear them Daniel, okay, sorry. Come on lets push on, shoulder on."

"O'Neill I believe a great opportunity has been bestowed upon us by heavenly guardians allowing us, if we accept their gift, to take possession of the facts and thereby suitably prepare ourselves for attack from an emerging enemy."

"I'm gonna say something which doesn't leave this room. Teal'c I agree with you! Go on Daniel."

SG-1 seemed mightily relieved that their Commander in Chief, their friend, was indeed accepting of the.. ..revelations. As yet, their only lead.

"Sir Teal'c was floating about like a genie. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was standing on the shoulders of many. He added that he was standing on the shoulders of giants and then you said, Cauac said, Oss is up to his old tricks again."

"Tricks, I said that?"

"Your spirit realm avatar O'Neill."

"As a kid I suppose I did feel tricked by that bloody Oz when little toto pulled back the curtain. Shocker."

"O'Neill I do not understand your meaning."

"Teal'c the Wizard of Oz, it was a film on television."

"Oh, I see Colonel Carter."

"In the film T, Oz was a giant almighty powerful wizard very much like the Queticoti guy we saw in the Mayan pyramid. A huge smoky cloudy thing. Only he wasn't, that was the trick. Turned out to be a holographic projection.

There was a tiny dog in the film, toto, he ran round and pulled back this curtain and there was this little guy standing next to this massive machine which was producing the holographic projection. A whole heap of trickery. Whole heap of trickery, didn't like it."

"There was no powerful gin."

"Little guy."

"There was no mighty giant?"

"Tiny little guy."

"So O'Neill, effectively the giant was standing on the shoulders of many."


"Thanks for that Jack. That's the shoulders part. Now for Ossiferous."

"Sir are you buying this?"

"Lets ask Nick shall we."

"Point taken."

"A cave full of bones!"


"May not apply, but Ossiferous is a place where the bones of many are housed."

"So standing on the shoulders of many could actually translate to.."

"To standing on a load of old bones Carter."

"That's what I'm thinking Jack. We've not seen whats at the bottom of that pit. The cavern inside the pyramid."

"Daniel you think it could be full of bones?"

"Colonel Carter, if as we suspect, the pyramid was constructed over a lengthy period of time by many members of various ancient civilisations, they themselves must still exist in some form and in some place."

"Bone form T?"

"Yes O'Neill. Perhaps their remains litter the bottom of the cavern."

"which brings me back to Ossiferous and standing on the shoulders of many."

"And Giants, tiny little giants. Could Siler rig something to go down there, take a look in the abyss?"

"On it Sir."

"ASAP Colonel."


"And you dreamt all this last night Carter?"

"Yes Sir."

"You know, my dreams.. dreams are a lot different. But they're getting interesting of late."

"Colonel Carter are you fully recovered from your experience?"

"That's a negative Teal'c. To be honest it was so unbelievable, I'm still tingling from the sensation. How can I explain it, mind blowing, the scary thing is, it all felt so completely real."

"Carter did you feel afraid or anything, are you alright?"

"I'm fine Sir. Not afraid Sir, at no time. You see I was with the three of you. If you three hadn't been there then we'd be talking something altogether different."


"Yes sir, very much so."

"But you're alright now?"


"Carter about those, em, vush ush things, foreign words you mentioned?"

"Sir I've entered them in my Report. My off the Record Report?"

"Don't worry Carter. Strictly between the people in this room.. ..and George."

"Thank you Sir. Its all in there."

"Go over it again for me. How did ya spell that, vush Carter or whush?"

"You're writing it down Sir?"

"Well put it this way, if I, my dream like g_dly I, told you to remember the words and they'd keep us safe, well I guess they might be worth remembering, don't you think. Just want to make a note of it. So is that with a ve or is it with a we, easy spell Carter, just wanna be able to say the words not aquatint myself with a new language.

"Okay, phonetically Sir."

"Sure or easy spell."

"Here you are Sir."

"Oh thanks. Right, vush vush.."

"I've looked at the all the foreign words Sam recalled but I have to say I've not come across them."




"No O'Neill."

"Okay, you'll work on it though Daniel."

"Oh yep Jack. Fine tooth comb."

"Excellent. So then, what are we calling these little extra-galactic minkies? Nebula, nebulae, nebulus, nebulium?"


Colonel Carter was astonished.

"What Sir?"

She stared at him. At the mystery that had just overlaid him.

"Whats up Carter, its only a name. You can come up with something if you like. Of course old Nick's not been able to tell us a thing. Sorry about that Daniel, I mean Nick. We're going to have to call them something. Come up with something?"

"Nebulium. Sir that does seem to sum them up. And its the exact same word you, Cauac, used last night. He called them Nebulium."

"So we have a contender then, a name for these minkies."

"Yes sir."

"Daniel, Teal'c any thoughts?"

"Sounds good to me Jack. Well not good.. ..appropriate."


"The Nebulium are our enemy."

"Nebulium it is then."

Colonel Carter was becoming quite overwhelmed and emotional. She was being to realise the magnitude of the event. Her previous nights visitors, the Canopic g_ds, really had been the Canopic g_ds. And they really had visited her. She was sincerely overwhelmed.

"I can't believe it. Every single word they said. Everything they said it, it means something. It means something highly relevant. Theres significance in all they told me. I can't believe it, everything they said its turning out to be true. Erm, okay, Sir can I be excused please. Think I'll head off."

"Good work Colonel, excellent, well done. Sure, sure we're finished for now. Erm head off, okay. Carter, lets have you on Base this evening though. A sleep over. In fact people, why don't we make it a slumber party. Lets all stay on Base tonight, just in case Carter decides to take us on walk about again.. ..sounds like we could all do with a rest."

"Thank you Sir. General, I'll be in my quarters."

"Fair enough Carter, get some rest. That's an order."

"Yes Sir. I'll have those Reports sent through by three p.m. Sir. Daniel, Teal'c."

"Colonel Carter, if you need any assistance, anything, I shall be with Daniel Jackson in his office."

"Thanks Teal'c. I'll call you if I need anything."

"You'll call me as well won't you Sam?"

"Ha, of course I will. See you all later."

"Wow, chatting with the g_ds."

"A new one on me Daniel."

"Yeah I've never come across it before either, theres rumours in some old texts.."

"Colonel Carter still seems a little unwell O'Neill."

"Yeah, no, its not that Teal'c. Its not everyday you get a visit from a bunch of g_ds. She'll be okay. Just let her get her head round it, collect her thoughts, she'll be fine."


~ Җ Δ Γ λ μ π ω Σ ≡ Π Ψ~

~ Ш Λ Δ Π Σ γ √ ∞ λ ω Π Φ ~


"Keep quiet. Don't say another word. You're not invited in this conversation"

"But Sam this is my office."

"Daniel not another word."

"Saammm, you can't do this. Its my office. Come on.. reasonable."

"You are incorrect Daniel Jackson. Colonel Carter out ranks you in all matters related to The SGC.. ..and the United States Air Force."

"Teal'c its not the point. I'm a civilian and this is my office."

"Indeed you are a civi, a civi subordinate."

"What, a silly subordinate?"

"Well sometimes Daniel."


"Hey Sam how you feelin'?"

"I've had a couple of hours sleep and I had a very early lunch. So you could say I'm feeling fine and westerly thank you very much."

"You are feeling as magnificent as Ix the Goddess of the West, the Western sky Colonel Carter?"

"Oh well that's just super dooper Sam."

"Okay you guys cut it out. Where we up to?"

"Well we've managed to get through an awful lot Sam, its coming together. Its not coming together quite as fast as we'd like, we're running a half speed right now. We could really do with Pierce's findings, but em since hes not actually left yet.. ..its definitely coming together."


"Indeed Colonel Carter, we have made great progress and we will be in a position to Brief O'Neill on the Quetezalcoatl being.. ..the Nebulium situation, the markings and indeed your hallucination."

"Right, sounds good. I'll need to pop up to level eighteen and have a chat with Doctor Prof Heslop before I begin my write up."

"Sam how about Emilia, shes done a fair amount of work."

"Okay Daniel stop talking. I mean it."

"Na ah, I wanna take part in your conversation."

"I mean it Daniel."

"Oohhww. Alright Sam I'll keep quiet. Go on, carry on, carry on, I won't say another word."

"Right then, you're my witness Teal'c, you heard him."

"Indeed Colonel Carter I did hear him. And he consents to be silent."

"Have you recalled anything yet?"

"I have not."

"You have to work on it.. could be important."

"That is also the direction of my thoughts on the matter."

"Well I'm glad we agree then, unlike some I could mention."

"Quite, quite Colonel Carter."

"I don't know Teal'c, it doesn't make any sense at all. I mean why would she tell us to look in the Redderain System, I mean it.., its just, it makes no sense. And it was an absolute massive time waster as well."

"I'm not saying a word."

"Perhaps she misunderstood O'Neill's meaning."

"You mean really shes a rank idiot, disguised as an Epigraphist?"

"No, she is well respected in her field of expertise. Perhaps being new to this facility with the pressure of undertaking an important study to be completed in a very short period of time, misunderstanding could have prevailed."

"Teal'c come on, its just a thing you can't do. How can you misunderstand the General. Hes very.. ..hes always very precise, well direct.. everything he says and does. Especially Mission related, come on hes double barrelled about those things. You know how clear and succinct he is on Martial matters. No, you're not gonna mistake what he says and especially when hes leaving a message with someone he barely knows. He would have specified.. ..and he would have satisfied himself that she understand what he was saying.

I mean for heavens sake shes a specialist, shes an acclaimed specialist. How can she mistake the two. Ones a definite, described system, close to us by the way, and the one General O'Neill said, well put it this way, looking for a stray red, an errant galaxy is going to involve looking for an isolated system very very far away from here. It doesn't even involve the same search methods to boot."

"You are correct Colonel Carter. I myself am indeed becoming perplexed to learn that she has so deliberately misled you."

"So you think it was deliberate then Teal'c?"

"I do not think she misunderstood O'Neill's Meaning."

"So it was deliberate?"



Daniel sneezed. The force of which took him off his stool.


"I can tell you want to say something. But unless you're supporting us it may.. may be prudent for you to continue remaining silent."

"Well in that case Sam I can say something. Its not actually about Doctor Grange.. ..although I do think shes highly proficient. And of course I wasn't there when Jack left the message. Okay, okay I won't say anything.

No, what I wanted to ask is em, how are we doing with the field em, searching for the field galaxy, hows it going. Can I have a brief update on that, I mean do you need any help with that Sam, is it going alright?"

"Well thanks for asking Daniel, and offering, em, its going alright, its going slow. Actually this really is a bit of a nightmare, a real one this time. We're looking well beyond our forty kilo-parsecs of space. More help would be good. We've already lost a full two days work, spent fishing around the Redderain System. Lets not go there, for now.

Anyhow, slowly but surely. I'm actually starting at the furthest edge of what we can measure and sweeping inwards. The search is being made easier now by the fact that we're taking your, Kan's advice."

"You're concentrating the search in the Southern regions of space?"

"Yep, that's what we're doing now. Its an elimination process."

"Daniel Jackson, I understand evidence of hyper novae and also proto-stars to be amongst the search metrics."

"Really? Sam?"

"Daniel, like Teal'c observed, these Gian.. ..Nebulium are confined to the pyramid. It seems like they didn't have time to find a better, more suitable home. Why?"

"Ah, I'm with you. You think they may have had to evacuate their own planet rather quickly."

"Guessing. It wouldn't hurt to figure this factor into the search."

"Am buying that. So what can I do?"

"Well you know the message we relayed to Heimdall.. ..maybe chase it up. I'm positive they'll have something to say on this."

"I think Heimdall will come through for us Sam. I wasn't around when you all met but from what Teal'c' told me he probably will be grateful for the chance to help us out."

"Daniel Jackson, Heimdall has sophisticated equipment. Should he so wish, he could pinpoint the location we seek in a matter of minutes and hours. Rather than days and days. I feel quite sure were O'Neill himself to contact the Asgard they would be much more efficient in their response action."

"Your right about that Teal'c. That goes without saying. But em, I think for now we'll sit tight. I mean he delegated the.. ..contacting the allies to us so lets just see how we do, erm, if it comes down to it, if we don't have answers by the time the extra-galactic spatial.. ..celestial co-ordinate Reports due, we'll em, have to ask him. See what he can do."

"Sam when is the Report due on the Gi.. ..Nebulium's home world location?"

"Good question Daniel, and a good time to review the progress of the Fact Finding Mission. Lets get our findings in order. And come up with the Reports schedule."

"We must first confirm the Mission Statement."

"Yeah Teal'c. That's a good start point. Daniel do you want to summarise."

"Thank you very much Sam. Me again, talking, and in my own office as well. Nice."

"Oh come on Kan, you can say whatever you like, as long as its not even more complementary chit chatter about Emmy.. ..your new best friend."

"Oh you're sooo funny."

"Aren't I just.."

"Colonel Carter, you and I and O'Neill are Daniel Jackson's best friends."

"Thank You. You tell him Teal'c."

"Okay, friends.. friends, lets em, get our findings in order. What are we looking for.

One, we want the Skull to work. Em, two, we want to discover where the Nebulium's home world is. Ideally we'd like to know why they attacked Nick but at this time only Nick can tell us, so that's on hold, okay. Three, we need to find a way to get into the out of phase domain in the pyramid, possibly without being detected. We need to find out the nature of these Nebulium, what they're capable of and what they want. We need to assess the threat. Em what else. Oh that was four by the way. We need to really account for anybody else, any other.. ..whatevers, whoevers, in the pyramid. Unless its only the Nebulium. And five, we need to find out if they can travel. If they can't travel they're no threat."

"No direct threat."

"Yeah okay. Em, oh yeah Sam, Professor Heslop is seventy percent sure those other series of marks are Runic. Yeah six, we need to basically find out whether theres any messages written in and around the pyramid, try and decipher them."

"Yes. Indeed we must pay particular attention to any addresses, any StarGate addresses that are capable of ascertainment. This information in itself may help us in determining many aspects of the Nebulium."

"Yeah the location of their home world for one."

"Indeed Colonel Carter, that would be very helpful."

"If we can suss out a way to fire the Skulls up, we may be able to travel into the pyramid, into the out of phase domain and back out again, undetected."

"Optimistic Sam but definitely worth a shot. There may be more than one way to get in and out, we'll see."

"We have Mr Equalsee, Doctor, and Doctor Lee along with SGs 6 and 15 endeavouring to ignite the Golden Crystal Skull. The Ballard Skull remains situated at the Smithsonian Institute."

"Yeah Jack left it there when he realised Nick travelled back with the Golden Skull. He said to work on one at a time."

"Colonel Carter is presently engaged in educing an intelligent sequence of numbers from the circle and line markings. In addition to charting the precise extra-galactic star co-ordinates of the Nebulium's original home world. I believe Sergeant Harriman is assisting you in that task Colonel Carter."

"Yeah, Walters scanning as we speak."

"Okay then, well em.. you know Sam, and I'm not causing trouble when I say this, but Grange is also looking into the number system. The Epi-Olmec stuff. Doctor Heslop's looking into the glyphs and hes trying to come up with any other useful information. Teal'c and I are working on.. ..other things.. ..Examining your hallucination actually."

"Indeed we are."

"What aspects Daniel. What are you talking about. What are you working on?"

"Well em, I don't want to say right now."

"Daniel come on don't mess about. This is urgent. What are you working on?"

"No seriously Sam, I'd just rather not say."

"Teal'c what are you working on?"

".. ..Um. Daniel Jackson has asked me.."


"As I was saying Colonel Carter, Daniel Jackson has requested that I investigate some of the markings that Sergeant Siler's video footage has revealed."

"Right. And is this anything to do with what Daniel's working on?"

"Daniel Jackson assigned the work to me so it must be related to something he himself is working on."

"Teal'c is it or isn't it?"

"Indeed it is. But the details of which Daniel Jackson himself will avail you.. ..Now!"

"Look Sam put it this way, when I asked Professor Heslop about the stone slabs, the different coloured stone slabs dotted about the pyramid, well he didn't know anything about it. I don't know anything about it either but after listening to your dream and the Canopic's involvement in it, the fact that you were visited by the Canopic g_ds, I've got suspicions about something and I just want to follow through. Em, besides, even if its a dead end I'm still actually examining the footage we've got so technically I'm not wasting time."

"No now come on Daniel, I didn't say that. Its just, you know I need, I need to em.. ..the General said he wants a handle on this immediately so we just need to speed up a bit that's all."

"Oh okay then, I'll be quick."

"Thanks Daniel I knew I could count on you."

"You're welcome Sam."

"Yes Colonel Carter, we will go as quickly as possible."

"Thanks Teal'c because I count on you as well, you know that don't you."

Teal'c bowed to Colonel Carter. Yes he knew that. Together the three of them made a great team. And although the General was now Chief in charge, they still counted him in their number.

"Sam what about the allies?"

"Well out of all the ones who've got back to us non of them have ever heard of these Giants.. ..Nebulium. They've got no idea about them, they don't know them. Some of the key figures we're still waiting to here from, so we're on standby for that. And of course my father said he will try to put the feelers out amongst the minor Goa'uld, the problem here is when."

"Colonel Carter I believe Jacob Carter may have a degree of success in learning something of this unknown enemy. There is now little doubt that the Goa'uld and Nebulium have had prior contact. However as you say we must wait for your father to be in a more favourable situation with some of his minor Goa'uld contacts."

"I can't wait to hear about it. Jack thinks some of the System Lords or those close to System Lord status are the ones who fled the pyramid. Either way he reckons they're serious enemies."

"I agree Daniel Jackson. And the Goa'uld have exceedingly long memories for revenge."

"That's something that could work to our advantage."

"That's exactly what Jack said Sam."

"I am investigating the markings allotted to me by Daniel Jackson. These pictographs are in the form of an ancient weather report."

"I'm sorry Teal'c but what?"

"Yeah Sam we're just.. all ties in. On your dream again. Just give me a few more hours. I think we have something. Come on Sam."

"Okay Daniel you've got the same amount of time to come up with something as we can devote to any of the other issues. Deadlines two p.m., which will only give me an hour to feature your findings into the Mission Report."

"Okay that's fair. Em.. ..well we'll summarise.. ..we'll summarise erh.. ..right when we summarise, thanks."

Daniel and Teal'c were working hard to find a date, a time, a meaning and now a direction. They we're sure they'd made a significant discovery, a way into the pyramid, undetected. However as yet they were unable to present their findings in an acceptably intelligent way.

"Okay, full recap please. I'm submitting the Report to the General at three p.m. so lets just check over everything."

"Yes Colonel Carter the majority of the statements are now complete. We are only without the Crystal Skull and the Field Galaxy accounts, the delay of these O'Neill is aware."

"Sam, Medical?"

"Yep we've got that, General O'Neill's already got a copy of that statement. Hes not said anything but hes been monitoring Nick's condition."

"I know, I'm really grateful to him for that. He doesn't know I know. Erh, right. Yeah hes also got the Chronology statement, that covers all Siler's footage of the symbols, glyphs, scripts, dot and bar and pictographs, as well as the colour slabs. And other unspecified marks, possibly Runic.. Hes also got your Interim Report, yesterday, oh and the hallucination account, don't worry, that's separate, its not forming part of the over all P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission Report."

"We now are in possession of the geochemical analysis of the organic samples and we have the carbon dating on the skeletons. I believe Colonel Carter, that a verbal account of the up to date findings regarding the Golden Skull will be delivered at four p.m."

"Yeah Teal'c, Zvi, Doctor Lee, the General and us, Briefing Room O sixteen hundred hours. Right, okay I'll spend the next two hours writing this up and then we'll be ready."

"Yes, O'Neill is extremely eager to receive this Report."

"I know Teal'c, after the Quetezalcoatl Briefing tomorrow he'll determine the direction we take."


"I think we already know the direction he'll take Sam."

"You are correct Daniel Jackson."

"I hope so Daniel."

"So do I."


~ Σ Δ ψ ≈ ≡   ~

~ Ц Ҧ Ξ Φ ∏ Φ Λ Λ λ ω Π ~


"Is it ready yet?"

"We're going live in three, two, one, General."

"Hi there George, hows the weather?"

"Well its uncloudy and bright here Jack but I believe you're about to change all that."

"Sorry about that George can't be helped. I've got SG-1 here with me, all lined up to say hello, and we've also got Professor Heslop with us, temporary secondment from the scary Lake. Walters here in a minute making capacity, he'll wire you a hard copy as soon as.."

"Heloo people, very nice to see you all. I'm hoping we're going to be able to find a way to neutralise General O'Neill's worst fears. What have we got so far?"

"Good morning Sir, its lovely to see you."

"Likewise Colonel. General O'Neill, General Greer, Major Davis and myself have been discussing your Interim P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission Report."

"What do you think Sir?"

"Interesting. Several interesting things Colonel Carter. A decision has been made in accord with General O'Neill's concerns and we are now elevating the status of the Base to Ready Status, DEFCON Four."

"Yes Sir, I understand General. General O'Neill notified his senior staff at O seven fifteen hundred hours. We have a Directional assembly later in the day."

"I see Doctor Jackson and Teal'c are there with yoou, and hello to yoou too Eamon, its been a long time."

"Okay folks lets get down to it. Firstly George, you're aware we're awaiting the Skullduggery and the Nebulium home world Statements."

"Yes Jack and lets hope together they're going to deliver us a defensive capability."

"Hope so General. Right then Daniel, floors yours."

It was ten o'clock in the morning. General O'Neill had spent the previous evening at the home of his friend General George Hammond. It had been his second trip to Washington, D.C. in almost as many days. The Meeting between the Generals, O'Neill, Hammond and Greer had produced the unprecedented tactic of pre-emptive defence against an unknown enemy. It was left to General O'Neill to determine the nature of the defence.

"Well first off I'd just like to say hi, its really good to see you General, you're looking well."

"You too son. And I'm sure everything will work out just fine."

"Thank you General, that means a lot. Okay. Quetezalcoatl. We've come across something, humanoid as far as we can tell, occupying the pyramid on P7X 377, in an out of phase environment. Its.. ..they've been hibernating for over a fourteen hundred years. If not, then we have to beg the question, what have they been eating in an environment non conducive to vegetation. That's where it starts to get a bit gruesome. Sam!"

"Thanks Daniel. General, General. Sirs we've contacted all our allies, most have gotten back to us, with negatives. However we are still waiting to hear from the Asgard. Teal'c believes the Asgard are simply not talking. For reasons Daniel will go into a little later, we can tie two of the Great Races, the Asgard and the Ancients, as well as the Goa'uld to the 'Mayan Pyramid'.

As yet my father's not been able to get anything out of the Minor Goa'uld except to say there is recognition of the Nebulium foe. The one Minor Goa'uld hes certain knows something of the Nebulium is entirely reluctant to disclose a single detail. Hes working on it. Apparently it's a very sore subject."

"Yeah Carter on that one, Thor's still out of town, still, but I've left my name and number and he will get back to me."

"Yes Sir."

"Colonel Carter you think the Asgard know these Nebulium?"

"General the Asgard use holographic projection technology, seems the Nebulium do as well. A sharing of similar technology usually suggests a crossing of paths at some stage. In addition to which, as Daniel will brief you, we've found text references as well as Runic markings with Asgard orthology."

"I See."

"Daniel, Quetezalcoatl?"

"Thanks Sam. Generals. Okay we've managed to dig up, so to speak, a lot of information from the little we initially had to go on. I think a suitable ground to consolidate to is Quetezacoatl, the name, the meaning and the man.. ..humanoid we think. The Nebulium we're sure."

"Go on."

"Thanks Jack. Okay Quetezalcoatl a well know g_d amongst the Mesoamerican classic pantheon. Its got to be one of the longest names I know."


"Yeah. Oh apart from one of his other names, avatars, Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli"

"So how many letters is that?"

"Don't know err.. ..twenty one.

"Ah not even close Daniel."

"Whats that Jack?"


"Longer? Is that even a real word."

"You betcha."

Daniel was giggling. Colonel Carter and Teal'c sat open mouthed listening to the exchange. You could tell General Hammond would have told Jack off, if only he wasn't so far away. Professor Heslop found it real funny.

"Fascinating gentlemen, Daniel, General, however, when you're ready please."

"Go ahead Colonel."

"Thank you Sir."

"Professor Heslop's provided us with a low down on the various avatars attributed to Quetezalcoatl. Professor."

"Thank you Doctor Carter. Its long been accepted in ancient Mesoamerican mythology that extraterrestrial g_ds came down to earth to exert their power and influence over man. Its not an altogether stretch of the imagination to find ourselves with an ambitious extraterrestrial who having familiarised himself with local custom could then used that custom to acquire all that he needed. Be that need worship, riches, and as seems the case in this instance, a slave population."

"Déjà vu."

"You agree Eamon, with Doctor Jackson's conclusions?"

"I do George, wholeheartedly. The young Doctor's examined every aspect of this project and his conclusions appear sound."

"Very good, that's just swell, we're making headway. Its not usual to have more than one scientist agreeing at the same time."

Everyone in the Briefing Room laughed including Major Davis who was just in screen, far left.

"References to Quetezalcoatl are extremely frequent in the codices we have been studying, additionally the name is to be found in Sumerian, Atlantian, Egyptian and Peruvian texts. Mr Teal'c would you be so kind to read off my notes."

"Indeed Professor Heslop. Yes I will. Quetzalcoatl. Gukumatz. Nine Wind. Nine Snake. Kukulcan. Kulkulcan. Ehecatl. Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli and Ce Actal.

"Good grief Teal'c, all these names belong to one g_d and you say no ones talking. Someones got to know something."

"Yes General Hammond, your postulation is accurate. And to that end General O'Neill and Jacob Carter are conspiring to make someone talk."

"Very good son."

"Thank you General Hammond."

"Now then, a particular Quetzalcoatl manifestation, one in which Doctor Jackson has been eager to pursue is that of Ce Actal, the Morning Star, aka Venus, interestingly here we have a g_d of the dawn and Venus as the morning star. Doctor Jackson?"

"Thank you Professor. So now as well as the general consensus that extra terrestrials were brought down, beamed down to Earth, with the Nebulium we have more astronomical and cosmological associations. Venus was considered to be the patron planet of warfare. People believed light from Venus could cause terrible harm. In short the ancient Mesoamericans were greatly influenced by observable celestial events."

"So how come the bad light from Venus Daniel? Light, you can see, even when its dark, but bad light, that's not something you can observe, unless of course we're talking meteor showers, pretty lights in the sky but we all know how bad and harmful they can be."

"Right Jack. Bad light but not meteors, which leads us to believe that this particular bad light was nothing at all to do with the planet Venus, but all to do with the threat from Quetezalcoatl."

"The Harvesting of Human slaves."

"Without a doubt Sam."

"Doctor Jackson are you referring to bad light emanating from the Crystal Skulls? You believed the people were cottoning on to the Skulls as a teleportation device.. ..a harvesting device?"

"Yep. That's it General."

"The locals had worked out that the g_dly icons, the Skulls, were some form of quantum teleportation unit. I guess knowing that they'd have a lot to be afraid of. Especially when the things start to fire up, all bright lights and glowy. Do you think Venus was the name they gave to the Skulls?"

"I never considered that Jack but it really fits the bill."

"The text references to Venus could support your observation General O'Neill."

"Really? That makes sense does it Professor?"

"Yes it makes an awful lot of sense to me."

"O'Neill, it is understandable that once having discovered the true nature of the Skulls, the population would indeed come to fear their presence."

"Mr Teal'c you have something there. We do know the Mesoamericans built but later abandoned a great many majestic pyramids. There was a specific pyramid, the pyramid of the sun, built in Ce Actal's.. ..Quetezalcoatl's honour, however that too was duly abandoned. The Skulls were doubtless placed in the pyramids."

"Which supports your theory George, the locals cottoned on and split. Are we all agreeing on this"

Oh yes, everyone was agreeing with the General. But what was next, because these fluffy floaty friendly enemy of our enemies were rapidly becoming, sneaky, calculating, lying, kidnapping, extra galactic fishy foes and good gad Ossiferous, what had they been living off for the last fourteen hundred years.. ..stuck in a pyramid and with no late night shopping!

"Okay Daniel, Teal'c, Professor Heslop, tie in the Asgard and the Ancients. You can go first though Carter, with the Goa'uld."

"General. Sirs. Professor. Teal'c can we just hear Professors Heslop's notes on the Goa'uld connection."

"Yes Colonel Carter, I have them here. Quetezalcoatl literally means Quetzal-bird-snake. Coatl in the old Olmec language means serpent. Taken per se we have, serpent with feathers of the quetzal bird."

"There you go again with that deuced snake bother. I can sniff a Goa'uld lurking somewhere here."

"Indeed O'Neill, Professor Helop's notations provide alternative, proven names, Feathered Serpent, Winged Serpent. Feathered Snake."

"Feathered hey, well I suppose they do have an elaborate arrangement of fin work. Flying fins.. ..feathered snake."

"Yes, quite."

"Right then, wings, feathers, it slithers, it slides, we've got a snake and it flies. A flying feathered snake. Doesn't that tell us something, have we got ourselves a smoky cloudy phasing Goa'uld roaming the pyramid?"

"Erm, maybe not exactly Sir."

"Yeah Jack, maybe at one time definitely, not sure about the phasing bit though, unless it was Annubis, doubt it. Anyway it seems that the Goa'uld have long since flown the coop."

"Are you saying the flying snake bird flew away Doctor Jackson?"

"Eh, the snake fled General but not with feathers and not with wings. From what Teal'c and Sam have come up with, it transpires the Nebulium were experimenting on the Goa'uld. We've recovered skeletons from the pyramid and Sam informs me their condition was tantamount to having endured physical and chemical trauma in keeping with prolonged experimentation."

"To what end? Was it something like the Pangaron episode?"

"It was not General Hammond. We speculate that the Nebulium were interested in the Goa'uld ability to occupy the human body over an extended period. It is this ability alone that has afforded them an existence of unlimited power. Defeating all who oppose them and enslaving whole worlds to appease themselves. In their natural snake form they would be able to do none of these things."

"Yeah, good point T, they wouldn't be able to talk either, that'd be nice."


"Oh sorry George, thinking out loud. So you're saying snakes in the Mayan Pyramid?"

"Yes Sir but something went wrong because we end up with a badly corroded, but nevertheless evident, half etched symbol of korosh-Ni on the outside entrance to the pyramid. Teal'c, Daniel and Professor Heslop have now translated the Goa'uld glyphs set close to the Goa'uld warning symbol."

"Yeah that's right Sam we've come up with a list of what we can only guess are names. The interesting thing here is that taken by itself you can't pronounce the names but when Professor Heslop applied a particular Isthmian character, the same one in all cases, we've come up with a list of nine names."

"Daniel any idea of whose names they are?"

"Not a clue Jack but Professor Heslop has mentioned that there are nine levels of the underworld. By the way, when Jack and I found Nick in the Smithsonian he was repeating the name of the underworld. Xibalbah."

"An addendum I'd like to mention. I have failed to enter one, possibly significant, detail in my notes. In Xibalbah, the underworld, one g_d was assigned to each of its nine levels."

"Well that's a curious coincidence. Lets hear those names, see if we recognise anyone."

"Of course General O'Neill, if Mr Teal'c could do the honours."

"Thank you Professor. Kuuslel. Ingsa Vas. Nscek Khying. Na Dthu. Janganah. Colingg. Gensa Vas. Chengisa. Ou Nee."


No one. No comment. Not a jot. A new faction, living in a niquadria weighted atmosphere, possibly named after levels of the underworld. Known, non mobis. Allies, non nobis. Enemies, non nobis, as yet.


"Highly unlikely Sir. Daniel's Chronology Statement specifies a date on those glyphs of at least two thousand years before the symbol of Korosh-Ni."

"What about those Xi'Linvris?"

"Jack are those the ones without the naquadah content?"

"That's right General. A known faction as Teal'c describes them, whats left of them, but they are the only ones we know about up to now without the naquadah."

"I'd still say a no on that Sir."

"Okay Colonel. Teal'c, if those names are scribed in Goa'uld.. ..letters, mainly Goa'uld, and then a Goa'uld warning symbol is later placed next to those names, do ya think the warning applies to the names as well as the place?"

"Indeed I do O'Neill. This would also account for the symbol being placed so high above the ground. So it can also draw attention to the names."


"Don't think so Jack, they seem to be going for the more influential names."

"Gotcha. Another set of Goa'uld enemies in.. ..or out, of the pyramid."

"Doctor Jackson do you think this could be an entirely different group? Colonel Carter's Interim Report stated that apart from the Nebulium the presence of other.. ..beings, either human or humanoid is inconclusive."

"Yes General these names do indicate that, but still as yet inconclusive, on going Sir. Em, I can say though that expounders of the Archaics, Isthmians and Olmecs claimed the dead souls who went to Xibalbah or Mictlan, the underworld, returned to Earth every so often."

"How often?"

"No records of that General."

"I see, thank you."

"Carter, draw conclusions if you will."

"Sir. Professor Heslops provided us with the fact that Mesoamerican cultures held the belief that certain g_ds were carried down from the heavens to Earth within the vessel of a great serpent. We are supposing that that is a metaphor for the attempted either blending or experimentation of the Goa'uld by the Nebulium. Searching for a better vessel, a longer lasting body possession.

From that we then have the surveillance of the outer pyramid structure, revealing a partly etched petrogylph of the symbol of Korosh-Ni. Indicating the end of relations between the Nebulium and the Goa'uld. Daniel's date approximation is mid first millennium. Moving us on to conclude three things..

One. The Nebulium were in contact with human civilisation and the Goa'uld, during the three thousand years up to but not exceeding 600 Common Era. Two. At some point before that time, approx. 400 CE, Gao'uld symbioses blended with human slaves and fled P7X 377.

In addition, three, the fact that there is evidence of a symbol of Korosh-Ni indicates that whilst the Goa'uld were almost certainly in contact with the Nebulium that contact was soured and unwilling on the part of the Goa'uld. They became firm enemies."

"Jack, could these Nebulium have intended to team up with the Goa'uld?"

"Well it sure looks that way, but then something went wrong. That'd be right though, making deals with the Goa'uld 'll only get ya dead. Must have been the experiments, obviously did take to kindly to it."

"I agree with that Sir. Lastly, less of a conclusion and more of an observation, is the fact that the Nebulium kidnapped whole populations over time. These people were enslaved, never to be seen again. Sergeant Siler's video footage showed a total lack of surface water resources. And studies carried out inside the pyramid proves no sustainable development. The observation is that the captured humans would have to eat to survive, as would the Nebulium.."

"Begad Carter, imagery! Inspiring terror an'all."

"Sir we have to examine all the possibilities."

"Yes we do Colonel. Even the unimaginable ones."

"Yes Sir."

"Colonel Carter that's a supposition we will not draw on until we have proof."

"Of course Sir. Moving on if I may Sirs?"

"Sure, carry on Colonel."

"Thank you Sir. Okay Daniel I think the Generals want the Asgard and the Ancients next."

"Theres much erroneous interpretation in relation to the g_ds, extra terrestrials, who came down from the sky. Luckily Professor Heslop has identified the material directly relevant to our current knowledge of precisely what can and can not.. ..come down from the sky.

"Em, the Sun Pyramid, the one dedicated to Quetezalcoatl on Earth. A number of theorists are ascribing it as the work of the last of the Atlantians. Others say it's the work of the lost tribes of Israel. Yet others have it as Egyptian, we have however certified that its not Goa'uld. The Phoenicians are mentioned and so are the ancient Orientals."

"So basically what you're saying is they don't have a clue who built it?"

"Yep Jack that's it. Theres no deeds on the place. But we do have an identical outer structure intact as in the P7X 377 pyramid. So we now believe that the texts regarding the Quetezalcoatl pyramid on Earth to be true."

"Whoa there Daniel, slow down. For all of us in this room and those in another room far from here and in a sunny place, lets have that again, because I'm sure you just said no one knows who built the place."

"Yeah I did. Oh yeah, sorry about that. I should put it in another way. The fact that there is no false information, no misinfo on the pyramid leads on to the conclusions we've made on the issue at hand."

"Pray do tell."

"Thanks Jack. Erh Professor would you mind."

"Delighted dear boy. Thank you Doctor Jackson. As my colleague informs you, we take the basis of the next issue to be as fact. However there is no record of the interpretation we offer since no one before has ever been privy to the informational knowledge archives housed here at The SGC.

We are able to take ancient records, verbal and textual, and apply our SGC knowledge base, thereby elucidating a plausible description of events surrounding the Nebulium's occupation of the P7.. et al pyramid. At a time approximately 400 common era.

I have not had the privilege of meeting the Asgard High Commander Thor but I do know he is a good friend of yours General O'Neill. Perhaps when you speak to him next you can confirm our theories."

"I'll do that Professor. Its been suggested the Asgard are being slow in giving us their take on this situation but just as soon as he gets back to me I'll let you know, you can meet him if you like."

"That would be the highlight of my year General, thank you. As Doctor Jackson outlined earlier, the Mesoamerican Sub-Boreal period yields the first signs of static social living. All the peoples before that time were nomadic, the Archaics and the Paleo Indians before them.

The Sub-Atlantic period commencing later, say 2700 BCE provides real signs of society. It also provides the means for a predatory foe such as the Nebulium, to abduct members of that society on a regular basis.

Now with the formation of a stable society comes a method of written communication, firstly through pictures, later in their development we have the glyphs and later still we find the written word. 400 BCE was a time when the Mesoamerican written word was used.

We therefore have accurate records of the following. A story, legend of two brothers, twins, Xbalanque and Hunahpu. They defeated the evil enemy leaving the Earth safe and fit for humankind.

The significance of this is that these twins are said to have ascended into the heavens, the records go on to say that the twins became the sun and the moon, that could well be based on unseen celestial events."

"Yeah a number of things could account for that belief. The ships could have looked like a dark round.. ..globe, something moonlike. The propulsion systems must have released massive fire sparkage, glowing like a sun.. But the essence of the story is the hero twins."


"And Jack.. ..the Asgard and Ancients, one or the other ..possibly both. They are part of the same alliance."

"Daniel all the members of the four Great Races are Non interventionists."

"Well we know that's what they are now.. ..but Sam, someone dropped by and from all accounts dealt with the Nebulium, sent them packing. It was round about the time of the collapse of the great Mayan civilisation."

"Carter even non interventionists are gonna feel forced to do something, intervene perhaps, if they see an entire peaceful race being decimated. Maybe just two of the four decided not to sit back and doing nothing. The Asgard I can understand but whys your money on the Ancients Daniel?"

"Well you know how you recognised the holographic technology of the Asgard, and by the way we've found some Asgard lettering at the P7X 377 pyramid, haven't verified the Asgard put it there though. Anyway the Ancients phase shift, just like the Nebulium, well not exactly like them but it's a method of getting around. From our experiences phasing is something that can be learnt."

"Doctor Jackson you believe one learnt the ability from the other?"

"I think so. Very similar abilities, what sets them apart is that the Nebulium are confined, due to their atmospheric requirements. Jury's still out on that General but I think so. Oh as well, we've eliminated the Nox."

"Understandable. Hey what about the Furlings."

"Whether they would ever intervene is something we simply can't assess."

"Daniel do you think the Nebulium could be the Furlings?"

"Colonel Carter, it was a practice among some ancient civilisations for rulers and high priests to take on the name of a deity. In this way we rationalised that the alien Nebulium acquired the name Quetezalcoatl and was not the g_d Quetezalcoatl himself.

We had initial concerns regarding the Furlings. The SGC still has virtually no inkle as to their identity, however we do have one crucial piece of detail. On PB2-908 where Daniel Jackson asserts the Ancient Alliance of four great races took place, each of the four scribed a wall of text in their own language. We therefore have some evidence of Furling presence, a presence of which we have been unable to detect at the P7X 377 pyramid. We do not believe these Nebulium beings are the Furling. We do however believe the Furlings to be a powerful and peaceful race. And Non interventionists."

"Thanks Teal'c, that sounds about right."

"Thank you Mr Teal'c. there is one final linkage to other powerful races and the Nebulium. One we assume describes the exodus of the Goa'uld from the pyramid on P7X 377. A legend exists, in fact it is well documented that Quetezalcoatl was exiled by yet another g_d. He was sent into exile on a raft of snakes vowing to return for revenge."

"The Goa'uld shipped them off."

"That matches the legend perfectly General O'Neill. Exiled could imply that the Goa'uld hunted the many systems in search of the Crystal Skulls and destroyed all they found. That would some what cut the Nebulium off, a type of exile."

"And the revenge, Eamon?"

"George we can only conjecture but that does appear to be something they have not, as yet, taken."

"What I'm hearin' is that this enemy is looking to take revenge, against the Goa'uld?"

"Revenge has many faces General Hammond."

"Yes it does son, and non of them nice."


"Yes Indeed.. ..they're vengeful and awake. I don't like this George, really don't."

"I'm with you Jack. We need to act."

"That we do. Professor, anything else?"

"A fair amount General O'Neill. As you can see Colonel Carter's made an excellent presentation in the Mission Report."

"Always a good read Carter, thanks."


"General O'Neill, the other part of the linkage between the Nebulium and other.. ..extra terrestrials, is just this. The codices talk of another deity, Ahmakiq, who would lock up, restrain, the wind, Nine Wind, Quetezalcoatl, when he was causing to much destruction."

"As in a foul wind a blowing."

"Vile and foul General O'Neill. Which gives us a third extra terrestrial opposing the Nebulium."

"Teal'c, ideas?"

"Not the Nox and not the Furling O'Neill, but more than likely the Asgard."

"Not the Ancients?"

"No. A wind force against a wind force although creating much resistance would cause no restraint."

"That sounds reasonable Mr Teal'c."

"Thank you for your confidence Professor Heslop."

"Professor I think we have one last link. Not local legend but according to Norse mythology, Asgard, the place of the g_ds, could be entered by a rainbow, by travelling a rainbow."

"Eh not linking Daniel, at least to P7X 377."

"Asgard transporter technology."

"Yeah Sam, transporter process. From a distance it certainly could appear to be a rainbow, especially to uneducated older civilisations."

"And the link?"

"General O'Neill please allow me to clarify. I should have been more specific. The link is in the description of the hero twins ascending to the heavens. The bright lights, rainbow, can be attributed to both the Ancient's method of ascending and also to the Asgard method of transportion."

"Clearly a link then."

"Jack we've always suspected the Asgard had been responsible for helping us out in the ancient past."

"True George, and I don't know how but they definitely have. They refuse to discuss these matters. But it seems we've now got something to pin on them."

"It sounds as though the Asgard are enemies of the Nebulium."

"Wasn't those the exact same words the Queticoti giant came out with when we first met."

"Indeed O'Neill, 'the enemy of my.."

"I think we jumped the gun by presuming they we're talking about the Goa'uld."

"Sir you mean only the Goa'uld, sounds like they've chalked up quite a number of enemies."

"And Nick's proof they've added us to the list Carter."

"Yes Sir."

"Regarding the Nebulium home world Colonel Carter, do we have anything at this stage?"

"Yes we do Sir. We're following a dichotomy of interests. Tracing the Stella co-ordinates is a time consuming process but we are covering a lot of ground. Sergeant Harriman has been extremely helpful in that area. The search will be completed within eighteen hours.

Secondly we are exploring the possibility of lifting StarGate addresses from the markings on the pyramid. To that end Sir we made a tremendous break through early this morning.

Briefly General the background is, the full details of which appear in the Mission Report General O'Neill gave to you, markings could be seen on two of the pyramid masonry blocks, front, ground level. At first we suspected they were just groves in the rock but high resolution has revealed them to be a series of bars and dots. We now know from Professor Heslop that the Olmecs introduced a numeric system for recording dates.

The break through came when Professor Heslop informed us that the Olmecs did not employ any of the available systems but rather went for a vigesimal system. It's a twenty base system Sir.

Using this information we are now in the process of deciphering what appears to be a seven, eight or even nine digit recording. I think General, Sirs, we may actually be looking at a StarGate address. An extra-galactic StarGate address."

"You could have discovered the Nebulium's home address?"

"We're hoping so Sir. In context with the nature of the other glyphs, signs and symbols scattered around the pyramid, its very likely."

"Excellent show Colonel, keep it up."

"Thank you Sir."

"Well I think that about wraps it up for now. Good to see you Davis. Drop by any time."

"Thank you General. After today's Briefing I expect I'll be taking you up on your offer fairly soon. Thank you Colonel Carter, Teal'c, Doctor Jackson. Professor Heslop, have a good trip back to Area 51."

Major Davis left the room and the General's aides withdrew leaving General Hammond alone and on air.

"Professor you'll be joining us for lunch before you leave?"

"That will be my pleasure, thank you."

Professor Heslop and Walter left the Briefing Room, leaving SG-1 alone with General O'Neill and General Hammond.

"Right, now that we're altogether, Colonel I understand you've had one heck of an experience this week?"

"Yes Sir. I'm still reeling from it. Have you read the Report Sir."

"General O'Neill relayed the gist to me."

"Theres only one Report floating around, lets keep it that way Carter."

"Yes Sir, thank you. Very grateful."

"So Colonel it seems you and your Team have placed a good deal of stock in your.. ..Report."

"General Hammond Sir, because the contents of my.. ..experience so closely relate to the current P7X 377 situation, we've fully investigated all the.. ..messages, for want of a better word. Sir what these Canopic g_ds told me has actually transpired into a handle on the Nebulium rising."

"I believe so. In fact General O'Neill has let me know that it was on account of your.. ..Report that we where in a position to stand at DEFCON Four, giving us at least a degree of readiness."

"Yes Sir, I'm actually delighted about that. I don't mean being on alert."

"Its alright Colonel, I know what you mean. Where do we go from here Jack?"

"Well George as you know two of the essential aspects of SG-1s extensive P7X 377 Fact Finding Mission are yet to be fulfilled. Carter informs me that we will have the complete analysis of the Golden Crystal Skull in two days time and about the same time Carter?"

"Yes Sir."

"About the same time we'll have positive ID on the Nebulium's home world. Carter?"

"Ever sooner Sir, if the Asgard get back to us."

"Same time George. Two days. As soon as I Brief on that we'll have our direction. In the meantime we're standing at DEFCON Four."

"Jack this is one time we've got early warning, we have to be ready."

"Tout à fait mon Jen´ êr ål. Tout à fait.


~ Λ λ ω Π Φ Ψ ⋰ ≅ ⋯ ~

~ ѫ Δ ≈ Π χ ψ  ⋇  ∵ ⊎ ~


Deep, deep down in the cavern, in phase in the out of phase domain, the air was fine but thick. Heavy laden with the persistent ionic charge from the metal mineral rock structure.

All but the most resilient of them had been driven insane. Those that had not succumbed were lead by a group of nine. The D'jinn. Like the Nebulium the D'jinn are humanoid. The D'jinn were humans, originally. And like the Nebulium the D'jinn's life time has been preserved and elongated by a combination of factors existing within the P7X 377 pyramid.

The Nebulium, in initio, had not considered that the biochemistry of their slaves would adapt to the living conditions within the pyramid so thoroughly. An adaptiveness which made them completely unsuitable for internal occupation. During four thousand years of evolvement deep within the catacombs, the Earthling's physiology found a way to process the heavy metal content of their environment. One of the by-products of this survival seems to be have been insanity.

All but a small number of slaves managed to harness the savage wildness that afflicted their population. The Nebulium name for these practically inept slaves is D'jinn. Most of the D'jinn are incapable of work. And their metal sodden chemistry makes them unusable as shells within which the Nebulium can traverse the StarGate's exotic object, its wormhole. The D'jinn nine, leaders of the insane, although seemingly controlled are actually quite psychotic.

Despite their highly advanced technology, were it not for the Nebulium' ability to phase, the D'jinn, living in such close quarters, would by now have defeated them with violence and bloody murder.

The Nebulium are now well aware that it was the continuous exposure to the metal weighted atmosphere thats all but demolished their work force. Rendering them useless but for one thing, food. The D'jinn have no knowledge as to the operation of the StarGate and the Nebulium are no longer able to use the bodies, shells of the D'jinn. Both groups are stranded in the pyramid. The Nebulium influence is eminently strongest through the use of militia technology and an unsavoury feeding program.

Although the Nebulium are solid state humanoids, they're capable of phase shifting. An ability they shared with the Ancients. However whereas the Ancient's ability came about from the natural evolution of their mental capacity and capability, the Nebulium are able to shift purely due to their chemical makeup.

Like the Ancients, the Nebulium can utilise the StarGate system. However because the Nebulium originate from a planetary system well outside our own Galactic Supercluster, they do have problems when it comes to the internal combustibleness of the properties of our breathable air. The Nitrogen content is much to high for them and over a period of not much time their internal systems become poisoned.

It was a good few thousand years before the Ancients, as a race, completely mastered their new ability, phase shifting. It was the natural progression of the human condition. Their condition. It arose as they, a peaceful, non aggressive race of humans, began to expand their minds literally. Presently the humans on Earth use a pitiful pittance of their available brain power. The Ancients on the other hand were charging their brain organs up at around eighty percent of available power. Their deployment of greater brain power unleashed a perception of the universe that as yet we, their progeny, can only but wonder.

The Ancients new ability was quite uncontrollable at first. They had no authority over when and where they would begin to phase shift.

Initially they engineered StarGate travel in a way that the existing protocols would not accommodate a phase shift occurrence in mid wormhole travel. If an Ancient began to phase shift between StarGates, their energetic signature would be altered and thus incapable of reconstitution to the initial code. They would be completely lost. Disrupted and dispersed.

The Ancients found a way to address this. They had already assigned an Eighth Chevron to allow them to travel extra galactically. By adding a further, a Ninth Chevron, they could adjust the conditions within the forming subspace corridor, essentially creating a corridor within a corridor. Ripping a tare. In this way should a travelling Ancient begin to phase shift mid Gate, whilst their demolecularised energetic signature would be altered, as they reached the destination white hole horizon, their altered signature would be rematerialised not to the initial code (which would neglect to take account of the altered state) that had been translated as they entered the StarGate, but instead they would in fact be reconstituted to the state they existed in as they entered the Ninth Chevroned corridor, this would account for any changes in signature that had occurred en route, and only then would they be remolecularised to the initial code that had registered as they entered the StarGate.

In this way the Ancients could travel by StarGate using a Ninth Chevron wormhole without threat or fear of being unable to reconstitute their anatomical patterns at the receiving Gate.

Travel via a Nine Chevron wormhole involves only one criterion. In order to get to where you're going you must first leave the system, the Milky Way, going extra-galactic via the Eighth Chevron (as incorporated in a Nine Chevron address) and then Gating back into the system to the original destination. The return journey would need to be just as round. Ah, obviously two criterion. You need to have to hand an exceptionally rare Nine Chevron StarGate address.

All StarGates can be accessed via the Ninth Chevron. All StarGates have a Nine Chevron address. Only two races are known to have deployed the Ninth Chevron. The Ancients and the Nebulium.

Having long since mastered their ability to shift, the Nebulium can, just as the Ancients, if they so desire, travel via Seven Chevrons. They have but one criterion to consider when using the StarGate system via Seven Chevrons. If they wish to travel inter-galactically in their raw, shell-less state, they will, in most instances, be subject to the lethally harmful (to them) atmosphere of the destination planet. To over come this obstacle the Nebulium seek organic shielding in the shape and form of a human shell. Once they have infected a human person, in order for them to then retain an undisrupted composition during StarGate travel, they must have the protection extended by the deployment of the Ninth Chevron.

No such protection is to be had during transportation, whilst occupying a shell, travelling via the Crystallo-system. E.g. Crystal Skull. If an infected human uses the Skull to transport, as in the case of Nicolas Ballard, the purifying properties of the crystallic system filter out everything except the natural atomic structure trying to pass through its faces. The Nebulium refer to this as 'low pass'. Presumably because the crystal acts as a low pass filter, allowing little to no superimpossed molecular impurities to pass through its system.

The Nebulium can of course travel via the Crystallo-system in their raw state. However once at the destination, intergalactic destination, unless they quickly find a shell to occupy (infect) they will fall victim to a lethal atmosphere. Air.

Nicolas Ballard unwittingly offered the Nebulium hope. When they first came to Earth, peoples were extremely isolated. Having exhausted the local populations the prospect of an alternative easy supply was not apparent. The resistance they met from other powerful races, along with a lack of easy supplies, convinced the Nebulium that Earth was not a resourceful asset.

The information that the Nebulium have extracted from Nicolas Ballard shows them that the planet Earth is now heavily infested with Homo sapiens and once again a ready supply of human shells is to be had. They also feel that the defeat they suffered on Earth more than a millennium ago is good reason to revisit the planet. The Nebulium are an exceedingly wicked and vindictive race.

"One of our fold, Wah Dar shigarom, is gone. Critically lost to us. Damaged by the low pass crystallo of a Crystal Skull. The Ballard will suffer. As will those around him."

"The Ballard spoke, their StarGate is very new."

"The Ballard spoke. Their StarGate is not new. It is old. Those humans, their intelligence is new."

"Perhaps they do not know how make it function it."

"Perhaps they do know. They brought themselves to us. Perhaps they do not know how to use it properly. That would take a long time."

"At when can we start to bring them? We need workers and we need food. This is what we need. It is a developing detriment."

"No it is not a developing detriment. We will start to bring them now. We can use them to replace the D'jinn."

"Perhaps to eliminate the D'jinn."

"Perhaps not to eliminate the D'jinn. We have been unable to eliminate their number. It is unlikely that beings of low intelligence will prosper where we have failed."

"It is unlikely."

"We are the strongest we have been since we left our home world."

"We are the strongest we have been since we left our home world. But because of the D'jinn's ability to completely assimilate into this environment, we are now without shells in which to traverse the StarGate system. Our access to other worlds is now extremely limited."

"Perhaps it is time to locate crystallo-systems on the human world Earth, through which we can gain entry. From the Ballard's words we will have unlimited shells to collect."

"Begin to locate crystallo-systems on the human world Earth. But ensure that the crystallo access is within a populated area, though not a directly populated area. If we transport into an area with few or no shells we will become trapped and we will be unable to survive, becoming victim of their inadequate atmosphere. If you locate a suitable access I will forward an advance squad to locate their centres of power and identify targets who may attempt to oppose our harvest."

"The Ballard's words told us that they have ships."

"The Ballard's words told us that they have ships. But these ships are inappropriate for us. The crawl along the gravity barrier. The ships we require must be suitable to travel within and without the galactic system in which we are confined."

"Perhaps the humans of Earth world will by now have advanced. Perhaps they will oppose us strongly."

"They will by now have advanced, but only in number. When we last harvested shells from that place it was evident that they would need a great many millennium in which to advance to a more intelligent degree."

"But what of the Engineers?"

"The Ballard's mind was vacant of the Engineers. The Engineers exist but they had already vacated that world so much farther before our last encounter."

"But they left their travel system in tack there. And they also returned to oppose us."

"They leave their travel system in tack everywhere. But they do not return everywhere. And they opposed us, but they did not oppose us alone. They have little interest in that place except to recognise it as their origin."

"As before they will be watching."

"As before they will be watching. But that place is their origin, they are always watching, but they do not watch very well. We will harvest."

"What of the Grey Hammer?"

"The Ballard one had no words of that one. The Grey Hammer exists but he has no interest in the human world."

"But he had interest when last we harvested."

"He had interest, but not in the humans. He had interest in our slaughtered, the Niflheim, and in ourselves."

"He may by now have interest in the human world."

"We are stronger now than ever before, since leaving our home world. We have made a great many developments. And much progress. Our confinement has concentrated our efforts on technical development. If the Grey Hammer appears we will break that one."

"What of the feathered Snake?"

"I am that one the Earthlings call feathered snake."

"What of the one that escaped? The Ballard did not make voice of that one."

"The snake that escaped was without feathers. The Zapoci. Those snakes will suffer much more greatly than previously. The one that escaped without feathers, all that kind, they will die. They isolated us, we will isolate them, from existence."

"The Ballard brought us good news. We will make ready to harvest."


~ Γ ҧ ∞ Ξ ζ ω ≠ ∄ ≅ ≡ ~

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~


"Off world activation, should be SG-14 Sir."

General O'Neill was in the Control Room talking to Sergeant Siler. It was very late and the night staff were on duty. The General was discussing the logistics of the micrometer mechanical re-calibration of the Iris settling that Sergeant Siler was currently supervising. It was a very detailed and excessively important procedure. And although it did not take long to complete, the early hours were the most appropriate time to carry out the work.

"Chevron seven locking. Sir?"

The Duty Sergeant shouted excitedly to General O'Neill.

"Sir still engaging!!"

General O'Neill came about and rushed at the console. As did Siler. SGC history was in the making. And the Iris, being off line, played no part in it. The General shouted at Siler.

"Cancel the assignment. Flip to the last known.. it out later, get that thing back on line now!!

"Done Sir, four and a half minutes and I'll have it closed."

"Good man."

Sergeant Siler fled to the Gate Room and got his team fast into action.

"Lieutenant get me Colonel Carter immediately. Contact Doctor Jackson and Teal'c they're working up on Level twenty."

"Yes Sir."

"General, Chevron Eight engaged and starting to lock."


"Sir, Chevron Eight locked."

All the Control Room staff and those from Level twenty-seven had crowed around General O'Neill, who was intently observing the Dialling console. And the StarGate's still spinning inner wheel.

The StarGate's inner Ring was still locating. Twirling with that somewhat pleasant grating sound. Tracking the outer Chevron housing, looking for a place to dock. Without a moments hesitation General O'Neill sounded the alarm.

"This is General O'Neill. This is not a drill. I say again, this is not a drill. All Gate Room Defence Teams to the ready!! SGs 3 and 5 battle dress and Gate Room. Lock down Levels sixteen and above! No surface access!! Standby!!"

"Sir the computers saying em, I think its saying, Sir? Chevron Nine locking, Chevron Nine locked."

"What in gad.."


A normal looking unstable vortex. Usual length. Seemingly all the usual properties. It retracted itself to be assimilated back into subspace, leaving an even looking event horizon in its wake. Everything appeared normal. There was no accounting for the Ninth Chevron lock.

"Receiving I.D.C.. General, its SG-14."

"Send it!"

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~

Zero five hundred hours on Base.

Its completely dark. Theres a faint noise in the distance, fading in and out. Its getting louder, slowly louder. It's the harsh persistent ringing of an internal phone line.

In the dark a tired arm stretches out and a sleepy hand grabs the telephone.

"Yes this is Colonel Carter. Thats alright. Excuse me. Eight! Are you sure Lieutenant, Eight? Oh you're calling from the Control Room. Wheres General O'Neill? I'm on my way."

Just then the alarm system flared up. It had been a long time since battle stations had been called before the day had even begun. Daniel and Teal'c reached the Control Room moments before Colonel Carter.

SG-14 exited the event horizon into a Gate Room full of cocked weapons. The StarGate disengaged and the Iris, un-recalibrated and back on line, wrapped up behind them. All normal. Apart from the weapons. And apart from the two extra Chevrons.

Colonel Carter along side the night Duty Operator began frantically analysing the entire Gate output regarding the latest wormhole establishment. The Ninth Chevron wormhole.

"Sir we have nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"How about out of the extraordinary Colonel?"

"Yes General of course. Its just that we have no trace of unusual activity. Sir I can't explain it. There wasn't even an extra power drainage."

"So the whole operation has been powered off world?"

"Sir. Our Gate also didn't consume any power from the remote supply. We'll keep working on it General because sure as anything somethings up and I'm inclined to proceed with extreme caution Sir. We know for a fact that deployment of the Eighth Chevron gives us extra-galactic bearings. The Ninth Chevron as yet no comment, but its engagement would imply at least an extra-galactic wormhole connection."

"What not from P7X 377?"

"No Sir."

"What about them?"

Without looking the General indicated the men in the Gate Room, SG-14.

"No comment Sir, if that's acceptable."

"For now Colonel, but set to it."

"Setting Sir."

General O'Neill spoke down to the Gate Room.

"Stand down Airmen. SG-14 Debrief in one hour! Wait there!"

"Sir if its alright I'd like to attend the Debrief."

"Colonel. SG-1. Something to do with the Nebulium?"

"I'm not really sure Sir."

"Well put it this way Carter, out of yes or no are you saying yes or are you saying no?"

"O'Neill, It would seem improbable that the return of SG-14 through a Nine Chevroned wormhole and the rising of the Nebulium, are unrelated."

"Jack I'd have to agree with Teal'c, its just to much of a coincidence."

"So how we thinking they're related? The men look fine."

"O'Neill the Nebulium by now must be alerted to Nicolas Ballard's departure. They may also be aware of our reconnaissance and Fact Finding. It is possible that they could have someway tampered with the StarGate Dialling sequence."

"Well Sir that's a very good explanation. Em, but then it doesn't actually account for our men getting back here safe and sound."

"No it doesn't does it Sam. Em, um."

"There seems little advantage in the Nebulium activating the Ninth Chevron, as you say everything appears as normal."

"Carter any unusual signals, spikes, energy drains, things that can't be accounted for?"

"No Sir everything, at this time, appears in order. There wasn't even greater power consumption. It just seems more or less the same as any other Dial.. ..Dial process."

"Daniel you're quiet?"

"Actually Jack I think the word is stunned. It's a difficult one. Like Teal'c says there doesn't really seem to be any advantage here. Em.."

"You mean in which case why would they?"

"Well for a start yeah why would they?

"Why would they Carter?"

"Em, em, em, Sir can I think about that one."

"Well think hard and fast Carter. We're on DEFCON Four here and you know how that usually pans."

"Yes Sir, three, two and hopefully not one. Actually Sir I'd like to go up to the infirmary, see what the medical scans are showing."

"Please do Colonel. I'd like to know that myself, but before you go lets check this out."

General O'Neill, Colonel Carter, Teal'c and Daniel went down to the Gate Room.

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~

"Is there a problem General?"

"Yeah theres a problem Major, you've just come through a Nine Chevroned wormhole, care to tell me what that's about."

"Sir I've no idea. We Dialled the correct address."

"What so you're saying on your side everything was in order. No change in routine. No added digits. You didn't let your fingers do the walking. You just Dialled the usual address?"

"Yes Sir. Everything was normal. We collected the rest of the samples, we've brought them back for analysis. We Dialled the usual address. That's it Sir."

"Okay Lyons, you and your Team report to the infirmary. Debrief at O six hundred. Carry on."

"Yes Sir."

General O'Neill shouted up to the Control Room.

"Sergeant any sign of Sergeant Harriman?"

"Not as yet Sir, hes had the call."

"Keep on it Sergeant and have Harriman report upstairs as soon as he comes in."

"Yes Sir."

"Come on, my office, lets go."

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~

SG-1 and General O'Neill made their way up to Level twenty-seven.

"You know what I'm thinking don't you?"

"Nebulium Sir. Sir I've instigated a full Gate diagnostic, I'll put Walter on it as soon as he reports. Until we get the stats back I can't really draw any accurate conclusions, but off the bat, I can not imagine any scenario whereby having Dialled a Seven Chevron address the Eighth and Ninth Chevron would also lock into place."

"So you're saying that they didn't Dial a Seven Chevron address?"

"No Sir I'm not saying that. I mean Major Lyons has just said that's exactly what they did. Em, no Sir, I think what it is is that we have absolutely no idea of how the Ninth Chevron operates. We're presuming its.. ..we're presuming its based on the functioning of the other Seven, Eight Chevrons, in which case going off em, Ancient engineering, you would have to Dial it to lock it.

But simce Major Lyons said they did not in fact Dial it.. ..but then it did lock though didn't it? No explanation at this moment Sir, but I have it in hand."

"Keep on this Carter because pound for penny, its something to do with the rising snakiness, oh sorry, em what is it, the rising feather, floating feather. Anyway dollars in the hand its something to do with that pyramid."

"To big a coincidence not to be Sir."

"Yes, but its not just that Carter.."

"Understood Sir."


~  Л Δ Π Σ Ω χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

~ δ γ Δ √ ∞ ≡ ⃜ ℜ Å ≡ ℷ ~


"Oh hi Colonel Carter."


Colonel Carter entered the Control Room via Level twenty-eight. With her was Sergeant Siler and two Logistics staff. They were on their way up to the General's offices.

They had all been in the Gate Room assessing the mechanical, micro re-calibration of the Iris. Although the Base was on a heightened state of alert, because of the utter necessity of a fully functioning Iris, this specific works order, which would take the Iris off line, was deemed necessary to ensure it would continue to function. A function which was crucially significant to the safety of The SGC. And for that matter, Earth.

The Team responsible for the maintenance of the StarGate included Master Sergeant Siler who dealt with the electrical, electronic and mechanical aspects. Master Sergeant Harriman who was responsible for the StarGate's soft operations. Lieutenant Hibbert from Logistics, he was responsible for the StarGate's hardware Jobs management. And Colonel Carter who essentially liased between the Maintenance Team of which she was Chief, and The SGC commander in Chief, who at this moment in time was in the Control Room with Daniel, Teal'c, Doctor Brigham, Master Sergeant Harriman and now Colonel Carter, Sergeant Siler, Lieutenant Hibbert and one of his staff. Along with Control Room personnel.

"Colonel, Doctor Carmichael and I have started work on the battery of tests you requested. In addition to that, SG-14 have undergone the normal end of Mission testing array. The results are in and they have each been given a clean bill of health."

"Can you give me anything Doctor?"

"I can but its probably not what you're looking for. They are all clear, everythings coming back clear Colonel. Are there doubts?"

"Can't say."

"Its alright Colonel Carter I do understand."

"No, no its not that Doctor Brigham, I really can't say. Not sure, but at least you've eliminated the usual suspects."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Having said that, it is always a relief and a pleasure to clear a patient though."

"Thanks Doctor. Sir I recommend we hold the men for observation."

"What hold them in the infirmary?"

"Yes Doctor Brigham. I would like for them to be confined for the.. ..for now. Sir its unprecedented. A whole new chapter of our StartGate history has just begun. General I really don't want to be pessimistic but I do think it might be best not to let them off Base.. ..just yet."

"That's fine by me Colonel, absolutely fine.. ..for now. To it."

"Thank you Sir."

"O'Neill I request that armed guards are posted in the infirmary."

"May I ask on what grounds? My patients have been given the all clear and no reasonable explanation for such measures has been put forward. Guns and hospitals are not a good mix Teal'c."

"Indeed so Doctor Brigham. However we are standing in readiness at DEFCON Four. One of our most senior officers has voiced grave concerns regarding the status of identified members of this facility. It should follow therefore that the necessary precautions are set in place until the situation is resolved."

"You're all correct! Colonel how about if we have SG-14 confined to their own private quarters, placed under a precautionary watch."

"Yes Sir that will do it."


"General if I'm not needed I would like to return to my infirmary. We're working our way through Colonel Carter's request and considering the Colonel's priority stipulation I'd like to get back there ASAP. I appreciate the concerns you all have regarding the health of the men. General O'Neill, Colonel Carter, we'll be in a position to return a Report within twelve hours."

"Carry on Doctor."

"Thank you Brigham."


"Err, what time is the Gate scheduled to be fixed?"

"Its not actually broken Doctor Jackson. We were on our way to speak to General O'Neill about that very same matter."

"Yeah, Hibbert, em.. ..Siler?"

"Two hours forty Sir."


"Fifty minutes General. Involves updating the secondary system as well, and they have to be done separately."

"Of course they do. Colonel?"

"Sir, if everything goes according to plan, No more than four hours tops."

"Not according to plan?"

"Sir that would only happen if the Iris's mechanical and electronic movements were not precisely synchronised with the soft pulse lead-time incorporated to compensate for the time it takes the operating gear to receive a signal from the Dialling console."

"Lead-time.. ..we are talking teeny weeny nanonuts?"

"Hopefully Sir, but if the Dialling computer is tasking a heavy load when we send the signal to close the Iris, that load could well cause a slight, micro minuscule delay. Given the purpose of the Iris.. ..without that compensating lead-time, it could mean the difference between something getting through.."

"Or not getting through?"

"Big yes! Not according to plan, Sir we'd have to redo the job, start to finish, in which case say eight hours."

"Gad damn, between the dog and the wolf. Whos out of town?"

"Sir 6 with 15, Belize. 11, 7, 9, 4s with 9, all on off world Missions. 19, 19s at the Alpha Site. 20 and 21, training at the Beta Site."

"Okay. Hibbert, Lieutenant, we'll do it this evening. Colonel, Gate Room defence Teams in the Gate Room as you work. And you're gonna have to call the rest of the combat Teams in, lets have them geared and at the ready."

"Taking no chances Sir?"


"Sir I'll go and inform my men."

"Sure thing Hibbert."

"Colonel I'll come by your laboratory with the finished job sheet in about an hour."

"Thanks Lieutenant, be ready to go at twenty hundred hours. Sir eight?"

"Eights good. Good to go. Green!"

Lieutenant Hibbert and his assistant left the Control Room. Everyone else was huddled around the Dialling console.

"So Walter what have you found?"

"General it's a strange one, with a capital S. The Colonel and I have been through these readings time and time again. Theres nothing out of the ordinary. Which I'm sure Colonel Carter has told you, is extremely extraordinary."

"So Walter you say no difference for all the Nine Chevrons, its the same as the Seven Chevron readout?"

"Yes Sir that's right. That's actually the first thing Colonel Carter pointed out. The readings are exactly the same as the Seven Chevron worm.. ..readout. There was no increase in power consumption. There was no off world power drainage, no variation in amplitude ranges, everything, all exactly the same as a Seven Chevron wormhole."

"You would have thought it was more.. ..if it was gonna be the same as anything, you would have thought it would have been the same as Eight. An Eight Chevron Dial in."

"Yes you would Sir. I mean for a start off Eights closer to Nine. But you would also think so because what.. ..what we've taken to be a shared characteristic, that both Eight and Nine Dial sequences, both Eight and Nine Chevrons take you out of the galaxy.. at least they've got that in common. So if anything, we would, even if only based on their shared, unique extra-galactic distancing vector protocol, have expected the Nine Chevron readout to be similar, though not identical, to the Eight Chevron readout. But as I say General, the readings are the same, exactly, as the Seven Dial in sequence. Strange Sir."

"Seems so."

"We're still working on it. Colonel Carter's building a theory but I'll take the back seat on that and em.. ..I think you've got the Debrief on that later in the day General. We'll have knocked these numbers into something intelligent by then Sir."

"Good work Harriman. Siler what have you got to say on your front?"

"Apart from the Iris reset, it was a smooth run Sir. Like Colonel Carter said earlier, its totally unprecedented, all in all the first Nine Chevron Dial in we've ever had went off without a hitch.

It's the very bottom Chevron, six o'clock position, well twenty five to seven really, anyway its actually out of view, the ramps in the way so you can't see it engaging from here, but just the same everything's in order Sir.

With us having this recalibration works order we've only just, within the last twenty four hours, completed a full StarGate hardware diagnostic, again everything's in order. Colonel Carter's since launched an entire baseline diagnostic and we'll have those stats back fairly soon, we've been monitoring the run, its all looking in order Sir. No accounting for the Nine Chevron lock, not on my side of the system. Hardware equipment is all clear General."

"All clear, um. Thanks Siler. Teal'c, answers, explanations. Can you shed any light on this, even a dim watt will do?"

"Only a dim and distant memory O'Neill. In the days of my youth there were vague rumours. As I grew I suspected it was nothing more than a tale with which to frighten young children into not exploring the D.H.D. device found on my home world. The tale implied that should ever a young child enter a Nine Chevroned wormhole he would be transformed into a cloud of smoke, never to be seem again."

"So don't go into a Nine Chevroned wormhole."


"Teal'c were there stories about any of the other Chevrons?"

"No Daniel Jackson, not to my knowledge."

"That's interesting."


"Whats that Daniel?"

"Well the fact that there was no stories about the other Chevrons. Why would they target the Ninth Chevron, the last Chevron, to scare the children. Why use it to scare children with, especially given that technically the Jaffa don't even use the Ninth Chevron in their Dialling scheme."

"Yes Daniel why would they?"

"I don't know Jack, why would they?"

"Carter, why would they?"

"Sir, em.. ..em.."

"Perhaps because they believed the warning."

"What you mean your ancestors though you would turn into a cloud of smoke if you used the Ninth Chevron?"


"Um.. ..I see, em, um. Walter, SG-14 claim they didn't Dial Nine Chevrons. They say they only Dialled Seven Chevrons?"

"Sir can I speak off the record here?"

"Off the record Harriman, everyone. Go on."

"Sir I'm sure I'm not the only person here who believes the StarGate system is an exceptionally finely tuned piece of engineering. Its extremely unlikely that you could Dial an address for a set of co-ordinates, thereby invoking the specific parameters and protocols related to that particular Dial sequence, but in reality be fed back a completely different set of protocols with their governing parameters. Its the system Sir, it provides for micro variations but that's about it. Nothing close to flipping Chevron deployment."

"We've seen it before though where the Goa'uld have manipulated the calibrations."

"You're right on that score Doctor Jackson, we have seen that before, but that didn't actually tap into a whole new set of Dial sequence protocols. That was still dealing with the Seven Chevron wormhole. I mean with this, although not registered on our instruments, the Ninth lock will have invoked new parameters with their associated protocols.

As far as I'm concerned General O'Neill, the only way to get Nine Chevrons is to Dial them. I'm pretty certain its something that can't just kick in on its own. Not the way these em.. ..ancient aliens, not the way these ancient beings, em, Ancients, have engineered this system, you're not gonna get that Sir."

"So they didn't Dial a Seven Chevron address?"

"Sir I'm not saying they didn't."

"So they did Dial a Seven Chevron address?"

"I don't think so Sir."


"Well Jack I can't vouch for what they Dialled, but I can back up Sergeant Harriman and say the Ancients are extremely brilliant engineers. They wouldn't make a sloppy job. I don't think you can get crossover. Sam crossover, Dial the Seven and you get the Nine?"

"No Daniel, no Sir, no crossover. Not in our experience. Apart from which I'd say no anyway."


"O'Neill, after thousands of years worth of experience in StarGate travel, if, if it were possible to program the D.H.D. to switch over to a Nine Chevron Dial sequence after having keyed in only Seven Chevrons, then the Goa'uld would most certainly have, by now, found a way to use that to their advantage. Perhaps in tricking their enemies or in some other way. But it is a facility that the Goa'uld would have exploited, were it possible."

"General, come to think of it, a couple of times you've needed to connect Generators up to the StarGate to carry out a direct Dial. Even then you still couldn't get to the Ninth Chevron without actually having Dialled it first. You also couldn't get to the Eighth Chevron if you only Dialled Seven, so.. ..theres no crossover from the hardware circuitry. But theres also no direct link to hardware activation without first engaging a particular Chevron, it won't just lock by accident, it has to be Dialled. And even then, only that particular Dialled Chevron will engage. And it will only engage providing the preceding Chevron has been engaged and locked before hand. Chevron One, Chevron two.. ..Chevron three.. and so on, as we all know.

Em, General Sir, the only way to lock the Ninth Chevron is to engage it, and the only way to do that is to Dial it, either manually or as we do, electronically. The power source, electric, nuclear.. ..fusion, naquadah, whatever, as long as its sufficient, has no bearing on the Dial sequencing."

"Well put. Point taken Siler. So basically what we have here, every which way, the Ninth Chevron wormhole our guys came through would have had to have been Dialled up?"

"Yes Sir, Dialled up."


No one but SG-14, presumably, could give an accurate account of events leading up to their arrival in the Gate Room. Nevertheless the consensus of opinion was unanimous. Dialled, engaged and locked, yes Sir! SG-14 returned through a Nine Chevroned wormhole and that wormhole had been Dialled up. A mightily essential detail it seems SG-14 were bent on concealing. Strange with one of Walter's capital S's.

"So we're getting your medical results back in twelve hours then Colonel?"


"What about a psyche evaluation?"

"Done it Sir, well not done it, ordered it."

"Good one. Good one Carter."

"Jack whats your take on all of this?"

"My take, my take on this historical misnomer, at this stage, dark and dismal Daniel. You could call it a bit of a giant headache."


"Yes O'Neill."

"No comment.. yet."

"Oh its definitely worrying alright General."

"I agree with Colonel Carter, we can't comment until we process the baseline stats. But its all very strange."

"Okay then, err.. ..right lets get that work done as soon as we can. Twenty hundred. I don't.. ..don't take the Iris off line, lets not have the Iris off line without the alternative defence measures in place. Colonel, Siler's already run through a live last known reset, if the StarGate so much as vibrates scrap the job and reset immediately. Siler you did well on the timing with that one, you got it back on line PDQ."

"Thanks Sir."

"Check Sir."

"Splendid. Daniel I'll be getting on to TIGETS in about fifteen minutes. I think George would like to hear how Nick's doing so maybe you could join me."

"Thanks Jack. I'd like to tell him myself, thanks."

"I'll be em.. ..I've got a meeting later. Carter I'll be off Base at Eight o'clock, I'd appreciate a running commentary on the re-cal work."

"I'll see to that Sir. Will you be on sat or cell?"

"Cell Carter, I won't be going that far."

"Right Sir, on it."

"Thanks everyone, ciao! Err SG-1, hold up."

"Whats up Jack?"

"Really don't know.. yet, but I'm convinced its serious. T while Carter's working on the Gate can you sort of check up on SG-14. Maybe not let them know eh. Daniel can you link up with Pierce, find out where they're up to, see what you can get. And friends, dear friends, will you please do me the honour of staying on Base with me until we get passed this."

"Absolutely General."

"With you Jack."



~ √ Ω π χ ∞ ≡ Ψ Γ Ξ Π

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~


In the dark a tired arm stretches out and its hand reaches for the telephone, finding and punching a speed dial button.


"Where are you Carter?"

"In my quarters Sir. I'm sleeping."

"But you are awake right?"

"Yes Sir, wide awake."

"Tell me."

"It's the men. Sir its got to be the men."

"You've obviously been sleeping on this."

"As requested by you Sir."

"Okay. Explain yourself Colonel."

"Sir I fully understand the gravity of the situation we're in. Facing an unknown quantity and we're not yet prepared. General even as a scientist I'm in a very difficult position, I'm basing my ideas on unquantifiable theories. Em mind you there is a branch of my field, em particle.. ..high energy physics. Well mechanical.. ..quantum mechanics, which does this very same thing, principles based on unquantifiable supposition, but its not really helping us here Sir and I do appreciate that."

"Oh.. ..elementary.. ..particles. Carter you are awake yes?"

"Just now Sir. Anyway I was thinking."


"Thinking, I think. May be dreaming. I am awake now Sir. Em.. ..em, your storm Sir, I can already feel the beginnings of a cold wet wind but I'm still not able to give you concrete evidence. Err, Walter and I finished all the comparatives. We.. ..we used, we finished all the comparatives using my new baselines and Silers diagnostics, yesterday, day before.. ..his recent diagnostics. Whichever way we approach it Sir we're drawing a blank. Our allies can't help. The only allies we have who can help us in this area are three of the four great races and again we're drawing a blank. Two of them are uncontactable and the third are avoiding our calls. A blank Sir."

"That's two negatives Carter."

"Well Sir I suppose there is one good thing to come out of that."


"Well Sir, two negatives do make a positive."

"Ha ha.. ..hahh, yeah right Carter. Well unfortunately in this case we've got three negatives because we've also got the readings on the men. And in terms of.. terms of the Ninth Chevron we're drawing a negative on that because they're all happy and healthy, and still confined to quarters, so that's pretty awkward. Daniel tells me hes on standby with Pierce."

"Yes Sir, he is. Nothings come through as yet."

"So that's not quite a negative then is it?"

"No Sir."

"But we've got absolutely nothing.. ..concrete?"

"That's.. ..thats affirmative Sir."

"Right. So tell me again why its got to be the men."

"Sir its based on wormhole physics."

"Yah Carter, wormhole physics on a wormhole connection we've never ever had before, on a subspace tunnel.. ..a subspace tunnel that can't be measured and it can't be quantified in any way, shape or form, so what kind of physics are we basing on?

"Em, theoretical Sir."

"Go on I'm listening."

"General its SG-14. It has to be the men."

"Does it?"

"Yes Sir it does. The Gate's comparative data recordings should not have been identical, but they are. If the StarGates not producing any kind of variable diagnostic results between a Seven and Nine Chevron Dial sequence, then the only other possibility is that the anomaly, variation, associated parameters, must have existed within the subspace wormhole itself. We can't detect it."

"I'll have that. But what kind of a variation are we talking Carter?"

"General Sir, we're not equipped to make such observations. That goes way beyond the technology of The SGC, Earth for that matter Sir."

"Well Colonel the readings and the formation and disengagement of the wormhole were all normal. Ninth Chevron incoming and we're told it went off without a hitch."

"True Sir. But to my mind the activation of the Ninth Chevron, since as you say everything appeared normal, must somehow have affected conditions within the subspace corridor, its not affected the StarGate or it's output readings, but it has to have affected the condition of the wormhole, and therefore all things within the wormhole, i.e. Sir, the men themselves. SG-14."

"You're a heavy sleeper Carter."

"Yes Sir."

"Any sign of Mo, Larry and Curly."

"That'd be you, Teal'c and Daniel. The Canopic g_ds. No, no sign. Sir can we quarantine the men, or place them in the brig and also for the time being at least, place them under strict armed guard."

"Jeez Carter! Completely, apparently, groundless, absolutely no evidence.. ..concrete, whatsoever, and a clean bill of health on all of them to boot. What?"


"Aarrr. Its alright Colonel, I'll take it under advisement. In the meantime I advise you to get dressed and report to my office. Why don't you give it an hour, take it easy, freshen up or coffee something. And bring Daniel and Teal'c along with you. Early morning Debrief. Sounds like you have a lot to say Carter."

"Yes Sir."



"..I am with you on this, I know theres somethin' seriously up."

"Thank you General. O five hundred Sir."



~ Ϡ ζ ψ Λ Σ γ λ ∯ ~

~ ∏ ∞ Δ Ξ Ω ω ∘   ~


"Okay Carter I'm listening, but if you give it to me again, I'll listen even harder."

"Sure Sam, hanging on by a thread, a string."

"How exactly could they have been affected Colonel Carter?"

"Well at this point Teal'c its absolutely impossible to say, but I'm suspecting its going to be something on the physical, anatomical level. I believe their molecular framework could in someway now be a manipulated version of their former pre demolecularized complexity."

"Go on."

"Sir, we know a normal Seven Chevron Dial creates a subspace tunnel. We know the Eighth Chevron deals with distance vectoring. The Ninth Chevron displays no apparent characteristic in our own space-time. Therefore considering the StarGate was built by beings who actually achieved the ability to phase into Nth dimensions, I believe the Ninth Chevron gives the connecting StarGates the means to alter the very fabric of the time space continuum of the subspace that the StarGate creates when initialised by a Nine Chevron Dial sequence.

Sir, the demolecularized members of SG-14 must have been subjected to a transit which transgresses all our understanding of StarGate wormhole physics. Taken that that actually only deals with the subspace pathways outside of our own four-dimensional space-time which have been created as an effect of a four dimensional catalytic inversion. What I'm suggesting is that the activation of the Ninth Chevron creates a condition inside the extra fourth dimensional subspace tunnel, thus creating a sub-subspace tunnel which is then outside of the space-time of the sub-space tunnel created by the StarGate's Seven Chevrons.

"Come on Carter."

The General stood up stepped around to the back of his chair. He rested on the headrest.

"You woke up just to lay this on me, at least lets have it in English eh?

"But Jack think about it. It sounds a little outrageous but what you're saying Sam is sort of like a tunnel within a tunnel right?"

"That's it exactly Daniel. I mean the extra Chevrons really only add more parameters, we've already created the wormhole with the first Seven Chevrons."

"So you're sayin' Eight and Nine are more or less steering and smoking or non smoking."

"I believe so Sir."

"What is the meaning of this Colonel Carter?"

"It means, possibly, that something, someone, who cannot for whatever reason, travel through a Seven Chevron wormhole, can traverse the StarGate system via a Nine Chevron wormhole. And we, human.. ..oids, who can travel a Seven Chevroned subspace corridor, cannot also travel the Nine Chevron wormhole. Not unless our physical molecular structure undergoes a profound change."

"Colonel Carter we do become changed in the event horizon encoding process."

"We do Teal'c. But that change pertains directly to the specific Dial sequence. You enter a Seven Chevroned horizon, it breaks you down and packages you up for travel through a Seven Chevron wormhole. The same can be said for entering a Nine Chevroned horizon. However the packaging process will be different in each case.

I do imagine that the one dimensional horizon of a Nine Chevroned wormhole handles the de and remolecularisation process differently. It is this difference that determines the suitability for travel via that particular wormhole. Without a doubt, in all certainty, there will be some observable difference in the anatomical structure of an organic person.. ..thing, travelling through a Nine Chevroned wormhole, with that of a person travelling via a Seven and Eight for that matter, Chevroned wormhole. General I am absolutely positive about this."

"I can see that Carter."

"Oh, Sam, you mean like Shifu and Oma Desala turning to a ball of glowing light."

"Well that definitely constitutes a profound change Daniel."

"Yeah Jack. They've both travelled through Seven Chevroned wormholes."

"If I'm getting this right, according to Colonel Carter, your friends, Daniel, could be classified as organic personages capable of travelling through both a Seven and Nine chevroned wormhole."

"Yes Sir, that's right. They would be able to do that."

"I don't get that Sam."

"Well from what we know Oma Desala is capable of two states. Like us the solid state, a Seven Chevron traveller. And for her the other state, what was it, the ball of glowing light state, and that profound change is gonna get her through a Nine Chevroned wormhole."

"But not us right?"

"Not through a Nine Chevroned wormhole. Not without undergoing the profound change Daniel."

"Colonel Carter are you asserting that SG-14 have been altered at the anatomical level thereby undergoing a profound change?"

"Yeah Teal'c, I'm asserting that."

"Carter, they've been given the all clear by Carmichael. Correct me if I'm wrong Colonel but you did say observable difference."


Colonel Carter was frustrated. Sleep on it.. ..she'd slept on it, she'd factorised, theorised and extrapolated. It didn't added up but she knew she had to be right.

"Its okay Carter, continue Colonel, you have our full attention."

The General sat back in his Briefing Room chair, held up his arm, and jiggled his hand. Soon after, a pot of hot morning coffee arrived on a tray for four.

"Breakfast General?"

"No thanks. Food?"

Nobody wanted food. This was waaay to intense to be eating over.

"Sir we've always measured the property of a wormhole by obtaining calculations from its outside events and surrounds. Its beginning and end. The transmitting and receiving StarGates. We are, at our level of technology, incapable of taking any measurements of the time and space existing within the subspace wormhole from within the dimension in which we exist."

"Standard. Go on."

"Colonel Carter, there is one measurement we can be certain of, that of the fact that conditions within the formed wormhole must always remain constant. Otherwise travellers, even inorganic matter, would not arrive in order at the destination, they would not sequentially reintegrate at the receiving StarGate."

"Good point Teal'c. We can be certain of a great many of the parameters of an establishing Seven and from our experience Eight Chevroned wormhole. In part due to the StarGate's buffer mechanism and also to the stable condition of the wormhole, what we send down that corridor invariably rematerialises on the other side.

Sir I believe that this extra point, Ninth Chevron, shifts the dimension of the subspace in which the wormhole exits to some other dimension, Nth dimension. A dimension in which a stable wormhole can be formed and through which certain types of energetic matter, fluxing, phasing matter, can safely flow through.

Sir in this way the Ancient's would have been able to use the StarGate. Were they to begin transforming, phasing, during their microscopically short journey through the wormhole, they would be assured of a complete reintegration at the receiving end."

"Yeah I like it Carter. And I take it we're talking about a time before the Ancients had learnt to master their ability to ascend."

"Precisely Sir."

"Daniel, Teal'c?"

"Indeed O'Neill it is a likeable theory."

"Thanks Teal'c."

Teal'c smiled at Colonel Carter. He had more than a century's worth of stellar travel experience.

"Sam question please."

"What is it Daniel?"

"If what you're saying is true, then how do you account for the members of SG-14? Physically they appear to be fine and they've been given the all clear."

"Oh yeah Daniel, Sir, this is my point. They could not possibly be fine. In order for them to have come through a Nine Chevroned wormhole they must have been altered. Profoundly altered."

"But Carter they're not altered. I've had Brigham and Carmichael re-screen their DNA. So if they're what you call solid state, travelling by a Nine Chevroned track, they won't come out the same as they went in. Basically it sounds like what you we're saying is they'd come out of the StarGate a mangled mess, you know, head on backwards and all that."

"That's right Sir."


"Sir if SG-14 are internally cloaked to a degree we cannot detect, they could have been altered before they entered the wormhole, the black horizon on P7X 377, altered in such a way that their physical composition would survive the properties of the Ninth Chevron Nth dimension in which they were about to travel through, in this case Sir they would come out of the receiving StarGate exactly the same way they'd entered the transmitting Gate."


"Altered Sir."

"Colonel Carter, Daniel Jackson is correct, SG-14 look no different now than when they left The SGC, and they have been given medical clearance."

"Yeah I know Teal'c, I can't explain it just now, but I guarantee that whoever comes through a wormhole on the Ninth Chevron will not, can not possibly have the same anatomical composition as a human being. That is a human being incapable of Ascension, phasing.

Trust me, there is something very wrong with the members of SG-14 but we don't have the instruments to detect this sort of anomaly. Nevertheless there is definitely something seriously wrong with the men who came through that NineGate. I can't necessarily even recognise what the problem could be, but its bound to be atomic.. ..subatomic."

"Colonel if you can't find anything I'm going to have to release the men."

"General Sir, I know I'm asking you for a lot of faith here but I know there is something wrong. Very.. ..wrong!"

"Well Carter if its faith you need you've got mine. I have faith in your judgement Colonel, I'm sure you know that by now."

"Thank you Sir, that means a lot."

"You've got my faith to Sam."

"Thanks Daniel."

"I have great faith in your abilities Colonel Carter."

"I know Teal'c, thank you."

"So we're saying SG-14 is not SG-14?"

"Yes General."

"Okay. T, Daniel, softly softly approach on SG-14, confined to quarters, armed guards in adjacent corridors. Carter I can give you two. Is that enough?"

"Yes Sir. If we work on it together we can present a Report to you at O eight hundred hours."

"Colonel, keep digging. Extra thorough. We've got men depending on your findings. I do believe theres a storm heading our way. O eight hundred kids."

The General left the Briefing Room to attend to his rounds. Night or day there was rounds to be rounded. He was shadowed by a cadre of administrators all awaiting to administrate the General's administrations.


~  Ξ ζ ω ≠ П Λ Φ λ μ π ≈ ~

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~


In the Briefing Room Colonel Carter looked tired but excited. Teal'c was wondering when the General would arrive and Daniel was anxious and slightly impatient, standing next to the observatory watching the activity in the Gate Room below.

"Hes definitely on Base isn't he? He wouldn't have left without telling us would he? I know hes extremely busy all the time now."

"Daniel Jackson there are no circumstances under which O'Neill would leave his people behind."

Daniel looked at Teal'c. He was completely taken aback. Colonel Carter was laughing.

"Teal'c he doesn't mean it like that. He just.. ..we just, we've got a heck of a lot of information. We've really made progress. I think Daniel's just anxious to speak to the General."

"Yeah thanks Sam. I'm sorry about that Teal'c. I'm just.. ..its just with Nick you know. And Jack, hes head of the Base now, you never know where he is from one moment to the next."

"O'Neill will be here quite soon Daniel Jackson. Of this I am certain."

"Thanks Teal'c."

Just then they all heard the sound of the running feet of General O'Neill heading toward the Briefing Room with Doctor Carmichael in tow.

"Sorry about that kids. I've just been up checking on Nick. Lets get under way shall we. Okay Carmichael full Report if you will."

Daniel walked over to his chair and sat down. He admired the General greatly. Over the years there had been occasions when they'd squabbled and disagreed but a deep bond had been cast on them. Just then, upon hearing Jack's words, a truck load of thankfulness flowed through his veins, absorbing his anxiety. He sat back in his chair and paid attention.

"Em yes General, my Report. Well as you've just seen for yourself the patient, Nicolas Ballard, remains in a grave condition. Physically, outwardly, cuts and bruises to the radial arms and the phalanges, also hairline facture to the femur. Extensive injury, cuts, to both hands, em actually looks as though hes crawled out of something or dug his way out of something.

Forensically, em, samples of the material found underneath his finger nails have been sent for analysis, we should be getting the those back, the results, later on this morning. His bruising, general bruising around the torso and lower legs, the shape and size and positioning of the bruising, together with the injuries to his knees and hands are consistent with someone who has endured a climb of soft to medium hard ground at an upward angle.

There is extensive injury to his right ocular cavity. The eye itself is still functioning and will not need to be removed but there is serious damage to the ligaments and tissues all around the eye and there are lacerations on the cornea.

There is also a good deal of trauma and inflammation to the auditory nerve towards the medulla junction.

The most troubling aspect of Mr Ballard's condition is the chemical imbalance. Theres toxic levels of both potassium and sodium and a manageable amount of naquadah poisoning. As we are already faced with potential renal failure we're having a great deal of difficulty in neutralising and filtering out the toxic excesses, which is entirely compounding his critical condition.

We've discovered a worrying count on elongated corpuscles and as yet have found no indication as to whats caused the elongation.

An oxygen tent has been erected around Mr Ballard's bed. This may help to temper his circulatory and respiratory difficulties.

Neurologically there is no evidence of trauma. There are abrasions to the back of the cranium which we attribute to his climb. Apart from the swelling there is no further damage in this area. As far as his brain is concerned we have given the all clear.

We can elicit no verbal response and he has fallen in to a semi catatonic state."

"How about his white cell count?"

"That's normal Colonel, however, worryingly, his lymphatic system seems to be barely functioning.

Effectively hes drowning internally in a potassium-sodium wash. He is being kept comfortable. Hes on a plasma drip and we're strictly controlling his intake.

Doctor Jackson I'd just like to assure you that we're doing everything we can for your grandfather. Although things may sound negative providing we manage to re-establish his chemical levels theres no reason why eventually he can't make a full recovery. Its just that currently with his renal state.. ..we're doing our best Doctor."

"Right, em, thanks Doctor Carmichael, thanks, very kind of you."

"And SG-14?"

"General, regarding SG-14, we've run all the tests Colonel Carter requested. We've made all the comparisons with the readings we have on record for each member of the Team, up to this point I can state categorically that those men in the infirmary are SG-14."

"So they have no sign of injury or abnormality whatsoever?"

"Well not quite Colonel, they do all each have slight inflammation around the eyes."

"What like black eyes?"

"Actually Colonel just one eye, the right in all cases."

"What they've all got swelling to just one eye, the same eye in each case, wouldn't you say that was significant?"

"No Colonel I would not. They reported that they had all used the same microscope and I'm assuming that one of them passed on a mild conjunctivitis."

"Assuming? Which one of them passed it on?"

"I did verify that they each have it, but I didn't think it was relevant to determine the source as its quite a common symptom which clears up in only a matter of days. Its hardly what I would call an abnormality Colonel."

"I'm not so sure about that Doctor Carmichael. Doesn't it strike you as an unusual coincidence that both SG-14 and Nicolas Ballard have been in the Pyramid on P7X 377 and now all of them have an unexplained injury to the right ocular cavity?"

"Colonel Carter, in the case of SG-14 the injury is explained. I've just told you it was a mild case of conjunctivitis."

"Yes, well even so Doctor Carmichael, perhaps you could run further tests to see if they also have any inflammation to the auditory nerve."

"Colonel Carter, just how many tests do you insist we run? All the readings match. The bios, all the fluids, all the samples we've taken. The hair, the cells, the DNA, the retinal scans. All conducted at your request, and it all matches, perfectly. I don't know what you're looking for Colonel, but I can only say I haven't found it. They are definitely SG-14, the members of SG-14 that we have on file anyway."

"Right then Carmichael, good work, thanks for that. That'll be all. Report as soon as you've run those extra tests, on that eye nerve. Dismissed."

The General gave him an altogether appreciative smile.

Without objection of not being allowed to attend the remainder of the Debriefing Doctor Carmichael picked up his folders and left the area.

"Daniel are you okay, that couldn't have been easy?"

"Thanks Jack. He thinks theres a chance. Have to wait and see. Nicks very stubborn. I think hes going to pull through."

"That's what we're counting on Daniel. Okay. Right, where we up to?"

"O'Neill, we are able to traverse a Seven and Eight Chevron wormhole but not a Nine Chevron wormhole."

"Sir SG-14 currently comprise the same composition in our fourth dimension as they did in the Ninth Chevron Nth dimension sub-space wormhole they occupied to get here, back to The SGC. Therefore whoever, whatever they are, they are now beings that can exist outside of our own time-space created sub-space."

"That makes sense Carter."

"Really Sir?"

"Phased Carter."

"Yes Sir."

"What you've never had a problem travelling Jack?"

"Not in this dimension Daniel."


"Daniel Jackson, I believe O'Neill is meaning that members of SG-14 are phased. According to Colonel Carter, at the atomic platform."

"Its bad isn't it?"

"I think so Daniel. Sir is this what you meant by a storm coming our way?"

"These are just the clouds Colonel."

"That bad Sir?"

General O'Neill pressed his head into his open palm. His elbow was leaning on the conference table.

"Colonel do me a favour."

"Of course Sir."

"Put them on a lie detector."

"Sir that's brilliant."

"It happens."

"I've been trying to detect physical anomalies, I've been looking in the wrong place."

"Lets see shall we."

"Sam, Jack, why the lie detector?"

"Okay, I've not been able to determine any physical alterations, and listening to Doctor Carmichael's Report, all members of SG-14 are complete and in tact, there is no change."

"Oh, you're saying they haven't been altered?"

"No Daniel, I'm saying the opposite. I'm suggesting that they have been altered but that I can't find any evidence of that alteration."

"Please continue Colonel."

"Thank you Sir."

"Yes do."

Colonel Carter smiled at Daniel.

"Sir, I maintain that the fact that there is no evidence, in this instance, proves not that there is no change, but that there is no known method for me to detect the change."

"So this is all purely speculation?"

"No Sir. Based upon my perception of the dynamics of wormhole physics and subspace travel I insist that SG-14 can not possibly be the same SG-14 that left The SGC for P7X 377. I am absolutely certain about that General."

"Yeah you mentioned that earlier Carter."

"Sir I'm even more convinced now."

"And the lie detector Sam?"

"That's the brilliant thing about it all Daniel. As General O'Neill recommended, conducting a lie detector test would serve to ascertain the possibility of change."

"How so Colonel Carter?"

"Well Teal'c, if they have been possessed by some force that has caused this alteration we will detect it in their neurological monitor output readings."

"Indeed. But have we not previously witnessed that bodily possessions, for instance by a Goa'uld, leave the host no longer possessing the ability to respond, having been completely subdued by the presence of the symbiote."

"Yeah Teal'c that's true but it was demonstrated by the Tollan device used on Skaa'ra, even when possession occurs something of the host survives. In the case of SG-14, they most certainly have been changed anatomically, even though we've not as yet been able to pick it up. They must have been in order for them to have transited a Nine Chevron wormhole. I'm hoping something of them, the host, their psychological self, has survived. We can detect that with this machine."

"But Sam, what if the possessing entity lies, apart from which, people have been known to beat the lie detector before."

"Daniel we only need to weight the probability towards my theory. If there is something of the host in there we will find it."

"You are referring to the device lodged at Area 51 are you not Colonel Carter?"

"Yes I am Teal'c."

"Ah juicy. That thing, that should do the trick Carter."

"Yes Sir."

"Do I know about this?"

"You do Daniel but you may have forgotten. I mentioned it to you about a year and a half ago."

"Yeah vaguely, its coming back to me now."

"Well they've been working on a way to encompass our latest, more sophisticated lie detector model with the technology of the Zatag detector. Mixed in with that are those principles we could glean from the Tollan's emotions monitor."

"And what if nothing of the host has survived Colonel, and as Daniel said the possessor lies?"

"Sir in using the Area 51 creation we should be able to detect even that via the emotional responses."

"Emotional responses. You can't mimic those can you Carter?"

"No General. I don't believe you can."

She didn't look at him.



"Well I for one love the truth. No amount of deceit or disguise can alter it. Its so honest and simple. Resistant to all efforts of subdefuge and lie. It can not be hidden. Its an entity reliant only upon its own existence and if you know how to greet it it will always, always, be plain to see."



Colonel Carter stared at the General, speechless. She was frowning. He'd sounded exactly like the Canopic g_d Cauac. How strange, she thought.

"Carry on Colonel. Expedience is priority in this instance. These men have got families and I would like to offer them explanations or solutions, preferably both, as soon as possible."

"Yes Sir, thank you. Sir that was very profound, passionate."


"Sam can I assist you?"

"I'm glad you asked Daniel."

"Colonel Carter, perhaps I too can be of some assistance?"

"Oh definitely Teal'c, thanks."

"T, I want SG-14 sectioned, discretely. And have the guard doubled down there. No contact. Carter I don't want any of them leaving quarters so testing will need to be conducted in lock up. Armed guards present."


"Debrief, ten thirty hundred."

"Yes Sir, full Report."

"What are you going to be doing now Jack?"

"My rounds."

"I thought you did those earlier."

"I did, these are different rounds."

"What? Just how much work have you got to get through? You've been up since who knows."

"A lot Daniel, a real lot. I never knew George had such a good poker face. Bingo. See yous later."




The General left the Briefing Room and walked through a flock of waiting administrators. They all took off after the General. Suddenly General O'Neill turned and rushed back into the Briefing Room catching SG-1 before they left.

"Jack if you're that allergic to paper pushers you can always apply to join SG-1, we've got an opening you know."

The General smiled at Daniel.

"On second thoughts.."

O'Neill indicated for everyone to sit back down.

"Theorise Carter! I believe we've got ourselves a very serious situation unfolding here. I think we may well be under attack. We simply don't have available time to throw on tests with untried instruments. And I also don't want you exposed to SG-14."

He looked directly at Colonel Carter.

"Well Sir in view of Doctors Brigham and Carmichael's lack of findings, the closest explanation I can put forth is that each member of SG-14's physical anatomical structure has been mimicked and then the true anatomical changes that would need to be in place in order for the men, SG-14, to now exist in our time-space continuum have been mapped over."

"Sort of like using ship cloaking technology inside the body."

"Precisely General, exactly so Sir. Their original molecular code is being used to cloak, mask, the culprit, the possessing entity. Shielding its presence."

"Yeah but Sam it doesn't make sense, I mean we know the Goa'uld are parasitical but they have an advantage from their blending. These things in SG-14 apart from the fact that we now know they're there, they seem to be completely dormant. Seems a bit pointless."

"Daniel I think they possess the body for travel purposes."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"Sir, whilst we know engaging the Eighth Chevron introduces an additional stellar vector capability, I hold that deploying the Ninth Chevron on top of the normal Seven Chevron sequence has the effect of creating a subspace corridor within the Seven Chevroned subspace."

"A sub-sub-space Colonel Carter?"

"Yes Teal'c, definitely. Chevron Eight guarantees that this Ninth Chevron wormhole has the extended parameter of distances beyond our galaxy."

"You said all this already. Trans-galactic Sam sure but I'm still not seeing how."

"Okay, if we can for a moment, imagine opening up a suitcase and placing an apple pie inside, flying to Texas, opening the suitcase again and taking out the pie. Providing the rides not been to bumpy the pie's gonna be just fine."

"Sam are you saying SG-14 are like the apple pie."

"No Daniel shes saying they're the suitcase."

Colonel Carter was facing the room and nodding and looking extremely discomposed."

The Briefing Room was filling up with tension. And an uncomfortable feeling of impending danger. A storm.

"Carter your theory indicates something has possessed each member of SG-14 in order to travel through the StarGate."

"Unfortunately yes Sir."

The General took a very deep breath and slowly quietly exhaled. He was drumming two of his fingers on his teeth. He had his eyes closed. The room was silent apart from the drumming noise the General was making. He stopped drumming and slowly swept his forehead. It was obvious to SG-1 the General had just made a series of decisions. He would let them know accordingly.

"Okay Carter give me more, lets have it. Nutshell please."

They were all now deadly serious and gravitating towards battle mode.

"Why not just use the normal Seven Chevron lock?"

"At this stage General I can only guess it has something to do with the uncontrollable phasing possibility provision the Ancients incorporated into the Ninth Chevron parameters. Sir as with our suitcase analogy, the apple pie would survive a plane journey, Ninth Chevron, but not a train journey, Seven Chevroned and altogether to bumpy a ride to retain integrity."

"Gotcha. So then Carter based on this theorem of yours.. ..hypotheorem even, the possessor, Nebulium or whatever, should be due to disembark, get out of the suitcase, when it reaches its destination, the other side of the wormhole."

"O'Neill, the destination you refer to, the other side of the wormhole is indeed, here, The SGC!!"

The General practically knocked his chair over jumping up to sound high alert. He shouted at Teal'c.

"Get those men separated!! Iso Unit Level thirty-one A."


Teal'c quickly picked up the telephone and spoke to a security officer on Level thirty.

"Level thirty-one A, Jack we don't have a Level.."

"Let it go Daniel."

The General nodded to Daniel. He was still doling out orders to Teal'c who was still on the phone to lower Base security.

"T, two armed guards per man! No contact! Cut the surface off! Seal off Sixteen and above."

"Sir the lie detector?"

"Forget that Carter, you've more than proved your point. Colonel, elevate to Code Seventeen."

"Jack, Nick?"

"I know Daniel, hes going to have to be taken out of the infirmary, down to Level thirty-one A with SG-14. Don't worry Daniel he'll be well taken care of."

"Jack I don't think hes.."

"Daniel please."

"I'm sorry Jack."

"Teal'c with me. Carter you know what to do, and Colonel, enforce a standby to move up to Code Nine. Daniel contact General Hammond, Brief him. Set up a conference."

"On it Sir."


The General and Teal'c began to run through the level twenty-seven corridors. He shouted back to the aide trying to keep up.

"You wait there."


~ Π Φ Ψ χ  ∞ Ц Π Ω π √ Γ Ξ ~

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~


"Yes Sir. Yes Sir. No. No I'm not doing that. No its not. Yes I agree with that Sir. Not strictly. Not strictly. No. Yes I do. Yes. Seventeen. Colonel Carter's standing by to implement a Code Nine.

No I'm not doing that. Yes I do. Yes Sir. With TIGETS. Em, well that would be about thir.. ..ty six hours ago. I was in D.C.. Yes we did. Hannah Greer. DEFCON Four. Um. George. Yes.

No its not usual procedure. Erm, I'm more concerned about my Teams. Keeping them clean. Keeping them clear. Its the nature of it that's the.. ..absolutely. Oh it is a possession. From what we've gathered its em.., not established Sir, but there does seem to be a relation to the motor functions. Yah, inflammation to the auditory nerve. We're presuming that's the point of conjunction.

No, contamination seems to be through the eye. No, the ocular cavity to be specific. No, no evidence of that Sir. Well providing a Recall to the Alpha Site they will be in the clear. Um. Thank you. I will. Yes Sir.. ..Mr President."

"Lieutenant come in 'ere."


"Em, get me.. ..just hold on a minute. Right okay, get me Colonel Carter and have Major Griff up here in twenty minutes. That'll be all, thank you."


"Hey. Take a seat. Okay this is the situation. Am going to Recall all the Teams. But I'm gonna have them.. ..I want them Recalled into the Alpha Site, and they're to standby on full alert. We need them ready, we need them ready as reinforcements.

I'm going to send Griff and his Team out to the Alpha Site to Brief the incoming Teams. What I'm thinking Carter is perhaps Teal'c could go with them and square everything up. I then want Teal'c to move on to the Beta Site, take Griff's Team with him. I want him to sort something out with Brewster, liase with Colonel Brewster, see what they need. I'm planning to set up a quarantine installation.

Carter because of the infectious nature of this.. ..foe, together with our lack of defence and understanding, off world isolation guarantees us at lease a degree of contamination control. We don't want any of this getting off the Base and we also don't know as yet how difficult these Nebulium are to neutralise."

"Sir off world quarantine is a good step in containing a further spread.. ..infection. As you say we're opposed, as yet, against an unknown quantity."

"Okay. We'll have Nick and SG-14 transferred as soon as its all set up. I'm gonna need you to get Walter contacting all the Teams, apart from the ones you've assigned to the Fact Finding Mission. Lets have them all back to the Alpha Site, ASAP."

"You Recalling everybody in Sir?"

"Everybody Carter. Now as soon as Teal'c and Griff get back we can ship the infected out. By the way Carter, elevate to Code Nine would you."

"I'll do that now Sir."

"Hold on till we've finished here. Carter look, I'm actually thinking of having the em, we still calling them SG-14.. ..okay, SG-14, I'm actually thinking of having them sedated, heavily. Speak to Carmichael about that will you. Not Nick though.. ..they're still struggling with keeping him stable, sedation will just complicate things for him.

See to it. If its feasible lets do it. We still don't know the true nature of these things we're dealing with, which is putting us in an altogether sorry position. Sedation, speak to Carmichael, let me know."

"On it Sir. Elevating now?"

"Standby.. ..hold on. Hey help yourself."

"Thanks Sir. You?"

"Sweet. Yes? Put him through. Carter I need to take this, its George. Just instruct Walter while I'm on will you.

Hi. Yah. Yeah. Em, going into Nine. Now. Um. Teal'c's taking SG-2, um.. ..Alpha then Beta. Um. No, em thirty-one A. Yeah. Yeah. Unfortunately. Um, okay. Yeah about twenty minutes ago. Yeah he said that. Okay. Thanks George."

"General, Walter's sending the signals right now."

"Has to be done. Hows Daniel?"

"He em.. ..hes very focused. Have you noticed Sir, he seems to sleep a great deal less since he got back."

"Since he got back. Hes been on Base."

"No I mean since he got back."

"Oh since he got baaacck.. ..down to Earth. Yeah I noticed. How is he, with Nick an'all?"

"Hes focused. Extremely focused. Seems to help keep his mind off upsetting issues."


"Anyway he and Teal'c have got some pretty constructive ideas on the pyramid, lets see."

"Lets. You've got Walter on the Recall to Alpha. You need to speak to Carmichael. Is em, is Griff there?"

"Yeah hes sitting at the conference table. "

"Wheres Teal'c?"

"Teal'c's still with Daniel. Does he know?"

"No. I've not spoken to him about it. Can you.. ..thought I'd speak to you first. See if its alright to take one of your Team."

"Well I am getting him back though, ha ha, because theres no way, theres no way hes going on anyone else's Team, General."

"No you're getting him back, don't worry. He shouldn't be gone more than ten hours. No more than half a day at the most."

"Sir I'll go elevate to Nine, after which I'll speak to Carmichael and then Brief Teal'c. What time are they leaving?"

"Well lets do it within the hour. As soon as the off world Teams get the Recall they'll return immediately, so lets get them off within the hour. Can you tell my aide to get Brewster on Comms, and I'll speak to you in a little while."

"Okay Sir, General."



"Send Griff in."

"Okay Sir."

"Carter, tell Teal'c I'll be down.. ..up to Daniel's office in about twenty minutes."

"Yes Sir. We'll all be there."

After Briefing Major Griff, General O'Neill made his way to the elevator bay via the Control Room.


"Everyones acknowledged the Call back. All quite General."

"Wheres Siler?"

"Hes in the Gate Room Sir."


"Err, oh, oh there he is, hes just popped up behind the Gate. Far left Sir, at the back there."

The General called down to the Gate Room.


Sergeant Siler stood up and gave the okay sign joining his forefinger to his thumb.

"Excellent. Nice work Siler."

General O'Neill set off to level twenty.


~ Ҧ Σ ≡ Π Ψ Ω ℜ ℜ Å ~

~ √ Ω π χ ∞ ≡ Ψ Γ Ξ Π


"Jack the ensuing situation, what have you come up with?"

"Well General its certainly not looking good. You already know about Carter's Ninth Chevron Nth Dimension theory. And the as yet undetectable infection amongst the members of SG-14. I take it Daniel notified you of our Code status?"

"Just now. Jack how dangerous do you estimate these Nebulium to be?"

"Well if they can take over a body and make that body go through a wormhole or where ever they want.. ..I'd say extremely dangerous. We know they have the ability to phase shift, they also have the ability to infect, possess the body, 'shell' as Carter calls it."

"This possession, is like that of the Goa'uld?"

"Seems not. Carter believes they actually use us to travel in. A suitcase if you will."

"To travel through the StarGate?"

"Yeah, but only a Ninth Chevron connection. Something to do with their Nth dimension plain of existence Carter said. We've got them, well SG-14, confined and up to now they shouldn't be aware that we're aware of their presence."

"The medical tests didn't tip them off?"

"No reason why they should have, just routine check ups, but with added, hidden oomph."

"Yes of course. Are you planning to make contact with these beings?"

"Well George they're here for a reason. If they don't want to tell us what that reason is we can only assume it's a threat. Contact? We will. Lets arm ourselves a little better first and try and get the jump on it, on them. Daniel, Teal'c and Carter have all been going at it. From the sound of it these Nebulium are responsible for a heck of a lot of people going missing."

"Whats your plan of action Jack?"

"Get them off world ASAP."

"You think the transfer to the Beta Site will avoid further elevation?"

"Has to. The thing about invoking a Code Five or being backed into the Wildfire Directive, is that it also cuts us off from the Gate, safe reinforcements. And that just ain't gonna happen."

"General it seems like rather a bold move."

"Bold as brass George, and it has to be done now before the need to elevate. You know theres no provisions for leaving the Base once we go passed a certain ready status. My first port of call right now is to clear the decks at home. They can get to Earth through our facility, so all in all we need to get them off site, get them off world and deal with the problem there."

"Smart move. I'm right behind you on that General."

"Thank you George."

"Has he got back to you yet?"

"Oddish, no soundings. I'll tell you what though George, I think theres something in what Teal'c had to say. He does seem to be dragging his little grey heels quite a bit. And its unusual wouldn't you say, especially since we've attached urgent to the flag."

"And Heimdall hasn't answered Colonel Carter's call either?"

"As I said George, oddish. Along with the latest revelations, what Daniel and your friend Professor Eamon's come up with. You know Carter was saying those particular markings could be a series of Runic.. ..em, what do you call them, runic, runics, anyway, Daniel and Professor Heslop has had all sorts of fun and games with those little markings. And they've come up with something rather interesting..

..By the way you are coming. As soon as Pierce's group gets back, you're coming over for the key Debriefs, the Nebulium Home-World and the Skullduggery?"

"Wouldn't miss it Jack. We've got a superb opportunity here. I can't remember a time when we've been able to get such a handle on things before actually being dragged into whatever we've been faced with. Yes I'll definitely be there. Major Davis here has been keen to get over to The SGC so he'll be accompanying me. What have they found, have they managed to get a StarGate address?"

"Oh we've got two Gate addresses now George. That'll be two Nine Chevron StarGate addresses. From completely different sources. Ones from these Runic efforts and the other one is what Carter's gleaned off these bar and dot things shes been examining. Strange wouldn't you say? The first time we've ever come across a Nine Chevron address and we've got two of them all at once."

"We've had a lot of firsts with this em.. ..with this incident Jack."

"Yeah we have that haven't we. All new on me though."

"Me too. Jack, theres a lot of eyes on you for this one."

"Well.. ..well as you know I spoke to the President earlier, I seem to have his blessing."

"Oh yes you do. Yes you definitely do General. Its not just that though Jack. You may not have had wind yet but the NID have been sniffing around."

"What?? Whats that? Sniffing. NID. Sniffing around what?"

"At this stage I don't know, but thats one of the advantages of being situated in the Pentagon. You do tend to get wind of things a lot earlier than usual."

"You're telling me. Keep abreast of that one for me George, anything to do with them. Tut.. know, it always stiffens your back when you hear their name mentioned. Something to do with knives, pointed!"

"Sharp and pointed. I hear you Jack. I'll see what I can find out."


"How about the Beta Site?"

"Teal'c's on his way there now with Griff. I think it should be more or less straight forward. The emphases is on isolation and guarding the infected. The Beta Site, layout wise, is a damn good place to achieve that."

"I follow you on that score."

"I'll be getting a Report through soon from Colin. He'll let me know if theres any extra materials to be sent through."

"And by fantastic coincidence we already have a S.O.W. situated at the Beta Site."

"Double event. Nice bit of forward planning there George. Mind you I bet when we first decided to establish the Special Ops wing at the Beta Site you never thought they'd be lording shotgun over an isolation installation."

"No I didn't foresee this one."

"Eagan's liasing with Teal'c and Colin. Special Ops are riding pony on this."

"Moving the infected men to the Beta Site was a good idea Jack. Sounds as though its going to work quite nicely. You'll have no trouble nailing that place down."

"Hoping so George."

"How are you handling the Transfer?"

"WelI.. ..I've actually got in mind to sedate them. Put them under heavy sedation. You know so we don't get any trouble from them. Its tough on our men but its gotta be done. Carmichael's given the okay for that. Obviously Nick's being treated as a separate case."

"I understand theres no sign of infection in him."

"True.. ..given that we can't actually detect the infection. I know what you mean though. Carter has it that the extreme chemical imbalance is the result of a break down of the Nebulium, apparently due to the fact that it can't travel through the Crystal Skull whilst occupying the body. She said in Nick's case the Nebulium being wasn't able to maintain its structural integrity as it was filtered through the crystal system during transportation."

"So we know one thing that gets rid of them?"

"One thing up to now George. Anyway he is practically stable but I don't like the idea of adding anything else to over tax his system. Given that Carter feels confident hes not infected, he'll be left to be transferred as is.. ..and under heavy guard. Just as soon as Colonel.. ..Colin Brewster gets back to me with his requirements and I get the okay from Teal'c and Major Eagan, we'll start shipping them through."

"Very good on that, very good. Jack whats your threat assessment on my side of the fence."

"That's just it George, if we can get this transfer to off world quarantine completed, we will sort of em, have essentially neutralised the present threat to Earth. But then we are still left with the problem to deal with, but not on our home turf. We've got the Iris in place for incoming Nine Chevron wormholes. We're waiting. And watching. We need to see what the situation is with the Nebulium themselves. You know, what they're actually capable of..

..If they're actually capable of anything, I think we might get some kind of tell tale signs when we go in to sedate our boys. I'll keep you informed on that one. As for Trans Global ET-I, I'd just say hold your horses for now. I locked down the upper levels as soon as Carter identified the threat. We've gone into Code Nine now. The next step for us may well be Code Five. We're hoping that's not gonna happen but if it has to it will do. Essentially nothings getting out.. ..from here. Which of course puts you in the clear, for now."

"Unless they've got ships Jack."

"This is something we're still trying to assess General. Again, as came up a few days ago, if they had this kind of capability surely by now we would have gotten a heads up."

"Lets hope so on that front Jack. But it does seem as though the heads up wouldn't be coming from the Asgard, for some unknown reason. I have to say that's an interesting one."

"Very curious. You can bet we'll get to the bottom of it though."

"I'm confident about that Jack. Okay now, I'll keep monitoring, if anything goes awry with the transfer try to alert me if you can before you deploy a Directive. If theres anything I can do."

"Thanks for that George, will do."

"Good luck down there Jack."

"Dum spiro spero Jen´ êr ål. Ciao"

"Capital. General. Hammond out."


~ Δ Ω ∑ Γ Ξ Π Δ Ξ Ω

~ ≈ Δ Ξ Σ Φ Ψ Δ ≈ Π ~


"Griff man, hows it hanging?"

"Bud, top one, long time no see. You know you always did have that keen sense of timing. Everyone I've asked here has no idea where the S.O.W. HQ is."

"Come on Griff, you know we like to sail below radar."

"Sure thing Bud. How you settling in here?"

"We're well dug in. Its going nice. And the warm weather on this rock really helps a lot. Its cool."

"Nice one."

"Whats the count?"

"We've got em.. ..I'm here with the big man. Hes inside with Colonel Brewster. They're just trying to come to some.. ..they're finalising the arrangements now. You've been clued up yeah?"

"Yeah we've had all the details through from General O'Neill's office."

"We've elevated to Code Nine."

"Yeah I believe so. And I hear the boys are on hot coals at the Alpha Site."

"Yeah, yeah. This is all a bit of a strange one really because we're going.. ..well lets face it when have we ever had time to prepare?"

"Ah you're talking about never aren't you."

"You've got it. Wheres your men Bud?"


"Fair enough. Not changed have you?"

"Nope. Griff take a walk down to Comms with me. They just need to get a few frequencies off my book. We're em, we're hooking up to Beta Site Central Control for this one. They're giving us two channels, routing two channels through main controls for us. If we need to go live on this we don't necessarily have to rely on our own S.O.W. Comms booster, which is quite a few kilometres from here anyway."

"Sure thing. Actually I wanted to have a word with you. Its about the Briefing."

"Ah yeah, that's why I was just on my way into the compound. I know Mr Teal'c wants to square everything up."

"Yes he does. What hes suggested is if you want, you can accompany us back to Base. Teal'c was saying its probably the last chance you're gonna get until this problem is resolved. So if you need any supplies, especially anything off Level three, you're gonna have to get it sorted out within the next few hours."

"Sounds like a plan Griff. It's a good idea actually. That's what I like about that fella, hes always so practical."

"Hes that alright."

~ ≈ Δ Ξ Σ Φ Ψ Δ ≈ Π ~

"That is entirely acceptable and suitable Colonel Brewster."

"Out of all our buildings, using this one will cause the least amount of disruption to all of us. They haven't moved the fabrications workshop in there yet so basically what we have is the foundation and structure, no divisions have been made yet. The beauty of using this place Teal'c, is that it wouldn't take the guys more than three or four hours to get the place kited out to your specifications."

"Very good."

"Teal'c is General O'Neill expecting trouble?"

"Yes. Indeed he is. But be warned Colonel Brewster, our intention is to deflect that trouble to the Beta Site.. ..and your Command."

"Yeah, yeah I understand that. Jack made all that very clear. I understand that only to well. We're going be ready.. ..we'll be ready to deal with what ever you send through Teal'c."

"Indeed I believe you will be."

"You know we rarely see the Special Ops guys but its at times like this you can really appreciate them being neighbours."

"Yes. Indeed. Major Eagan has been quick to step forward with his services. General O'Neill has drawn up a highly strategic and workable plan."

"Yeah I'm having that Teal'c. I actually like the plan hes put forward. Its definitely something we can get to grips with. And from the shape of things we're gonna be able to pull it all off."

"Yes. Yes I believe so Colonel Brewster."


~ Ψ Γ √ χ Λ Φ Ω Δ √ ∞ ≡ ~

~ ψ җ Π Λ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ℑ ~


"Sir that was the Commander of the Beta Site.. ..Colonel Brewster. Hes just Dialled through, sent a communiqué acknowledging receipt of the Level three special stores, supplies for em, Major Eagan. He also said that Teal'c and Major Griff would be leaving the Site, for here, within the hour."

"Super Walter, thanks. Send em.. ..send them both up as soon as they get back. Let Griff send his Team straight to Medical and ask him and Teal'c to join me as soon as.. ..thereafter."

"Yes General."


"Jack what exactly are you expecting to happen?"

"Don't know."

"But Sir you must have something on your mind."

"It that a complement Carter. Okay there is something on my mind, here it is. I'm half.. ..I'm expecting, I'm half expecting.. ..maybe fully expecting, I think when we go in to sedate SG-14, I think these possessing minkies are gonna jump out of the bodies, shells Carter.

Try something on, I don't know. Make a break for it. Go for the Gate. Disappear. I don't know. Get in to Lee's lab somehow and fire up the Skull. I don't know, they may even stay for breakfast, but I am expecting something.. ..yeah."

"Well Jack if they don't know we're on to them now they definitely will know we're onto them when we go to sedate our guys."

"Sir that would be the logical time to make a break for it."

"So we're dealing with logical beings then Carter?"

"Sir you do have to have a degree of logic and intelligence to navigate the StarGate system. Em, I mean lets face it we have been on planets before, and moons, where the population haven't had the know how to em, to use the StarGate."

"Fair enough Carter. Yersss, fair enough."

"So that's something else we know about them Sam. They can navigate."

"Sir. I'm gonna want Major Griff's Team in as tactical as well."

"Yes of course. Give them some stand down time after Medical. Give them an hour, let them get fed and freshened up. You know em.. Medical, you know they're going to have to.."

"Done it Sir. Spoke to Doctor Brigham about it. So we're incorporating that test into all Post Mission assessments. Check the nerve, check the ocular cavity."

"Sweet. Sad but sweet. We're gonna em, have the lead Team armed with Zats and 9 mils."

"Yes General."

"Carter have we got anyone from Field Medical on the Base?"

"No Sir. No they've em, Teal'c had all the Field Medics sent through to the Beta Site. Whats on your mind Sir."

"I don't want Carmichael down on Level thirty-one A."

"Jack that's where hes been for the last few hours."

"No I don't mean it like that Daniel. When we start to move the guys I don't want Carmichael or Brigham on the floor."

"Sir you really are expecting trouble aren't you?"

"Yerr eh, yes I am."

"Sir Teal'c and I can administer the sedation."

"Err….Carter.. ..err.."

"Jack, Jack, Teal'c and I can do it. After all I am a Doctor."

"Well, sure Daniel, but just don't go using your antiquated old stone slabs to sedate my people.. ..ha, ha. We're using needles right."

"Roger Jack."

"Carter I'll need you out co-ordinating so, if em, if you'd let Teal'c and Daniel take point on that."

"Yes Sir."

"Okay then, Colonel, lets have Nick shipped out on the first bus."

"Jack will you be sedating Nick?"

"Thats a negative on that Daniel. No. Hes been isolated, but lets just get him through to the Beta Site and fixed up before we em, before we deal with the men."

"Okay Jack, thanks."

"You're welcome Daniel. Goes without saying."

"Thanks Jack."

"Without sayin'. Right now they don't know we know so how are we going to approach this?"

"Jack instead of sedating them we could just tell them we're sending them on a Mission, to the Beta Site."

"Daniel that would be a good idea but from what Carters told us they're not going to be very willing to go through a Seven Chevron wormhole. And if we Dial a Nine Chevroned wormhole up for them, they're gonna know we know. Besides logic and intelligence isn't usually dwarfed by stupidity."

"Okay. I was just being lazy."


"Sir they're separated from each other. What we could do is, Daniel and Teal'c could go in and say they need a blood sample."

"Yeah that's okay. Em, on what grounds?"

"Yeah right Sir. Perhaps not a blood sample but we could say that its.. ..em, an injection of antibiotics for the eye infection."

"Splendid. That's the plan Daniel."

"Yep that's totally feasible Sam."

"Splendid. Lets see. And lets hope they're not telepathic."

"Oh Gosh. Sir, what happens if the sedation works in such a way that it forces the creature out of the shell, the men. And it jumps into Teal'c or Daniel, remember like Ma'chello's page turning minky making device."

"Crikey that's a thought. Hold on.. you're saying that the extreme chemical imbalance in Nick was caused by the em, um.. ..what?"

"Sir it was the break down of the possessing entity in Nick's system when he came through the crystallo structure of the Crystal Skull."

"Right so if they break down into those components could we safely say that those components are toxic to the minkies, the Nebulium?"

"That would stand to reason Sir. And if not fatally toxic it will be probably quite harmful Sir."

"Jack are you thinking of, whats the word, poisoning us?"

"Ha ha, err, no, no I wouldn't call it poisoning Daniel."

"Oh, really, what would you call it?"

"More like an excruciating 'orrible amount of discomfort, which will probably result in a couple of days hospital rest."

"Sir if we get the balances right it could actually act as a sort of shield."

"No its not going to work Colonel. I was thinking out loud, its not going to work."

"General Sir it could, I'm positive we could find the right balance."

"No its not going to work because I'm not taking two of my best people out of the game before the games even begun."

"Yes Sir."

"Best. Thanks Jack, I, and Teal'c, really appreciate that. Okay, Sam what about if you zatted us once each?"

"I don't know about that Daniel. I don't know about that. Its just that the toxicity is based on metal poisonings. Potassium metal, naquadah, traces of niquadria. Theres a lot of metal poisoning in there. Its erm.."

"Yeah but whats that got to do with zatting us?"

"Well its, not to you.. ..but it could, in reaction with those chemicals, induce a form of electrolysis. You could end up, after begin zatted, looking like an attractive scrumptious feast to the Nebulium. I mean we're not entirely sure of the conditions they require, but we do know that metal, positive ions, has got a lot to do with it."


"Cater would you think a zat gun would work on the Nebulium?"

"Again uncertain. It may work on them, but it may also give them added strength, energy. Sorry about that Sir, another as yet unknown quantity."

"Its okay Colonel, we'll find out soon enough."

"Sam what about zatting the men while they're already infected?"

"For now, that's another unknown. I would say though because of the possibility of electrochemical reaction, Sir, perhaps the 9 mils to the lower quarters."

"Noted Carter. Very lower."


"Basically folks what we need now before you can go in and sedate them is a way to contain the contamination."

"Yes Sir, that's exactly what we need."

"Jack that's not an easy one. You'd think it would be easy to come up with something, but its not."

"I know. Carter are you sure about the address for the Beta Site?"

"Yes Sir, absolutely. Daniel and Teal'c sussed it out. In all cases it's the same formulae. Walter's dialled it up and we've sent and received messages."

"Whats the procedure?"

"Sir, the route we tested whilst you we're in conference is as follows, the Eight Chevron address for the planet Othala was Dialled. SG-16 followed the M.A.L.P. through and from that location they Dialled the Beta Site using its Nine Chevron assignation. Transmissions were sent and received. SG-16 then Dialled us back using our Nine Chevron assignation and successfully transmitted. Its all working Sir. And SG-16 are awaiting instructions in the Ida galaxy."

"Splendid. We knock the men out. Ship them to Othala via a Ninth Chevron Nth dimension wormhole. They're greeted by a defence force, fully MOPP geared, they're then ferried off to the Beta Site via another Nine Chev, and greeted by Colonel Brewster and his men, and Bud Eagan and his men. The defence force follow on to the Beta Site quarantine via an Eight Chevron Dialling for their Post Mission medical. Sweet. Lets see."

"Sir it sounds straight forward."

"It is straight forward Sam, but like Jack said, lets see."

"Griff, Teal'c."



"Everything in order?"

"Indeed it is."

"Affirmative General. They're all.. ..everybody's got their positions."

"Very good work. Very good work. Nice job. Take a seat men."

"Thank you Sir."

"I will thank you."

"We're just in the middle of discussing em, the safest way for Teal'c, ha ha, hi Teal'c.."

"Colonel Carter."

"..for Teal'c and Daniel to administer the sedation to each of the em, well to SG-14."

"You will not be using the usual method of injection by narrow steel needle?"

"Yeah, its not that Teal'c, you see we're worried about these Nebulium jumping out of the men, or jumping out of the man you're about to inject and jumping into yourself or Daniel."


"Ou big ah Teal'c. Big ah. Any ideas?"

"O'Neill perhaps if you shoot myself and Daniel Jackson with a charge from a zat'nik'atel?"

"No, no we've been through that, its not gonna work. Its complicated but Carter seems to have reasons why that probably won't work."

"I see."

"It'll be in the notes T, if you want to sound it out with Carter."

"How about if you both geared up. I don't know maybe stick a space suit on."


"Why. I don't know. Em to stop these aliens from getting under your skin."


"Actually Sir as simple as it is I think its quite brilliant. Major Griff's suggestion may very well form the basis of protection against contamination."

"Really Colonel Carter?"

"Yes Major Griff it really is an excellent idea."


"Very sweet Griff. Nice one."


"What you on to Carter?"

"Sir we know they can't pass through crystal. Perhaps if we use some silicon type.."

"Whoa, back up there a minute Colonel. My understanding, which at the time was a bit vague and fussy, was that these minkies can't go through the Crystal Skull in a body, a shell as you call it."

"Oh erm, ah damn, yes Sir."

"Yes or no?"

"Yes Sir, and damn."

"Damn Sam?"

"It just would have made life easier. Yes they can probably pass through the Skull on their own, just not in a manipulated molecular state."

"Oh you mean as in an impurity?"

"Yeah, yep."

"Okay square one."

"Not quite Sir, no. We've got a Griff suit idea now so we're getting there."

"Okay, pick up the pace people."

"Colonel Carter you are suggesting that Daniel Jackson and myself first put on the Griff suit and you then fill up the remaining spaces between our own bodies and the defining structural membrane of the suit?"

"Membrane T, the Suit?"

"Indeed, the suit. Fill it up with a solution which is impervious to the passage of Nebulium."

"Bingo.. ..and snap Teal'c. Yeah we just need to hit up on the right solution."

"Anything in mind Sam?"


"Jeeezzz Carter!! You mean that yellowish, greenish gas that they used in..?"

General O'Neill almost fell out of his chair.

"Sir maybe not that exactly."

"Exactly maybe not Carter.."

"I'll work on it Sir.. a matter of urgency. Actually I could do with going down to Doctor Lee's lab and quickly putting this in to action with him."

"Please do Colonel. I'm well aware that I don't need to stress what a difficult spot we're in without containment. But the way I feel about this is every added minute that SG-14 are on the Base takes us closer to throw down."

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Okay. If you can come up with something.. ..soon, that'll be another step forward."

"Yes Sir."

"That'll be great Sam. A step forward for Teal'c and me.."

"Indeed Colonel Carter, a step for mankind."

"Sure thing Teal'c."

"Thank you Major Griff."

"Sir can I get this underway now?"

"We just need to finish up on the sedation administering strategy and the extra-galactic transfer through the Gate to the Beta Site, both of which I'll Debrief you on as soon as you report back. So please do, set to Carter."

"Setting Sir, and I am confident that between Doctor Lee, Research and myself we will come up with something workable."

"Excellent Colonel, we're all standing by."


Colonel Carter left the Briefing Room and darted up to the labs.

"What we're going to need to do is lock the Base down before we commence with the transfer."

"Sir elevation to Code Five?"

"No Major. No, because that will actually cause us to be cut off from the Gate. No, erm, lets call it a virtual lockdown. We'll closely follow the procedure of Code Five without actually enacting Code Five.

We'll maintain a Satellite relay to General Hammond at TIGETS. And we keep the StarGate operational. Aside from that we need a lock down. No one in or out. Strict. No movement above the security barracks on sixteen and below thirty two."

"Indeed O'Neill. That will be manageable. It will not be difficult to secure the lower levels."

"Why? Why? Whats down there?"

"Doctor Jackson have you not.. ..Teal'c do you need any help with that?"

"Yes Major Griff. Thank you."

"You'll put lower sub Security on it?"

"Yes O'Neill."

"Jack whats down there?"

"Nothing. I'll show you.. ..some time."


"Its just a load of, all books and stuff."


"You know, old books, special archives and stuff."


"Well kinda extra special, you know."

"Really don't Jack."

"Its nothing, just stuff.. ..stuff and things."


"Yeah just.."

"But I didn't even know there were all these extra levels."

"That's no big deal Doctor Jackson."

"You've been down there Major Griff?"

"Well you know, Special Ops.. ..ex. Hardly anyone ever goes down there."

"I believe that is because hardly anyone has clearance Major Griff."

"Daniel I need all Non Essential Personnel off the restricted Levels now."

"So is below thirty two considered on or off the Base. Okay okay. I just feel a little miffed. A lot."

"Its quite alright, I would too. When we're back to DEFCON Five I'll show you."

"Thanks Jack. I'll call Siler."


General O'Neill beckoned one of his aides and told him to have Master Sergeant Siler report to Doctor Jackson's office in ten.

"Levels thirteen and fourteen?"

"They're yours Daniel."

"Okay Jack, I'll have all NEPs assemble on those two Levels."

"Ripping. Em, hold on. Yes? Yes! Beautiful. And the men. Nice work. How long? Keep at it. Super, check back as soon as. Ciao.

Colonel Carter and Doctor Lee have come up with a crowning idea. Thanks to you Griff. Okay Daniel, Teal'c, you don't need to get suited up. Because these Nebulium infect through the eye, research is putting together a helmet device. We fit it to the infected mens heads. From what Carter was sayin' its kinda like a space suit helmet.

Anyway yada, yada and more heavy weight technical tu tu. The bottom line is we flood the hood with a solution, the Nebulium minky tries to jump out, straight into the harmful solution."

"Sir, will the men be able to breathe if they're wearing a hood full of harmful solution?"

"Actually didn't ask Griff. But then I'm sure Colonel Carter knows I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Yeah, you're right about that Sir."

"Okay gentlemen, if you please. Virtual Lockdown!"


~ ζ λ μ π γ χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~


"Walter's got a question for me. I will, but first I want you to. You'll see. I'm sending Bowkervale up with the draft on the last minutes.. ..the lockdown meeting. I know that Carter. Let Lee push on and you read the notes. Get back to me with the answer. Well you'll see for yourself what it is. Okay."

~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~

"Come in. That was quick. Have you read through it?"

"If its what I'm thinking, Sir we all know what it is."

"Well we all know what it is, but we don't seem to know well enough to get it right in our records, serious breach Carter."



"I agree in one way Sir, but it wouldn't happen. In this case it couldn't happen, different co-ordinates. And we do always send a M.A.L.P. first. Plus SG-16 are there at this very minute."

"Not the point, really not the point."

"I am sorry about this Sir."

"I'm sorry as well Carter, we both got it wrong."

"We didn't exactly get it wrong Sir. We know what we're talking about."

"Okay lets err, just hold on a minute.. ..come in Sergeant."

"Sir. Colonel."

"Walter did you have a question regarding the draft minutes?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you need an answer?"

"No ma'am."

"Good work Sergeant. And well spotted."

"Thank you Colonel. Just semantics."

"Walter you distribute copies to the others now. You know who was there. And Walter, can you call them down."

"All of them Sir."

"Yeah. In ten."

"Will do Sir."

"How long?"

"Well Sir, research have set a ceiling of three hours. They're moulding breathing apparatus for both the nose and mouth, air tight et cetera. Three hours on that. On ours, we're on the right track without a doubt. Sir basically its just a matter of hitting on the right.."

"How long?"

"Anything up to twenty.. ..twenty four hours."

"Okay Carter. You know we can't wait."

"I know that Sir. I'm sorry about this, we could arrive at the correct mixture at any moment, but to be realistic and allow for adequate testing.."

"Don't worry about that. As long as you come up with something.. ..until then we're just going to have to do what we can. Right then, lets go through this err.. ..Dialling process again. The route via.. ..Othalla."

"You see General it doesn't make sense unless you say it. I mean according to Asgard tradition, Nifla, the planet SG-16 are on, no longer exists. It will now become Othalla, Ot Halla, old Halla."

"Carter wasn't you only just saying that nanonuts can make a huge difference?"

"Yes Sir, semantics, appreciated. It won't happen again. Technically though you we're right, we we're both right to call it Othalla, its just that I suppose officially the Asgard haven't announced it yet. From time immemorial theres always been an Othalla. Made possible purely by a process of renaming. The present location of Othalla will now, due to the replicators, become scrambled, cease exist.

And the desolate planet Nifla, the one Daniel and Teal'c discovered from their translation of the Runic inscription on the pyramid, because of its precise location in the Ida system based on the StarGate address we've recovered - Nine Chevron address - now becomes the new Halla. Which in terms of Asgard practices means Nifla is now Ot Halla. Because the previous Othalla is no more."

"Well that's true Carter. That's absolutely true. And be that as it may, in our line of business we can't go round making up the names of planets ourselves. That's actually the reason why we have the alphanumeric designations. Its their galaxy so lets just wait for them to rename the planet."

"Understood Sir.. ..and appreciated."

"You and me both Carter."

"Sir did Walter amend that to Nifla instead of Othalla?"

"Safe in that respect. Gate related, he was on it like a rockwieler. Hes also put in an addendum to say that it will be updated some time in the foreseeable future.. ..yes, to the new Othalla. Hes already entered the drift calculations on the Celestial co-ordinates for Nifla, so yeah you're right, we're all in key. I was just picking Carter."

"Really not a picker Sir, unless.."

"Take a wild wild guess."

"Sir, em, the Beta Sites not ready?"

"Ready and waiting. Nowhere near wild enough."


"Come on Carter. Nefarious. Insidious. Dastardly. Doom, diabolo.."

General O'Neill was waving his arms around in the air looking for some other appropriate hint.


"Sir, nefarious, insidious, dastardly. Ou, ahhh."

"Yes ou, oh and ahhh."

"Oh dear, Sir are they here?"

"No but they're sniffing, sniffing around."

"What do they want?"

"No idea but George is on it."

"Can't be good Sir."

"Tell me about it. Just watch those blades in between your shoulders okay. Watch your back Carter.. ..and err, watch mine as well."

"Straight to the bank on that Sir."

"Okay. We're getting the transfer underway so stitch the route up with me again."

"Yes Sir. As soon as the others get here I'll quickly slip up to research and reassess the timing on the solution."

~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~

"Yah. Teal'c's been on with Colin. A few moments ago. Good to go. No Griff's in the Gate Room, hes checking the itinerary on the Special Stores for Bud. Its being sent through this very minute. Yeah, you on your way down now, very good. Ciao.

Okay they're making progress with the Griff Suit.. ..hat, hood, em helmet, she reckons twenty hours. You all know the urgency with which we need to get them off Base, we're gonna have to go without it. Which is a sheer shame because I was really hoping to slow these minkies down, if they try to make a move."

"O'Neill oxygen."

"Not for the helmet?"

"No not for the Griff device. Nurse Kensington told me that Nicolas Ballard's slight recovery has been due in part to the highly oxygenated environment in which he has been contained."

"Oh his oxygen tent. Teal'c his oxygen tent?"


"Oh, she didn't say that to me."

"Daniel Jackson, I specifically requested the information."

"Oh okay."

"You thinkin' it could slow them down?"

"Yes. O'Neill. I can see but one advantage of the Nebulium living in an out of phase environment. In that environment they have the ability to control the atmosphere. Why else would they continue to be confined to one small spot in such a vast universe?

We have heard nothing of them, or from them, because their movements have been intensely restricted for such a long period of time. Were they able to exist in environments outside of the artificial one they have created, then at least they would by now have surfaced and perhaps moved to a more suitable location."

"Gad damn. It almost flew right over me. Damn and double drat."

"Jack whats that?"

"Daniel, okay, like Carter said, the Ancients had to learn to fly, and while they were doing that learning they incorporated an additional Chevron, the Ninth, just in case there was any kind of mid flight crisis shall we call it."

"Go on Jack I'm following you."

"Yes O'Neill I understand."

"Right well we know for a fact that they've now mastered this err ability, this phasing ability. And we've actually seen them, your friends Daniel, travelling through a Seven Chevron wormhole."


"Right, well the Nebulium, we don't know how old they are but they've obviously been around for quite some time. I mean we've tied them up to the Goa'uld, how old was that skeleton T?"

"Three thousand years old O'Neill."

"That's a long time. Em, we've tied them up to the Asgard and g_d knows how far they go back."

"Yeah, go on Jack.. ..ah, yeah, got ya, yeah, so you've saying the that Nebulium can travel through a Seven Chevron wormhole just like the em, the Ancients?"


"Indeed O'Neill. That proves the point."

"Yeah. There you go. So oxygen.. ..nice one T."

"Em, yeah right.. can you just explain it to me."

"Really Daniel?"

"No, I'm joking, but explain it anyway just in case."

"Ha hahh.. ..right. If they can travel in a Seven Chevron wormhole what the hell are they doing turning up in our men through a Nine Chevroned wormhole?"

"Oh yeah, em go on, just let me think a minute."

"In fact Teal'c, tell him."

"Daniel Jackson, there is but one purpose of the Nebulium possessing a human shell and traversing a Nine Chevroned wormhole."

"Err yeah?"

"The reason is so that they can then retain possession of the shell at the destination and use that same shell to process the contents of the atmosphere in which they find themselves. What would ordinarily be harmful to them in their Seven Chevron travelling raw state, would instead be cleverly processed and filtered through the organic system of a shell, human being."

"Good grief. So basically they can travel through a Seven Chevron wormhole but they don't because if they did, when they got here they wouldn't be able to breathe the air."


"Oafff. Wow. Okay, oxygen, same page."

"Nice to see you Daniel."

"Jack. So Teal'c, are you saying we sort of dump loads of oxygen into the holding rooms?"

"Yes. We provide sufficient quantities of oxygen with which to saturate the circulatory system of the members of SG-14. As their bodies begin to be saturated with the high oxygen content, the possessing entities will at the same time become poisoned by the presence of the unprocessed excess oxygen."

"Right so not all the oxygen would be processed. But wouldn't the men also be subject to the excess oxygen in their system?"

"Perhaps. Yes they would. The atmosphere here on Earth consists of an air mixture containing approximately twenty one percent of oxygen. A significant increase in one element and an equally significant reduction of all other elements would create an alien atmosphere."

"Daniel the fact of the matter is that if we can get these Nebulium out of them they stand little chance of recovery. Nevertheless we'll give it a damn good shot. But we also can not risk any other personnel becoming infected. Given that, if flooding the Level with oxygen will greatly reduce the chances of anyone else being infected.. ..its gotta be done."

"With you all the way on this Jack."

"Oxygen it is. T can you see to that. Tell them to synchronise with us for on the half past hour."

"O'Neill I will attend to this immediately."

"Okay, as soon as Carter and Griff get here we'll lay out the Ops lines."

~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~

"Are we on?"

"Indeed O'Neill we have synchronised for eight.. ..eighteen thirty.. .. hours hundred."

"Six thirty T?"

"Correct O'Neill."

"Good one. Okay em, excellent. Carter hows it gonna affect us."

"Well Sir obviously we're going to be subjected to the same breathable air as SG-14 and Nick. Teal'c informs me that the pumped load is at 100 percent pure oxygen, Teal'c?"

"It is Colonel Carter. I did specify that the spread of the gas be localised to the Isolation unit and the parts of the corridor immediately accessible from the holding cells on Level thirty-one A."

"Good. The distribution will begin three minutes before my Team go in to sedate the men. Extended exposure to this degree of purity can cause chest pains, dizziness, nausea, pulmonary edema, atelectasis and an overall decrease in vital capacity. Its all dependant upon two factors, length of exposure and the pressure of the delivered load."

There was a lot of worried looking faces in the Briefing Room. General O'Neill frowned and leaned forward. He took in a quiet deep breath. Colonel Carter registered.

"However I'm assured they'll be pumping out at around seven hundred and sixty torr."

"Yes indeed Colonel Carter. One atmosphere. Normal air pressure."

"So with that and the fact that our exposure will probably not even go beyond half an hour in total, we will be completely unaffected. It does actually take hours and hours of exposure for any real effects to set in. Watch it though because there is an outside chance that you could feel a little high, heightened awareness.. ..or light headed. If that happens don't alter your breathing pattern, carry on as normal and shake it off, you'll be okay."

"Great. Everyones got their positions?"

"Yes Sir!!"

"Colonel Carter."

"Thank you Sir. We have Colonel Reynolds and his team on point with Teal'c and Daniel. They'll be going in with zats and nine mils. SG-3 will be monitoring the men as Daniel and Teal'c go in to administer the sedation. On Colonel Reynolds immediate six we have Major Griff and his Team, they'll move in for instant back up at Colonel Reynolds request. Sir I understand Sergeant Siler and Lieutenant Hibbert are down there right now installing a few extra surveillance units."

"General what areas will they be covering because I thought there were no blind spots down there?"

"You're right Major. I understand these units are specifically set a couple of meters apart and at right angles to the ground, purely for us to get an accurate determination on the speed of these things if they get loose."

"Yeah got ya on that General."

"Okay people, lines! Colonel if you will."

"Yes Sir. Starting on Level thirty-one A. The south and west access points to Isolation are covered by units 5 and 18. On their immediate six's and fanning out towards the utility shaft, west access and the Special Stores service access south side, we have units 8 and 17. Units 22 and 23 are covering the elevator bay south and east access points.

We have the Gate Room defence units covering both the Gate Room and level twenty-eight access to the Control Room.

Units 10 and 14 are covering elevator and utility shaft access points on Levels twenty eight.

Units 12 and 13 are standing elevator access to Level thirteen and fourteen respectively.

Lower Base and Upper Base Security on Levels thirty and sixteen are covering the Lockdown perimeter access points.

Both General O'Neill and myself will be in roaming capacity, grounded at the east access point to the elevator bay on Level thirty-one A.

The operation will be on open broadcast and the code word is LOSE. We have green for go at O eighteen thirty hours with engagement at eighteen thirty three.

Teal'c, Daniel and SG-3 will enter the holding cell of Major Lyons. Teal'c and Daniel will attempt to sedated Major Lyons with a rapid acting intravenous heavy sedation, which will incapacitate Lyons within a matter of seconds. No more than six.

They will then move on to sedate Philips, Louis and lastly Balinsky. Once sedated, each man will then be handcuffed by Colonel Reynolds's men at which point Major Griff's Team along with Colonel Reynolds's Team and escorted by SGs-5 and 18, will carry the sedated men up to Level twenty-eight.

Sergeant Harriman, on order, will pre-Dial the Nine Chevron wormhole to the planet Nifla. The Men will be literally shovelled through the StarGate and greeted at the destination, Nifla, by SG-16, SG-24 and SG-25.

Sergeant Harriman will re-Dial Nifla on it's Eight Chevron address. SGs-2 and 3 will follow through. Once on Nifla Colonel Reynolds will Dial the Nine Chevron address for the Beta Site and again shovel the men through. They will then be greeted at the Beta Site by Colonel Brewster and Major Eagan.

SG-14 will then be taken into the quarantine unit in the western sector of the outer compound on the Beta Site.

The Teams on Nifla will take the Eight Chevron route to the Beta Site. Once there all personnel will report to quarantine for full Post Mission Medicals. After clearance all Units will Gate home to The SGC. Any questions?"

No questions. The tension over the last few days had risen to such a level in The SGC, everybody just wanted to get the men, their men, off the Base and into safe quarters. Everyone was hopeful they would be able to recover each member of SG-14.

"Thank you Colonel. Weapons check! Okay ladies and Gentlemen. Keep safe. We are synchronised. Positions please. Lets go!!"

~ λ ∑ ψ ω √ ∞ ≈  ⊇ ⋑  ∧ ~

It went well. It went very well. Lyons went down painless and fast. Whilst he was still on the cot, Colonel Reynolds and Sergeant Jaspers quickly wrapped a piece of slim black flexible corrugated reinforced plastic around his wrists, binding them tightly together.

Philips went down just as easy, as did Louis. Balinsky had questions which went unanswered, he too went down within six seconds. Everything was smooth. Two of the members of SG-3 were feeling slightly oxygenated. A little high if you will. The extra oxygen was hitting their systems.

Griff and Reynolds's Teams picked up the sedated men, two to one. They began to ferry them out of Iso, southwards, the shortest route towards the elevator bay. It all turned absolutely nasty. Shocking and nasty. Suddenly without word or warning, a milky white hairless ghost like creature thing, expanding like a balloon, growing into the size of a man, began to squeeze, pour and slither out of the right eye socket of Major Lyons. It happen very very quickly and it was an absolute sick horror of a sight to see, true abomination.

Lyons crumpled to the floor, all in one piece but exceedingly weak and listless. The thing, the Nebulium, had taken full raw form. It looked identical to the holographic image that had been shown to SG-1 on their Mission to P7X 377. But this was an altogether smaller version. Man size version. Humanoid version. It opened its mouth wide, there be a set of dank brown sharp pointed teeth. Vicious! It was barking and hissing at SGs 3 and 2 but no sound came out. Jeez!

Its eyes where black and small and pasty with a milky cloud like vale drawn across them. Its body was covered with a fine abrasive texture, its skin, which appeared to be barely solid. Eeeksome.

Lose Nebulium loose and on the lamb in Level thirty-one A of The SGC.

It had rapid movement, almost as if unrestricted by our strength of gravity. It was leaping, springing up and down the south wing of Level thirty-one A's narrow corridor. It was throwing itself against the walls, searching for a place to escape the atmosphere. It marked Daniel in its sixty-sixty vision and galloped back down the corridor towards him.

Colonel Reynolds and Teal'c let loose with the zat guns. To no avail. The Nebulium seemed to absorb the energy of the blasts. There was no discernible impact on the thing at all. Perhaps as Colonel Carter suggested the energy waves from the Zat'ni'ka'tels were actually feeding the creature, giving it strength.

Sergeant Louis began spasmically jerking. He too crumpled to the floor as a dangerous milky white, misty eyed, pointed toothed Nebulium spat itself out of Sergeant Louis's right ocular cavity. Expanding and inflating as it fed out. Doubtless should the Sergeant have been conscious he would have been experiencing a devastating amount of pain. Thankfully he'd been sedated.

The SG Teams we're in scattered array. They had to exercise extreme caution in their tactics. The corridors were narrow, and full of friendlies. Any shots fired had the risk of ricochet. Two raw Nebulium loose on Level thirty-one A. Unaffected by zat fire. And as a fast moving target, difficult to hit with a gun. Teal'c and Daniel and SG-2 gave chase.

In the corridor closer to the holding cells and still in the hands of SG-3, unbelievably Lieutenant Philips and Doctor Balinsky snapped out of their heavy sedation and black plastic handcuffs, knocking their guards to the ground and making a break for it, eastwards.

General O'Neill and Colonel Carter who had now taken up position on the far east side of the holding cells, rushed to intercept Philips and Balinsky. Lieutenant Philips practically fell into them as he curved the corner at speed. Colonel Carter immediately let rip a round off her Zat'ni'ka'tel. Philips was lifted off the floor and surged violently against the wall, cracking his head in the process.

To both the Colonel's and the General's great surprise he didn't stay down. He sprang back up again, seemingly untroubled by the forceful winding and cracked skull. Philips carried on running at them. Colonel Carted fired the lethal second shot off her zat gun. Again the blast had the unusual reaction of sweeping him off his feet and slamming him against the wall, with another gawd almighty crack to the skull.

That took him down alright. Philips was injured, severely. His eyes rolled up showing the whites. He flopped back against the wall and slowly slid to the floor. There was a thick broad smeared stripe of red liquid bleeding down the wall where his skull had landed. His head was jerking and tottering, rolling from side to side, like a drunken clown. His eyes shot open and he began opening and closing his mouth. It was awful, no sound was emanating, and the loud noise from his teeth banging together was extremely disturbing to hear.

His body started to rise up. It was as if he was being wrenched up by invisible strings. Colonel Carter looked agast. Philips was aiming for the Colonel. Possibly, very possibly, for her right ocular cavity.

"Again Carter, its not working, hes still moving, do it again."

"Sir, its Philips?"

"Shoot him. Shooot him! Carter shhhooot hhhim!!"

The General was armed only with a nine mil repeater, and he'd already spent a full clip on Philips. You could see the hole marks, but no blood, and little effect.

"Give me! Give me quick!!"

Colonel Carter threw her Zat'ni'ka'tel five meters and into General O'Neill's hand. He aimed at Lieutenant Philips, turned away and whispered to himself. 'Forgive me Philips'. He blasted. You could hear high energy lighting rippling all over Philips. If you turned to look you could see fine threads of blue electricity lashing and splashing, running all up and down his body, becoming obscured by the sheet of steam, or was it smoke, that was enveloping him. The General knew what was happening and he didn't look back.


"I know Carter, I can't."

No, he really couldn't. He couldn't bear to look back and see what he'd done.. ..more accurately, not see what he'd done. It was the first time he'd ever let off a third hit from a Zat'ni'ka'tel on the same target. It was a hollow feeling.

The third shot from the zat gun annihilated, vaporised the threat in the east access corridor on Level thirty-one A. Even an organic human cloak, a shell, couldn't provide shielding from that. The Nebulium, and Lieutenant Phillips housing it, were disappeared, gone, completely.

"Come on, Balinsky, this way, we almost have him."


The General brought his forefinger up to his lips for silence and then made a sign to cover the Comms set.

"Sir, Sir I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I understand."

"Sir, I hesitated."

"Colonel, Carter, Sam, I truly understand. I do. Its nothing like blowing up a sun is it?"

"No Sir, thank you."

"Like you said Colonel, Vorash was unoccupied."

You could hear lots of commotion, firing and blasting. Shouting and screaming. General O'Neill was running and ordering on the air. He knew the precise location of all his people, and the Nebulium, all but Balinsky, who he was tracking down at that very minute.

Colonel Carter was co-ordinating with her own Team and with the other Team leaders. It all sounded very chaotic, but everything was tightly under control.

The General and the Colonel were racing down the corridor, the infected Balinsky was not far ahead. At the junction they separated, General O'Neill going straight ahead, driving on towards the elevator bay.

The Colonel took the right turn. As she ran down the corridor, passed one of the ceiling support beams, Doctor Balinsky, more the Nebulium inside, who had been wedged up at the top of the wall, palms pressed flat again the wall and legs spread out, feet levered, one against the wall and one against the support beam, threw himself down on top of her. Luckily missing her, by inches.

She jumped back startled, dropping her zat. She didn't have time to unholster her nine mil. Without a moments thought she laid into Doctor Balinsky. kicking him repetitively. Once on the shin, that made him curtsy. Then twice in the stomach, real kung fu. She then side swiped him with the top of her foot.. ..boot. It must have been the side with the extra rib because although she hadn't smashed him that high up, you could hear an ugly snap. It was his rib bones, one or two of them at any rate.

Balinsky went down, and from the sound of his landing that must have hurt as well. He was grabbing and clutching at his side. He flung himself back onto the green and red stripes running the length of the corridor floor. Rocking from side to side, gasping. Trying to get more air into his lungs. Lung technically, because more than likely Colonel Carter had just punctured one of them.

Eerily he didn't make a single sound. He looked like Doctor Cameron Balinsky in all respects, but he was behaving verily inhuman. Eerie.

"Sir hes down!"

"Stand away. I'm coming up behind you."

"Griff General. We've got a raw one down here, hes jost it."

"Griff stand a few guards on the body. Keep on it everyone. Stay sharp!"

"Jack we're at the elevator bay, south side. Its the one out of Lyons. We've got him cornered. The oxygens working Jack, hes in a lot of difficulty here."

"Is he attacking?"

"He doesn't have the strength. He can hardly move."

"Don't zat it!! And don't let it near any of you! If it goes at anyone shot to kill. P90s. Rip roar."

He, it, was dead by the time General O'Neill and Colonel Carter got back to the elevator bay. But they hadn't shot it. Daniel was right. It was the oxygen. It worked.

Four Nebulium and two good men. All down. All clear.. ..ish.


~ Σ Θ γ λ Γ Π ζ δ γ Δ √ ~

~ Σ Θ γ λ Γ Π ζ δ γ Δ √ ~


"Has everyone been through?"

"Sir they've checked everyone who was down on thirty-one A, including Medics. Everybody whos been in contact has been checked."

"What about everybody whos been in contact with the people who've been in contact?"

"Sir are you ordering a Base wide medical sweep?"

"Carter, what we have here is all clearish, uncloudy and bright. What I actually want is clear, verifiably all clear. Do what has to be done."

"On it Sir, be back in a few."

~ Σ Θ γ λ Γ Π ζ δ γ Δ √ ~

It was the Debrief an hour after the Transfer to Beta Site Quarantine Mission completion.. ..conclusion. There were a lot of people in the Briefing Room. Everyone was hot and bothered.

"They're real fast movers. The way they were springing all over the corridors like that. Makes em very very difficult to deal with."

"Yeah Griff, even when they were inside the men, even after the men had been sedated, Philips, Balinsky, they were fast. Fast and furious. We need to watch for that."


"Reynolds hows your men?"

"Bruised Sir, but they'll be fine. We definitely weren't expecting them to break out of those handcuffs, that did come as a surprise."

"On all of us. Look everyone, a good jobs been done by all. Containment was achieved. Unfortunately in the process we've suffered the worst loss possible with the felling of two of our own. I want to give you a stand down, you all deserve it, but right now we're not all clear.

We need to sweep thirty-one A and everything in between.. ..follow the route they took from the infirmary. Well first from the Gate Room up to the infirmary, then to their quarters. And then when they we're sectioned, from their quarters down to Level thirty-one A. We need to follow that path, cover it all, examine it microscopically. I want every single inch of it searched. And then verified as all clear."

"General, what are we looking for?"

"Not a clue. But believe me Reynolds you'll know if you find it. I mean who knows, they could have laid eggs. I don't know, their shadows could still be hanging around, hiding, we just don't know. But search people and search it thorough. Anything, anything at all, l wanna know. Lets hope we come up empty. Clear."


"Daniel, Teal'c, hows Lyons and Louis?"

"They are not well General O'Neill."

"Very similar condition to Nick Jack, before he started to improve. Like Teal'c said, really not well."

"They stable yet?"

"Not.. ..quite, Lyons is almost."

"We need to move them."

"I know, we'll be ready. Can you give us another thirty minutes? Carmichael and the Critical Care Team are in there now. If you could just give them thirty more minutes and we'll get them shipped. 16, 24 and 25 are still on Nifla so we'll all be ready to go without further ado."

"Yeah that's fine Daniel. We just follow the same Gate route.. ..but we're not using the Ninth Chevron?"

"No we're not."

"So why are we using the Eighth one?"

"Not sure."


"Take a seat Carter."

"Sir I've been on to Doctor Brigham. Yes we're testing everybody. Simple, torch to the eye, check out the nerve for swelling."

"Okay, that's good. Better to be safe than sorry."

"Yes Sir it is."

"Em, Carter we're just discussing transferring Louis and Lyons. We shouldn't be using.. ..can they go through a Seven?"

"Yes Sir.. ..although.. ..yes Sir. Because the err, foreign body is out of them so although there will be some slight contamination, on the chemical level, and of course the after effects, the actual contamination itself is no longer there. The possession has ceased. The men themselves will be based entirely on their own molecular framework once again, they won't be supporting some other foreign structure. And they'll no longer have the ability to travel through a Nine Chevroned wormhole."

"Well in that case we may as well ship them out on a good old Seven."

"Yes Sir that would be my recommendation."

"Okay lets do that. Daniel, lets do that."

"Okay Jack. So I can recall SGs -16, 24 and 25"

"Could you do that now please because they're on standby out there and it's a pretty desolate place to be."

"Yeah I'll just nip down and see Sergeant Harriman, won't be a minute."

"How are your Team Griff?"

"Well General as you know they're clear, and they're also okay. Tony's Team got the brunt of it, em, thank you Sir, we're all fine."

"Excellent Griff. Colonel Carter, after having seen what we're dealing with, and even having experienced and also observed some of the things they're capable of, can you and your Team come up with an assessment schedule of what we might be facing.

Griff, Reynolds, Able, Harper, can you sound off with Carter on this one. Any input, any feedback you've got, its gonna to be extremely helpful in assessing these malicious little minkies, Nebulium. We've got two good men down, we need answers."


"Jack they're on their way home."

"Good. Walter's sending them via Beta Site quarantine yes?"

"Yep, hes done that."

"Sir may I?"

"Go ahead."

"Graham, Lieutenant come in. Looks good. This is the final mould?"

"Yes Colonel, its finished. This will do the job."

"Okay. Could you demonstrate to the room please."

"Right Colonel Carter.

General O'Neill, Colonel, em, everyone. This is the completed device. We've been calling it the Griff device. This piece of equipment, hopefully, will incapacitate an ejecting Nebulium out from an infected person.

Essentially how it works is, em.. ..oh actually I don't need anybody to put it on. No, em, how it works is it opens fully here, the front section of the helmet swings out, just like a safe door. Hopefully you get hold of the infected man, em, lean this bottom piece carefully into the back of his neck, just like a neck brace, rest his head in the inside of this.. ..of the back section of the helmet. And simply swing the door shut again. It creates an airtight vacuum.

This switch here ensures that both.. ..that contact to the nose and mouth, em its this unit here, is completely airtight. It sort of suckers itself on to this area of the face. Em, leaving the lower chin and upper neck as well as the top part of the.. well as the rest of the head completely accessible. Em. Theres a.. ..Colonel Carter?"

"Thanks Lieutenant Simmons. Em, What we've got is an eight inch gap between the face, the head and the inside sink of the helmet. This hole here, at the front top part of the helmet, this tube just connects here using a simple type of BNC connector. It fits, fitted to this section and just simply press.. ..hit the lever on the tank and it will completely flood the helmet in.. ..what are we down to Graham?"

"Em just below three seconds Colonel."

"The actual wall of the unit itself is three inches thick and filled with the element oxygen. A pressurised content of pure oxygen gas, pressurised at around about two thousand five hundred torr.

The purpose of this oxygen filled wall is to reinforce the effects of the solution, the oxidant solution. We're hoping that together the gas and the liquid solution will strip the Nebulium of sufficient exit velocity. Meaning that as it passes out of the infected persons eye and through the helmet, it will loose its phasing ability and also its velocity, leaving an easier task of take down and arrest.

Practice sessions for fitting the device, in as quick a time as possible, will be commencing both here at The SGC and at the Beta Site first thing a.m. A shipment of the Griff devices will be sent out to the Beta Site by the Research Departments night staff. Everything will be ready for practice runs tomorrow. All sessions will be conducted using a substitute solution, saline."

"Well done Simmons, Research has pulled through again. That will be all for now, thank you Lieutenant. Colonel any breakthrough with the solution?"

"No Sir, as I said Sir we are on track and we're all confident of finding the correct mix. Its now just a matter of finding the correct strengths, considering the wearer of the device."


"Seventeen hours tops Sir."

"Fair enough. Okay we've eliminated the threat for now. Whatever they're about I doubt we've seen the last of them. Daniel what time is Major Pierce back?"

"Jack hes given me an ETA of five a.m."


"Sir, General, I understand the Asgard still haven't got back to us. I know this em, Nifla we've been using as a staging area is one of their planets, well one of their abandoned.. ..well they don't live there anymore, but it is one of theirs."

"Yes Harper, they've not got back to us. Actually Harper em, we may have discovered the reason for their reluctance. Daniel and Teal'c have been working on some transcriptions, possibly Asgard and em.. ..anyway the results will be delivered to the Debrief.. ..the day after tomorrow."

"Thanks General."

"Sir what about the phasing trick these creatures are supposed to be able to get up to? Under heavy fire, you'd think if they could do that they would have taken off."

"Yeah about that Reynolds, they also seemed to lack audio ability though they did speak to us in the pyramid on P7X 377. Carter?"

"General, when we get the autopsy results back from Area 51 I'm sure a lot of our questions will be answered. I can only hazard a guess and say it has something to do with the same unidentified missing factor that fires up the Crystal Skulls. We've not been able to get the Skulls to work in our environment and now these Nebulium couldn't phase shift or talk here either."

"Fair point. Day after tomorrow on that folks."

"Excuse me Sir, theres a call for Colonel Carter."

"Carry on."


Colonel Carter took off down to the Control Room. She wasn't gone long. While she was still on the stairs leading up to the Briefing Room she began to speak.

"Sir that was Doctor Brigham. Everyone on Base has been tested. We're all clear Sir."


"Sir she was telling me Louis is in a very bad way. It seems the Nebulium was unable to eject itself completely, we think due to the oxygen, leaving a piece of its chemical nature still inside Louis. This 'piece' of Nebulium has lost all integrity, probably because of the aerobic condition of Louis's own system. Sir this 'Nebulium' is breaking down and is breaking Louis down with it."

"Aw no.. there anything we can do Carter? There must be something, some way to at least stabilise him."

"We can try to filter it out, which is exactly what Doctor Carmichael's been doing with Nick. Full transfusions."

"Keep me informed."


"We've all had a hard and difficult long day, Arduous. However its not over yet. We need to take full advantage of the lockdown situation and press on with these clean sweeps. As soon as everythings been checked and double checked you each need to report back to Medical for clearance. Once you're cleared through Medical you're done.

Colonels, Doctors, Teal'c, thank you. Majors, Lieutenants, Sergeants, thank you. Everyone dismissed and fall in with your Teams. You all know your routes. We're looking for all clear!"


~Θ Φ ζ Λ Σ γ λ   ~

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~


Stairs up. Steps down. Long corridors. Dark and secrete places. Couldn't say precisely where in the Pentagon Trans Global Extra Terrestrial Security ~ Inter Alia is located, but guaranteed it is to be found, with the highest level of security clearance, firmly situated in the bosom of sensitive compartmented information.

Mimic prevention, identity card, face recognised, eye scanned, palm read, voice checked, dynamic key, dynamic code, thumb print activation before 'let in' by the security guard. All the detectors, all the detecting. Beyond The SGC on Earth, here be found the last protectors.

General O'Neill was expected.

He and his aide were greeted by Major Davis.

"..Its going to be another twenty four hours before we get the official autopsy results back but you are right about the electricity, they thrive on it. Something to do with the metal ion content in their em.. ..well its not the blood stream is it.. ..something in their system. General Hammond will fill you in on that Sir. We're all very excited here about having the opportunity to get the upper handle on an enemy."

"Well as long as we get something out of it to fight them with. Men down over this Davis. So as you can imagine all of us at The SGC want positive results."

"Yes Sir of course. We feel the same here Sir, especially General Hammond."

"Yah, he knew both Philips and Balinsky. Before I took over the reigns they we're under George's Command."

"Having people down on a Mission, its always a difficult thing General."

"Sure Davis. Okay. Hey Major, do you know this Senior person?"

"Em, not personally General. Haven't actually met him but I know of him. Hes from one of the oversight committees. Defence spending. Oh and he was on the Defense Policy Board at the same time as Richard Woolsey. Hes been involved with the space program and I think he was on the committee for the Starwars program way back in the eighties."

"Was he for or against?"

"Oh, don't have those details Sir, but he is a big spender. Hes been at the table on a number of the near space geo-sat systems. From all accounts hes a reasonable man. I believe General Greer has had previous negotiations with him and they still seem to get along quite well."

"Well lets see shall we. Whats this I'm 'earin' about the NID?"

"Ah, well, em, we've got three of them here this morning. They'll be joining us after the Brief. Again General Hammond will fill you in on that Sir."

"Very good."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~

"Bad do Jack."

"Bad! On top of that the letter writing was a killer."

"But Jack you've had your own Command now in one way another for a very long time."

"No, I mean it was the first, these we're the first two letters I've had to write under this Command."

"I'm with you. I understand, I see. You are literally on the front line. Unfortunately casualties are to be expected."

"Still not an easy thing though George."

"I do understand Jack."

"I know, thanks."

"Jack, briefly before we go in. As I mentioned to you last night, we're trying to increase our budget allowance. Of course that includes your division as well. Now what Hannah's come up with is a plan whereby allowing the NID in to make some kind of assessment, we're basing it on this latest engagement, by allowing them to Report on the incident, we're increasing the awareness of our usability."

"And indispensability?"

"Hand in hand."

"You know the NID have a knack of twisting things round to their sole advantage. Do you really think it's a good idea to let them in?"

"Jack how much have you been told about Trans Global ET ~ I?"

"Well you're responsible, with the Presidential seal of approval, for co-ordinating the safety of.. ..everything."

"Actually Jack its more like you 're responsible for the safety of everything, our job here is to make sure you're in the right position to do your job. Basically we're looking after the airwaves, space waves of our planetary system, but we do that through The SGC, with support from your satellites, Alpha and Beta and now Atlantic. We see to it you get everything you need. Ours really is the last line of defence."

"You've got that right. And next to nobody knows about it."

"Hence the difficulty in increasing our spending budget. Jack we need to highlight the dangers you're faced with. Basically were singing for our supper here. Hannah thinks if we can present this latest incident as near foothold.."

"Hey! Hey, hey, that could seriously backfire on me. George things like that call in to question competence."

"Noo not at all. You're wrong on that Jack, trust me I know. In the first place you completely and successfully quashed the threat without even needing to call a Code Five. Secondly what this does do is demonstrate the fact that we are constantly faced with threat of attack by an enemy, known and also unknown.

And while we're on that, just for the record, I can assure yoou, you're not one of the best we've got, you are the best we've got General. You're the top of the tree, so if theres any shaking to be done theres a whole heap of leaves to be picked off long before it ever gets to you."

"Oh Okay.. ..that's nice George."

"That's the truth Jack."

"Thank you."

"On the basis of presenting this Nebulium issue as near foothold we're inclined to be able to draw in more funds, get a bigger budget. Politics Jack. Extra Terrestrial Defence is a key issue now and the President is well aware of it. The amount of money we get will be directly related to how well we can present our usefulness."

"Okay I'm with you. I'm with you George. And you think letting the NID run a muck will help?"

"Jack no one, and I do mean no one, likes the NID. They're a regular pain in the backside. But when it comes to bureaucracy taking them on side is a winner simply because no one likes to say no to them. If we can get them to do a Report appraising this last attack, this Nebulium attack, well its going net us some extra spending. You'd be able to get your S.O.W. fully kited out and equipped. You'd also be able to implement your plans on the hyperspace flight training exercise camp insitu on the Beta Site."

"There is a lot we could do with extra funds George. Its just the NID. Come on you haven't forgotten. I mean half of them are brain dead misanthropes and the rest of them are so deep into sabotage and irregularities.."

"We owe a lot to Agent Barrett. Jack they really have done an excellent clean up job in that organisation."

"No comment.. ..oh you wasn't asking, so you think it will be fine?"

"I've had as much experience with them as you have and I would never admit to things being fine with them. However General Greer thinks things will be fine with them, with regard to producing this Report.

One more thing Jack. On all matters, all.. ..matters Extra Terrestrial, before the NID report to anyone they must first report to Trans Global ET ~ I."

"You're kidding me!"

"I thought you'd like that."

"So if we let them in, any Report they produce has to go across your desk first?"

"First and last Jack."

"Magnifico George. Sublime! Lets open the doors then, roll em in.. ..coin em in."

"Well its about time they actually did something useful instead of.."


"I was going to say demented."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~

"General O'Neill, how delightful, its always lovely to see you Jack."

"Thanks Hannah, my pleasure. And I believe more thanks are in order. George has just been tipping me on the meeting at hand."

"Are you prepared?"

"I am, lets see what we can get."

"Thats the spirit Jack. I'm sure they'll realise they can't do without us."

"Certainly hope so."

"Jack I'd like to introduce you to Mr St.John Senior, General Jack O'Neill Commander in Chief of The SGC. And Mr Dennis Rushton, General O'Neill. Em, Mr Rushton's here in an administrative capacity on behalf of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Mr Seniors here from the Space Defence Spending Oversight Committee. Hes here to assess the spending needs of our organisation."

"Space spending. So I take it you're not here to clip our wings?"

"Not at all General. Not at all. We won't get very far without them."

"What is the actual purpose of your Committee in relation to The SGC Mr Senior? Because the StarGate Program has its spending budget administered through a whole different Committee."

"Yes it does. It does General O'Neill. Since the recent threat to Earth by the alien called Annubis a lot of hitherto deaf ears have begun to hone in and take heed. It seems all your efforts General, have not gone unnoticed.

The purpose of our Committee is to reallocate funds. Where theres been cuts in Defence spending in one area, increases in spending can be made in another, completely different area. In this way we can make the best use of our Defence Budget.. ..surplus."

"I do appreciate that. And I do appreciate the opportunity to be able to bend the ear of someone who truly understands the cost of changing a light bulb down in the Mountain."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~

"If I say so myself I think that went rather well."

"What happens next?"

"Well Jack, we're actually lucky in that Hannah knows an awful lot of people.. this building as it happens."

"Oh George I wouldn't say I know lots"

"So what would you say Hannah, you know a few, you know the key people?"

"Now gentleman.. .. anyway George is right. I'll follow it up Jack, I'll get my spies out on it. But judging from past experience these things do take quite an amount of time. The Committees tend only to get together every so often, perhaps every quarter, every six months or so. We're not going to hear anything within the next few months.. ..but after that, I think we'll have favourable news, I do. St.john is a very reasonable man you know."

"Yeah I heard, I heard this morning. Anyway he seems like a nice guy, really does."

"Yes, well I'll follow up on that Jack and I'll keep you informed. Both myself and George intend to equip this organisation with everything it needs."

"Well that really is something to hear, dulcet.. ..dulcet tones Hannah, very nice. Look forward to hearing more, as and when."

"I'm going to leave you gentlemen now if theres no objection. I don't think I need to attend the next meeting."

"General, are you saying you don't need to or you really don't want to?"

"I could say pick one, but that would be rude. So I'll leave it for you to decide. A word of caution Jack, those snippety little NID agents seem to come and go but somehow the NID itself remains completely unchanged."

"Why thank you Hannah. Caution courted. I was going to ask you to sit in on this one, you know, so I could hide behind you, avoid the flack."

General O'Neill was smiling. Out of the three Generals in the room, none of them wanted to meet with agents from the NID.

"Jack, if we had anywhere near sufficient funding, the NID are the last people on Earth, in our solar system, that I would let near our organisation. But for now.."

"Noted and accounted George."

"Now you will come and see me before you leave won't you?"

"Love to."

"Wonderful, bye for now Jack, George."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ ~

"Sirs, I believe you both know Colonel Kennedy. Agent Kennedy now. Hes spent the last two years working at the NID. Em, hes actually part of the cell of four who will be compiling the Report on the recent near Foothold situation with the Nebulium at The SGC. Yes, and also agent Peanna. Ilona Peanna and agent Jonathan Mates. The other agent who makes up the cell, agent Billy Banks, will not be attending this meeting.

General Hammond, General O'Neill. If everybody would like to take a seat."

"Thank you Major."

"General O'Neill?"

"Agent Mates?"

"I understand it was a close call?"

"In what respect?"

"I understand it was a matter of contamination?"

"Contamination but not cumulative contagion, so em, no not a close call. Not in my experience."

"And not in mine either."

"I know from your file General Hammond, you've had a tremendous amount of experience with this type of occurrence, so if you say it wasn't a close call.."

"Well I think we both say it wasn't a close call."

"I was under the impression we we're here to discuss documenting a foothold condition."

"That's correct."

"I'm not quite sure I follow General Hammond?"

"It was a near foothold, it just wasn't a widespread invasion. There are distinct degrees of threat assessment. Its required so that we can gauge our response and effectively deal with the situation to hand. In the most recent situation it was near foothold, but it also was not a close call. At all times, though real, the threat was controlled and contained."

"Point taken Sir."

"General O'Neill I've heard a lot about you. I have to say it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Um isn't it just. And you really don't have to say.. ..not if you don't want to."

"Oh err.. ..General?"

"Ms Peanna?"

"Sir I believe you've had dealings with our organisation, with the NID, in the past."

"Dealings.. ..Dealings? Well I'm sure General Hammond can attest I have had contact with members of the NID in the past. In fact, one of my Colonels had dealings with a couple of NID halfwits who had almost succeeded in converting a little place called Oregon into the first Goa'uld stronghold on Earth.

Amongst other things, many other things, we had a couple of NID numbskulls trying to fly away with one of our 300 series. And then of course there was that wooden top in charge of NID field OPs. Pinched the second StarGate. Purloined it peachy keen, clean away. Put a plastic one in its place.. ..go figure.

As for myself, as for The SGC, yes dealings. We are familiar with NID irregularities. We have at one time or another tracked NID indirect methods across a hand full of star systems. Yah.. ..dealings in the past, with the NID, very observant of you.. ..agent Peanna.."

"Oh I'm sorry General O'Neill, I didn't realise, I em, I wasn't suggesting, yes Sir. Generals, there has been a complete overhaul of the NID. All the .. ..em, rogue agents have been wheedled out. Theres no more irregularities in our Organisation Sir. We will.. ..we're here to compile the Report and I'm quite sure we'll do a very good job, to the satisfaction of all those involved."

"Um, lets see."

"General our proposal is that myself and agent Kennedy will visit The SGC. We'll be making initial enquiries purely in order to assess the scope of the Report. We'll then hold a meeting with all the members of my cell so that the work load can be assigned."

"Sure agent Peanna, come on down. Mr Kennedy's been to The SGC before haven't you. Both General Hammond and I are entirely familiar with Mr kennedy's work. So Mr Kennedy, any time you want to continue that work, you come on down and see me. I'll make sure you get everything you need to carry out the type of work you're use to."

Ou Kennedy, shown up, a clean cut, general reducement, power and glory stripped away.

"Em, yes General O'Neill, once the preliminary proposal is prepared, agent Kennedy, agent Banks and agent Mates and myself will return to The SGC to conduct.."


"Oh no General, questions. We need to question everyone who was on duty when the Mission was exercised."

"Right well err, sounds good. George, sounds good?"


"Right then agent Peanna, that sounds great. So just as soon as I approve your proposal for your preliminary proposal, we'll get things underway."

"A pre-preliminary proposal? General O'Neill that would slow things down a great deal. There shouldn't be any need for approval at that level. Em, I would have thought you'd be more interested in seeing the actual proposal itself rather than a pre-preliminary proposal?"

"Really Kennedy? Oddjob."

"What was that?"

"I'm sorry Mr Kennedy didn't you hear me, I said misdemeanour."

"Excuse me?"

"What you didn't ask, agent Peanna, is what was the nature of the dealings we've had with your, agent.. ..Kennedy, in the past. Now before I allow you back into my facility I'd like to check and recheck exactly the precise purpose of your visit. I'll need to see in writing that you understand exactly what you're going to be doing down there."

Agent Kennedy threw a mean looking stare at the floor close to where General O'Neill's feet and shoes were resting. The General relished it. Kennedy had tired to cause trouble for both himself and General Hammond, it was good to have the chance to remind him of that.. ..failed attempt.

The General had already made up his mind who he would assign to shadow these agent's every step of their visit to The SGC. Unaccompanied agents of the NID in The SGC, I think not.

"I'm sure agent Kennedy, given the circumstances you more than most would appreciate the need for caution."

"Yes Sir. Yes General Hammond. Of course you're correct."

"Oh well, oh in that case General O'Neill perhaps we can go ahead and produce a pre-preliminary proposal and we could deliver that to you em, say within forty eight hours."

"Um, delivery, top secret, you'd have to bring it yourself. Sort of defeats the object wouldn't you say agent?"

"Pardon Sir?"

"Well the whole point of having a proposal of what you intend to do at my facility, is to approve that its all right to do the things you propose to do. Now having you turn up at The SGC, schedule in hand, before I've actually had a chance to read over and approve your actions.. ..yeah, well that just defeats the object of the exercise, wouldn't you say.. ..agent?"

"Oh, well, I don't know how to answer that Sir."

"I know the answer to that, agents, General. Perhaps we can arrange for someone from The SGC to attend NID headquarters. Look over the schedule of your proposals and upon approval we can arrange a suitable date and time for you to visit The SGC, to conduct your research and prepare your Report."

"Yes Sir that's also acceptable to us."

"Splendid, thanks George."

"But there are considerations to be considered."

"I'll tell you what Kennedy, when you've finished your considerance give my office a tinkle, I'm sure they'll be able to fit you in, somewhere."

"Actually General O'Neill it won't take very long at all to prepare the pre-prelim. I'll ring your office myself and arrange a suitable time for em, who will be visiting Sir?"

"I'll do the visiting and I'll do the checking."

"Well Sir we'll ring within the next forty eight hours to arrange a suitable time for you to visit our headquarters here in Washington."

"Right. Davis!"


Major Davis stood up and presented the NID personnel the open doorway.

"Thank you agents, that will be all."

Curtness in kind. No one, not a one liked to have dealings with the NID.

"Oh err. Thank you very much Sir and again I'd like to say its been a pleasure to meet you. Thank you General Hammond and thank you Major Davis, and we look forward to seeing you soon General O'Neill."

"Can't wait. Toodlepip."


~ μ π χ ψ Λ Ξ Φ Δ ψ ≈ ≡ ~

~ Л Ѫ Γ μ ≈ Ω Π Φ Ψ χ ~


"The games afoot!"

"O'Neill, the Nebulium!"

"Oh yeah, them! The games a foot, and if its anything like Carter's foot we stand a good chance of creaming them."

"Indeed O'Neill, in combat Colonel Carter's feet prove to be feet of fire."

"They do don't they T. Feet of fire and tights of thunder. Cool. You check over there T."

"I will."

"Do you think Oma Desala could pass through, penetrate our Iris?"

"Yes.. ..she must have that ability, to shift, a phase. She has the ability to pass from one state to another."

"Yeah but that doesn't necessarily mean she could pass through a thick plate of trinium reinforced titanium."

"This is true O'Neill. However Oma Desala is an Ancient, and as we have seen, the Ancient's do have the ability to not only change state but also to phase that state through matter, inorganic as well as organic. On what are your thoughts O'Neill?"

"The Nebulium crashing through the Gate.. Oma Desala, they should, may, have the ability to pass through the Iris, having first dialled either a Seven or Nine chevroned wormhole."

"O'Neill if they do not have the physical ability as do the Ancients to pass through the Iris shield, they may, as do the Asgard, have the technological ability."

"Yeah,.. ..the Nox, the Tollen.. ..Well luckily, it seems either way, once through the Iris they gonna go down, they lasted a real sort time in their raw state T."

"This is true O'Neill, however if they arrive at The SGC, in the Gate Room, after having penetrated the Iris, they may then quickly infect local personnel. Perhaps members of the Gate Room defence Teams."

"Ah okay em, just a minute. Do you know what we need, yeah, we need Siler to fix us a gas delivery system in the Gate Room. Right T, can you get on to Siler, he needs to fix up a system ASAP. If the Gates Dialled.. ..if it engages and we don't get a signal.."

"We did get a signal from SG-14 O'Neill."

"Yah.. ..still, okay, if the Gate engages, signal or no, flood it with high pressured oxygen immediately.. ..hows that?"

"It is an excellent plan. It will slow down Nebulium in raw state or indeed as their infected human shell state. O'Neill are you expecting another visit?"

"Yeah,. ..I am. They've been laying low for a very long time. T, they're not gonna rise up, come a calling, and then when they don't get an open invite, simply go away quietly. They're after something don't you think so?"

"I do think so O'Neill."

"T I'll carry on with this, can you em, can you get on to that straight away."

"Yes O'Neill I will."

"Well come back down and let us know when you're done, let me know where you're up to."

"You will still be here in lower Base O'Neill?"

"Yeah I reckon so. I just need to em, it's the possibility of us getting more money, funding in the future. And Buds had about three shipments in the last few days alone, I just need to double check these Special Stores.. ..see where we're up to, see what we need. Plus I want to make sure theres nothing lying around down here that I don't want those tics from the NID lookin' at."

"Yes indeed O'Neill, I will not be long."


~ Л Ѫ Γ μ ≈ Ω Π Φ Ψ χ ~

"A flying General!"



"Not hallucination?"

"I think not O'Neill. At no time were you exposed to the obsidian samples from P7X 377. It could not have been due to an hallucinogenic drug."

"Well T we've had no more signs since then. I mean wouldn't you say it's a bit of a coincidence that it happened more or less the same time as Sam's hallucination?"

"No I would not. Colonel Carter went to sleep in her bed. She awakened in her bed. She remained in the confines of her own house throughout the whole of her sleep time. Daniel Jackson's use of the word flight or flying was used only in relation to the sensation the shamans would induce. Colonel Carter did not herself engage in the performance of an unpowered flight.

Your experience O'Neill was altogether different. You went to sleep in your bed and you awakened many many meters away from it. You had in fact partaken in the performance of actual flight. You did indeed become a flying General."

"So you definitely.. ..definitely don't reckon its anything to do with being exposed to anything.. ..or anyone from the pyramid?"

"No O'Neill I do not believe that was the circumstance."

"Well lets see, nothing else has happened up to now Teal'c, maybe it was just a one off.

..Yeah, what ya sayin'?"

"I am saying nothing O'Neill. I have nothing to say. I am waiting and watching."

"..Yeah, okay.. ..okay, we'll see. We're down on quite a bit of this stuff, we're gonna have to err, order out."

"O'Neill this all appears to be the most expensive and specialised equipment we have on the Base."

"It is T, that's why its called Special Stores I guess. Its different from the normal stores, theres all this special storage arrangement as well. Come on lets go back up. I'll send Bowkervale up to the third with the requisition slips. I'm going to need to reorder a lot of this stuff. Teal'c have you heard anything in relation to the autopsy results?"

"No. I saw Colonel Carter when I instructed Sergeant Siler on your requirement for the oxygen dispensing system, she was reluctant to discuss the results.. ..without first reporting to you. I understand you have requested her presence in Daniel Jackson's office within the hour?"

"Yeah, because I also want to hear about yours and Daniel's conclusions on this Runic, Asgard stuff. In fact its nearly ten a.m. now. We may as well go straight there. T why don't you look in on Siler, see where they're up to, let me know. I'll meet you in Daniel's."


~ Л Ѫ Γ μ ≈ Ω Π Φ Ψ χ ~

"A bloody eye!"

"Yes Sir, a bloody eye in all cases was the only outwardly visible signs of possession. The first sign of infection, but once the inflammation around the orbital subsides theres no discernible evidence. Unless of course an examination to the base of the auditory nerve, around the tunica posteriors, inferna, is carried out."

"Have we had those results in yet?"

"The autopsy results from Groom Lake. Not yet Sir, but they have sent through some initial findings, em, very interesting, I'll just quickly run through them for you. Sir we're going to have two sets of em, results.. ..well two Reports. One is actually on the raw, raw state Nebulium and the second set of results will be on an infected.. ..pers.. ..well.. ..a member of em.. ..Philips Sir, and Balinsky. Sir their results will pertain to an infected person, shell.

The infection, after the initial method of contact, the infection occurs on the subatomic level. We're talking about manipulation of nanoparticles here Sir. And also, which will account for the effect on the men who survived the infection, we're in particular looking at the effects of metal ion poisoning to the cell membranes.

They haven't completed the inspection of the nanoparticles resonance band, they'll record the changes evident, as shown in the electronic spectra and micrographs. Having said that Sir, at this stage there is little doubt that the readings are pointing to some kind of poisoning on that particle level."

"Nuts! Carter.. ..the chase."

"Of course Sir, cutting. The Nebulium infect by injection into the ocular cavity. Our men, Sir Philips and Balinsky, died due to osmotic stress and metal ion poisoning. Additional time is needed for the meticulous study of the transmission electron microscopy and electronic absorption spectroscopy readouts. General the official copies of the autopsy will be release within sixty hours."

"Thank you Colonel. George will be joining us tomorrow for the crucial 2nd and 3rd Briefings."

"Yeah Jack, Major's Pierce's samples have now been analysed, we'll be ready for tomorrow."

"Okay.. ..We have a new enemy. We need to prepare. Tell me about the Runics."


~ Җ Δ Γ λ μ π ω Σ ≡ Π Ψ~

~ Ш Λ Δ Π Σ γ √ ∞ λ ω Π Φ ~


General O'Neill had stayed in Daniel's office longer than he'd anticipated. After listening to Colonel Carter's heartfelt whereunto re the SG-14 fallen, he was then enthralled by the telling of some of Daniel and Teal'c's translations.

They had made interesting discoveries, the contents.. ..context of some of the text markings on the Mayan pyramid. Between the two of them they had now succeeded in translating the runic symbols. As Daniel was keen to point out the inscriptions were made up of characters from the oldest runic alphabet, the Urnordiska Futhark. The original one consisting of twenty four characters. The one the Asgard used.

Daniel had the pyramid pegged at around five thousand years old, maybe more. But the Runic inscription intimated that the Nebulium had been around a lot longer than that. There was also some indication that the Nebulium had actually come to, been chased to, P7X 377 after fleeing the planet Nifla. Nifla, the planet according to it's own Stella position, soon to become the new Ot Halla, the Asgard jewel planet in the Ida galaxy. In this particular case a dull, uncut and heavily included jewel at that.

As the General headed back to his private quarters on Level twenty-five, he was pondering on whether Daniel and Teal'c's findings regarding the Asgard were theory or fact, a ponderance Thor could clear up the moment he got in touch.

A long ago battle lasting many years between the Nebulium and the Niflheim, a branch of the Asgard, well a race, an unheard of race of the Asgard. Yah, fact or theory. He needed to know and the sooner the better.

The General showered and slept, and after three hours received his afternoon wakeup call from Lieutenant Bowekervale. He got up and got dressed. Since the Base had been on DEFCON Four General O'Neill had had little sleep. Snatching up to two or three hours whenever it was appropriate.

Feeling refreshed General O'Neill was amusing himself with a pleasant little tune as he made his merryway to Level twenty-five's elevator bay. He was on his way to his offices on Level twenty-seven.

The lift was empty when it arrived. General O'Neill stepped in, stretched out his arm to the control panel and made to press for Level twenty-seven.

"Aaarrrrh!! Jeerrraaaahaaa!! Ah!! Aaahhaa!!"

Sweat began dripping off him profusely. He clutched at his chest. The pain! Shock, oh yes please, if only. The thumps blasting inside his chest were deafening. His breathlessness was completely disguised by dizzy sensation and weak feeling. He was sure he was about to pass out.

"Hhaaaaeeeyyy, jeeezzzzas. What!! What?? Oh no! Ahh!!"

He absolutely freaked. His heart in his chest was running out of control. He felt like he was going to take off and cut out at the same time.

"Oooorrrdd!! Ooorrrdd!! Ttssuuoooh! Jeeeezzzass!! Ahh!! Oouuh.. ..gad help.. Aaaarrrh! What??"

He slammed his arm fulcrum against the control panel, keeping himself balanced and upwards. He tried to subdue the pain.. pressing his chest, that definitely didn't work, the pain was deep set. His whole body was on fire. He was trembling, shaking all over and hot, painfully hot. No, hot but more than painfully so, much much more. He opened his eyes, there were tears coming out, not sure from pain or fright. He tried to focus on his left arm and hand that was holding him up against the wall of the lift. His vision cleared and he saw.. .. jeeeezzzass!!.. ..There were celestial licks of ultra bright light extending out from the tips of his fingers and the palm of his hand, left hand. He was still clutching his chest and massaging the pain with his other hand.

He jumped, darted startled, running backwards away from his left hand, which followed him closely behind. He smashed into the back wall of the lift.. ..the elevator. He was jumping up and down, totally freaked out and in a lot of pain. He was feverishly wafting his left hand about. Violently wagging it back and forth. Trying to wrench his hand off, trying to shake off the light, to get away from it.

He couldn't do that, he couldn't escape the light. The excessively bright light was pure and simply emanating out of himself. He was its source. He was untamed and wild cat, running around in the elevator like wild-fire, trying to shake his bright and glowing hand off.

At that very moment General O'Neill, man of light and leading, was freaking, puffing, panting, in pain and frantically stamping all over his own light.. ..and shadow. His panicked actions were surely about to cause an unhealthy reaction in his heart. He couldn't breath. He was dizzy. He was so hot he was melting. And he was being completely aggravated by the phenomenally loud banging of his heart.

He was slipping down to the floor. Maybe the elevator was moving, swaying, maybe it was stationary. He himself was moving, fast at many Navy knots. Spinning around. Through the haze of pain and consciousness he saw someone standing in the corner of the lift. The General held out his strangely glowing hand to them. The person came forward to help him.

"Cauac! Cauac.. me, aahhh.."

Thunderously loud palpitations in his chest and head were chaotically drumming out a heavy, steady beat. His hand was all ablaze with beautiful, truly frightening bright light. Light that was growing, shimmying and caressing his whole hand and wrist. He foisted his lit up hand into his arm pit and brought down his other arm to form a vice trap. He was squeezing and squashing his left hand, trying to mangle it, wring the light out of it. He was squeezing his eyes shut as well and gritting his teeth. His chest and body were still very painful, pound loud and tremulous.

Cauac knelt down in front of him and smiled.

"No. Please no. Don't do this."

The General was in a lot of pain, on his knees now and talking to no one.

He was pushing himself back into the wall.

Cauac took hold of the General by his rigidly wrapped closed arms.

"No! No!! I don't want this. I don't want this.. ..No!"

Slowly, with all at his disposal, Cauac, Canopic g_d of the Southern skies, carefully began to blow a cool Southerly breeze all over General O'Neill. Soothing him and taking away his suffering. The heat in his body stopped burning. The noise from his heart stopped hammering. He ceased spinning out of control and found the ground. The light from his hand.. ..the cool Southern wind killed the watt.

He let go the vice and rapidly swung his hand down and around to his back, leaning on it as hard as he could against the elevator wall, leaving no free place for the light to return. Still breathlessly panting he turned to thank Cauac. Cauac wasn't there, but thankfully his light and leading was. He recovered his regular heart beat, his good conscience.. ..a clear mind, and a half decent breathing rhythm. He reached for his cell and speed dialled.

"Teal'c! Elevator! Level. Level. Erm. Jezz. Teal'c, jeeezzzzas. Twenty. Twenty-five. T Level twenty-five. Or six. Between Levels.."

"You are in the elevator conduit O'Neill?"

"No. In the elevator. I halted it. I stopped it.."

He had no strength. He dropped his cell. His now clear mind had him punch the alarm on the control panel. He mustn't be seen by anyone, not in this condition. If the elevator had been moving, now it wasn't.

"Hello? Hello?.. ..Hello? Please respond. You have ten seconds to respond! Please respond. You have eight seconds to respond.."


"Hello? Hello? You are occupying the elevator. You are stopped between Levels twenty-five and twenty-six. Hello? You have two seconds to.."

"Siler its me."

"General? General O'Neill. Sir?"

"Siler cut the AV."


"That's an order!"

"Sir are you compromised?"

"No I'm not compromised Siler, 76324, I'm testing something. Siler that's an order. Now!"

"Disconnecting now General."

Audio and video to the elevator, inside the lift and also the shaft, was manually operated and monitored in response to a Base alarm, an emergency elevator stop or a mechanical failure. That same AV feed could also be discontinued manually upon the cessation of the alarm, resolvement of the emergency or clearance of the mechanical fault. Or of course, by order of the Commander in Chief of the Base.

As ordered Master Sergeant Siler promptly switched off the video record and cut the duplex audio feed to both the elevator and shaft.

Teal'c rushed at top speed along the corridor on level twenty. Just before reaching the man hatch to the secure subterranean utility shaft, he dialled zero on his mobile phone. The SGC Base operator answered.

"Security, Level sixteen."

"Yes sir, patching you through now."

"This is Teal'c. Thank you. Have a Security Officer meet me on Level twenty-six at the secure utility man hatch. Have him open the hatch on my mark so that I will then be able to enter into the corridor from within the utility shaft way. Lieutenant, effect this order immediately."

"Teal'c Sir, someone will be waiting for you at the L26 hatch!"

He pressed end, closed his phone, reached the hatch and instructed an Airman to seal the way behind him. He half slid, half stepped and leaped down the metal ladder stair way. He soon reached Level twenty-six.

"This is Teal'c, open the hatch."

The Officer who had already opened one of the levers in readiness, quickly opened the hatch and stood back. Teal'c jumped through and carried on, shouting back to the Security Officer to close the hatch and make it secure.

He reached the elevator bay, not out of breath but exceptionally rattled. He swiped his key, no response. He discretely knocked on the automatic elevator doors.


"Hold on T."

The General disengaged the stop. The elevator operated and dropped down to floor level of Level twenty-six. The doors automatically opened. Teal'c found General O'Neill pinned back against the far wall, one arm lodged behind his back. He look very excited, dishevelled and not altogether to concerned.


"Shush, come in, come in."

Teal'c stepped forward and let the elevator doors close behind him. Without discussion he pressed for the Level above and then pressed for the elevator to stop between Levels. He assured Sergeant Siler they we're testing.. ..something.

"O'Neill? I was deeply concerned about you."

"Sorry about that T. To be truthful I was deeply concerned as well just a couple of minutes ago."

"More evidence O'Neill?"

"Very more. I think I've solved our little problem."

"Our serious problem O'Neill?"

"That's the one, real serious too T."

"..Indeed. After your call I believe I also have arrived at a position of resolvement."

The General, still leaning on his hand, pointed upwards and shook his finger.

"We agree then?"

"Yes O'Neill. We do agree. You have been in intimate contact with them on several occasions. O'Neill perhaps they have you in their sights."

"Well they almost had me in their living room a few minutes ago. T buddy, just take a look round here and check my hand and arm for me."

"It is indeed your hand and arm O'Neill."

"No change?"

"No. What has transpired?"

"Teal'c, I went to press for the Level I wanted and light, Desala type light, was flying everywhere out of my hand, my fingers. Jeeezass!"

He was still sweating, and coming to terms with what had happened.

"It affected only that area of your body?"

"Yeah. I may have actually prevented the rest of my body changing, I don't know, it all happen so quickly. It totally freaked me out T. Totally. Well at first it did, but the calmer I got the less I lit up. Just my hand really."

"O'Neill you do not look well."

"No I don't Teal'c. Its how I feel. It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest and run away. We need to see someone. Urgently! Get this sorted out. I can't let this go on. Apart from which, I can be made to step down as unfit."

"O'Neill with an ability such as this you would become super fit. You are in fact beginning to display the phasing ability of the Ancient's. After all, your various contacts with them.. ..their knowledge. O'Neill it has all served to prepare you to Ascend."

"Trust me, I'm not going anywhere."

"O'Neill, I do believe that choice will be yours, but only after you have learnt to master the ability."

"This is not on! We need to speak to someone about this. T we have to see someone?"

"Who do you suggest O'Neill?"

"Other than Thor, I can't think of anyone. Can you?"

"Yes, Daniel Jac.."

"Not yet T, not yet. If either of them two find out about this they won't be able to do their work properly and now is a very crucial time, theres bigger dangers on the way."

"You see O'Neill, your abilities."

"Come on Teal'c, we both know theres danger on the way, you don't need the Ancient's repository for that. T, think on it. We need to see someone, get this fixed. Urgently! Look lets just hang out here for a while, make certain its not going to start happening again."


"And decide who we can get to fix the problem."

"Perhaps. O'Neill there are implications, consequences. We are now just learning of the Ancient's deployment of a Ninth Chevron."

"Silver pickle!"

"Sterling O'Neill."

"Something happen T. I didn't tell you. It's the reason I stopped freaking out. The reason I started to calm down. When I started changing someone helped me."

"O'Neill a member of staff was with you??"

"Not really."

"Then who witnessed your transformation, will they depart what they have seen?"

"Not really."


"I don't know how to put this to you without sounding nuts."

"Speak, I am listening."

"T, I saw this guy in the elevator, he looked exactly like me, his face, it was like looking in a mirror. He was dressed in an old leather flying jacket and.."

"Your Avatar! The Canopic g_d of Colonel Carter's waking dream. The g_d of the Southern heavens. Cauac!"

"Big yes. T he helped me to calm down. He stopped me from changing."

"O'Neill this is something different. More different."


"We must examine your predicament thoroughly and immediately."

"T I just need to get changed, dry clothes, then lets go down to the Control Room, we need to get hold of Thor. Whats keeping him! There must be something left inside me from when he connected me to his ships computers. Maybe he didn't get everything out."

"O'Neill, I do not believe this to be something that can be extracted from you. I believe it is an awaking."

"Ooh I think I'm about as awake as I need to be."


~ Σ Δ ψ ≈ ≡   ~

~ Ц Ҧ Ξ Φ ∏ Φ Λ Λ λ ω Π ~


"Jack how nice of you to come all the way up to the surface."

"Its your first time back. Wanted to make sure you haven't forgotten the way."

"It's a nice gesture."

"You're welcome General."

"Looking at the agenda, todays Briefings are quite heavy weight."

"Pulling no punches with this one General. The kids have been staying up late finishing their homework for today. A lot of show and tell for the pencil necks."

"Real scientific."

"Eh George, what will be truly scientific is for us to leave the Briefings with a real understanding of what the heck these big brains are talking about."

"Don't worry Jack, I'll be studying the Reports and minutes during the journey back to Washington D.C."

"And I'll be studying them for the next.. ..month."

They both laughed. Scientific or nay, the Generals knew precisely what was going on in their Command Posts, at all times.

"Jack are you alright? Do you realise you look a little.. ..ashen."

"Well that's a look we definitely don't want. You look well by the way. Actually George I had a bit of a rough time yesterday afternoon.. ..but I don't want to go into it right now."

"You just let me know. Any time you want to talk. Anytime Jack. If you need anything. I think you know by now, I look upon you like as a son. If theres something wrong.."

"No really George things are.. ..well you know how things are right now, mining, sort of. But thanks.. ..pops."

They we're both laughing again. General Hammond meant what he said. General O'Neill knew that he meant it. It was a nice feeling, for both of them.

The lift stopped at Level twenty.

"Your stop George. You've got friends waiting to see you. I come back up for you in half an hour."

~ Ц Ҧ Ξ Φ ∏ Φ Λ Λ λ ω Π ~

"Nice to see yoou."

"Looks like Washington's treating you well General."

"I've settled in nicely, but I do miss not having all of you around."

"Sir the feelings mutual."

"You could always come back here General. You could join SG-1. We have an opening don't you know. But theres only two possible candidates for the job, you or.."

"Jack. That's very kind of you Doctor Jackson, and I'll take it into consideration."

"It would be very good to have you back at The SGC General Hammond."

"Thank you son. Hows everything going Teal'c?"

"It is going well General Hammond, however there is presently a sadness over the Base from our recent loss."

"Yes of course, of course. But thank g_d you all managed to deal with the enemy."

"Yes General Hammond we did. We eliminated the Nebulium threat."

"Very good. And how are you personally son."

"I am in very good health. My tretonin sustains me sufficiently, and I am by now becoming accustomed with the choice of Kel Noreem."

"I'm pleased to hear it. And you feel the benefits of it do you?"

"I do indeed General Hammond. It is most pleasing to be detached from the evil entity of a Goa'uld."

"Oh good news. Very good. And lets hope eventually we find a way for you to survive even without the drug."

"That is a day I look forward to General Hammond. We have this morning been in the special storage area of Special Stores in the lower Base."

"Ah. Oh yes, NID."

"I believe so General Hammond."

"Well it's a sad day for us all to have to let them back in here. But sometimes for the sake of sound development certain distasteful things have to be endured. The lesser of two evils."

"Yes, indeed General Hammond, suffer the hardship of contact with the NID or alternatively suffer the hardship of insufficient Special Stores and other needs."

"Bang on the nail Teal'c. Colonel I've been hearing lots of good reports about yoou."

"Oh really General, good reports.. ..because shes been driving us like slaves."

"I'm quite sure Colonel Carter has been providing you with bread and water though, hasn't she Doctor Jackson, because otherwise that would be contravening our 'go easy' staff charter."

"Colonel Carter has indeed been doing an excellent job."

"Yep she has General, and we're all proud of her."

"Why thank you men."

"You're welcome Sam."


"And I understand you were left in charge of the Base earlier in the week?"

"Oh, em, oh you know about that Sir?"

"Yes I do. Well I know about the meeting that General O'Neill had to attend. He felt quite at ease having left the Base in your charge."

"Really General. He said that did he?"

"Yes he did. He did say that. Anyway Colonel we're all very please with your work. And I'm looking forward to receiving todays Reports on the Nebulium situation. Hopefully we'll be able to find em.. ..we'll be able to put a foot forward."

"That's what we're aiming for Sir. Things are looking more favourable. We've got a lot more information now, so we're able to build a much clearer picture."

"Well lets hope so. And Doctor Jackson I believe you've been extremely busy over the last few days. How are things with you?"

"General, em yeah I've been extremely busy but its been good though, its all been good, em, and we've actually managed to get through all the work we've been faced with. Oh you know your friend, Professor Heslop.. ..Professor Eamon, hes gone back to 51."

"I believe so yes. He speaks very highly of you Doctor Jackson."

"Really? He is a very nice man to work with, and hes brilliant in his field."

"Hes been at that for a very long time Doctor Jackson. Yes he was very impressed with you."

"I'm happy to hear that General, it means a lot, thanks for telling me."

"You're welcome son. Any word on your grandfather today Doctor Jackson?"

"Em yeah actually Sir, a couple of hours ago. Hes em, he is stabilised now. And em theres been a slight improvement. In fact they're quite optimistic now that hes going to recover. Its going to take a fair amount of time but they think that he stands a good chance. I think.. ..I'm hoping for the best General."

"And we're hoping with you as well son."

"Thanks. Thank you General, thank you."

"How are you all finding the new Team dynamics. It must be very different just having a three Op Team."

"Like I said General Hammond, SG-1, we do have an opening."

"But only for certain people I understand Doctor Jackson."

"Theres nothing wrong with that is there General?"

"No Colonel Carter, not at all. You all seem to have taken up the slack extremely well. You're operating as good as, or much better, than the four people Teams."

"General Hammond we would of course prefer to have our former Team mate, our colleague and friend with us on all Missions."

"Yes I'm sure you would Teal'c. Yes of course you would. Em, progression."

"Yes indeed progression."

"Well that's what they call it but it doesn't always feel like that."

"No it doesn't does it Doctor Jackson."

"Well I'm sure Jack knows theres always a place for him back on our Team.. ..if he wants a little more excitement."

"Sir whats it like working with General Greer?"

"Hannah Greer is a long time serving General."

"I know Sir, but whats it like working with her?"


"Oh, care to elaborate Sir?"

"I care, but I wont elaborate today Colonel."

"Does that mean you're having fun Sir?"

"Happy days Colonel Carter. Fun filled happy days."

"Oh em, General I believe Major Davis has been transferred to TIGETS, he must be pleased about that?"

"Well Doctor Jackson we're all pleased about that. Over the years hes proven himself to be hard working and earnest. Yes a welcomed and well desired transfer. Hes an invaluable member of our Organisation. Yous know what hes capable of. Added to which he has in-depth knowledge of The SGC and hes up to speed on Alpha, Beta and Atlantic. All in all we're very happy with him on board. Makes for plainer sailing."

"Sir what are your digs like there?"

"Subterranean Colonel. Subterranean and high tech."

"What Sir like this place?"

"Err Noo. Different. For a start we don't have anywhere near as many Levels, we've only got two. And lets not forget you're on the front line here. At least in Washington, whenever the doorbell rings you don't need a Squadron full of armed men all rushing at once to answer the door."

"Oh yeah, you tend to forget about that, you sort of get use to those things don't you General?"

"Don't you just."

"Ah, papa bear and the cubs."





"Well General, news that you're on Base has spread quick. You're wanted in other quarters now. Looks like your going to have to inspect the troops. Okay kids, General Hammond and I have things to do, places to go, people to see.., Briefing Room in one."

"Yes Sir, one hour, we'll see you there."

"Long day ahead Jack."

"Sure is."

"Indeed it will be a very strenuous few hours."

"General O'Neill has informed me of how hard all of you have worked to prepare this presentation."

"Its been a difficult ride this one Sir."

"Yes George they've really done well, and once this is all over, once this is all behind us, I'm taking them all on a weekend fishing trip to my favourite lake in Minnesota."

"Oh, a fishing trip, Sir thats.. ..lovely, but its really not necessary, really, its really not, just doing our job Sir."

"That's right Jack, no reward necessary, we'd do it all again.. ..just for you."

"Indeed O'Neill. We performed our duty out of obligation and friendship. Payment, reward is absolutely not necessary."

"No really, I insist. A fishing trip.. ..or peanuts and a game."

"Ou Jack, which game?"

"Yes O'Neill there are many games I wish to watch."

"Ah Sir a game, that'd be great, love to General."

"You can come as well George?"

"Thank you Jack, I'd love to join yous, I've missed quite a lot of games this season."

"No, not a game George.. ..the fishing trip!"


~ Λ λ ω Π Φ Ψ ⋰ ≅ ⋯ ~

~ ѫ Δ ≈ Π χ ψ  ⋇  ∵ ⊎ ~


"..Does it work?"




"Will it work?"





"We have the ingredients now Sir.

Tests were conducted on the Skull taken and subsequently returned to P7X 377. They looked at its usual macroscopic characteristics, refraction, roto and in versions, rotations. I'm told they also studied its conduction and piezo though not pyro electrical properties. Class was established, its system, and they verified the unification of the atomic stacking.

Anyway, they didn't come up with even a fizzle. This time all the stops have been pulled out. We've applied physics, astro and high energy physics and geochemistry to the determination of the golden coloured Crystal Skull. The one recently brought back from P7X 377 by Nicolas Ballard. It was.."

"Dr Lee?"

"Oh err, I thought I'd just bring the room up to date on the.."

"Look Lee, you're doing a grand job, super, but we're all extremely busy right now. You may have noticed some commotion around you, around the Base, that's a code enforcement. Trust me, everyone in this room is up to date. Unless you have something constructive.."

"Oh err.. ..General, Generals. Yes, right, we now have complementary materials in the shape and form of samples recovered by Major Pierce and his group, from the dig site in Cuello, Belize, the place Nicolas Ballard found the Ballard Skull.

These, together with examinations using the very latest super-sensitive analytical tools, if you remember the second day Mr Equalsee was here, he left to go and use the electron mono chromator and synchrotron, this provided us extremely helpful, real-time data on the atomic structure."

General O'Neill whispered to General Hammond.

"Dig in George. Take you're shoes off if you like."

"The real breakthrough came when Colonel Carter made the discovery. That was actually the same day Mr Equalsee took the Skull off Base for the second time. He brought back truly incredible results.."

General O'Neill quietly left his seat and headed towards his office. He indicated for Lieutenant Bowkervale to enter his office using the corridor access.

"Whats up?"

"General I'm sorry to disturb you but you did say you wanted to be notified when the NID telephoned."

"Yes I did.."

"Sir they're holding on line seven."

"Okay. Get back onto them, tell them I'm busy, whos callin'?"

"Sir an agent Peanna."

"Tell her I'm in a meeting, find out the details of the D.C. conference and keep her on the line for confirmation."

Lieutenant Bowkervale went back to his office and General O'Neill waited in his office for the aide to report back. He silently opened the Briefing Room door. Words were pelting out of Doctor Lee's mouth with no sign of let up…..

"..along with the optical instruments he used Differential Scanning Calorimetry, DSC, which is an excellent tool for that specific.."

He quickly closed the door shut.

"Sir, day after tomorrow, a.m. Washington, D.C."

"Splendid Lieutenant, done."

"Sir I'll confirm an O ten hundred hours meet for you. I'll make a note in your appointments book."

"Okay.. ..but you will remind me as well?"

"Definitely Sir."

As quietly as he left the Briefing Room, he returned. Doctor Lee was still talking.

"..electron microprobe analysis. It happens when the element is bombarded by electrons. I understand to obtain these results he used both neutron and X-ray radiation diffraction. I haven't actually seen the machines Mr Equalsee used but I beli.."

"Shiver mi timbers Lee, lets have it!!"

"Oh err, yes Sir. Samples have been analysed by Mr Equalsee, Doct.. ..Colonel Carter, Teal'c, Doctor Jackson and myself, we have the results. Oh, in the first place I should say the material the golden Crystal Skull is made out of is Apophy."

"Apophis!! The Crystal Skull is made out of Apophis??"

"No General, Doctor Jackson thinks it could be named after him though, Apophy, Apophylite. It's a silicate, it stacks in the tetragonal crystallographic system class of Ditetragonal Dipyramidal. And very interestingly it contains both the metal elements, potassium and sodium."


"Apophy is one of the ingredients to get the Skull, this Skull, working. Doctor Jackson worked with Svi and Teal'c on everything brought back from Belize, and from that they found another of the required ingredients in those samples. Doctor Jackson?"

"Sure. Thanks Bill. Svi left the day after Professor Heslop. Before he went Sam ran through the Skullduggery Report with him. All his findings are present and accounted for. Plus you've just been given a very detailed account of the methods he used.

Okay, the temple, pyramid, where Nick found the Ballard Skull, SG-6 and 15 found it using geothermal.. ..whatnots. Its been almost completely levelled, theres really not much left of it at all. Major Pierce brought back samples of the stone work as well as grasses and plant life that had built up against the main concentration of stones.. ..rubble. We have soil samples and rock specimens, the nearest protruding rock etc.

Sam thought it would be a good idea to bring back a couple of jars full of air taken from more or less round the main concentration of where the em, I expect the main central part of the pyramid would have stood.

Ingredients! Yeah right, okay. Iridium! A fair amount of it. It's a member of the platinum group metals. Its possibly the densest element on Earth. Its also extra-terrestrial in origin. Did I mention it's a metallic element, just like potassium and sodium.

Iridium, it means rainbow, you know the things the Ancients and Asgard were thought to travel by."

"Doctor Jackson I don't see the significance. If you're saying Major Pierce brought iridium back in his sample bag.. ..I mean after all isn't there supposed to be a layer of iridium covering the Earth, well a sedimentary layer in the Earth's crust. The K em, the K.."

"You're right about that Major Davies, that layer, K-T Boundary, is settled in between the Tertiary and Cretaceous eras. The iridium deposit in the K-T is ejecta.. ..fall out from 'the devil's tail', the 'Chicxulub' meteor."

"Doctor Jackson Chicxulub is by the site of the largest meteor impact, on the Yucatan peninsula, not so far from Belize?"

"Yeah General, that's where it landed. Scientists attribute that meteor with the extinction of the Dinosaur."

"But Doctor Jackson I'm still not.."

"Yeah yeah sorry Major Davis. Major Pierce didn't bring us back samples of the K-T boundary, no, he brought us back a one meter deep, 3" dia, pole section of soil.. That's where Svi found heavy deposits of iridium. We only have sections from around the ruin so we can't compare content with samples from further afield. But as far as ingredients go, we didn't have any iridium in the lab when we tested the P7X 377 Skull. But now with the golden Skull we have iridium.

"You think that could be the spark we've been looking for Daniel?"

"The spark or the match Jack, definitely significant. Turns out the Cavern, P7X 377 pyramid is full of iridium as well as the other metal stuff..

..The golden Crystal Skull, by the way we've only discovered one Skull, Nick's Skull, of this particular ilk on Earth. Svi said the coloration in the Skulls, pinkish, golden, he said its due to trace elements."

"Daniel I thought the Skull was just made of crystal, well made of itself."

"It was Jack.. ..until we looked deeper, a lot lot deeper. Sam will fill you in on that in a bit. We think these trace elements, another ingredient, are in actual fact the main ingredient!

Anyway, back then the Skulls would have been placed in pyramids, temples, in fairly cool conditions, even in the hot day temperatures, inside the pyramids themselves would have been very cool, due in part to the type of construction material, thick solid brick.. ..stone.

Previously, when we studied the P7X 377 Skull, we did so in labs where the room temperature was many many more degrees higher than what it would have been in the natural pyramid surrounds of Mesoamerica a couple of thousand years ago.

Okay now given that fact, Sam had a brain wave, which has since led to some staggering discoveries, em, leaps and bounds.

Sam I think its probably best if we hear about your discovery from you, maybe throw in an overview of the Skullduggery Report."

"Yep. Thanks Daniel, Doctor Lee.

Generals. Basically I was considering Major Pierce's observations that although the weather was very hot during their short expedition in Cuello, the temperature inside the remainder of pyramid ruin was considerably cooler.

Mesogenic Sirs!"

"Nutshell parlance if you will Colonel."

"Sir we were reading elements which weren't evidently present. As Svi pointed out, the coloration in the Skull is due to trace elements. Unyet all our initial analyses reveal that apart from Apophy no other elements where present. This was the first give away that we weren't picking up something that must actually be incorporated into the composition of the Crystal Skull. We then introduced a thermal environment to represent conditions in the pyramid during the Mayan period.

Sirs when we studied the P7X 377 Crystal Skull we never considered the fact that the Crystal Skull itself possessed more than one state."

"It does?"

"Yes Sir it does. Liquid Crystal Sir. Mesogenic."

"That's what now?"

"Sir this discovery meant that every characteristic element we'd examined up to that point applied only to the Skull in its solid state."

"Liquid crystal Colonel Carter, wouldn't the Skull turn to ..?"

"..Mulch, no Sir. Even though its not solid its also not liquid. The Skull's liquid crystal phase has strong orientational but weak positional order. The golden Crystal Skull's mesogens, molecules, have a high intrinsic orientational order so its mesogenic state, its liquid crystal phase, is nigh impossible to detect.

Sirs, a whole new world is opened up to us when we examine the Crystal Skull at much lower temperatures. Its mesogenic state has revealed the trace elements that were not evident in the solid state.

As Doctor Lee mentioned, in detail, Svi subjected the golden Skull to all manner of atomic imaging. As well as discovering the trace elements present in the Skull we have also discovered a number of its subphases.. ..morphism. Daniel, thanks."

Daniel livened up the projector and showed a couple of slides of scanned images of molecular structure. They sort of looked like pictures of old flaking paint off a dry rot door, but in magnified high resolution, very high and very magnified.

"Thanks Daniel. I should point out that strictly speaking the Skull does not conform to thermotropic mesophasing, The Skull's crystal is neither enantiotropic or monotropic.."

"Thanks for that Carter because I tell ya, I was just wondering about that very same point."

"Interesting isn't it Sir?"

The General didn't say a word but the Colonel read his lips, 'hurry up Carter'.

"Okay moving on. Using optical polarizing microscopy we can see from the images the Apophy mesogens are lined up in this direction. Now its between these gaps, these layers here that we find one of those subphases I mentioned."

General O'Neill looked like he wanted to ask how long was this going on for, but instead he sat tight. Colonel Carter talked them through a computer driven simulation of the Crystal Skull's phase transition as the laboratory room temperature was reduced. You really could see things, atoms and stuff, moving and changing inside the golden coloured Crystal Skull.

If was very encouraging for everyone in the Briefing Room. They had come under attack from a new emerging enemy, the Nebulium. Getting the upper hand was something they were all pushing hard for. The SGC big brains had done an extremely cracking job.

"Generals, inside one of the Crystal Skull's subphases we've discovered another mineral. Its Moldavite and it is not in liquid crystal phase, its solid state. Absolutely amazing. It practically hides itself from view, it lines up in between the Apophy molecules in such a way you could almost call these Moldavite molecules 'sleepers'.

Moldavite is extremely rare on Earth, seems to be named after the Vltava ( Moldau) river valley in old Czechoslovakia, that's where amounts of the mineral have been found on our planet. Its extra terrestrial in origin and yes Daniel just like the iridium it contains impurities, metals, in particular potassium and sodium. Moldavite doesn't have its own crystal system as its amorphous.. ..amorphous glass, silica."

"So Colonel are you saying theres something inside the Crystal Skull?"

"Em, err.. ..General Hammond.."

"Carter that is what you've just said isn't it?"

"Em, yes Sir, its just that em.."


"Well it.. ..putting it like that, it sounds so simple."

"Yeah, nice in'it?"


She laughed, appreciating that even her nutshell parle needed a lot more than an average set of tungsten nutcrackers to get beyond the sciential and onto the simple denotation of her words.. ..the bottom line if you will.

"Colonel Carter is there any significance here, you mentioned the coloration but does this elusive element actually do anything?"

"Yes General it does an awful lot. We believe without it the Skulls would not qualify as transportation devices. You could say that once we work out the Skull perturbations we could, theoretically, get it to work."

"Can we build our own Crystal Skull?"

"Sir crystals build up one atom at a time. Yes we can build, grow our own crystal skull, well crystal and then have it cut into the shape of a skull. But it wouldn't be a teleportation device. The difficulty, and I do stress difficulty, would be to replicate the insertion of Moldavite molecules and have them sit precisely between the layers of Apophy molecules. Judging by the highly, highly ultra-sophisticated way in which the golden Skull has be designed, atomically, we can't copy it's mesophases. General theres no way on Earth we could ever replicate it."

"We know a lot of places now Carter, maybe we can't build it one Earth but how about one of our allies?"

"The great races, that's always a yes. But convincing them to build one for us.. for our other allies, Sir I'm not even sure the Tollen could replicate it, but then they always seem to end up surprising us."

"Yes they do Colonel. Right so we can't make one, but you think you can get this one fired up?"

"Yes Sir we can. Weights and measures General. As Doctor Lee said earlier, we have the ingredients. We've studied all of Svi's work and now believe we know how the Skull operates. The occurrence of meteoroidal amorphus Moldavite molecules interacts with the Skull's Apophy in such a way that when the Skull is charged.. ..enters into a mesophasal conversion, the Moldavite particles interfere with the Crystal Skull's birefringant properties. The Moldavite makes the Skull transmit certain wavelengths and absorb others.

The Moldavite arrests the perpendicular, the slower stream of polarised light passing through the Skull when the Skull fires up. This action effectively barricades the flow of light and refracts it along a synthetic route, direction. Hence the massive display of lights shooting out in all directions when the Skulls charged.

Generals, Sirs, We believe this creates a type of directed filter system within the Skull in which only certain light, electro-magnetic energy, is allowed to pass through. The light.., that is allowed to pass through doubtless emerges through a receiving Skull at some other destination. The receiving Skull translates the light signature into material energy. A traveller.

Who knows how many Skulls there are. There could be many crystal pathways to countless human.. ..iod colony's located at Nine Chevron addresses.. ..I mean extra galactic places outside our system."

"Very informative Carter. Excellent work, all of you. Very well done."

"Obviously a tremendous amount of work has gone into this Report, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome, well done people."

"Thank you Sirs, it wasn't easy but we all pitched in."

The Briefing Room was full. All the SG Team leaders were present. And there were people from Research and also Logistics, as well as a few people from the labs on twenty and twenty one.

"Daniel can you tie up please."

"Yep will do, thanks Sam."

"Well you've now all had everything we've got on the Skull. Yes we will make it work, just a mater of time and Bill's got his Team working fast on that."

Colonel Carter noticed General O'Neill. He appeared to be agitated. He was lightly knocking his left hand against the table. kneading it, and bending his fingers forwards and backwards,



Without paying attention to his hand he repeatedly flexed his fingers.


He sat back in his chair.

"Whats up Carter?"

"Your hand Sir, is there something wrong?

He blushed crimson as if caught out on something.

"No its nothing. Pins and needles. Don't worry about it, it'll be alright in a minute, thanks Carter."


Daniel was still wrapping up.

"In relation to the Skull's light filtering method, as Sam said, we suspect the insertion of a second, non crystallic element creates a low pass filter, meaning, natural matter can pass through the crystal. But infected matter will be filter out, it won't be transmitted.. ..teleported.

We think this is why Nick, after using the Crystal Skull to return to Earth, was no longer infected. The infection was essentially cleansed out of him.

This low pass filter may possibly be an unavoidable downfall of aligning these two extra terrestrial elements into one Skull device, as far as the Nebulium are concerned that is. It means they can only travel via Crystal Skull in their raw form. And because of their aversion to our atmosphere, that's actually a very good thing."

High technical tutu was aplenty throughout the whole of this long, tough, Brief. But man o man they, SG-1 and the experts, had done deucedly clever work.

Before closing the Brief the Generals listened to Daniel summarising Teal'c's and his own, as well as Sam's, Bill's and Svi's theorises on transport using the Crystal Skull device.

They would have it that the Ballard Skull, which was still on display and now monitored twenty four seven by TIGETS, in the Smithsonian, can definitely be used to enter the P7X 377 pyramid.

Added to that, Nick had been received back to Earth via the Ballard Skull, that device was therefore a teleportational transceiver, a two way transport device.

They were all certain that Nick used the golden coloured Crystal Skull whilst inside the P7X 377 pyramid, to exit the pyramid. Which would suggest that to get back to Earth from inside the Mayan Pyramid using the golden coloured Crystal Skull as a transportation device, you would actually need two Skulls, one located in the Pyramid, the origin, and one located on Earth, the destination.

A kind of transceiver arrangement.

A bit like the StarGate.


~ Γ ҧ ∞ Ξ ζ ω ≠ ∄ ≅ ≡ ~

~ ω Π Φ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱   ∁ ℑ ℜ Å ~


"We have them?"



"Indeed. O'Neill, we know where they were, we know where they've been, we know where they are."

"Splendid. Lets 'ear it then."

"We have found the Nebulium home world."

"I see from Colonel Carter's interim Report that the Nebulium home world is not in our local galactic system Teal'c."

"That is correct General Hammond. We can now verify that the Nebulium home world is indeed far away from both our 10 million light year Local galactic group and also our Virgo supercluster."

"That's quite a distance son."


"Super far."


"And we can be sure we have the right location?"

"We are Certain General Hammond."

"Checked and double checked George, I'm satisfied."

"Colonel Carter worked long hours to decipher the faded arrangement of line and circle markings found on specific stone blocks outlining the P7X 377 pyramid. Colonel Carter?"

"Teal'c, yeah. Yes Sir we're positive about the location of the Nebulium home world. Sirs the markings Teal'c referred to are a series of dots and bars comprising a basic vigesimal, twenty base counting system. Professor Heslop assured us that this numeric system was in use at the start of the common millennium. Using as translation of one dot equal to decimal five and the line marking to decimal one, we we're able to glean an intentionally scribed range of integers. General's we discovered a Nine Chevron sequence."

"I might add the first in Star Gate Command history, well done everyone and congratulations General O'Neill."


"Thank you Sir!!"

"Sirs, Sergeant Harriman tested the sequence and we established a lock and engaged a wormhole. Knowing the address was live we plotted the celestial coordinates and charted a course to the Nebulium home planet now designated P7E 323.

We had already been searching the southern regions of outer space but had not yet reached that precise location. The images you're seeing on the screen behind me are whats left of the Nebulium multiple star system. The greenish planet.. ..this one, corresponds to the StarGate address."

"Carter are there any Nebulium minkies on the planet?"

"No Sir. Deep space scans show lightwaves emitted from the Nebulium galaxy are shifted towards low frequencies, red shifted. Analysing the light energy emitted by the galaxy can at least give us an indication of its age and size.

For us to determine whether or not theres a hostile environment on the Nebulium home world we conducted a spectragraphical study. Elements each have their own unique spectrum, by studying the colours that were not present in our spectrograph, along with those that were present we've been able to construct a chemical composite of the Nebulium home world.

Sir even for these oxygen shy Nebulium their atmosphere is shot to bits. The gravity is so heavy, we simply wouldn't be able to walk on their planet. Judging from the speedometer reading we took on Level thirty-one A, these humanoids are used to a gravity even heavier than our own. Nitrogen and methane content are very high, but the metal count is low. The planets core temperature is excessively low and the upper atmosphere is carbon dense.

The Nebulium system seems adrift in space. It looks as if the system has entered one of the arms of it's galaxy's spiral and consequently the planet.. ..and planetary system, has become uninhabitable."

"So you're saying no one lives there anymore?"

"Yes Sir I'm saying that."

"Colonel Carter are you saying the reason the Nebulium left their planet is because of some astronomical phenomenon?"

"Well from this distance Major Davis I can't be a hundred percent certain exactly whats happened. There are a number of reasons why a system and a planet within a system would become uninhabitable.

A hyper nova could have clapped out. When a hyper nova kicks off it outputs, for a second or two, more radiation than everything existing in the universe. One of the solar objects in the system, close to the planet in hand, could have entered the final stages of its evolution throwing off a hyper burst, this again would render organic existence mute. Another instance, an entirely unpredictable happening, would be whereby the planet is in the path of a gamma burst, this would take out all life as we know it. "

"What do you think was more likely Colonel?"

"From the data we have collected Major, it does seem as if their star system has entered into the system galaxy's radial arm and that arm is passing through a dense region of space which in turn renders everything in it uninhabitable. Organic life would be unable to survive the encounter. There is the belief that supermassive black holes, invisible stars, exist at the cores of many galaxies. The Nebulium entire system, if in a vulnerable position along the spiral arm, could be in danger of being sucked in."

"Carter is there a chance their home world will pass through this dense region, so they can all go back home."

"General, the time duration in particular depends mainly on two conditions, the smaller the galaxy the quicker it will pass through that region of space. And secondly, relevantly, the size of the area of space yielding the excessive density. Sir our readings show the Nebulium system to be very large, added to which the dense area of space is huge."

"So they won't be going home anytime soon?"

"Doubt it Sir, not in the next million or so years."

"Um, that long. Carter.. ..our solar system's in a spiral galaxy isn't it?"

"Yes General but thankfully our solar system is happily safe from these type of misfortunes."

~ ω Π Φ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱   ∁ ℑ ℜ Å ~

"Okay if you say so. Carter how about the Runic Nine Chevron address. Appraise please."

"Yes Sir, Dialled, locked, engaged and established. Em, we sent the M.A.L.P. through, you've seen the footage and readings. SGs 16, 24 and 25 have been on site, we intended to use the location as a transfer station moving infected personnel via Nine Chevron Dial sequences to Beta Site quarantine.

Sirs its not just the address on this one. Daniel and Teal'c have been quite busy working on an inscription, a Runic inscription.. ..and they've pieced it together. Bottom line General's, they've discovered a new race of Asgard, the Niflheim. They've also managed to tie these Asgard in with the Nebulium. A war-like tie in.

Daniel can you go through this."

"Yeah Sam happy to.

Em yep, as Sam said Teal'c and I have been working on a Runic inscription. Em, its found front pyramid face, ground level. The lower part of the inscription, the signature end, comprised a Nine Chevron StarGate address to the planet Nifla. Nifla is in the Ida galaxy so its not only one of the Asgard protectorates, it is actually an Asgard world. Or should we say it was an Asgard world.

We've been through the M.A.L.P. feedback for this planet Nifla, we've also studied the Reports provided by the SG teams stationed there. They're all back now. I think we can safely say the planet is deserted and destroyed.. ..surface level."

"Daniel the last time we spoke on this you weren't sure the Asgard themselves left the inscription?"

"That's right Jack, err, we weren't sure for a couple of reasons. One was simply because we weren't sure. The other one, curious one, as Teal'c was quick to point out, the upper section of the inscription, an Asgard wouldn't actually have been able to reach up that far. The inscription, its been worked into stone, it covers an area of three and a half square feet worth of face. Its set about two feet of the ground which means that the top of the inscription starts about five and a half feet off the ground. As Teal'c said, an Asgard wouldn't be able to reach that high to legibly scratch into the stone."

"So we can rule the Asgard out Doctor Jackson?"

"We've not been so quick to do that General. I wasn't myself there, but he rest of SG-1 and General Jack as well, saw a big piece of the Asgard genetic past. It wasn't an Asgard as we know them, but Heimdall said it was an Asgard that had been preserved for thirty thousand years. This Asgard stood about two or three feet higher than the Asgard we're use to. It was a clear sign that there maybe different off shoots, different races of the Asgard, some maybe taller, and if that's the case then an Asgard could have scribed this inscription.. a warning."

"A warning?"

"Oh I would say so yeah. It warns of a ghost like plague upon a nation. Oh actually it's a curse."

"Yes Daniel Jackson, it is indeed a curse. The StarGate address was disclosed for all to discover. If one wishes to witness the devastation, the destruction caused by this cloud like plague then they should visit the coordinates."

"But they're Nine Chev coordinates T?"

"They are O'Neill. It seems this branch of the Asgard credited other races with a far greater knowledge of StarGate travel then they in fact do have. Any race with good knowledge of StarGate travel would be aware that inverse operation of the Dial sequence calculation reveals not only the Eight but also the Seven Chevron dial sequence for any StarGate in the StarGate System."

"Yeah, okay, we know.."

"Doctor Jackson are you saying that we do believe the Asgard, these Nifla, I mean Niflheim, left this message?"

"Well apart from the height factor we do Major Davis. Em, we've got evidence of the Goa'uld here, we've got physical evidence on that as well. Also we've got the symbol of.."

"Korosh-Ni Daniel Jackson."

"Thanks Teal'c. we've also got the Goa'uld glyphs. We've got pictographs, the nature of which indicate it was actually the slaves themselves who put them there. And also we've got the other Nine Chevron address which has been carved into the stone in a system used by the Epi-Olmecs.

We just simply can not account for this Runic inscription. It's the Urnordiska Futhark alphabet, it uses all the twenty four characters, the exact same alphabet that the Asgard use. Theres also never ever on Earth been any traces of this alphabet west or east of a wider old Europe I suppose you could say. Its just that who else could have left it."

"The Nebulium?"

"Major Davis it is unlikely that the Nebulium would wish to brag and leave traces of their devastation. It would make further initial contacts difficult to establish."

"But Teal'c the Goa'uld go around everywhere boasting about how evil they are."

"Yes, they do Major Davis. However the Nebulium do not go anywhere. Being tantamount to sitting targets it would be more prudent to keep as quite as possible about their cruel intentions."

"Okay T, good point. Continue Daniel."

"Sure Jack. If it was someone else who'd left if, after ruling out the Nebulium, how on Earth could they know the address of a planet in the Asgard galaxy, they tend to keep their celestial locations very quite."

"So Doctor Jackson we believe the Asgard, this new race of them, were the ones who left the Runic StarGate address?"

"Yes General. It has to have been left there by one of the older, more technically sophisticated races. The other thing is theres only two signs of evidence of knowledge of the StarGate system apparent amongst all the markings found on the pyramid structure. The Goa'uld and Runic symbols and glyphs. All the other markings we've come across show no knowledge of the StarGate travel. None of this is indicative of Nebulium source.. ..but then theres actually no trace whatsoever of the Nebulium either inside or outside of the structure.. ..none at all."

"But they are they're?"

"Oh yes George, they are definitely there. So now it seems that we've got ourselves a bunch of tallish Asgard.."

"Yeah Jack, tall and possibly aggressive."

"Indeed O'Neill, very aggressive. The curse refers to the Asgard intentions against the Nebulium. It is most unpleasant."

"Teal'c in all the SGC Reports I've read, I've never come across the planet Nifla or the Neb, I'm sorry is it.. ..oh here it is, the Niflheim."

"Neither have I Major Davis. I myself have never heard of this group of Asgard. Asgard has always been meant as a place to aspire to, a place of the G_ds. However Niflheim seems to be a place of hell. A race of hell."

"And why do we know the Nebulium were at this Nifla planet son?"

"Because General Hammond, the Niflheim Asgard have said so in their inscription in their description of the terror and decimation brought forth by the Nebulium."

"Right, right I see."

"So that's that then, there we have it."

"Jack has Thor still not gotten back to you?"

"Not yet General. Seems like hes err, still out of the office."

"I find that very unusual Jack. I've never known Thor not to reply, not to respond to one of your calls."

"Well theres always a first time George.. ..I suppose."

"Jack did you read copies of the messages we've sent out to the Asgard?"

"Yeah I did, I did Daniel. Yah, I know you mentioned P7X 377 in your transmissions. And I know you described the Nebulium. They will get back to us but.. ..I think you were right Teal'c, about them avoiding us on this one."

"General O'Neill do the Asgard know we've had SG Teams stationed on the planet Nifla?"

"Yeah they do Davis. I sent a personal message to Thor to let him know on that score. So um.."

"Colonel Carter has General Carter been back in contact with us regarding the Nebulium?"

"No hes not Major. The last time we spoke, which was a couple of days ago, he was still waiting to meet with this Minor Goa'uld who seems to know something of the Goa'uld's history with the Nebulium. They think my father's a Minor Goa'uld so he may well be able to get the information we're after. Hes been treading very carefully because apparently this subject is an extremely sore point. He'll get back to us as soon as he can."

"Okay, Thank you."

"So we've got two races, possibly three with this Asgard off-shoot, who've been in contact with the Nebulium, and they're refusing to talk about it, um."

"Were there any other StarGate addresses on the pyramid?"

"There were none Major Davis. There were a great many markings to be found around the structure face. Master Sergeant Siler has collected images of all the markings. Careful consideration of these images has revealed only two number sequences. Two Nine Chevron StarGate addresses."

"You must excuse me Teal'c but I can't quite see how from this we're suddenly able to Dial any place in the galaxy using a Nine Chevron address, or outside the galaxy for that matter, using a Nine Chevron address, especially since we've only got two addresses."

"Indeed Major Davis it may not be immediately clear to you. We do now have the ability to locate and engage StarGates both intra galactic and extra galactic using Nine and Eight Chevron StarGate addresses."

"Yeah Teal'c but how?"

"Major Davis, Colonel Carter has been arranging the numbers of both the Nine Chevron addresses and also the Eight Chevron address in our possession. She has been very keen in her equations and unravelling of a particular polytope, the tesseract. It is these equations that yield to us the ability to Dial many more locations around the universe."

"Fantastic. Thanks Teal'c."

~ ω Π Φ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱   ∁ ℑ ℜ Å ~

"And we use this tessa what?"

"Tesseract Jack."

"We use that one to bring up the Eight Chevron Gate addresses?"

"No sir, absolutely not. Sir I obtained the three dimensional tesseract by unravelling a four dimensional hypercube, hyperflatting it's.."

"Jeepers creepers Carter, I tell ya, your starting to unravel me with all of this.. ..come on lets skip to the juicy bits."

"Summary Sir. We're using the tesseract in order to engage a sub-space from the already created subspace of the Seven Chevron sequence. The Eighth Chevron deals with coordinates of the already establish Seven Chevroned wormhole.

The Eight Chevron StarGate addresses are based around the same formula used for Seven Chevron addresses."

"Colonel Carter I thought when you plot a location you use the six sides of a cube?"

"That's right Major, of course along with the point of origin. We take the six stellar coordinates, StarGate glyphs, and translate them to represent spatial integers. We set those integers to the six sides of a three dimensional object, the cube."

"But wouldn't you need an extra side to the cube? An Eight Chevron address needs seven sides of a cube. Seven points."

"Well Major that would be a funny looking cube, but I understand what you mean. In this case we plot all seven integers to the eight vertices of the three dimensional cube."

"Leaving one vertex free?"

"Em, actually no. As well as retaining its position outside the equation, the integer representing the point of origin is mapped to the seventh vertex. Its necessary to extend the wormhole beyond a galactic gravity.

So to complete the calculations we weigh in the seventh point, the eighth integer, the Eighth Chevron, which will influence the point of destination. In this way we can cut into subspace and establish a wormhole in any location in or out of our galaxy. That is, any location capable of forming a white hole, the back end of the wormhole. A receiving StarGate. A StarGate."

"So if we use this formula to create StarGate addresses, providing theres a StarGate at the location we'll be able to establish a wormhole?"

"Yes Major."

"Jack you never said anything about this."

"Wanted to surprise you George."

"Surprised, I'm knock out. This is like having the golden key to the door."

"Theres a little bit more George, then we can all calculate ourselves to the mess."

"You do realise you've just thrown tremendous weight behind our organisation. I'll have General Greer report this to Mr Senior as soon as I get back."

"You know George, somehow I thought you'd enjoy this Brief."

"Very much General."

"Great. Thanks Colonel, carry on."

"Thank you Sir.

Now to form a Nine Chevron wormhole we have an additional integer to work into the calculations. In this instance we're not only directing the wormhole's destination, we're also directing a subspace created from a four dimensional point in space time into an Nth dimensional subspace creation.

Essentially we're incorporating the parameters of the Ninth Chevron by dropping the established Seven Chevron wormhole out of a four dimensional established subspace and into an Ninth Chevron Nth dimension sub subspace."

"I'll just take a few notes here Colonel. Let me just verify with you Carter, you can work out Nine Chevron StarGate addresses?"

"Yes sir, yes we can."


"Generals, the way in which we calculate the Nine Chevron addresses is based on the master mathematics of the Ancient's. We set the celestial location coordinates for all eight points to the hyperplanes of the tesseract. The ninth point, the seventh integer, point of origin, remained measured out of the tesseract but was incorporated into mathesis on the four dimensional cube.. ..polytope, hypercube."

"Yah, as I said Colonel, notes, short version if you would."

"But Colonel what if you don't actually have a Nine Chevron address?"

"Well General at this time we have two Nine Chevron addresses for extra galactic locations. But every single StarGate in the system has a Nine Chevron address."

"New discovery George, sweet isn't it?"

"Pure honey Jack."

"In answer to your question General, we can derive the address with inverse operation. We back step through the equations used to verify the two addresses we have. For the Niflheim and also the Nebulium home worlds. By inverse operation we were able to apply the same arithmetic procedure to the addresses we have listed in our Dialling computer.

Walters been inputting that data in to a special program. Hes been running a Dial sequencer on all the addresses we've so far managed to calculate. Sirs in every case we've establish a lock."


"Colonel this is excellent news. Exceptional!"

"Thank you Sir. SG-1 and the StarGate Diagnostics and Maintenance Teams have worked extremely hard on this one. We can't actually travel by Ninth Chevron, yet, but there may be a way to use this knowledge to our advantage."


"Don't know yet Sir."

"Cater I take it every StarGate has an Eight Chevron address as well?"

"Yes Sir it does. Every StarGate has a Seven, Eight and Nine Chevron address. To use both the Nine and the Eight Chevron addresses you have to Dial out of the galaxy and once outside you then Dial back into the destination.

We've calculated a number of Eight Chevron addresses based on random sets of celestial coordinates, converted into spatial integers. Walters worked those addresses into the special program that was created to handle this task, hes running it all off a stand alone. These new Eight Chevron addresses have been tested and I'm happy to report that they to are coming up as wormhole established."

"Ninth Chevron mathesis eh, Carter whats the implications of this?"

"Well Sir it could have tremendous implications for us.."


"How so Colonel?"

"Well not so much with the Ninth Chevron itself. But with Eight Chevron travel, which we are free to do.. ..Sir, we now know basically how to find planets, moons etc that have a StarGate, anywhere in the universe, providing we can first gather the celestial coordinates. Sirs who knows what resources are out there. What societies."

"And you think there may be something out there Colonel?"

"Well yes hopefully Sir. Up to now all the three proven extra galactic StarGate addresses we possess have lead to either nowhere as in the case of Othalla, or to desolate wastelands as in the case of Nifla and the Nebulium home world."

"Ah so, not such a good start eh Carter. Look on the bright side will you, you've succeeded in opening up a heck of a lot of doors.. ..Gates."

"Thanks Sir. I'm confident theres something out there."

"As am I Colonel Carter."

"I agree Sam."

"Given the size of the universe, and all the things I've read in your Reports, I definitely second that Colonel, theres got to be something alive outside our known galaxy."

"I'm sure you're right Colonel, we're not alone."

"Something, out there. Some one I hope Carter."

"Yes sir. Some one.. ..out there."

~ ω Π Φ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱   ∁ ℑ ℜ Å ~

"Yah.. the meantime we have to take measures in case someone out there wants to come in here without an appointment. Teal'c, Siler, hows the oxygen delivery system in the Gate Room?"

"It is constructed O'Neill. Sergeant Siler and his Team have affixed a number of high pressure nozzles onto the walls of the Gate Room. Sergeant Siler can inform you in more detail."

"Oh yeah Teal'c, thanks. Sir we've got a little system of twenty two jets, nozzles, which will give us almost two dozen jet streams of oxygen, all flying in the direction of the StarGate. It will only be activated after the subspace vortex has retracted itself. Its got to be a manual engagement.

We considered the speed of these creatures. I haven't seen the footage myself yet but both Teal'c and Doctor Jackson provided the figures for the speed of these aliens, em what we've worked out is that they wouldn't be able to jump more than twenty feet high into the air. Em, therefore we've put a couple of nozzles higher up to cover an area of up to about twenty six feet from the floor of the Gate Room. The delivery's rapid. Yes Sir it will do its job.

If we have any Eight or Nine Diallings the system will be activated and also if we have anyone coming in without a standard code the system will be activated. If the base goes into Active Status Code, as we are now, the system is activated with every incoming wormhole. Its all in hand General."

"Thanks Siler nice one. Teal'c how are we doing with this Griff machine?"

"Because the Gate Room has to be kept clear at all times we've stored the devices within easy access in the Gate Room annex. We have six Griff devices ready for immediate use, located to the left as you enter the annex from within the Gate Room. With an incoming wormhole two members of the Gate Room Defence Team will stand attention at the Griff device location, it is their duty to quickly distribute the devices should they be required."


"Jack can I help, do you need anything."

"Thanks George, after this last run in we've got things knuckled down round here. As you've seen we've still got the Code Seventeen perimeter locked down. Those minkies aren't getting in.. ..or out of here."

"Whats your next step?"

"Lets discuss it over lunch, my shout."

"Delighted Jack!"


~ Ґ Ω √ Ξ γ λ μ   ⊇ ∪ ⊎ ℜ Å ~

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~


"..Does it really matter?"

"Of course it does."


"I don't know."

"Daniel Jackson is trying to create a theory O'Neill."

"T do you mean prove a theory?"

"No. He is currently in the commission of collecting together all of the applicable pieces in order that he may then create a single theory."

"Oh I see. Okay, so just explain to me why its important."

"Jack, nobody seems to agree with me, except Teal'c whos been giving me a lot of support. I'm, we're sure that the colour stone slabs dotted all over the place round the pyramid mean something."

"Something Daniel?"


"Something what?"

"I'm not altogether quite sure but I do think its some kind of err, um.. ..message."

"Ah, from who and to whom?"

"We are uncertain O'Neill."

"Professor Heslop, Professor Eamon, hes sending some reference material over. The series of pictographs Teal'c's been examining.."

"Yeah, the weather report, right?"

"Em, yeah. We think these, together with the colour stone slabs may mean something."

"Okay Daniel I'll accept that, and what do you want me to do about it?"

"Well, right now Sams busy with Bill Lee, shes fully absorbed with getting the Skull fired up. So what I want to do is, me and Teal'c and maybe just one unit, go in on a very quick Mission to the pyramid. We only need to take scrapings off a couple of the colour stones and from a few of the surrounding slabs, so we'll be able to compare them, and then we'll come straight back."

"Oh you want to go to the 377 pyramid?"


"Err really, you want to go there?"


"Nice try!"

"Oh come on Jack, we'll be quick."


"Daniel Jackson feels such a trip is necessary in order to obtain grains of masonry."


"Jack if we can just get there, get these samples, it might well tell us something that Siler's images aren't doing."

"Hah, I see. And will you be wanting to travel there by the Ninth Chevron as well, just for the ride?"

"If that's what it takes."

"Look Daniel, you must know theres no way on Earth that I'm gonna let you go. you know that right?"

"Well.. ..em.. ..well Jack, I felt sure once I'd explained the importance of this you'd concede."

"But you haven't explained the importance of it Daniel.. ..come to think of it, seems like you haven't explained anything at all, I don't know, have you?"

Daniel and Teal'c were in General O'Neill's office. Daniel was convinced that taking samples from the colour slab masonry and also from other surrounding blocks, would reveal that the colour slabs were of a different age to the rest of the pyramid brick work. As Teal'c said, Daniel was trying to create a theory. He had the pieces but he just couldn't quite fit them together. By establishing the colour slabs were of a different age to the main construction, that might just be enough for him to knit his findings into a feasible idea.

"Jack the thing is we've been constantly monitoring the situation of P7X 377, theres absolutely no movement whatsoever outside the pyramid. We think the Nebulium may not even be able to come out of the pyramid. So.. ..I can't really see a problem."

"No of course you can't Daniel. I can see a problem in having to turn everything upside down to come and look for the two of you. Did you say none of these colour slabs were on ground level?"

"Yeah that's right Jack, they start two storeys up."

"I'm not going to be able to help you in that case."

"Why, why what was you thinking?"

"I was actually thinking if maybe somehow we could get a M.A.L.P. in there, take a sample for you. The U.A.V., it can flyby but it can't take a sample. Without the M.A.L.P., nope I'm sorry, nothing I can do."

"But Jack?"

"Daniel Lookahh. Ou, Ahh! Okay that's it, that's it. Later!"

"Jack what is it?"

"Nothing. Nothing, thanks, see you laterrrhhh. Ehh."

"What are you talking about see you later?"

"Yes Daniel Jackson we must leave."

"I'm not going anywhere Teal'c."

"Daniel! Finished! That's it. You can't go! You can not go. Over! That's it, meetin's finished, see yaaahhh! Aahh."

"Jack whats wrong with you?"

"Nothing! Daniel nothing. Just close the door on the way out!"

"Yes we will. Thank you O'Neill."

"Ta, see ya."

The General, with arms outstretched down to either side of his desk's leather rimmed ink blotter, was leaning heavily and grimacing in pain. He flopped down into his red wingback exec chair. Teal'c opened the office door.

"After you Daniel Jackson."

"After me! Me? Teal'c I'm not going anywhere. We're not leaving this office!"

Daniel ran at Teal'c, took the door handle off him and pushed the door to, closed. He lent back against the door and stared angrily at General O'Neill.

"Okay Jack forget the pyramid, scrap it. Whats going on? Whats wrong? Are you in pain? Whats wrong with you?"

"Daniel Jackson I insist we must leave, now."

"Teal'cccc!!.. ..I insist we don't leave. Jack we're not going anywhere!"

"Daniel, please just go.."

"Sorry Jack no can do."

"Daniel look, I'm asking you as a friend, please just go now."

"Jack, I'm telling you as a friend, we're not leaving you."

"I mean it Daniel, leave nowwwaahhh. Aahh. Aahhh."


"Ahh gad damn. No, no, tttsssuuu, ouu!"

The General was breathing rapidly and heavy but trying to maintain a rhythm. He remembered Cauac. He remembered how the pain had left him the last time. He remembered how is heart beat had turned to normal. He began to breath heavily in and out, deep, deep, deep, in and out, in and out. He kept breathing, deeply. Daniel remained completely silent.

Teal'c was concerned and on guard. The General was behind his desk and kneeling now, his right hand still on his desk top, his left hand, flat palm pressed against the floor. He was lurched over and breathing deeply.

"Aaaahhh. Oh gad no. No!! aahhhaa."

He would have none of it. This time he was better prepared, he kept his sensibility. He let his genuinely laid back nature come into force, accomplishing calmness and belaying any possible shifting transition.. ..trauma.

"Jackkkk.. ..whats going on?"

"Nothing Daniel. Its nothing."

"I don't think so."

"Then don't think."

Daniel could see the beginnings of super bright light tendrils creeping up the General's left arm.

"Jackkkk you're changing..'re.. .."

"No!! No I'm not Daniel! Just got a bit of a problem that's all. Nothing to worry abouttt aaaahhhhttttt aahhh!!."

"I'll say."

General O'Neill was breathing deep for grounding. The light had gone out. All the bright filaments had retraced. The pain was gone. He felt the need to carry on breathing deeply just to make sure it didn't return. He pushed himself up off the floor and back into the seat of his comfy chair. Just then it actually felt like a gurney. Just what he needed. Daniel looked on horrified. Teal'c remained calm and ready.

"Look Daniel this says between us. Goes no further okay."

"Teal'c you already know about this don't you??"

"I do Daniel Jackson."

"Look see, this isn't right. You should have told me Jack. You should have told me!"

The General had not phased. He refused to submit to the fine wisps of Stellar light that had attempted to engulf him. He was practically lying down in his chair behind his desk. But it was clear that although he looked dishevelled and was wet with sweat, he was quickly regaining composure.

"That's exactly what Teal'c said Daniel."


"You're right. Sorry.. ..I mean that Daniel."

"Okay, okay. Whats going on?"

"Em, we think its something to do with the Ancients. Maybe Thor didn't get everything out."

"Or perhaps it is natural progression Daniel Jackson. O'Neill's previous contacts with the Ancients may have released in him some latent ability. He may be evolving as the Ancients once did. Thor himself said that the Asgard believe O'Neill to be a higher being."

"Yeah they did say something like that Teal'c. Jack how do you feel about this?"

"Oh you mean on a scale of one to a zillion. Not happy Daniel. Really don't like it."

"Has anything like this happened before?"

"Yeah, for the first time, two days ago."

"But nothing else?"

"Err no nothing."

"Yes! O'Neill took flight during sleep, from the confines of his bedroom to the early morning open branches of the oak tree at the bottom of his garden."


"Yes Daniel. I forgot about that, sort of."

"What, forgot? True though, you've practically been working round the clock. Well okay, was it the same like this, a few strands of light from your hand?"

"It was a lot more than a few the other day, but luckily it was only from my hand. If anyone finds out about this I'm out, I'll err, I don't know I may have to stand down."

"No!! No! no.."

"Well thank you Daniel, but err, I may do."

"Look nobody's going to find out Jack. I mean come on, I didn't even know. Who else is going to find out?"

"Well there doesn't seem to be any warning involve.. ..unpredictable glowing lights.."

"Whats Sam had to say?"


"Does Sam know?"

"She does not."

"No! And shes not gonna."

"She has a right to know. She has to be told."

"That decision is not yours to make Daniel Jackson."

"Well I think it is Teal'c. She has a right to know, apart from that she'll never forgive us if we don't tell her."

"She'll understand."

"No Jack.. ..she won't! Not something this important. You have to tell her."

"Not right now."


"I don't know Daniel. Don't you realise how much shes got to deal with at the moment?"

"Yes Jack of course I do. Yeah shes busy. Very, very busy. But you know she'll never forgive us, any of us, if we don't tell her. You can't keep her out of this Jack."

"Man o man! Yersss Daniel you're right! You're right okay. Just.. ..just let me find the right time."

"Jack I really don't think there is a right time for this."

"Damn it Daniel!"

"Daniel Jackson, O'Neill is concerned about the effect this will have on Colonel Carter. She may not be able to properly perform her duties. She will doubtless become troubled and deeply disturbed."

"Yeah very true, we're all gonna have that problem, even so Teal'c, she should know."

"I agree with you Daniel Jackson."


"I'm thinking.. ..Daniel do you have any residual effects. Any flare ups..?"

"Can't say that I do. No. Or should I say not yet, but I'll let you know if anything starts to happen. To be truthful I'm not expecting any recurrence Jack. I just don't feel it. You know, inside, I don't feel as though its there any more."


"Jack you know theres implications. We've got a lot to consider here."

"You're telling me. And its not helping that Thors not been back in touch."

"Have you told him?"

"No I've not told him. Don't want him to feel as though I'm pressurising him to get in touch.. ..theres obviously something going on in his quarters too, something with this Nebulium I'll wager."

"Yep that's true, I'm pretty sure he'd be straight round if he knew about this."

"I hope so."

"Indeed he would O'Neill."

"Daniel do you know how I can stop this happening?"

"No absolutely don't and em, I don't think Oma's going to turn up anytime soon to ask about it either."

"To bad. I was looking forward to a visit.. ..get it sorted out!"

~ Д Ψ Ψ μ ∑ ≈ Ξ ≠ Φ π ∑ ≍ ∁ ~

General O'Neill hadn't been allowing his recovery Teams through to P7X 377 to recover the U.A.V.s that had been used to scan the pyramid. He certainly wasn't about to let Daniel and Teal'c go there to scrape crusts of sand off a coloured stone slab.

He offered them a compromise. He said he would have Siler rig up yet another U.A.V. for more intense imaging. Daniel decided it was perhaps better to put the issue aside for the time being. It seemed they had more pressing matters to deal with.


~  Л Δ Π Σ Ω χ ψ Γ Ξ ζ μ ~

~ ∏ ∞ Δ Ξ Ω ω ∘   ~


"Hey Teal'c."

"Daniel Jackson. Shall we continue with the development of your colour stone theory?"

"Yes please. Right after we have a talk about Ja.. ..hi Sam."

"Hi guys, don't let me interrupt."



"Colonel Carter hello. You are well?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Indeed I am."

"Daniel hows it going?"

"Its going fine, erm, yeah. Have you got the Skull fired up?"

"No, but I think we're starting to get a little bit of a fizz. Its looking good guys. We'll get it going, we will.. ..yeah we will. Whats happening about your trip, what did Jack say?"

"You mean apart from no?"

"Ha ha, told ya."

"Yeah well it was worth a try."

"Oh come on Daniel that whole place is hot."

"But Sam they don't come out of the pyramid."

"Until they do you mean. They haven't been out while we've been looking, but we don't know for sure that they don't come out."

"Alright okay. Alright.. ..okay."

"Teal'c have you finished with those pictures you were.. ..well not translating, what were you doing with them?"

"Endeavouring to decipher their meaning, a message."

"Did you?"


"You can't be not sure with a message, it could throw the whole meaning out."

"Yes that is true Colonel Carter. The pictographs, soon I will be sure."

"Okay fair enough. Did General O'Neill say anything about when he expects another attack, or anything?"

"No he didn't mention that Sam."

"Colonel Carter I do not think O'Neill knows exactly when a Nebulium attack will occur. I believe it is a strong feeling that he has rather than accurate military intelligence."

"Yeah I realise that. You know Teal'c now that you've mentioned it, I've notice that em, the General seems to have a lot of feelings about things these days."

"What? What Sam?"

"Well, I don't know, he just seems to be more intuitive about certain things, maybe its because we're on DEFCON alert, maybe its nothing. Haven't you noticed anything?"

"You sure you're not getting him mixed up with your friend Cauac?"

"Oh yeah.."

"Actually Sam on that, have you noticed if Jack's.. ..has he used any of the words Cauac used in your hallucination, anything, anything at all?"

"What, how do you mean?"

"Has he used any of the same words, spoken them?"

"Em.. ..err, well I don't know about the words, but hes said a couple similar things, couple of em, yeah, yeah he has. What is that, is it some kind of perception, postception or something. Daniel thats a really weird question. That was a very very strange question. Why do you ask?"


"Oh really?"

"No nothing."



"Why did you ask?"

"Erm, I don't know, maybe.. you said, maybe Jack's being more intuitive about certain things. That's all."

"Now come on theres something on your mind, whats up?"


"Come on Daniel whats going on, whats up?"



"Its nothing Sam. Ask Jack."


"Well we're talking about Jack so if you're worried about him or you think theres something up, you should be asking him."

"Hey whats going on?"

"I don't know."

"Is there something going on with Jack?"

"I don't know ask him."

"I'm asking you. Come on Daniel whats going on?"

"I don't know Sam. Why don't you ask Jack?"

"So there is something going on?"

"Well I don't know. You'd need to ask Jack!"

"Daniel come on out with it."

"Look Sam, you need to speak to Jack."

"So are you saying you're not going to tell me?"

"No Sam you know I'm not saying that, and I will tell you, I'm just saying for my sake, please, you need to speak to Jack."

"Yeah Okay Daniel. I understand, okay. I'll ask him okay. Is it something we're going to need to have to discuss?"

"Err, speak to Jack."


"Yes, we will discuss it Colonel Carter."

"Well come on then.. ..discuss."

"Sam, speak to Jack.

"Teal'c do you know whats going on?


"Well I want you to tell me."

"Colonel Carter I will tell you."

"Well, tell me then."

"Perhaps you should first sp.."

"No. No! Teal'c you don't have to, don't say anything. Sam you know that's not fair. Really not fair. Underhandedness!"

"No its not."

"Yes it is. You know it."

"Sorry Teal'c, it was underhanded."

"It is alright Colonel Carter. I understand that you are becoming deeply concerned even though you do not know what it is you are concerned about."

"But I'll know soon won't I?"

"Yes you will Sam just as soon as you speak to Jack."

"Listen, if its something important and you two know about it and I don't, then the only reason I don't know is because the General doesn't want to tell me. That's the only reason Daniel, you know it, Teal'c knows it, I know it and Jack knows it."

"If that's the case and if there is something that we know and you don't know, something that you should know, then you know that theres a good reason for you not knowing."

"Oh come on Daniel don't do this, ha ha."

"No really Sam."

"Yes really Daniel."


"Daniel? Teal'c?"

"Colonel Carter, Daniel Jackson is correct."

"Yeah I know that Teal'c but still, even so.."


"Yous can't be any clearer than this?"

"Compromise Sam."

"What compromise with Jack?"

"No, don't compromise us."

"I see.. ..okay. Later Daniel, Teal'c."

"Later Sam."

"O'Neill will be most relieved to speak with you Colonel Carter."

"Thanks Teal'c."


"Thanks Daniel."

Daniel and Teal'c had found it extremely difficult to withhold the details of Jack's personal problem. Although they had wanted to tell her, at the General's request they didn't. He'd asked them as friends not to, and as friends they didn't do. But as friends they had a right to tell her and she had a right to know.

Daniel and Teal'c also now knew that Sam would soon know as much as they knew about the situation. Jack had a serious problem and as close friends all four of them would share it together.. ..apart from the phasing thing.

Okay what could it be. I saw Jack an hour ago and he looks fine. Its nobody's birthday today. Everythings running to schedule. Teal'c would of told me. Daniel would have told me. But they didn't. Don't compromise.. ..what could it be. Important!

Colonel Carter rushed at an anxious pace whilst waiting for the elevator to collect her. She'd fired up her imagination and it was beginning to wander. Well hes going to have to tell me himself. He has to tell me! What could it be..

General O'Neill was in his office reading documents out of the top folder from his in tray. With a heavy impatient hand Colonel Carter lightly knocked on his door. Seeing the General was alone she didn't wait for an answer. As quick as leaping over hot coals she skipped into his office and slowly closed the door behind her.


He knew from the look of her that she knew there was something that she didn't know that she ought to know.







"Sir is there something you need to tell me?"

"You've been on the nineteenth with Daniel."

"And Teal'c Sir."

"Take a seat Carter. We need to talk."


~  Ξ ζ ω ≠ П Λ Φ λ μ π ≈ ~

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~


All of SG-1 now knew of General O'Neill's personal problem. They had responded by unobtrusively flocking around him. Between themselves they had decided that until the problem was resolved, at all times at least one of them would stand the General's six, just in case.. ..of anything.

Today Teal'c was on the job. He was the one who would go to Washington, D.C..

Sometimes when General O'Neill had to go to Washington he liked to fly himself. This morning was one of those times. It would be necessary to take two crafts so that Teal'c could follow behind. It wasn't the best economics but SG-1 insisted. And as happens, under the circumstances, General O'Neill was glad to have a friend watching out for him. This way they'd be someone to cover for him if he started to glow.

At the General's request Teal'c remained at Andrews whilst General O'Neill and one of his aides continued on to NID headquarters. He felt perhaps he ought not to turn up at the NID HQ in strength and numbers. After all, it was only a pre-preliminary proposal that needed his approval.

Teal'c had with him one of Colonel Carter's laptop computers so he was able to carry on his petrographs examination, in the senior Officers rest room at Andrews Air Force Base. Even without the colour stone scrapings, Daniel's hypotheorem was beginning to take feasible form.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

General O'Neill did not have to sign in at NID headquarters, though his aide did do. Agent Ilona Peanna was waiting in the main foyer to greet him. She was standing, waiting, in the middle of a huge floor plaque, probably the NID identification seal. It was an odd looking circular floor plate. Marble or something. On first view the logo appeared happy and normal, it almost looked like Justice with her sword and scales, only it wasn't.

There was a pair of scales in the picture logo, but in place of a sword was a lance, a spear type thing. It was interesting to see what was on the scales, NID scales with their version of justice. On one side coinage was piled high and on the other side of the scales logo was what looked to General O'Neill to be a dead bird of something in between a parrot and a pigeon. Oddish he thought. But probably quite representative, given it was the NID.

They took the express elevator up to the fifty fourth floor. A conference room had been set up and there was already quite a few people in there. Including two of agent Peanna's cell, Mates and Banks.

The General immediately saw a friendly face in Major Davis who was making a beeline straight for him. Major Davis was there with two others, taking notes for General Hammond and General Greer and TIGETS as a whole. There were two aides present from the Chairman of the Joints Chief's offices and there was also Mr Rushton's personal assistant. And there was of course in attendance General O'Neill and his aide.

In addition there was the transcriber, that was a touch The SGC had insisted on. Independent and selected from the Airforce's high level clearance pool, selected by TIGETS, and present to take down an accurate account of every word spoken.

There were three security guards outside the room. Two of them followed General O'Neill and his aide and agent Peanna into the conference room, remaining just inside the room, surrounding the doorway.

"Hello Major."

"Hi General, did you have a good trip?"

"Rocket fast and turbulent, so yeah thanks for asking. Bit of a crowd we've got here."

"It is isn't it. I didn't expect quite so many."

"Me neither."

"The Generals asked me to come over. They said you want everything done by the book."

"Everything Davis!"

"Yeah we're on that Sir."

Major Davis was speaking to General O'Neill while the General was looking outside into the corridors. Two of the conference room walls were thick clear glass. The room occupied a corner position on the fifty fourth floor of NID headquarters. You could see through the glass and down two adjacent corridors.

Something had caught General O'Neill's attention. He was carefully and discretely watching the blaggard agent Kennedy talking to the third security guard and two other NID personnel. Was it possible General O'Neill could read lips.. ..he was entirely absorbed with the scene.

"Sorry Davis, em sorry what was that?"

"Sir I was just saying.."

"Davis whats going on here?"

"General, Sir you mean the meeting, its not started yet but.."

"No Davis, not the meeting, theres something up."

"Ah Sir, you mean something to do with the funding application?"

"Davis put this gun in your belt."


"Take my gun, put it in your belt. Stay near the back and be ready to move on my command. Keep your eye on those two."

General O'Neill leaned forward and whispered into Major Davis's ear.

"Be ready!!"

The Major felt the hairs on the back of his neck rising up. His heart was pumping at a canter and he could feel the blood streaming through his arms and legs. He was in NID headquarters, a stones throw from the Pentagon, and General O'Neill had just silently flagged battled stations.

"Yes Sir!"

"Alert the other TIGETS people.. ..quietly Major."

"Yes Sir."

"On my mark!"

"At the ready Sir."

Major Davis scooted off to alert his colleagues. Both of whom were unarmed. General O'Neill quietly briefed his aide Captain Amerson. It didn't take much, Amerson was ex Special Forces. Or maybe reassigned Special Forces. Either way he was one of General O'Neill's aides and as such he was SGC personnel and he was very capable.

Agent Kennedy entered the room and closed the door behind him. The three people he had been talking to further down the corridor were now stationed outside the conference room door.

Three outside the door. Two inside the door. General O'Neill was doing his sums. Counting his odds. He saw Kennedy nod to agent Peanna. He himself nodded to Major Davis who circled round to take up a casual stance close to the door. He looked at Amerson who responded by taking up position close to the door, across from Major Davis.

The two lieutenants from TIGETS did not nod but did acknowledge their readiness to the General. The games afoot!

"Would everyone please take their seats."

Odd! Seat. Trapped. With handbrake skid speed General O'Neill came about and landed a jaw busting smack in the mouth, Kennedy's mouth. The agent folded and bit the dust, the carpet. Out cold. The room was stunned. But only for the tiniest moment. Then all hell broke loose.

Major Davis sprang onto one of the security guards at the door. He pulled him down by the hair and fed his knee in somewhere above the guys shoulders. Nice one Davis, very swift. The guard went down. Davis turned to plot General O'Neill's position. The General was actually running straight for Davis, which came as quite a shock to Major Davis. General O'Neill threw his arm out and blocked Davis hard across the chest sending him jogging backwards. He then quickly took up his seat and smashed it on top of the security guard who had been about to shoot Major Davis in the back.

Captain Amerson had been throttling the other security guard at the door. He just wasn't passing out. Captain Amerson always made a point of keeping his paperwork up to date. He'd read all the minutes of all the meetings, Briefings and Debriefings. He recognised the difficulty he was having immediately.

"Sir 377s!!"

"I know."

General O'Neill indicated to Amerson, the leg. Captain Amerson shot the guard in the leg and disarmed him. Major Davis did the same to the other security guard who both he and General O'Neill had knocked down. The guard had been in the process of getting up again to attack. A bullet in the leg slowed him down. But didn't stop him.

The three NID people outside the door were trying to push their way in. The two shot heavy security guards were on the floor and in the way.

Agent Peanna had a hold of Mr Rushton's personal aide. She held a gun to his chin. The transcriber had no experience of field work. She was trying not to get in the way. It seemed to her that the tall nice looking General had suddenly gone bananas and attacked another man. She could see all the men in military uniform wailing in on almost the rest of the room. Something must have gone wrong she thought. She was right. Very wrong. For a start, they tried to catch the wrong General. Well the right General, but definitely the wrong move.

The aides from the Chairman of the Joint Chief's office were also unarmed. Without hesitation they stood with General O'Neill. Agents Mates and Banks had overpowered the TIGETS Lieutenants and were now holding guns on the other two aides. Agent Peanna was shouting for General O'Neill to surrender.

Agent Kennedy pulled himself together and jumped up. General O'Neill ran from the other side of the room and took off from the ground feet first dead centre onto Kennedy's chest. General O'Neill flattened him. They both went down, General O'Neill rolled back onto his shoulders and ejected himself up onto his feet. Kennedy wasn't moving. He was out cold again.

Agent Peanna was screeching for surrender. There was an enormously loud smash. The three personnel that had been stationed outside the room rammed a boardroom table into the glass wall bring the wall down with a scattering torrent of razor sharp shards. General O'Neill could see more agents approaching along one of the corridors. They would soon be greatly out numbered.

The three NID personnel struggled and clamoured over the table to get into the conference room. The two wounded security guards had Major Davis pinned down, his revolver had flown askew as he wrestled.

General O'Neill ran at the security guards holding Major Davis, as did Captain Amerson. The NID agents Mates and Banks began firing at them. They winged Amerson. It seemed as though they were being careful not to hit the General.

General O'Neill couldn't get to Major Davis without seriously endangering both Major Davis and Captain Amerson.

The other agents were coming up the corridor fast. In the conference room the Lieutenants were now unconscious and the other aides were cornered. The transcriber and Mr Rushton's aide obeyed agent Peanna.

Agent Kennedy was up on his feet now and screaming like a lunatic. General O'Neill ordered his aide.


Captain Amerson fired a shot. Kennedy went down again.

"Sir I'll be okay. Come back for me?"

"I will Major. Count on it!"

General O'Neill pointed at the remaining glass wall.


Amerson fired into the glass. It shattered but the wall didn't fall.

"Lets go!!"

General O'Neill flew shoulder first at the wall. He brought it down. There was glass everywhere. He tumble rolled on the ground to break his speed. He was covered head to toe in sharp glass. He got to his feet and shouted.

"Lets go!!"

Captain Amerson leapt through the broken glass wall and followed General O'Neill down the clear corridor.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

Kennedy, who was again up on his feet, dragged himself after Captain Amerson. The other three NID personnel ran after him. The agents, four of them, who had been running up the west corridor, joined the chase.

General O'Neill made it to the elevators. An adjunct who had been waiting for the lift, on hearing the commotion dropped his papers and went for his gun. He came face to face with General O'Neill.

"Drop that!"

The man didn't, instead he raised and aimed his weapon, so the General O'Neill effortlessly drop kicked him down. The General spotted an access door to the secure stairway across from the elevators.

Captain Amerson caught up. They could hear the infected NID agents closing in on them. General O'Neill began quickly searching the adjunct. He tore at the man's shirt pocket and snatched his clearance card. Agent Kennedy came up round the corner.


Kennedy dived on Amerson knocking him to the ground.


General O'Neill burnt over to Kennedy and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck dragging him backwards off Captain Amerson and along the ground. Kennedy was lashing out trying to get hold of the General any way he could. General O'Neill let go of agent Kennedy and as soon as he began to stand up again the General booted him hard in the leg where Captain Amerson had shot him. He didn't yell out in pain but he did go down again.

The other three NID personnel jumped Captain Amerson and grappled him to the ground. General O'Neill ran to help him. The four agents who had been in the west corridor turned up. General O'Neill and Captain Amerson where out number.

"I am General Jack O'Neill of the United States Airforce. You will release my man immediate.."

All four of them attacked the General. He tore at them good. He was very skilled in a wide variety combat moves. He laid into them fighting, fighting for his life, fighting for The SGC. They had him. He slammed himself into the corridor walls, each time cushioned by an NID agent. General O'Neill broke loose of their grip. He gained a bit of clear ground. They began moving in on him again. Captain Amerson was out for the count.

The General was cut off from the elevators, he was sure that by now there was no way he could get to the ground floor without being caught. He swiped the reader and got quick access to the secure stairwell. The infected agents were deeply shocked. They hadn't realised General O'Neill had managed to secure himself an access pass.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

The door snapped shut behind him. He started punching at the door's electronic operating unit with his bare hands. He stepped back and levelled a few kicks at it. It was loose, he pulled it further off the wall and began gently wiping the insides with his jacket sleeve. There was a few sparks and the red light on top of the unit went out. He'd deactivated it using the sterling metal buttons on his cuff. It was an old Special Ops trick. Point being, the door was now off line and locked shut.

The agents were trying to break down the door. General O'Neill was already one floor up and battering the stairway security door operating unit off the wall. He ripped it open and short circuited the electronics. That door was now also locked shut. It would take a blow torch to open it.

Doubtless all access routes to the ground floor were locked down, boxing off his chances of a ground escape. He thought he may have a chance to escape from above. There was a clear pathway up to the roof of the building.

He was in tip top condition and cleared the next three flights no problem, racing up to the fifty eighth floor. He bounded up the next two flights using the energy that had naturally built up in him over all his years of Special Ops training. He was nackered! He'd managed to widened the gap between him and the infected shells, Peanna's cell and at least half a dozen others. Obviously they had an insidious plot in which it seems he, or shell of him, was to play a central role. He had to get clear of them.

The thing he could rely on was the strength in his legs, sure enough they carried him rapid up another two flights. They were big flights with a lot of steps in each one. His heart was bursting for air, he was gasping loud like a flailing swordfish. He could see the security door to the rooftop two floors up. He would make it up there, yes he would! He was exhausted. There was searing pain in his thighs. He could run cross country at a good pace, easy peasy. But legging it top gear up ten flights of cold stone steps, chased by an evil enemy that wanted to take over his body, ouch! Double drat and damn deuced hot bother. Ouch!

He got there, right up to the sealed entrance to the rooftop.

The Nebulium infected NIDs we're on the stairs now. They we're very quick. There was an eerie, slippery motion in their gait. They were very fast. They were followed by other NID personnel, not infected, and not aware of the truth of the situation. They only knew they were on the heels of an intruder. They had no idea the so called intruder was General Jack O'Neill of The SGC.

Low kicks. High kicks. Shoulder tackles. He went at the door with everything he had, including the knowledge that it they got their hands on him they would infect him and then infect The SGC, or possibly just kill him, or both. He could feel the door giving. He could see them gaining. They were only a few floors down now. A few more Kicks and a final shoulder tackle and he fell out onto the shale rooftop sixty four storeys high up in the air.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

He'd lost his cap in the conference room. He tossed his tie as he came through on to the roof. He was still wearing his jacket. In the warm midmorning sunshine he looked quite smart, especially with the bright coloured bar array on his jacket front. Of course he wasn't wearing medals. He actually had a tidy collection of metal work. Badges for this, medals for that. All manner of honour and bravery, saving and saviour. Yeah General O'Neill really had achieved a great lot. Most of it highly classified, which went a way to complement his modest nature.

On second thoughts he looked in a bit of a bad way. His legs were shaking. His chest was exploding, but only internally. He was in quite an amount of pain. He was in fear for the well being of everyone who'd been captured. He was devastated by the degree of jeopardy The SGC may be in. And he was very concerned that he still had not found an escape route.

It was warm but tremendously windy up there on the rooftop. There was nothing to jam the roof access door with. No way to wedge it shut. He had to find a way down and quickly. He ran out to the edge, no joy! Panicked he started running round the circumference. No joy!! It was a detached building. There was no way off the roof. Nowhere to jump to. He was trapped.

They'd reached the roof. Five of them burst through the access door. There was a handful more in the stairwell. One of the five shells instructed the uninfected NID personnel to wait in the stairwell whilst they 'flush' out the intruder. The shell then closed the rooftop door so there would be no witness to the attack. The Nebulium were on the NID HQ rooftop sixty four floors up in the sky in Washington, D.C..

General O'Neill was cut off without a hope. He was still frantically peering over the edge, looking for something. Maybe he could take a risk, jump down. He could possibly land on those telephone wires hundreds of feet below. They looked springy, perhaps they could break his fall, yeah right. Sure, instead of frying him, break his fall, and he could then sprightly nip off the wires and magically flutter safely down to the ground. Gawd damn it. General O'Neill was well and truly cut off without a hope!

There was no way down. He would have another go at them. He was definitely up for that. The shells were spread out and trying to surround him. He went at one of them, went at his knee more precisely, with side of his foot he chopped into the shell's knee, it instantly took him down.

The other infected agents didn't even flinch at the loud snap they heard as their fellow agent fell to the ground. He didn't cry out and he couldn't move much either. One down. Four to go. Maybe after all there was a chance. The General could take them, he knew he could.

Agent Ilona Peana and two others rushed out on to the rooftop closing the door on the other agents behind them. No chance! Seven infected NID personnel all began to crowd the General, trying to corner him in. Capture him. He brought his hands up to his head and swept his face and hair. Times up. He knew it.

Others we're depending on him, many others! If these Nebulium got to him, through him they would get to his people, they would get to The SGC. No!!

The tides coming in. Running out of time. He looked very placid. All the infected agents around him looked relieved. Brigadier General Jackin John Jankin O'Neill had given up. Surrendered. High up there in the sky Jack looked around him. Everywhere a beautiful warm azure. Kinda reminded him of Minnesota. His people, his friends, his family.

"We will access your StarGate programme. We will access your StarGate. We will use it to harvest. We will infiltrate your militia. We will harvest. We know all of your Government's activities. We will defeat you."

"Cut the crap. We will defeat you! Oh, that reminds me, I think someones looking for you. Have you heard of the Asgard.. about the Goa'uld, now I just know you've met those guys."

"We fear no one."

"Are you sure about that, I mean really sure?"

The General was thoroughly exhausted. He was buying time.

"We will defeat our enemies."

"Give it up, you know you're not going to get anything out of me."

"Au contraire General O'Neill. As you can see there is no way of escape for you. We have control. You have no chance. Your only choice is to submit yourself to us."

"Per contra agent Peanna, as you will see with us humans, there is always a way. And there is always, always a chance."

"You think you are clever do you not General O'Neill of The SGC?"

"Yeah sure Mates, clever just like you, hope not. Hows your eye there, looks sore."

"General O'Neill there is no need to resist us. You will still retain great power."

"You know Peanna I owe you an apology."

"You do General O'Neill?"

"Yes I do. I actually though you were sane, but you're a stark raving nutter aren't you?"

"General O'Neill you should speak as a civilised human being."

"Well you're right about one thing there, I am being human."

"We have no desire to injure you."

"Well stand aside then and let me leave."

"You must come with us."

"Look its been nice an'all, great fun, but I need to get back to work now."

"You do not need to think about work anymore General O'Neill."

"That's nice, really, but my people are waiting for me, I have to go now."

"They will all soon have something much more important to think about."

"Okay, I've had enough of this. Whos Ingsa Vas by the way?"

That did it. Agent Peanna and the others began shirking. The noise was mostly drowned by the wind, but they did sound vile.

General O'Neill stooped down a like a silver back gorilla. He really was not placid at all. He stretched both arms out, clenched fists raised up at his enemy. It sounded like he was growling and snarling at them. They we're caught by surprise, all of them.

He steamed in at three agents standing close to each other. He mowed through them, dragging them down with his out stretched arms, his knees and his iron shoulders. Yeah real silver back, wildman Jack. He was fiercesome, but then he wasn't just fighting for himself.

He had a go at another agent, charging at him. Balang, the flat base of General O'Neill's fist slapped heavy against the shells Adam's apple. Like a blamonge he plopped to the ground. NID agent Billy Banks, down and unresponsive.

He was dreadnought now, he had everything to lose. The three agents he'd bowled over were picking themselves up. The rest were manoeuvring in. Suddenly General O'Neill stopped still. He closed his eyes and frowned. The infected agents were studying him. What was he doing, he couldn't defeat them, their number were to great against one.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

What exactly was he doing. He was remembering. He was remembering everything. He opened his eyes and turned away from the shells. Be began running. The agents knew they had him. There was nowhere for him to run to.

He kept on going, gathering up speed as he ran towards the edge of the sixty four storey high rooftop. He knew exactly what he was doing. He never slowed as he launched himself off the shale roof and into the air. Now he'd surrendered. Now he looked placid. He let his arms glide out gracefully like a hovering eagle. A handsome General soaring the skies. But in an uncontrollable rapidly plummeting motion.

He was falling fast down to the ground, crunch level. Aaahhhh! Aaaaarrrrhhhh!! Errrrhhhhaaaa!! Oh G_d help me, help me please. Aaaaarrrrhhhh!! He was floating, though excessively quick. He was whirling round and around and around at full speed. He could see things flashing by, things from below, cars and things, they were getting bigger and more colourful, like a big blur.

It felt like a tunnel of air was blowing, raging through the front of his forehead. He felt like he was flying through a wormhole back in the early days when it used to leave you freezing cold and trembly. He was losing consciousness but could still see flashes of the sidewalk. He didn't regret it. His people would be safe. He wished he could have..

Radiant light was engulfing him. He could see the light coming up on him from all over. He could feel the cold. Freezing cold. All he could see was ultra bright light. He was floating again but this time it didn't feel like he was shooting towards the ground. It felt like he wasn't going anywhere, suspended animation. He felt the cold again. He was falling! He was upside down, free fall!

Aaaaarrrrhhhh!! He hit the pavement. The side of his face, his jaw, met with a nasty accident. All of his left side was squashed under the rest of him, pressing down and killing. He was in massive amounts of pain. Everything was dark. He could feel the hard ground with his back and his legs and his elbows. One things for sure, he wasn't on the rooftop anymore.

Aah jeez, he was suffering a type of severe pain that he'd never previously come across. Even being shot, at least that was localised. He could barely move, his body was rigid and in agony. Everywhere pain, sharp, glancing, piercing, penetrating pain. He was in bits. And bloody painful pieces.

Nanonuts before General O'Neill splat crashed onto the pavement he'd uncontrollably phase shifted into a glowing ball of floating light. Still descending, but nowhere near at a fatal rate, he unshifted a few meters from the sidewalk at the rear of the NID headquarters. He'd bounced down hard onto the ground.

He was weak. He was in an excruciating amount of pain, sore and bruised all over. He was disorientated. He was completely naked. And due to the intensity of the light, he was completely blind.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

"Hey mister, you better get off the street. They see ya like that, they'll have ya. Here yar mate, have a drink of this."

"Whos that?? Help me! Help me!! Gad help me! I can't see!! Its dark. Everythings dark!! I can't see!!"

General O'Neill was crawling about on the floor in the back alley. He looked like a seasoned maniac. He was scared and he was very panicked. He didn't know where he was. His mind was lying in shock, it hadn't quite tuned back into his present situation. He was disorientated and confused.

"I can't see anything! Whats happened. Is it dark? I can't see!!"

"Is that why you've not put on any clothes then Jimmy?"


The General was unaware of the fact.

"What? Where are you?"

"I'm right here Jimmy."

The indigent put his friendly grubby hand on General O'Neill's shoulder.

"Here I am Jimmy."

"Are you Cauac? Are you Cauac?"

"Nooh laddy I'm Mac."

The personal contact was helping General O'Neill to get a grip. He was starting to pull himself together and as a result was becoming even more freaked out.

"Jeezzasss! I can't see!! I can't see a gad damn thing! Is it dark?"

"Yes Jimmy its dark. I can't even see the moon."

Despite the fact it was a lovely warm, clear bright morning, General O'Neill was loosing it in a dark cold hell.

"Hey buddy, Mac, have you got a jacket you can let me have?"

"Do you think you might be better off with a pair of trousers Jimmy?"

"Oh. Okay. Have you got a pair for me?"

"Nay laddy but I've got this, take a swig, it'll warm you up."

It did, it warmed him up. If you wanted, it could even wash paint off brushes. The General violently vomited the methylated spirits, and the fright.

"I still can't see! Mac. Mac?"

"I'm here laddy."

"Mac they're after me. If they find me."

"Don't you worry none lad. You come on with me now."

"Are we.. ..where are we? Are we on Earth?"

"That's what a lot of them call it lad. Come on over here with me. Live in a big castle you know. Just down these here steps. Me and a few of us. Nice and warm it is Jimmy. Got us a nice little cosy set up."

"Theres someone chasing me, some men. They look normal."

"Some aliens I bet they are. Don't worry about them Jimmy lad, you'll be safe down here with us."

As well as being exceptionally freaked out, the General did sort of feel safe. It was something he picked up in Mac's voice. Yes he would be safe with Mac, for the time being.

"You come on with me jimmy, I'll look after you."

"I can't see! Mac. My eyes!!"

"I told you lad you needn't worry. Anyway you have to be able to see to fly and by the looks of things you'll be flying again someday. You'll get your wings back lad, I know you will. I know these things."

"My eyes, I will! I have to!!"

"Then you will. Take a hold here, grab the back of this here coat tail. Down we go, some steps here lad so watch ya fall."

"Where am I?"

"You're here jimmy. You're safe now, you're with us."

"I need my friends. You have to get me to a phone Mac."

"Lets get you dressed first lad."

"Have you got a phone?"

"A phone, me, what for?"

"Okay can you get me to a phone?"

"What about thems there chasing ya."

"Well if we see them we'll duck down."

"You can see then jimmy?"

"No. Nothing. Its just dark. Em.. ..bright, dark. I can't see anything! Its temporary though. It has to be, right?"

"To right Jimmy."

"Can you get to a phone for me, its very important Mac. If we can get my friend here we can get this sorted out. They'll come and get me."

"Have you got money for a call jimmy?"

"I've got nothing, and I can't see a gad damn thing. It is dark down here?"

"Nothing but shadows Jimmy."

"Have you got change for the call, I'll give it you back."

"I've got no money for them things Jimmy. No money for food really."

"I'm sorry about that Mac. I'm sorry to have to ask you."

"I'll help ya lad."

"Thanks. Thank you. I'm honestly grateful. I'll repay you for your kindness Mac."

"Do you know how much that costs laddy?"

"Err, no."

"That's why its call kindness Jimmy, it don't cost a thing."

"You're a good man Mac."

"And you're an angel Jimmy, a true in the flesh flying angel. I saw ya laddy."

"Yeah Mac. Can you make a collect call for me?"

"I sure can do that for you lad."

"Okay now write this number down."

"Have you got a pencil Jimmy?"

"Aahhh! Its hard. Its killing me. Ahhh the pain. Aahhh!"

"Come on now lad get this down you."

Mac poured some liquid nectar down the General's throat. Although it wasn't nectar for the g_ds, and although it tasted like molten lava, it did have a miraculous effect on General O'Neill. He quickly came to and shrugged off the pain. Numbed it really. But unfortunately he wasn't able to shake off the overwhelming terror that was brewing up inside him. His mind still was not addressing the issue, his complete inability to see a gad damn thing.

"Oh em.."

"Its alright Jimmy, tell me the number, I've got a good head for figures. I used to be a banker don't you know. Very long time ago it was too."

"Mac tell him to get down here straight away. Tell him to watch out for the Nebu.. ..I mean, tell him to watch out for the 377s. Thats very important Mac, please make sure you tell him that, he'll understand."

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~


"There is no Gordon here. Where did you obtain this telephone number??"

"Your friend Jimmy told me to call ya."

"I know of no one called Jimmy. Terminate this call immediately!!"

"He said watch for the 377s. He said you would come and get him."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Mac Gordon."

"My name is not Gordon."

"Jimmy can't see! He said you would help him."

"Who is Jimmy?"

"Hes an angel. Hes got no clothes. Flew right passed me him did."

"Where are you?"

"I'm here laddy."

"Where is here?"

"We're under the cobbles. Oh, we're on Earth."

"What else did Jimmy say?"

"He said you was his friend Gordon and you would come to get him."

"You must tell me.."

"Can you spare me a few coppers for my purse?"


"Hey mister, can you spare me something, its for my supper."

"Hello. Hello? Mac? Hello? Mac.."

The phone line went dead.

Teal'c had just received the strangest telephone call ever. And although it seemed bogus it was playing havoc with his synaptics.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

"Maybe it's a joke."

"The joke Daniel Jackson, would be O'Neill allowing someone to relieve him of Air Force property."

"Yeah you're right Teal'c that would be a joke, sorry."

"Teal'c its not showing up that it came from his cell phone."

"Sergeant Harriman is still trying to patch through to his mobile."


"Hes getting nothing."

"No answer?"

"No nothing."

"I too have been unable to gain connection to O'Neill's cellular telephone."

"Teal'c hold on, we're just playing back the call now."

"That's a Gaelic.. ..Celtic accent."

"He does not sound intelligent."

"Actually Teal'c he sounds like a drunk. You know what I mean?"


"So that sort of makes it less likely that it's a genuine call, except did you pick up on the 377 reference?"

"Yes. The type of remark O'Neill would make if he needed to relay information through uncleared channels."

"He would. He would Teal'c. You two carry on I won't be a minute."

"Teal'c, Sam's just gone down to the Control Room. She won't be long."

"Have you managed to speak with the agent O'Neill was meeting?"

"No, but the NID said Jack left at ten thirty."

"A short meeting."

"Yeah, a flying visit."

"Have you spoken to General Hammond?"

"Sam wanted to hold off on that for the time being. She didn't want to alarm General Hammond, not with out knowing the full facts."

"Yes, I understand."

"Shes back."



"Walter's got the precise location of where the call came from. Hes just arranging for a vehicle for you. Are you still in the Officer's lounge?"

"I am."

"Someone will come and call you out. Teal'c do you think it might be better to go alone?"

"Yeah that might be best Teal'c."

"Yes, it is not wise to alert anyone to the fact that we may have a problem."

"Oh, what? Thanks Walter."

"Did you hear that?"

"No Daniel Jackson I did not."

"Sergeant Harriman just came up and said the phone booth where the call originated is next to NID HQ."

"Teal'c I think maybe you should take back up."

"Colonel Carter, we will keep an open line together. If back up is necessary perhaps General Hammond.."

"Excellent. Good thinking. Okay. Watch your back. It may not be anything, but like you said, how would this guy have your unlisted, untraceable phone number, unless it was to send a message."

"Teal'c do you want me to fly over, someone could take me couldn't they Sam?"

"Yeah absolutely but.."

"Thank you Daniel Jackson. I should first discover if O'Neill requires our assistance."

"Good point."

"Okay Teal'c we'll be monitoring."

"Thank you."

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

"There are no signs."

"Have you been into NID headquarters? You might be able to pick up his tracks from there."

"Colonel Carter I wish to avoid going in there."


"Because I believe there is no truth in the claim that O'Neill left NID headquarters after only half an hour. The half an hour in question would also include the time it took for O'Neill and Captain Amerson to get to the office where the meeting took place and also to make proper introductions. It would also include the time it took to finish the meeting, leave the office and return once again to the reception area of the building. This would leave very little time for the actual meeting itself."

"When you put it like that it throws a totally different light on things."

"Yes it does."

"Teal'c it makes no sense, why would the NID lie?"

"Daniel Jackson, apart from one person, every member of the NID I have ever met seemed intentionally devoid of truthfulness.

When O'Neill left Andrews Air Force Base he told me he expected the meeting to last at least an hour, possibly one and a half hours. He intended to read the documents they had prepared for him, during the meeting. He said if any changes needed to be made they could do it whilst he was there."

"Teal'c maybe he accepted the proposal as is."

"The NID Daniel?"

"Yeah but.. ..oh."

"O'Neill has disappeared at some time between entering the NID headquarters and my receiving the unusual phone call from a Mr Mac."

"Teal'c are there no signs at all? How about the phone booth?"

"I can find nothing. I also see no drunken people."

"You know a lot of those drunks don't actually look like there drunk."

"I am aware."

"What do you want to do?"

"I will search the area."

"Okay, keep the line open won't you?"

"I will Colonel Carter."

"Teal'c wait. Listen, you know when em.. ..Mac, when he said they're under the cobbles, if this guys from Scotland he could have been referring to the fact that they're underground somewhere."

"How so Daniel Jackson?"

"Well cobbles, they're not used anymore, they were smallish, flattish round stones that were used to make roads, and pavements."

"So you think the Mac person may be underneath the pavement?"

"Well not exactly but just keep it in mind."

"I will Daniel Jackson. This is our only clue."

"Teal'c something else, if the guy is a drunk or homeless person, he probably hasn't strayed that far to come and use the telephone."

"Yeah Sam, you're probably right about that."

"Teal'c it will be worth starting your search at the phone box and fanning out from there."

"I will do so Colonel Carter."

"Watch you're back!"

"Yeah Teal'c take care."

"Thank you."

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

Teal'c was wearing a Murray hat. He wanted to remain inconspicuous to all at the NID. He had a gnawing feeling that something was amiss, added to the fact that after visiting them his friend was now missing.

He entered an alleyway behind the back of an international freight forwarding company. He already walked along every street running out from every direction from the phone booth where Mac had made his phone call.

What was it about this particular alleyway that he'd not notice in the others he'd searched nearby. Yeah, that was it, there was an awful lot of empties strewn about the place. Broken bottles, cans. Other things. And oh, the back end of the NID headquarters.

He began methodically searching. As he worked his way along the alley he checked each dumpster, he rattled each door and checked each window. If he found an opening he would follow it. There were steps leading down to a boarded up basement. He could see an empty plastic cider bottle lying crushed at the bottom step.

He jump down to the bottom and tried the door. It didn't seem to be locked but it also wasn't opening. He pushed against the door but even though there was some play in it, he still couldn't get it open. His search had been quiet and he'd been careful not to draw attention to himself.

"Colonel Carter, Daniel Jackson."


"Here Teal'c."

"I had found a possibility."

"Where are you?"

"I am directly behind the NID building."

"Has anyone seen you?"

"Not that I am aware."

"What have you found Teal'c?"

"I have found traces of alcoholic drinking, I have also found very faint prints."

"Of ?"

"Perhaps I should pursue my search in this direction."

"Of Teal'c?"

"Teal'c what have you got?"

"Prints of bare feet."


"What sort of feet Teal'c?"

"Like a wolf or something?"

"Like a man Daniel Jackson. A man who is not wearing shoes."

"Well that's not Jack then is it?"



"Teal'c is there something you're not saying?"

"Indeed there is."


"I have seen such prints before, recently."

"You mean just before, now."

"No, I think I should remain silent while I continue my search."


"Copy that Teal'c. Watch your back."

"Thank you."

On seeing those faint footprints Teal'c's anxiety level swung high. He was exceedingly worried. He proceeded with caution but he hadn't drawn his gun. He examined the door in front of him to find the impedance. It was cleaver but simple. It was necessary to lift the door by the handle and lower hinge, it was the only way to clear the projecting stone lip which was preventing the door from opening.

Once inside he quickly realised it was a place were people, poor, hungry and homeless people, and drunks lived. He detected no animosity. There was no danger there.

"O'Neill! O'Neill?"

He was running through the place now. He'd been down a few levels, there was lots of people quietly milling around. He could get an answer off no one.

"O'Neill! O'Neill?"

"T! T!! Teal'c where are you? I'm here."

"I see you O'Neill."

And whata sight he saw. Teal'c felt physically sick. His friend looked terrible. For a starter he was filthy. He looked stranded. He was dressed in a dirty smelly duffle coat. He stank of alcohol, the commercial kind. He was staggering and fumbling.

"O'Neill you do not look well, come we are leaving."

"Teal'c. Teal'c buddy, wait, come here, stand next to me, give me a hand."

"What has happened? You are injured!!"

The bubble was beginning to burst. He'd held it together for as long as it took, but now he had some he could depend on a hundred percent, now he could address that issue.

"Teal'c. Teal'c?"


"I have him. Something unpleasant has transpired. Something serious I believe. Colonel Carter I wish to close down our connection until we are safely in the Andrews vehicle."

"Okay. We're standing by. Shall I contact General Hammond, hes close by to where you are."

"I do not believe O'Neill will wish that."

"Copy that Teal'c."

"Yes, copy."

"Was that..?"

"Yes, Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson are standing by to assist you. O'Neill we should leave now."

"Little bit of a problem here Teal'c, can't quite see."

"There is something in your eye O'Neill?"

"Something, but not sight."

"O'Neill 377s. The Nebulium. O'Neill?"

"No, no. yes and no."

Teal'c stood back and drew his gun. General O'Neill heard that but didn't mind.

"Explain please O'Neill.?"

"T my eyes, are they there, are they in my eyes."

"O'Neill you are not making sense."

"Teal'c my gad damn eyes! Are they missing. Look and see if my eyes are there!! Check them for me!!"

Teal'c was beginning to freak out a bit as well. The state his friend was in was causing him no end of distress.

"O'Neill let me see."

"Okay yeah. You see for both of us."

"I will!"

"My eyes T??"

"O'Neill your face looks blooded but your eyes look good."

"Do they look normal?"

"Yes O'Neill they look exactly normal. Your eyes are in good condition."

"Teal'c buddy I can't see a gad damn thing!! Ahh jeezzaasss!!"

General O'Neill was beginning to tremble all over. Delayed shock. He was starting to hyperventilate.


"O'Neill please you must calm yourself. It is very important that you calm yourself."

A homeless or hungry person walked by the room they were in now and then but nobody paid the slightest bit of attention. Mac was nowhere to be seen.

"Start to tell me how you come to be here."

"Well my mate Mac brought me here. I met Mac right after I jumped off the top of the NID building."


"Its true."

"But you are.. ..did you have a parachute device."

"No Teal'c I had an Ancient's device."

"Yes, yes, I understand. O'Neill you flew down to the ground by using the phase shifting ability of the Ancient's."

"Must be. Aahhh! Jeezzz! Teal'c. Aaaahhh. Pain. Oooohhh!!"

"O'Neill we must leave immediately. You need medical assistance."

"Mac. Mac?"

"There is no Mac here."

"T, he gave me a bottle of some crap. Give me the bottle, aaaaahhh, it kills the pain."

"O'Neill there is no bottle here."

"Have a look. Teal'c have a look, aaahhh!"

"Now I understand. You have been temporarily stunned, optically. You will regain your sight."

"I will?"

"Yes I am positive."

"Oh err, come on we've got to get clear. Big trouble abound. Big trouble with the NID."

"O'Neill I am deeply concerned about your condition."

"I am too T. I think I'm starting to see outlines, dark shapes."

"O'Neill I am most certain you will regain your sight within a reasonable period of time."

"Whens that then?"


"Lets go T. Teal'c, the NID are compromised by the Nebulium. Call George!"

They moved to leave but the effort was to much. General O'Neill collapsed onto the floor. Teal'c helped him up and he sat back down on the makeshift table in the centre of the room.

"Aahhh! Teal'c the pain, its killing me!"

General O'Neill was in absolute agony. He was thawing after the fall. His body was waking up to face the impact he'd received from his slowed descent of a sixty four storey fast flight down to earth. His pain was thickly coated with the terror of loosing his sight. He couldn't remain conscious very well.

"O'Neill? O'Neill? I will call an ambulance?"

"T, no, our people only."

"General Hammond?"

"Not for this, not now. Ahhh! Aaaahhh!"

"O'Neill we will leave. I will carry you."

"I can walk."

"I will carry you."

"Ah g_d Teal'c, I can't see a thing I can't see anything, nothing!!"

"But you will see again."


"O'Neill you must allow at least some time to pass in order for regeneration to take place."

"Jimmy lad. This your friend then?"

"Mac you're back."

"Yes. I must thank you for looking after my friend. You have indeed served a great purpose."

"Our Jimmy, he can fly you know."


"Here are lad have a drink."



"Very well, I will have a small drink, thank you."

"Thank you, I'd wait till you drink it first T."

Teal'c sipped and made no comment.

"Can you still not see Jimmy?"

"He will see again!!"

"But I can't see a gad damn thing now, T my eyes, I've lost them?"

"No O'Neill no you have not. After regeneration.. long has it been?"

"Is it still this morning?"


"I don't know. I don't know. its em, gad I don't know."


"Right, okay, the meeting was this morning, em is it still this morning, you said no.."

"Yes. How long has my friend been here?"

"Oh hes been here a couple of weeks on Tuesday now laddy, full bed and board hes had. We looked after him didn't we Jimmy?"

"Yeah, sweet Mac. Nice one."

"Yes, thank you. O'Neill it can not have been more than four fours since your eyes were subject to some kind of intense light radiation. Induced by the phasing.."

The General wasn't listening, he was mildly cracking up. An involuntary phase shift. The belief that you won't be seeing tomorrow. The though that you'll never see another today. The pain wreaked throughout his body. He began to pass out again. Mac had disappeared again.


"Is that you? Are you here? I can see my son. I can see my boy."

"O'Neill you see with your heart."

"Teal'c am I dead?"

"No, no O'Neill you are not dead."

"Are you sure. How can you be sure, the fall it was so.. was so far down."

"You are very much alive O'Neill and you will soon be in a position to realise that for yourself."

"I can't realise anything if I'm dead!!"

"O'Neill you are not dead. I am positive. You are not dead. I am not dead and you are with me."

"Teal'c I think maybe, maybe I didn't.. ..are you sure, it was high, very high. It was a long way down, long way. The fall.. ..aaahh!"

"You are in too much pain. We must leave this instance."

"Oh g_d Teal'c. Teal'c. Oh my g_d, my eyes! My eyes!!"

"O'Neill I will sedate you?"

"I can't see! They took my eyes!! I can't see anything Teal'c. Aaaaahhhh!! G_d!!"

General O'Neill was beside himself. He needed timeout to collect himself together. He needed to escape the experiences of the mornings traumatic events. Sedation, it seemed the safest option. Teal'c softly imprinted his gold, first prime of Apophsis emblem onto General O'Neill's forehead. Crushed ice on boiling blood. He was well and truly sedated. And under the circumstances, it definitely was the safest option.

~ Γ ≈ ≡ ∞ Λ ⊰ ~

Teal'c headed for a small private airfield that he and his colleagues had used on many occasions. Bladon airfield was managed by an ex Army Colonel, his wife and their eldest son. It was also the airfield General Hammond used for private charters. Teal'c was confident he would be able to get a lift back to Colorado no questions asked.

He telephoned The SGC and spoke to Colonel Carter who then arranged to have a small plane standing by at Bladon to bring both Teal'c and the General back to Colorado. ASAP.

General O'Neill started to come round. Teal'c kept his eyes fixed on the road and began shouting at O'Neill to force the General to concentrate on his Voice.

"O'Neill you can not see. You fell from the NID building. You phase changed, temporarily enabling you to escape the effect of gravity. Your sight will return O'Neill! You must believe me O'Neill your sight will return!!"

The General had been listening. He'd also been focusing, his mind. He was in so much pain but.. ..right. He was extremely uncomfortable. He was sitting in a dark and hazy continent of hidden colours. Everything felt very loud and very dark. He couldn't see but the recent past events we're stacked neatly in his mind.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because it is the truth."


"Yes O'Neill most really. And if you are in doubt as to my honesty I will remind you of a device once used on myself to heal a similar affliction. A device which is safely in the property of The SGC in lab B on Level twenty."

"Oh the.."

"Yes O'Neill the device Nyan presented to me after you allowed him to journey to Earth with us from Bedrosia. O'Neill your optic vision will return to you as soon as it is biologically practical. If the delay becomes unbearable, we will employ the healing abilities of this device."

"Teal'c you know I trust you. We won't need that device."

"We will not O'Neill."

General O'Neill felt very strong.

"T quick call George. Listen in."

"George we're under attack!! No. The NID building. Yeah. Fifty fourth floor. It was west side of the building, em. Ten in the room. Your people were in there. I'm not sure if anyone else got out, doubt it. Peanna, Kennedy, the other two. Five back up and up to six others, that I saw. Don't know. They seemed to be possessed. Nebulium.

Big picture, can't be sure George, but for one access to The SGC. Your people we're there, access to TIGETS. Joint Chiefs people,, ,,gad damn! You're telling me. Such a simple meeting, they could have got their hooks in everywhere.

Yeah, no. Yeah now! Can you lock down the whole building. Get Teams in there. Medical sweeps, everyone, plus a verify. In fact we should stick them all into quarantine. Aahhh! My head. No I'm fine George. My head.. ..headache. I will. Have them set something up in the basement. Nobody gets out. Nobody gets in. George the Teams need to very very careful. Em..

I'll have one of my Teams come up from The SGC in the Teltac with some Griff devices. You know the helmets. Whoever goes in George, tell them to watch their backs. These Nebulium must have got in somehow. No idea. No. We know they can't last very long in our atmosphere so the point of entry must be somewhere close. Its probably in the NID HQ itself. No. No George. Don't know what the heck we're looking for but its probably in there so em..

Okay. Yes. Teal'c. You betcha. We're heading straight back to Base now but we're going by domestic so. Bladon's. Carter's been on. Sweet, tell him a fast one. Carter will set up a conference. As soon as we get back. Okay. Okay. Yah. Yah. Okay George. Thank you, thanks, I am yeah. George look em, I'm gonna ask Teal'c to keep in contact with you once we're in the air. Okay. Yeah he will, okay. Speak to you in conference. No I'm fine, sure. Code Six. Good!"

Teal'c hadn't gone into to much deal with Colonel Carter as even though their phones were scrambled he knew of to many technological devices that could unscramble their waves. He requested that Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson meet them on the tarmac as they touched down. The anxiety in his voice and his tone were all the Colonel needed to read the situation as very serious.

For General O'Neill, other than being struck with fear-palsy and suffering torturous pain, the whole experience had been completely expiscatory. He now knew for sure something at the NID was shark sized fishy. He was exhausted. In a lot of pain. Afraid, he didn't show it but he was, deep down. He was totally drained. And even more certain than ever that Thor had left something of the Ancient's inside of him. He slept like a baby all the way back to the springs.


~ Π Φ Ψ χ  ∞ Ц Π Ω π √ Γ Ξ ~

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~


Although they were all certain that the General's sight would return, they were also all unsure as to when that would be. Teal'c was very reluctant to use Nyan's device saying that they should first wait at least an acceptable amount of time to give the General an opportunity for his optic gear to reorientate by itself.

Colonel Carter wanted to whisk General O'Neill straight to the infirmary. The General however was most insistent that he should be taken home.

"Jack how are you feeling?"

"Excessively splendid."

"I'm sorry, stupid."

"No Daniel I'm sorry.. ..just freaking out a little, don't mind me."

"I will mind you Jack, all of us will."

The General liked hearing that but he didn't say anything. Having his Team with him, well one of his Teams.. ..having his friends with him was giving him a lot of strength and confidence. They were being most emphatic and he believed them that he would regain his sight. The darkness surrounding him was becoming mildly bleached.

Colonel Bladon had flown the plane himself. Teal'c felt sure it was by request of General Hammond. The plane was taxiing away and The General and SG-1 were climbing into a four wheeler. Daniel was terribly upset by the news and sight of General O'Neill. Colonel Carter really wasn't taking it very well at all.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me!! Oh g_d! Sir, Jack, Jack, Sir. Teal'c you should have told me!"

"Come on Sam lay off him, he didn't tell you because they we're in the air and we was down here, theres nothing we could have done to help."

"Thank you Daniel Jackson."

"Teal'c.. ..I can't.. ..please.. ..its.."

"Yes Colonel Carter it is."

"Jack your sight will return."

"How do you know Daniel?"

"Because I've phase shifted and I know for a fact your sight will return."

"Thanks Daniel, thanks."

"Sir as soon as we get back to Base I need to run some tests on you."


"Colonel Carter General O'Neill has expressed the desire to stay away from The SGC. We will return to O'Neill's home."

"Em.. ..just.. ..just hold, em, no! Eh Teal'c, Sir I need to get you into the infirmary. I can do the tests myself. Nobody needs to know, but you're obviously taken a err.. ..ahh gawd, Sir em.."

"Look Carter its alright, I'm alright. You all seem to think I'll be okay so lets see what happens."


Colonel Carter seemed moved to tears, she didn't cry though, not while any of them was looking anyway. Daniel was damning the fact that he couldn't remember well enough if he'd ever been blinded by the light from a phase shift. He just couldn't remember, but he was sure he must have been. He would have been as inexperience as Jack in coping with the Ancient's ability. This same thing must have happened to him, he just couldn't remember.

"Jack I'm positive you'll be fine. I'm absolutely positive."

"Thanks Daniel, I hear ya, yeah that sounds good."

"I too am positive O'Neill."

"Thank You Teal'c."

Colonel Carter was biting her bottom lip and resisting the urge to put her arms around General O'Neill and tell him everything was going to be alright. She walked up to him, passed in between Daniel and Teal'c and took hold of his hand.

"Okay Sir, we'll go straight to your house then."

She squeezed his hand and led the way.

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~

"Sir can you see anything?"

"Are the lights on?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then I can't see anything. Did Teal'c tell you what I want?"

Yeah he did Sir. Its all being dealt with. I've spoken to Lieutenant Hibbert and hes arranging for equipment to be sent over. Actually it'll be here very soon now. We'll get it wired up and then you can go straight on line.

"Okay. Look I don't want George knowing about this."

"Sir? General?"

"It's a very difficult time right now Carter. No need to make matters even worse."

"Sir he would want to know."

"I know.. ..I know."

Colonel Carter left to liase with Lieutenant Hibbert in the dinning room, to make sure the satellite microwave transmission tunnelling protocols were properly installed. SGC Logistics crews were expert at setting up field Comms. The over ridding concern always had to be the security afforded the mobile up link. Logistics were also expert in ensuring top level security on all voice and data transmissions.

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~

"Carter come 'ere."

Daniel had just helped him to get cleaned up and get dressed. Even if it was something he'd have to learn to get used to, it would take a heck of a long, long time to do so.

"Carter come in here."

She entered his bedroom. He was sitting on the edge of his bed staring down at the floor, well, I suppose it wasn't really staring was it. She rushed over to him and threw her arms round his neck, she rested her head against his.

"Sir, Jack I'm so sorry."

He took hold of her, placing his hand on her arm, he held on.

"Sir you're going to be alright, I know you are. I know you are! You'll be okay."

He didn't say anything. He wanted to cry. He did cry. Inside.

"Carter.. ..Sam, I need you to test me."

"Sir I will, I'll do all the tests.."

"No, I need you to test me now!"

"Well, em.. ..okay. I'll em, I'll just go and em. I will, I just.. ..I need to phone the Base, get some equipment sent over."

"No. No Carter, not fancy tests. I need you to test the nerve at the back of my eye."

"Sir what for?"

"You know what for."

That stunned her. She thought about that one, she didn't know, she really didn't know what for.

"General em?"

"Nebulium Carter, Nebulium."

"But Sir you're not infected."

"No I know, I'm sure I'm not. But I'm also sure I passed out."

"Yes but Sir that was on your way down to Earth.. ..the sidewalk."

"That's what I remember. That's the way I remember it, but lets just make sure eh."

"General, Sir, that's why you didn't want to go back to Base isn't it?"

He didn't answer.

"Sir I'm reluctant to shine light into your eyes at the moment."

"Carter its not going to make much difference is it. Apart from which you said once a certain amount of time goes by the nerve goes back to normal."

"Yes Sir, it loses its swelling."

"Well then we'd better do the test hadn't we."


She called Daniel and Teal'c into the bedroom. The test was negative, all clear. General O'Neill wasn't infected, but he was blind.

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~

Logistics left. They'd set up full conferencing facility in the General's dinning room.

"Sir everything's ready."

"No Colonel, believe me it really isn't!"

"Point taken Sir."

"George we're under attack!"

"People are missing Jack! We may have to elevate! Where are you there?"

"Em, thought I'd come straight home and get cleaned up."

"I think you need to be in the infirmary."

"No no its okay, I've got the kids here fussing."

"Well you're going to need to get checked out, you don't look so good."

"Later, I'm fine for now."

"General Sir, although we didn't think it was necessary General O'Neill ordered me to test the base of his auditory nerve. Theres no infection."

"I can see that, and it is good news. Although I was already convinced of that fact Colonel."

"Yes Sir so was I. All of us were."

"Just good old reassurance George."

"As long as you're alright Jack."


"We've locked the place down. We've been through it top to bottom. Luckily they didn't have time to cover their track. The fifty fourth floor is a mess. As far as we know, everyone involved is missing."

"Can you tell me how come there was so many people at the meeting. More than ten, which came as a surprise. Ten George, for approval of one pre-prelim proposal."

"Well from what we can gather the infected agents contrived to bring together key figures. As you said earlier Jack, the people who where in attendance all have access to the top echelons. You yourself could have provided an inlet to the top positions in our Government and Military. Not only are you the top ranking military Officer in the Mountain, you're also the Commander in Chief of the entire Base. You've got senior level access to both Government and Military."

"General does this mean the Nebulium attempted to infiltrate the..?"

"Yes. Yes Colonel but thank g_d, thank heaven that General O'Neill escaped. Without Jack's alert we wouldn't be any the wiser. From all accounts once a person is infected, without the detail tests, you're hard pushed to detect the difference."

"George we're all clear here, they didn't attack Earth by gaining off world access to The SGC."

"No they didn't Jack, any ideas on how?"

"Sir theres no longer another StarGate on Earth."

"Shouldn't be."

"They don't possess ships do they?"

"We don't believe they've got ships George."

"So then at this point in time we're really not sure how they've managed to gain access to our world?"

"No. George whats the situation there?"

"As you can see I'm back here at TIGETS HQ. I have been medically cleared, in case you're wondering."

"Actually I wasn't wondering but I might have done later on."

"Of course. The situation as it stands, the first four floors have been converted into a medical station. People are being cleared. The cleared people are then housed on Level, on em floors ten to twenty. We've set up secure quarantine in the basement. Luckily its been very easy to lock the building down. It is after all one of the intelligence divisions. All the security directives are already in place. Lock down is now fully in force."

"People, visitors in and out?"

"From the camera surveillance of the entrance to the building there has been some movement. We have the visitors book, that angles being followed up."


"It's a slow process but up to now Jack we've not found anyone infected. Nobody seems to be aware of whats actually going on.. ..although they are aware now it's a lock down. Thankfully the people we're dealing with here are all government security personnel, they understand the procedures so we're not having any problems from the staff."

"Em good. Good! Erm good."

"Jack how you feeling there? You really don't look.."

"I'm fine George really. I'm fine. We have to be quick on this one. Amerson? Davis?"

"No sign."

"General do we know how many are missing?"

"Only from General O'Neill's figures Colonel."

"We've found the blood you mentioned in the conference room. My people have picked up a trail in the corridor leading to the elevators. Its all being analysed. I'll let you know."

"Hey hang on George, we've got surveillance on all the exits?"

"There is."


"No. We've checked that Jack. That was one of the first things we did. Theres no sign of them having left the building."

"The em, the roof.."

General O'Neill cleared his throat. He was also wearing sunshades. General Hammond probably thought it was to tone down his bruising.

"What about the roof George?"

"We've been up to the roof. Theres signs of a big struggle up there. We're trying to piece that together, we don't know whats gone on up there. They've got the raised helipad but theres no em, well you know theres been no flight, we're in Washington here, err the zone.. they haven't flown out."

"George that was me on the roof. All the tracks are mine. And the agents. I kicked the door down to get out onto the roof."

"We saw the door, its quite easy to see theres been one heck of a chase. I noticed the doors jack, short circuited, Black Ops, you don't see that one very often. I thought you may well be behind that. Jack how did you get out? How did you get down to the ground? It looked like a quite a struggle up there on the roof, how did you get clear?"

"George, we need to talk. But can it wait until I'm in Washington again."


"More than."

"Will it feature in you're Report?"


"Okay Jack."

"They remained in the building General Hammond?"

"Teal'c everything points to that, but we can't find them anywhere."

"How about if they phase shifted?"

"Daniel they can phase shift but they can only do that in their raw form. However once they're in their raw form in our atmosphere they're not phasing very well. If they did phase shift em, we'd have the em, infected shells lying around somewhere.. ..em, the infected, the people, there'd be evidence of that."

"Oh gawd damn."


"No I'm just saying its em, its err, they don't have ships."

"Sir how can you be sure?"

"If they had ships they'd have to.. ..okay well they could have ships but this attack hasn't arisen from flying over here. They'd have to land. They'd have to get down here somehow. We would have detected it."

"But the Asgard Sir, they can get down here while remaining in orbit, undetected."

"Yeah that's true but.."

"Jack we've already seen how they've got similarities with Asgard technology, and they have phasing abilities similar to the Ancient's, I mean who knows what these Nebulium are capable of."

"Yeah who knows Daniel. I'm just sayin' I don't think they've come in ships."

"Can you be sure about that Jack?"

"As sure as I can be George. In fact I'm very sure."

"In that case we need to be looking in other places."

"Okay George, lets em. I need to make sure everythings good at The Base. We need to deal with this! Why don't I get in touch after I check up on the Base. "

"Standing by Jack. I'll keep you up to date with this."

"Thanks George. I'll speak to you."

"Right people, we keep in touch. SG-1 its not going to be easy but make sure you get your General to the infirmary."

"Yes Sir we will."

"Indeed we will General Hammond."

"Sure thing General, we'll get him there."

"Ciao George."

~ Ψ χ Ω ∰ ⋱  ℧ ℧  Ш χ Δ Σ Ψ ω ≡ ~

"Sir I'll go back to The SGC now. I'll stand in for you?"

"Carter I'll be alright."

"You will be alright General with more rest. I'm standing in for you, as soon as I get there I'll report in."

"Alright. Look do me a favour, fish out all the footage we've got on NID headquarters."

"Sir what are we looking for?"

"Carter I was just thinking about that. Well we're looking for a clue but.. ..have Siler get his hands on a copy of the building's blueprints will you."

"Jack what if they've got unmarked secret passages and things?"

"No its alright Daniel, if I'm asking for something like this, especially NID stuff, Siler will get his hands on a Bureau copy."

"Sir what would be good is if we could link up for a live feed inside the NID HQ."

"Perhaps General Hammond could arrange such a thing."

"Not necessary T. Our own people are there aren't they."

"They are not returning O'Neill?"

"Teal'c SG-5 are under TIGETS command now until they're cleared. I sent a combat unit in with the Griff helmets so they could help out when they got there. Daniel!"

"I'll do it now Jack. Sam I'll ask Major Harper to patch up. On your way back to Base can you ask Sergeant Harriman to allocate a channel?"

"On it Daniel."

"Colonel Carter is it possible for us to view the live footage here? We will be able to assist you in examining the premises."

"Yeah Teal'c nice idea. I'll have Walter stream it through so you can all look at it, Sir you could talk us through the, oh g_d, Sir, sorry, I'm sorry. I meant you two, Daniel, Teal'c, you two can look at it, em.."

"Its alright Carter."

"Sir how are you? Do you need anything?"

"Apart from the obvious. Its okay Carter.. ..really. Go on you take off."

"Sir, I'll report in as soon as I get there."

"Okay.. ..thanks."



~ Ϡ ζ ψ Λ Σ γ λ ∯ ~

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~


"Still no sign of them?"

"No, nothing."

"I made them a promise."

"Sir we'll find them, we will."

"Excuse me? Carter right now I can't even find my shoes."

"Jack I'll get them."

"Leave them!! Daniel.."

"Its alright Jack. And we will find the missing people."

General O'Neill had just woken from a two hour sleep. On the screen in the dinning room a live feed was streaming through from Major Harper on the fifty fourth floor of the NID headquarters in Washington, D.C.. The General had managed to feel his way to the dinning room door.

"O'Neill they have not found anyone yet, they are continuing to search the building. For the third time."

"Okay. Can he see me?"

"Major Harper? No Sir, the feeds downstream only."


Teal'c jumped up and guided the General to the dinning room table. Teal'c, Daniel and Colonel Carter on audio, had been discussing the images being sent through.

"Sir can you hear me?"

"I'm not deaf Carter!"

"No Sir you're not, of course not."

"Sorry, em, loud and clear. Whats up?"

"Sir we've got a list of the missing people."

"Lets have it."

"Our Captain Amerson. SGC. Major Davis, Esposeto and Avery from Trans Global ET ~ I. We've got Smith and Veda from the Joint Chiefs office. Hobbs from the Joint Chiefs Admin. Michaels from the Oversight. We've got Carmel, pool staff Sir. And we have Mrs Chin Tau from NID admin."

"And they're all missing?"

"All of them Sir."

"Who've we got in the mob?"

"Sir from your account one of the NID cells based at NID headquarters has been infected. The cell assigned to compile a Report on The SGC foothold saga. We have agents Peanna, Mates, Banks and agent Colonel Kennedy, who as we all know is formerly of the Pentagon staff.

Up to now two night shift and three day shift NID security guards have been identified as possible infection cases. We know there are more General but until the head counts completed and the absentees tracked and accounted we're not able to come up with any more numbers."

"That's fine Colonel. So we've got a group of at least twenty people, maybe more, roaming about in the NID HQ, and no one can find them. Whats up with that?"

"O'Neill the Trans Global Teams have searched all of the building many times, and they, along with SG-5, continue to do so."

"So this group of twenty odd hasn't left the building?"

"Not that we can see Sir, oh.. ..em, no."

"Get used to it Carter."

"No Sir."

"Good. So all exits including the underground passage and the garage are covered by cameras. Have we considered the possibility that they maybe able to, I don't know, deflect the light."


"Or even stop the cameras rolling."

"Well Sir we didn't consider they could deflect the light. They could well do that, but I don't know if they could do that in the.. ..infected shell state. In addition to that the ten missing people wouldn't be able to deflect the light."

"Unless they'd all been infected Colonel Carter."

"I hope not Teal'c but.."

"What about stopping the cameras Sam?"

"No, General Hammond's people looked at that. They're carefully time coded, even if the cameras were slowed or stopped the checksum wouldn't tally.. ..and it does, so they ruled that out."

"Then they must still be in the building Colonel Carter."

"Well that's what we're looking at Teal'c."


"Sir they're scanning for that. I also issued two TERs to Major Harper."

"Good thinking. Very, good, thinking Carter. I take it we're not getting anything?

"Not as yet Sir."

"Jack we've seen the fifty fourth floor. The conference room. I'm guessing you went through one of those glass walls. Is that where you got all those little cuts all over your face and your arms and hands?"

"Well em.. ..had to get out somehow Daniel."

"Yeah, this is bad, this is really bad."

"Colonel Carter what method of coloration have you treated the video images with?"

"Whats that Teal'c?"

"T what have you got?"

"O'Neill we have been examining both the archive video footage in The SGC's possession and also the live video feed currently being delivered by Major Harper."

"Teal'c what is it?"

"Colonel Carter, as you will notice, in the NID foyer there is a large circular emblem on the floor."

"Yeah T most buildings have those, they're em, em, what are they Daniel?"

"It's a floor plaque Teal'c. You find most Government buildings have them. It's the identification seal. You know, you could call it the logo for the organisation."

"I see."

"What do you see T?"

"I see from a comparison of both video feeds that the colour of the logo in the live feed is much different to the colour of the logo in the archived footage."


"Sir I'm just looking now, the err, just hold on a minute please. Walter? What is this? Okay. No Teal'c, both these feeds are RGB. They should be coming out the same.. ..actually that, yeah that's err, unyet the reception area, the plants and the walls are the same colour aren't they."

"Yes they are."

"Daniel can you see this?"

"Looking at it now Sam. There is quite a variation in the colour. Can you ask Major Harper to go back down and film it again?"

"Okay. Standby."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

The lifts in the NID building were being controlled from the ground floor. Major Harper had to wait for the lift to be sent up so that he could return back to the ground floor. He went into the main reception foyer and as ordered filmed the floor plaque. Everything seemed usual. There was no indication of anything awry. Besides the lockdown.

"Thanks Major. That'll be all for now. You've given us a good shot of everything, including the roof. You must be quite exhausted. Okay. Okay. Speak to you shortly. Watch your back. Over and out."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

"Jack theres definitely a difference here, its em.."

"Whats it caused by, is it something to do with the feed?"

"Sir I don't believe it is. They should be the same colour, and they're not."

"Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I don't know Jack are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Sir I think I'm thinking what you're thinking."

"We are all thinking alike."

"I'm taking a walk on the wild side here but could it be possible..?"

"Sir we need to do some tests. I need to get back on to Major Harper. We're not going to be able to get any samples out but Trans Global have set up a full field chemical analysis lab, they should be able to do the basic checks we require."

"Okay, get on to that Colonel. Have Harper dig up a piece of it, have it analysed. Pronto. And Carter, organise a watch on that floor plaque."

"Yes Sir. As soon as Major Harper gets back to me with the results I'll be coming over. The night staff are settled in here. Sir I already reported to you that everythings in order here, so I'm just going to, em, pop out for a while and come over."

"Nice Carter. Come on over."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

"Jack theres fish in here."

"Go for it Daniel. Frying fish, outdoors, I could go for that right now."

"O'Neill I will prepare the barbecue."

"Splendid Teal'c, I don't know about you two but I'm hungry."

"Indeed I wish to eat."

"Me too. Jack do you want a beer?"

"No thanks."

"Are you sure?"

"Daniel lets not get comfortable eh."

"Yeah you're right, this is a situation non of us want to get use to."

"I think people become blind to many things on a daily basis."

"How do you mean Jack?"

"Well theres so much around us. So much to appreciate. I think people just become blind to it. I mean if we just wake up to that fact. Take a look around you, theres everything one could ever need, right there staring back at you."

Daniel was thinking about what his friend had just said. He agreed but didn't comment. He wondered if Jack's condition was making him see things not differently, but more clear.

"Wheres Teal'c?"

"Hes outside, frying fish."

"Okay look. I think it might be time to use that thing Nyam brought back from Bedrosia. We're under attack Daniel, I really don't have time to wait around. I need to get back to the Base and take care of things."

"For a start Sam's taking care of things nicely. And Teal'c' right about that. If you could just hang on, I don't know, couple more hours. Just give your eyes time to get back to normal. Do you want me to call out Doctor Brigham?"

"For petes sake Daniel, of course I don't. I don't want this getting round the Base."

"No it won't. Yeah, no, it won't."

"Anyway Carter seemed to think they were healing so maybe you're right, maybe I'll just hold off on that, for a while."

"Do you see.. ..any better, yeah?"

"Actually Daniel its not as dark. I can't see anything, but its not as dark."

"This is great Jack, you see, your eyes are adjusting then!"

"Maybe, I hope so, lets see. A few more hours and then em, we're gonna need to get that thing."


"Do you think it will work?"

"Jack I'm really sorry, I didn't realise you we're afraid. I guarantee your sight will come back with or without that Bedrosian instrument. And that Bedrosian device does definitely regenerate, so if we have to use it, you've not suffered damage to the eyes, so yeah it, will work."

"Thanks. I know it, but hearin' its better."

"We're all with you Jack."

Words like that produced a profound effect, in the heart. It was a deuced good feeling to hear such things.

"Come on lets go outside. I could do with some fresh air anyway."

It was evening now, night was attending it's station. It was dark with a full bright moon and there were plenty of stars.

"O'Neill are you ready to eat?"

"Ready for anything T."

General O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c were sitting on the porch eating fish and delicious veg. Even though he did have a tendency to over do the herbs and species, Teal'c was an excellent cook.

"O'Neill Colonel Carter is here."

"Thanks T."

"Shes just getting out of the car now Jack."

"Thanks Daniel."

"General hi, how are you?"

"Fine thanks Carter. We're just eating, have some."

"I will thanks Sir. Did you catch this yourself?"

"Oh yeah, you betcha."

"There you go Sam, its really tasty. Very nice."

"Looks like your promoting our fishing trip there Daniel."

"Well, err ha ha.. ..err, fish.."

"General everythings fine at the Base. I didn't wait around so as soon as Major Harper relays the results on the NID floor plaque, Walters going to stream them over here to your house. Sir can I have a look at your eyes?"

"Yes Colonel Carter please do."

"Sure Sam go ahead."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

"..Shadows, oh this is fantastic, thank g_d, thank g_d. Sir by tomorrow.."

"Sweet Carter. Thanks."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

"Sir the results are coming in."

"Go on Colonel, I'll stay out here."

"I too will remain."

Colonel Carter and Daniel went in to the dinning room. They were patched through to Major Harper via The SGC secure sat relay. Although they could receive directly, duplex, two way Comms had to be routed through the Base, through the Control Room.

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

General O'Neill dropped his drinking glass, leapt over the porch balcony and started running towards the oak tree at the bottom of the garden. Teal'c was extremely taken aback and quite alarmed. He followed the General. Suddenly O'Neill went flying. He must have tripped over something, possibly his own feet, it sent him sprawling down to the ground. He whacked his forehead as he rubbed across the grass. Luckily the moist air damped the friction.

"Aaahh! Aahh! Jeezzz!!"

He counter balanced himself with a compensating roll up on to his haunches.

"O'Neill! O'Neill are you hurt?"

"T I just saw some fall out of the tree, they landed, err somewhere round here."

"O'Neill you're sight is recovered??"

"No not exactly, I don't know."

"Did you see the memory of your journey from the tree to the ground?"

"No T it wasn't a memory. I swear I just saw someone fall out of the tree, exactly like I did."

"There are no signs here O'Neill."

"I can't see. Erm, maybe.. ..something."

"The figure was not dressed in clothing, he was naked as you yourself were when you fell out from this very tree?"

"No, he was dressed. He sort of looked like, I don't know, like an aviator."

"An aviator of the olden days?"

"Yeah weird. Theres no signs T?"

"Perhaps one O'Neill."

"Can you see him?"

"No there is no sign."

"You just said there was."

"There is a sign O'Neill, but not of presence."

"What you sayin' T?"

"O'Neill from your description you have just witnessed your avatar of Colonel Carter's visit to the spirit realm following the exact same flight path you yourself journeyed only days ago. You have just seen or perceived the Canopic g_d Cauac. He has become your friend O'Neill."

"You sure theres no signs?"


"Hot pepper, damn it! Thought we'd be able to ask him a few things."

"You are disappointed?"

"I don't know. I don't know whats going on. Thor."

"We must report this matter to him. He will help O'Neill. I am sure of it."

"As am I. T lets leave that one for now. There must be some special reason why hes not been in touch yet."

"We will wait then."

~ ≡ Λ ∏ ω Δ Σ Ψ γ Δ √ ∞ Ξ ζ μ π ∀  ~

"Just stay there Carter we're coming over."

"Sir you can see me??"

"No. Yeah. Nice sight."

"Sir you can see me??"


"Shadows, outlines. Are you two about eight feet apart."

"Haa!! Sir, Jack, you can see!"

"Jack look how many fingers?"

"All of them Daniel."

"Wow great, great!!"

"No, I mean I can just about make out the shape of your hand, vague outlines."

"Well it won't be long now Jack, that's for sure."

"Sir do you need anything?"

"Just a verbal Report on whats going on Carter."

"Okay Sir. Do you feel alright? Do you want me to check your eyes again? If you want I can.."

"Report! And thanks, all of you, I really mean it."

The mood had completely lifted. Everyone felt very happy. They had all been sure the General's sight would return but they had all been subdued by the feeling of uncertainty as to when that would be, and helplessness. This was better than they'd all hoped. General O'Neill was quiet and exceedingly relieved.

"Sir Major Harpers just be on. The samples of the NID's main foyer floor plate are obsidian and shceelite. The plaque itself is sunken approximately ten inches into the ground. Its base has a copper metal lining surround. The plaque is essentially made of polished obsidian with decorative shceelite inlay. Sir the rest of the floor is paved with marble slabs. At first glance the plaque looks like its marble as well."

"So what about these tiny, what did you call them, messo, the em meso phase, the moldo.. ..moldavite?"

"Sir they're not going to be able to test for that. You need extremely sophisticated equipment which they absolutely do not have on site. General we're going to have to send that over to Svi at Groom Lake."

"Okay well as soon as its possible get a sample out of there and send it over."

"Will do. I'll leave instructions for that now Sir."


"O'Neill you believe the Nebulium may have already taken advantage of this floor plaque 'gateway'?"

"Err.. ..yeah, think so T. I was speaking to George's friend Eamon Heslop before he left. I asked him about obsidian, you know after you got yourself stung by that fragment Carter. Anyhow he gave me a run down on that particular little rock. He told me that obsidian doesn